2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    its safe to say the coupe (auto) will be aval in Sept ...
  • jshockleyjshockley Member Posts: 3
    I was quoted $21,875 for a 2002 Accord V6 EX. Any advice?
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    $21,875? do you mean 22,875? (3,000 under?)

    Is this the Coupe?
    If so where did you get this quote?

  • jshockleyjshockley Member Posts: 3
    I got the quote from CarsDirect.Com

    This is for the sedan. I'm kind of amazed at the price, yes $21,875. This probably doesn't include the destination charge (of approx $460), but it's still a great price. I just want to know if anyone else has used this service, and if so, what their results were.
  • firsttime1firsttime1 Member Posts: 2
    I just got a quote for an Accord EX-V6 Coupe for $21,500, around $23,500 out the door (after sales tax, destination fee, licensing). Is this a good deal or could I do better?

    Does anyone know (can speculate) on what the dealer incentive must be right now? I assume they want to move out the '02 since the '03 are coming in.

    Thanks for any input!!
  • joejoejoe1joejoejoe1 Member Posts: 9
    In this Saturday's Wash Post, Oursman Honda of Laurel is selling its EX Accords (Model CG566 which is 4 door Auto with cloth interior) for $17,068 (Price of $16,588 plus freight which is $480) plus tax and tags(Maryland Law is $25) net of all incentives/rebates. I guess this is the new selling price for the EX. It says it has 45 cars at similar savings.

    If so, by the end of July, they should be at $16K!
  • 2hondas2hondas Member Posts: 1
    just bought a 2002 Accord EX 4 cylinder Automatic, black, $19500 out the door. also got $3200 for my 93 trade-in (which was a good deal given 6 years in Chicago weather). Also got 4.75% financing over 60 mos.
  • tiger_wootiger_woo Member Posts: 10
    $19,500 out of the door? That is a great price for a EX. What is the actual sell price (including the $460 destination charge) and what city did you get your car?
  • ashokaashoka Member Posts: 2
    what is the selling price for the ex w/leather (2002 or 2003). how much is it for V6. what is teh price anywhere in south florida
  • panmalvpanmalv Member Posts: 2
    I was quoted $21,500 for an EX V6 Leather over the weekend in Maryland, including destination (not incl tax and tags). I couldn't believe it. Anyone think these prices could fall further?
  • 1optimist1optimist Member Posts: 6
    I see a post for a 2002 EX V6 Auto with $21,705 as the price paid including dest. I am seriously considering grabbing a 2002 EX V6 to replace my 97 EX-4 while I can still get one. That pricing is really aggressive and is almost $1,000 below invoice and then the $440 destination. I intend on bargaining aggressively, so any feedback is appreciated. I didn't think I could do any better than Invoice PLUS Dest., apparently I should be more aggressive in my approach. I also intend on buying the 5 Year Ext. Warr - hopefully unlimited miles like the one I had on my 1997.
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    panmalv, Where in MD and what dealership? =)
  • pkaustinpkaustin Member Posts: 3
    Anyone knows the pricing in Austin area? I was quoted $22,342.00 +TTL by one dealer in April. Inputs appreciated.
  • wmanning1961wmanning1961 Member Posts: 2
    The Accord 2 and 4 doors will be out approx Sept 15th and the Civic approx Sept 10th, the Accord 4 cyl is 160 hp and the V-6 is 240-hp, telesoping tilt, heated leather,roof side airbags
  • pkaustinpkaustin Member Posts: 3
    Anyone knows the pricing in Austin area? I was quoted $22,342.00 +TTL by one dealer in April. Inputs appreciated.
  • joejoejoe1joejoejoe1 Member Posts: 9
    $22K for a 4 cyl EX with leather sounds very very high.

    I would say that around $18 to $18.5 would be a very good deal (unless the dealer is buying down your financing). $19-21 for an EX-V6 would be in the ball park, as would $17 for an EX-4-cyl-cloth-auto.
    Value package and DX cars are below $14 and SEs (which don't have ABS) are about $16-$16.4. - note- this will probably go down after July 9th (holiday weekend) because the July 4th holiday is the last big selling season before back-to-school in late August.

    It is low for the following reasons.
    1. I think that the year end clearance is going on now and the new model year will start earlier than usual for the Accord. So the company wants all 02s off of the lot before the 03s come in. This is so there is no competion from left-overs when the new ones sold--increases selling price for the 03s.

    2. Honda sales for the year are down 15%

    3. Competition is hotter this year from both the Japanese (Altima, Accord have new models) the US (Ford dealers are selling Tauruses with all power equipment-for under 15K, Buick dealers sell Centuries for about $16.5, and Malibus go for between $13.5 and $15) and all manufacturers want to keep their factories humming. (note: even if you think that Ford and Chevy don't compete against Honda, their lower prices do steal some Accord sales)

    4. The allotments of Pilots, CRVs and Odysseys (the Hondas in high demand- where dealers can sell at or above sticker) (and probably the 03 Accords - if it becomes a hot seller) are based on how many 02 Accords (and Civics) that sell. Therefore dealers will take a loss just to get the allotment of the vehicles that can be sold at sticker with little effort (and even more profit if they sell to people with poor credit).

    5. Honda is adding more dealerships (in some areas there are more Honda dealerships than Chevy, Ford or Toyota) so competion among them is keener.

    Check out the prices in a Saturday big city paper to find fair prices.
  • panmalvpanmalv Member Posts: 2
    ssee28, I've gotten $21.5K including destination (not incl tax and tags) for a 4dr EX V6 Leather from two dealers in the Baltimore area. I'm not sure if I'll get in trouble for naming names, but I'm sure if you talk with any of the larger dealers and hold firm at $21.5, they'll cave. I'd advise people to not be fooled by the dealer invoice price -- there are two major items you need to deduct. There is cash back to dealers of $1,000, and there is a dealer holdback, 3% I think. On a V6 EX Leather 4 door, that works out to a real dealer invoice of about $21,450. A sales manager walked me through the math last night, in order to explain why he couldn't beat my $21.5 price. Also, I think joejoejoe1 has a great point about needing to sell 2002s in order to get allotments on the 2003s -- this explains why a dealer would be willing to sell for cost. I'm buying now -- this is almost the same as what I paid for my 94 V4!
  • cds12cds12 Member Posts: 139
    Is that 3% of Invoice or MSRP?
  • pkaustinpkaustin Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for all the details. It is a great help.
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    about the 2dr ex v6?

    i was quoted at 23,100 (include Tax)
  • desertdriver1desertdriver1 Member Posts: 2
    Am starting to check prices for the EX V-6 2 door.
    Has anyone any recommendations for dealers/prices in the San Diego/Orange Co/Riverside Co areas?
    All help appreciated.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Kent, I'm seeing better than $1000 under invoice. Don't forget to check El Centro with the others.
  • 1optimist1optimist Member Posts: 6
    After reading all the posts here I decided to try and strike a deal for a 2002 EX V6 Auto in Silver for somewhere near the $21,500-$21,750 price range. This dealer said his ad was about to hit the papers this weekend and that ad would represent his bottom line, which was $22,299 incl. Dest. I did bring up the $1,000 dealer incentive his dealership was getting and he then told me about the 4.75% APR on a 60 month purchase through Honda Finance (something which even the Honda website does not reflect.) So essentially they were offering me the car at $100 over their cost ($21,765 + 440 Dest.).

    The financing of 4.75% was good to either July 5th or July 9th, my salesman was unsure. And the price of $22,299 was something that might only be good up until the end of the month. I then said that the only reason it should go up is if Honda pulls that dealer incentive funding. He then countered that with the fact that supplies of the Silver V6 are dwindling and that lack of supply could drive prices up. At this point my dealer would have to get one from another dealer in the 4 state area or I wait a few weeks for one that was just made on June 23rd or 26th.

    And for the extended warranty that I was interested in, it was offered at $999 for 7 Yrs./100K miles. This is the Honda Care warranty and this dealer offered no other warranty with a higher mileage coverage period.

    Hopefully this helps some of you out there as I know I have benefited from the messages others have taken the time to write. Today I did not close the deal as I need to first sell my 1997 Accord EX with 122K. The dealer was very reluctant to write the deal up as we are near the end of the month and he doesn't have the car anyway. If all goes well I will sell my 97 soon and commit to a 2002 ASAP.
  • astan1astan1 Member Posts: 3
    I just got off the phone from a dealer who wanted to beat 21500 offer from another dealer and gave me this price. This includes the destination price.

    So for Accord V6 EX-L does 21300 is good enough or next month there could be more surprises?
  • jshockleyjshockley Member Posts: 3
    This price is for the sedan, correct? I live in the bay area also and am searching for the same car. So, far your quote of $21,300 including destination fee, is the best I've heard of. Do you mind sharing the dealership name?

  • nicegirlnicegirl Member Posts: 7
    I paid $20,000 out the door price(that's INCLUDING destination, tax and tags) for a silver 2002 Accord EX, V4 with cloth seats in the Baltimore area with 4.75% financing through Honda. It also has mudguards, wheel locks and mats. I think I got a good deal. Any thoughts?
  • astan1astan1 Member Posts: 3
    Try Capitol Honda in San Jose or Los Gatos Honda Dealer. They both are offering same. Its end of the month so they might beat this price of 21300 also.
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    You see anything better for a 2002 accord ex v6 2dr?

    I was quoted at(in va) 23,100(Include Tax ...) then i see somewhere in MD that they are going for 22,800(Include Tax ...) ... You see any better deals out there? ...

    Thanks, J
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    2002 Accord EX V6 2dr $21,525
  • nicegirlnicegirl Member Posts: 7
    I went to 3 other dealers and learned quickly that the ads in the paper are always a scam to get you in the door--they only have one car for that price and it's always already sold, or they make you pay for stupid options that you don't want in the first place. I think $20,000 out the door price for the Accord EX V4/cloth seats that I paid is still a very good price because it was about $1500 under invoice and $1000 less than Edmund's TMV. Plus 4.75% financing is better than the bank's lowest rate of 6.5% that I found.
  • cds12cds12 Member Posts: 139
    i want the exact same car that u have. maybe a 5spd. if i get one for $1,500 under invoice i'd be very satisfied!
  • misterjohnnymisterjohnny Member Posts: 41
    Usually the newspaper ads have a limited quantity at that price. In California, if the quantities are limited they have to say so in the ad. What you can do is call the dealer and ask them what color the car in the ad is, and if it is still available. If it is, drive over and buy it. A car transaction takes at least an hour under the best of circumstances, so if you get there and they say its sold, ask to see the new buyer. If they are screwing you, ask to see the owner/manager and kindly tell them that you will never buy a car from them and you will tell all your friends and get on the internet and tell people about them. Then do it.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    $16K for a new SE? I received a quote for $18,300. Are they really selling SE's for >$3000 below invoice in your area?
  • jmellenbjmellenb Member Posts: 35
    Nicegirl, you did better than any prices I've seen in the Kansas / Missouri area. The lowest EX Accord we've had was $20K, & that's without your extras. The low for a LX 4 cyl. auto. is $17,190 so far. And I agree with you that 4.75% is decent, especially for up to 5 years. As much as I would like joejoejoe1's prices to be right, I think they are for demos.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    If DC is selling Accords by the truckload why would Honda have to sell them at $3000 below invoice? The lots near me are overflowing with 2002 Accords and I can't get any better than $900 below invoice.
  • davied99davied99 Member Posts: 16
    I got a 1997 Accord Value Package w/ 85k miles for $6900 from a used car dealer by my parents' house in NJ (I live in DC). Interior and exterior are spotless. The dealer is currently selling a 1995 EX-2dr with leather and sunroof and same mileage for the same price.
  • 1optimist1optimist Member Posts: 6
    From reliable sources I was able to find out that the Dealer Incentive that has been discussed on this board for the 2002 Accords ($1,000)is a promotion that is in effect until July 9th. As far as the 4.75% APR financing - that is known to be good for this month. The dealers themselves will probably not know whether they can offer that for July sales of 2002 Accords until Friday night or Saturday. Apparently this is common practice in the automobile business when the manufacturer is also the company offering the financing. So if I am unable to strike a deal this weekend I will attempt to find out on Monday if the 4.75/60 month financing is also valid for July. All I am hearing in my area is how short supply is on the EX V6 Sedans in specific colors-hopefully I will fare well though I am getting nervous.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    Thanks for the inside scoop on the July 9 rebate. A dealer told me yesterday that it was definitely ending on Jul 1. Of course one of his salesmen also told me that the rebate on a SE is $750! Don't sweat the financing too much - sites like eloan.com will give you 4.95% for 36 months.
  • astan1astan1 Member Posts: 3
    I am afraid that 1000 dealer incentive may be only one of the promotions, and there could be more promotions also, because I have a fax quote of 21500 (inclusive destination charges) for EX/V6/SEDAN/4DR, and whatever math you do..with only 1000 incentive, they cannot quote this price. check this with 0 profit also they have to have more than 1400 as incentive in North California

    MSRP 25,300
    Invoice 22,765
    Holding 3% of MSRP 759
    Invoice - Holding 22,006
    Incentive 1,400
    Dealers Cost 20,606
    Profit 0% -
    Selling Price 21,066
    Destination 460
    Price Incl. Desit. 21,526
    Document Prep Fee 45
    Tax 8.3% 1,779.61
    Title 175
    Tire Fee 5
    Final Price 23,531 (Out of door price)
  • vronnevronne Member Posts: 5
    I went to a few dealer and they are offering a Honda Accord VP for $15900 drive out (including TT&L) what do you think? good deal or not?
  • vronnevronne Member Posts: 5
    Do I need to buy the extended warranty to get the4.75% financing from Honda? Thanks
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    Carsdirect Atlanta area.
    Accord VP - $14286

    I don't know how much your TT&L are.
  • nicegirlnicegirl Member Posts: 7
    No, you don't have to buy the extended warranty to get 4.75%--it's just based on how good your credit report is. Although, I did decide at the last minute to get the extended warranty--it was <$800 for 6 yrs/72,000 miles--I'm not sure whether I should have gotten it, but since Honda only has a 3 yr/36,000 mile limited warranty, and since it was only an extra $20 a month (with my 3 year loan), I figured what the heck.
  • venanzikvenanzik Member Posts: 72
    I was quoted 22,495 including dest. not including tax or tags. this price was good for dealer inventory only and up to Jun 29. also said splash guards $124 installed, chrome exhaust tips $99 installed, and painted pin stripe $65. I am considered to be in the Philadelphia area market. anyone in my area do better? Is black a color that sells fast and may be in short suppy?
  • desertdriver1desertdriver1 Member Posts: 2
    Got a quote in So. Cal for $22,995 incl dest, excluding Tax and license. How does this sound to everyone?
  • 12monkeys12monkeys Member Posts: 3
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13
    Where? =)

    Include TTL or Exclude
  • nwdude25nwdude25 Member Posts: 1
    The best deal I found in San Antonio was $20750 out the door price. I think I'll go back on Monday to close the deal. Nicegirl tried to beat your price but that's the closest I've got :-)! We'll just have to see how much more the price will or will not go down after the 9th.
  • elcapitanelcapitan Member Posts: 5
    I got a quote for $18,200 including $1000 dealer incentive but excluding TTL. That's below both the invoice and the carsdirect.com prices. Are they trying to meet a quota or yanking my chain? Does anyone know how much more bargaining room I have with other dealers? I live in Los Angeles. Thanks!
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    I checked carsdirect with an Atlanta zipcode after seeing your post. I had to drive three *@*#&amp;# hours to pick up the car, but it was worth it - $17350 + TTL for a new (no demo) Accord SE. The best quote I could find in North AL was $18500. I guess joejoejoe1 is correct in that some areas of the country are receiving bigger dealer incentives. In Atl it has to be at least $2000. This same dealer also has auto LX's for $16500, and they had a ton of all trim levels on the lot.
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