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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Purchased yesterday for $450 under dealer invoice, plus TTL.
  • I paid 23,100 for this car, with a sun visor

    I did this in only 12 hrs of work on internet, if I spent a week, probably could have done better

    In fact, I would try for 22,7, inv is 22,4

    now is a good time to buy, work one dealer against the other

    remember, someone will meet your price, or come close. If u have to go 150 miles away, so what, u will only go there once

    soon the 03's will be out, new design, so u can do well as july /aug nears

    go the last few days of month, salesperson is trying to make quota, make em earn it, better u get it than them
  • just bought a 2002 accord ex v6 with the protection package(wheel locks,mud guards, & trunk tray) and moon roof wind deflector for $23,300. only additional fees were sales tax and local dmv fees. edmunds had the dealer cost at $23,205 without the small extras i got so i figured i got the car at about $160 BELOW dealer cost. we paid cash so no financing involved. we were very pleased and on top of everything else dealer was a pleasure to do biz with.
  • I checked out a local dealer who offered $280 above invoice. But their invoice is $120 higher than the factory invoice (as listed on Edmund's). The sales manager said that they installed an optional security system which is supposedly better than the Honda's standard that comes with SE. Does anyone have any info on Honda's security system on SE, or whether this is a good quote? Thanks!
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    $23,800 + tax (4.17%), doc fee ($227), and registration ($116). Appearance package (fender well/door moldings, mud guards, trunk tub, and wheel locks) @ $398 included.

    Trade-in of $3000 applied for net of $20,800. A fair offer for a '93 Integra LS Spec. Ed. w/121K on the clock and several instances of body repair. Well, what does one expect for having had a teen driver? TMV was $2600 trade, $3400 private party, $4200 retail. I have no time to try selling on my own.

    4.9% financing from American Honda beat the credit union's 6.5%. Got the color wanted. Everybody wins on this deal.
  • $22,800 less $5000 for trade-in, so with taxes and document fees we waltzed out with the car for $19,180.

    I feel we got an extremely fair deal from Honda as we paid $24,000 + taxes for our 94 Toyota Camry V6XLE 8 years ago.
  • Hello, I am a first time Honda person. (I already own Isuzu; great SUV in my opinion). I just bought this vehicle and feel I got a good deal. It's an 85, LX with 82,000 orig. miles. It was purchased new in 85 by a retiree and he just now got committed to a nursing home. I bought it from his estate. It's in great shape, no dents, dings, leaks or otherwise. Always garaged, never smoked in. I paid 3,100. Your opinions?
  • We paid 21,988 before taxes. Was advertised in local news paper.
  • Is this a mfg rebate to the dealer or just window dressing to make the MSRP look lower? This is in the NE, checked out several dealers and it's listed on the MSRP window sticker.

    For $19207 dealer invoice, would it be possible to start negotiations at $17707? Any thoughts?
  • 2002 Accord SE 4cyl Satin Silver
    $18767 Dealer Invoice
    $440 Destination Fee
    =$19207 Dealer Cost (if you believe it)

    $19407 Dealer wanted to sell at ($200 profit?)
    [$19400 SOLD] - w/ Spoiler and Cargo Net after some back and forth negotiations (helps to be in sales)

    $1000 for 7yr/100k Honda Care $0 Deductible Extended Warranty ($1275 originally) - had pricing with me ($900 quoted), so the finance guy was willing to deal. Overall a good buying experience, quality dealership. I did tons of internet research and visited the other area dealers before going in. Preparation is key.

    Satin Silver 4cyl (black, too hard to keep clean, red, too loud for me). Had to have the moonroof ;-) spoiled by having it in on my '97 Civic EX Coupe.

    The SE fits my needs, compared to 4cyl Accord EX ($1300 - $1400 more). Just right option package. Could probably have done better in a few months, but hey, work provides $400/mo allowance, $65/mo out-of-pocket is nothing to cry about. After 3yrs, it's MINE ;-)

    While waiting for the paperwork to go through, got $495 for dealer installed foglamps (originally $700), just waiting for the part.

    Also looking to do window tinting off site ($350 - $400) for quality work. Then, sometime down the road, some better rims ;-)

    Happy with it! Celebration dinner last night, pulling up with the new ride. Drove around today, took pictures by the water, showed it off to friends.

    Hopefully got a good deal, but so hard to tell with all the hidden incentives, margins, etc. But dealer invoice is a good place to start, MSRP is a joke, and 3-5% above dealer cost is golden....

    Good luck to everyone out there in getting your next auto - new or used or leased :-) !!!


    ps - still haven't figured out what that $1500 mfg special discount is :( MSRP window dressing?
  • jerryfanjerryfan Posts: 1
    Just bought one below invoice. Rosen Honda at Gurnee, IL. 10 minutes of negotiation. Pleasant experience with Bob. Free car wash, Rosen dollars, XL size T-shirts even for my little girls. Accord has the best deal among the big three Japanese cars now. For the same features, Camery and Altima will need a couple of grands extra plus market rate financing.

    Didn't buy the extended warranty. Is it worth?
  • pj23pj23 Posts: 158
    Well, I couldn't wait for the '03s, and I've loved the design of the current Accord coupe, so I decided to go for it. Price, not including trade, was $23,350. I probably could've done better if I'd haggled some more, but I figured another $100-200 wasn't really worth the hassle.

    That being said, the car is incredible. What a difference from my Civic!! I guess I expected that, but it is amazing nonetheless - quieter, more composed handling, and of course more power.

    I'm definitely happy.
  • rosen30rosen30 Posts: 2
    I am in the market for an 02 EX V6 Sedan. I noticed 2 dealers in the Chicago area advertising 22,500 (including delivery) Has anyone done better than this?
  • I just bought a Value Package, for 15,550.00. This was a great deal in my opinion, and everyone elses I have talked to. The only differences in this and an LX, is power locks, power windows, power mirrors, cruise control, and 15 less horsepower. I spent 400.00 and got power locks put on, and remote keyless entry, and the other things make no difference to me AT ALL, pretty much they're things that I'll never use. As far as the things I find inportant such as an upgraded stereo system, CD player, and wood grain far outweigh so of the things I would never use. Personally this car was quite a bargain!!! Please tell me what you guys think.
  • cheapo1cheapo1 Posts: 3
    i think CORINTHOS had a great price for your car. power window and power mirrors dont really matter to me. if i would have a car with power window, mirrow, seats i would get a luxury car like a bmw 3 series.
  • elkoelko Posts: 4
    picking up an lx 4 popper from my mom for 10,ooo,only 17k on it,like new.hopefully it will look much better with custom wheels,sunroof,spoiler,etc.
  • You're getting a wonderful deal!!! That's the best I have heard of so far
  • tiger_wootiger_woo Posts: 10
    I just got a quote in columbus, OH for the SE 4DR without airbag. The dear said the floor mat is included. Anybody get a lower price lower in Ohio?
  • Tempe Honda (Arizona) has recently advertised SE Accords for $18,660. I presume this is w/o the side airbags. I would definately pay the extra $250 for the side airbags! I think the dealers in Phoenix have a surplus of SE Accords WITHOUT the side airbags. This is just my impression from checking dealer inventories at My only complaint on the SE is the three colors BLACK, SILVER & RED. I would want GOLD or WHITE! Great deal otherwise, cept for the UNPAINTED lower rockerpanels. I think the Accord looks much better with body colored rocker panels (EX & EX-v6). I guess you could have a good body shop paint them to match. Anyway, the SE is still a great deal.
  • Hi, guys, my local dealer offered me price $500 bucks below invoice for the Accord EX 4door sedan auto. Did anyone get a better deal than this? Or why they willing to go under invoice now?

    Thank you!
  • EX 4cyl AUTO 4 door invoice according to Edmunds is $20,070.00 Does this mean you were offered a price of $19,570.00 ? ? ? ? Sounds like a good deal for an EX. Does the price include destination?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    And demand...there is a good supply of Accords (and Civics) in much of the Country, as a result deals like this are possible for some.
  • Hi, guys, my local dealer offered me price $500 bucks below invoice for the Accord EX 4door sedan auto. Did anyone get a better deal than this? Or why they willing to go under invoice now?

    Thank you!
  • Sorry, jsut press the button too fast.

    Here is the price:
    Car 16840
    dest. charge 460
    Dealer process fee 25
    Tag transfer fee 73
    5% MD tax 870

    Final price out of door 18268
    Trade in my 96 LX for 4000, and got 2.9%
    need to pay 414 per month

    Got the floor mat, door edge protector, mud guard, and some other minor things for free. Also got free life time oil change free if all scheduled maintainance done from the dealer I bought the car. Also got the 15% coupons for all future maintainance.

    I hope this is helpful for you guys.
  • tiger_wootiger_woo Posts: 10
    Has anyone dealed with them before?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Depends on where you are located if it's a good deal. Accords are in pretty good supply right now.
  • rand18rand18 Posts: 2
    what do you know about Bentley pricing?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Nada, nix, nein, nuttin.
  • billyleebillylee Posts: 9
    I do like the price of SE. But why does it not come with ABS? Do you guys have any comments on ABS?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The SE is a more basic model. ABS would add to the cost.
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