2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Did you get a good deal? Please share it here.

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  • pbagratpbagrat Member Posts: 25
    I bought my 2001 Silver Accord LX V6 for $20,100
    which did not include the tax, tag & title. Sticker price on this vehicle was $23600 and dealer invoice according to Edmunds and Carsdirect was $20,375. I used internet pricing information as a negotiating tool. Almost forgot to include this was purchased at Sutherlin Honda in Lithia Spings GA.
  • yellowschoolbsyellowschoolbs Member Posts: 1
    My girl friend will be buying an Accord EX, 4 cylinder next week and she wants a 7 year extended warranty. Does anyone know that invoice price? How much should she expect to pay?
  • agourdonagourdon Member Posts: 3
    I also purchased the extended warranty, the 100k mile one. Sadly, I don't know how many years it is...I paid $600. They told me that was invoice. I believe that was through a local extended warranty place here in Louisiana though...Good Luck!
  • black01coupev6black01coupev6 Member Posts: 195
    Back in October of 2000 I purchased my 2001 EX V6 coupe for $23,700. Deal took less than 2 hours even with negotiating the trade in value of my car.

    pbagrat...I hate Sutherlin Honda...after a few shopping experiences there I have sworn never to go back. I bought my car at Gwinnett Place Honda and had an awesome experience.

    yellowschool...I had a 99 EX 4-cylinder with the 5-speed and bought a 6/100,000 mile HondaCare warranty. I paid $800. This was for a $0 deductible plan with roadside and trip interruption reimbursements up to $300 per occurence.
  • erik713erik713 Member Posts: 14
    Well, a week ago I bought my new Accord Coupe EX 4cyl auto for $300.00 over invoice. Including tax, title, and extended honda care warrantee, it was STILL less than the MSRP. I had no trade in, and paid cash. There was no haggling, and no pushing involved. The car was even held no questions asked as a check cleared. I have to say that this was a COMPLETELY painless transaction, and it was even enjoyable!

    My an Marino red Accord is definitely a dream. No squeaks, rattles, or anything out of place. It drives like a dream, and even the stereo sounds excellent.

    You want a good deal and fair treatment? Go to Planet Honda and the Used Car Universe in Union, New Jersey and ask for the lease manager, Gene Jacheo.

    Any questions? Feel free to check my info and send me an e-mail.

  • kyleknickskyleknicks Member Posts: 433
    looking to buy a accord coupe ex 4 cyl 5speed in the next few weeks. looks like people are paying invoice or close to invoice for these cars. which gives me a good idea how much i should pay for my car here in CT. thanks everyone.
  • gnolamgnolam Member Posts: 4
    I paid $22,500 for my 2000 Accord Coupe Ex V6 at Santa Monica Honda. The deal took less than 30 minutes, since I came with proof with other dealer's offers. They threw in the floor mats.
  • foreignguyforeignguy Member Posts: 6
    At the end of May 2001 I paid 22625.00 for a Honda Accord EX V6 4 door sedan with leather. This included destination and was $150 under invoice.
  • pbagratpbagrat Member Posts: 25
    Well nearly one month after taking delivery of my car I get a frantic phone call from the woman in F&I that they never received my 10k check for the down payment on my 2001 Accord LX V6. I gave her the check the day I took delivery and have the receipt signed by her that I handed her the check. I also have a carbon-copy of the check I wrote. Now she says they lost the check and want me to drive 25 miles to give them a new one!!!

    BTW, this was at Sutherlin Honda of Lithia Springs GA. Now I have to cancel the old check they supposedly "lost" and write them a new one? Because I am a moral person I will not seek legal counsel even though with the proof I have I believe I could wind up keeping some or all of the $$. They are going to have to give me something for all this inconvenience! None of these people including the salesman ever returned my calls when I phoned two weeks after the deal took place to ask why they didn't cash the check. Now all the sudden when they are clearing their books for May they get desperate.
  • bhall29bhall29 Member Posts: 7
    Surprised not to find invoice info on Hondacare extended warranties. They come in a number of years and mileages. There must be fixed invoice numbers available. If you know please respond. Interested especially in Accord EX 4A 7 year, 100K
    Live in Wash. state

  • srradidesrradide Member Posts: 3
    Help me with HondaCare (or equiv) extended warranty costs in the CT area. 3Y/36K for my '98 Accord 5sp LX runs out in 2 months! Thanks!
  • harry_mazda626harry_mazda626 Member Posts: 16
    Hi guys:
    I had a used Mazda 626 and I am finally selling it off and buying a new Accord Ex V6.
    Are there are dealers in Northern Virginia who can sell me this car below invoice price of 22,375
    And what are the other costs involved and how much are they ??? for eg, tax, tags, title, processing, destination ??? How can I save some money...Also is it good to get Extended warranty ??? How much out of the door price am I a looking at ??

    I have an appointment with the FairFax Honda on Friday. Please advise.
  • harry_mazda626harry_mazda626 Member Posts: 16
    Hi guys:
    I have been quoted a price of 22,000 + Tax,Tags,Title,Destination charge for a 2001 Accord Ex V6. ie 335 $ below Invoice.
    Is it a good bargain ??? I am planning to buy the car in 2 days. Please advise ASAP.

  • buckowbuckow Member Posts: 5
    Go buy the car its a good deal!!!
    i paid $23,200 including spoiler and goldkit,excluding tax &title ...for my 2001 EX V6.
    from what i read and heard that is a pretty good deal.it took me quite a bit to get the deal i got at the dealer i went to.Im in south florida
    oh and to one of the previous posts...........I believe the floor mats are standard anyway........at least on my car they were.
  • harry_mazda626harry_mazda626 Member Posts: 16
    He guys:
    When is the new Accord 02 coming out ???
    Should I wait for the new one or just go ahead and buy a 01 Accord EX (4 cylinder). The dealer is asking me 200 $ over invoice...Is it a good bargain ??? Please advise...Should I wait or buy it right away ???

  • juliejeweljuliejewel Member Posts: 7
    Hey guys. I just bought mine a week ago and absolutely LOVE it!!! It's my first new car and I think it is just beautiful!! I paid $20,400 (including dest) plus about $1500 (can't remember) in tax & title stuff. I went to about 5 dealers and the lowest quote I got was 20,472. Then I used the blast fax method I read about here to see if I could beat that price. I faxed about 50 dealers in the NJ area and most said they couldn't beat that price. However, a dealer in phili agreed to beat it and threw in mud guards. He faxed the offer, we drove down that day, spent about 1/2 hour inspecting the car then signed the paper work and we were out! It was the best experience ever, no haggling, no stress, it was even fun. I highly recommend the fax method to all who have access to a fax.
  • iglobeiglobe Member Posts: 2
    My dealer is asking for $120 above invoice for a 2001 Accord LX . Is it a good price for Michigan(detroit area).
    Any clue about 2002 accords...would there be a change in body trim or would it be 2003...
  • dcfelladcfella Member Posts: 31
    changes to the accord come in 2003
  • cjremshawcjremshaw Member Posts: 3
    Paid $18,750 for the above w/ 25,005 miles on it. Very good shape, white w/ silver trim. I thought it was a very fair price (this from a dealer) and I am very happy with the car! My old Eclipse just destroyed itself so I may be in the market for another (albeit older) Accord!
  • cuseboycuseboy Member Posts: 4
    Just bought my grey Accord with only 13,100 miles on it for $20,700 out the door! Was searching high and low for 3 months for an EX 4-banger with low miles and relatively recent. This came out of nowhere. Also traded a 1997 Red Civic EX Coupe for $10,000 with only 41,000 miles on it. This was a major deal. I LOVE the new car. Very happy with it all.
  • jbarbuto1jbarbuto1 Member Posts: 7
    I got my 98 LX Accord, former lease apparently, from an Acura dealer, with only 15,500 miles and in pristine condition for only $13,800. It seemed like an amazing deal to me. Had the car checked out later at a Honda dealer and they said it's in great shape.
  • diva1973diva1973 Member Posts: 3
    I was going to buy my car at Norm Reeves Honda. in Cerritos, but they really mad me angry. At first they said that they had an Accord in black, but when I made an appointment to go pick it up, they said that they didn't have it. So anyway they said they would find it for me and gave me some song and dance about having to get it from their very own super store and yadda yadda yadda. I still have not heard from them. So anyway I had to start the process all over again and I ended finding the car at Honda. World. Negotiating my trade was somewhat of a hassle but other than that, I had a really good car buying experience. I haven't been able to take this big grin off my face since I left the dealership. I went through Fleet, so I ended up paying $20,467 not including tax and license. It was a really good buy. If anyone is looking to buy a new Honda. and you live in Southern California, check out Honda. World, because they are the best. Their customer service was excellent.
  • bwooster1bwooster1 Member Posts: 2
    What I don't get it is - how come all the ads for used 1-2 year old Accords are just $1000 less than new ones - who buys a 2 year old EX V6 for 21000 when a new one is just 23000?
    Look a cars.com, carday.com, their prices are atleast 3-5000 more than any valid private sale or dealer price! After looking around for over a month, I finally found a seller asking a reasonable price, and then snapped up this honda.
    Feel good...
  • kormaninkormanin Member Posts: 1
    I bought Honda Accord LX 4cyl/150 horse power at 18500 excluding tax and handling fees. Monthly payment is 370 for 60mons. Is it good deal? How do you think about this model. this is the first time i bought Honda car.
  • erik713erik713 Member Posts: 14
    Hi! Congrats on your purchase! I recently purchased an EX 4-cyl. I liked the low price of the 4-cyl accords, but I didn't like the lack of ABS and side airbags on the LX. I ended up paying a couple thousand more for the EX model which comes with those things, plus a sunroof, 6disc changer, etc... Of course that helped my decision as well ;) Good luck with your car!

  • teman99teman99 Member Posts: 19
    I would like to know if any of you guys recently purchased an Accord EX in New York. I was offered
    one at 21,600 with spoiler. I live on Long Island
    and am not sure if this is a decent deal. Help
  • teman99teman99 Member Posts: 19
    i drove the car today and found it hesitates with the AC on. Has anyone experienced this and is it normal for this to happen before prep work is done on car?
  • erik713erik713 Member Posts: 14
    Well, I've had an accord now for 2 months. I do notice that I feel the car is a TAD sluggish when the AC is on, but not enough to make a difference for me. Besides, with an EX, you bet the windows are down most of the time ;-)
  • simmsjsimmsj Member Posts: 5
    Anybody help me with an estimate on what kind of monthly payment you got on a 36 month/12,000 mile lease for a new Accord EXVL-6? Better to wait on 2002 model?
  • jallen99jallen99 Member Posts: 1
    I am in the middle of a 99 Accord LX sedan, auto, with 45K on it in excellent shape, is $12,200 a good price or should I continue shopping? 8/7/01
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Have you looked at the Edmund's used car pricing for that model?

    Check it out here!

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  • rhuarhua Member Posts: 5
    Just bought a new Accord EX-V6 coupe this weekend for $22,000 (versus the invoice of $22,774).. The out the door price was under $24,000.. Amazing price.. Its a good time to buy if you're willing to take a '01 while the '02's are coming out... From what i hear its essentially the same car..
  • erik713erik713 Member Posts: 14
    Congrats! Great price! Enjoy your car!

  • djharperdjharper Member Posts: 3
    Going to look at a 1997 SE Accord (4 door), original owner, 65 k miles. I'm in the DC area and she wants $11,750, which seems ballpark to lower scale according to Edmund's, depending on the condition. Any advice out there from you pros??????
  • erik713erik713 Member Posts: 14
    No pro here, but I say go for it. If Edmunds said it's good, and you think it's good, do it. The pros are Edmunds :)
  • napa5napa5 Member Posts: 1
    Looking for advice on the price of a leftover 2001 EX V4 automatic with leather. Dealer quoted me $21,500 right from the start. Car is brand new with 8 miles. This is not a "no haggle" dealership so I still have room to negotiate. From what I've read this seems like a low price. The sticker was $23750.00 The dealership is in Boston. Is this still too much to pay for a 2001 or am I getting a great deal.
  • dcfelladcfella Member Posts: 31
    i paid only a 1000 more for the 2001 ex v6..i think you can do alot better than 21,500
  • pvillapvilla Member Posts: 12
    Hi,I enjoy reading these forums,This time I need a
    little help deciding. I saw a 98LX Accord sedan,w/15,544K 5spd i'm thinking about buying.The asking price is 17995,which i find ridiculous.Edmunds TMV has this car @ 13677.00 and from what I see the car usually goes between
    $13800-16000K . Are used car prices usually this inflated?? What would be an ideal price? The exterior is beautiful,the only xtra options are alarm and leather?please advise,thanks folks....
  • zhenyazhenya Member Posts: 12
    HI, folks there is a quick annoncement.

    A brand new froum opened up especially for Honda Accrod owners 1994 - 1997 all trims all bodys. Mostly this forum is made to share everything that owners of those years Accords have so please, post don't be shy.

    Thank you.

    Looking forward to hear from all of you.
  • ziggy21ziggy21 Member Posts: 13
    I recently bought a 2001 honda Accord EX V6 /leather for 22800 plus dest doc etc. Is this a good deal?
  • pkozyurapkozyura Member Posts: 7
    I bought a new 2002 LX/MT at College Park Honda (Wash. D.C. area) last Thursday. The OTR (on-the-road) price was $19,325 with splash guards, floor mats, wheel locks and pinstripe. Also they included 3 year free oil changes. This translates in about $17,300 for the car (without destination). I negotiated with very nice salespeople - Amal and Ryan. This Monday an internet salesperson from Jim Coleman Honda contacted me (in 3 business days after I sent a request to StoneAge) with 17,220 for the same car + dealer installed options.
  • simmsjsimmsj Member Posts: 5
    Honda has dropped rent Charge (money factor) from .0027 to .00152 on 2002 Accord leases. Got a quote in August on 2001 EXV6 and just leased a 2002 EXV6 . Saved around $ 60 monthly on a 36/12,000 lease by waiting. $ 343 monthly with $ 0 down ain't bad, you think?
  • angeleeangelee Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for a 2001 Honda Accord LX 4-cyn. I live in CA, in Orange County. How much do you think is a reasonable price to pay out the door with EVERYTHING (tax, licensing, reg.) included. I don't want to pay more than $19,500. Will dealerships think I'm crazy? I am buying an end of the year car....please advice.

  • asdxereasdxere Member Posts: 29
    I bought a 2002 Accord LX for $72 over invoice in Oklahoma.
    I hear that California dealers are a little bit tougher to deal with.
    Edmunds shows invoice at $17878 for a 2001 LX-4dr-Auto.
    Chances are, a 2001 may have been on the lot for several months.
    Obviously you'll take a hit on depreciation right away,
    since the car is last year's model.
    I'm pretty sure I could have offered $500 - $700 under invoice
    for the 2001 on my dealer's lot and got it.
    I would suggest that you start the bidding in that neighborhood.
    Tag and tax costs are fixed, but when you get it financed,
    the dealer can mess with the figures
    and you won't know HOW much you are actually paying
    for the car --- only the payment...
    Perhaps it would be better if you negotiated the car price
    BEFORE tag and tax, then have them re-figure
    AFTER tag and tax are added.
    GET IT IN WRITING, in any event !
    If you don't like the deal, walk away !
    I did on the first number they gave me.
    They called me back 2-days later with a better offer...
    Remember, the economy is in a slump and the dealers
    will likely be more willing to negotiate than usual...

    Best wishes for a good deal !
  • feydfeyd Member Posts: 2
    i paid 19207 for a 2002 accord SE with 2 yrs oil changes. how much did i overpay? it was like 21800 out the door.
  • bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Local dealer has SE's at $19,555. This includes Destination charge.

    feyd, does your $19,207 include destination? If so, that would be about invoice. If not, then I think destination is $440, so it would be $19,647 compared to the local dealers $19,555. He says his prices are $316 over invoice.

    Why do any of you people quote Out-The-Door (OTD) prices? Taxes and fees and license charges are different in every state, and this is a nationally read discussion area. OTD numbers just confuse the issue of price.
  • feydfeyd Member Posts: 2
    Actually i paid 19507 ples the dest charge. i also got 9500 trade in on a 2000 corolla CE. i think i couldve gotten a better deal, but it was late (12:30 am) and my wife and kids were with me. I wouldnt recommend this dealer- they dont give the best prices, even if you are moderately informed.
  • olivherolivher Member Posts: 2
    We bought our 2001 Accord LX 4cyl automatic sedan in Sept 2001 for $16,988 before tax, registration, and other fees. The out the door price was around $18,500. We were at the dealership (Internet dept) for only 2 hours. No hassling, dealer, or headaches.

    We bought the Honda Extra Care for $1800 which will be paid over 12 months. If we don't use the Extra Care when it expires, we get 100% of the $1800 back. I'm looking forward to getting $1800 back in 6 years or 100,000 miles.

    I was upset that the car didn't even have floor mats. So I bought floor mats and mud guards from www.hondaacuraworld.com (tell them Oliver referred you, I shop there for our Integra too). After that, I bought an aftermarket alarm with remote trunk opener and tinted all the windows.

    We plan on keeping this car for 20 years, so getting all the accessories now will be worth it in the long run.
  • sgiurlandosgiurlando Member Posts: 8
    Hello all - last time I was on town hall was in 1999 when I was buying an 00 odyssey. I am now planning to upgrade our second car from a 98 civic to a new accord (EX V6) . Any differences between 01 and 02 model (other than the dealer cost being $430 higher). I don't believe there is any difference. Autobytel quoted me $500 over dealer cost for an 02. Any thoughts on what I could expect to pay for an 01. I live on Long island. Thanks for your help.
  • sgiurlandosgiurlando Member Posts: 8
    Test drove the 2002 V6 EX today. Dealer quoted me $23,605 ($400 over his cost of 23,205). Does anyone think I can beat this?
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