2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • venanzikvenanzik Member Posts: 72
    I was quoted 22,495 including dest. not including tax or tags. Dealer said splash guards $124 installed, chrome exhaust tips $99 installed, and painted pin stripe $65. I am considered to be in the Philadelphia area market. anyone in my area do better? Is black a color that sells fast and may be in short suppy?

  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Invoice is fair so long as they pass along the $1250 dealer cash to you. If not, there are other dealers who will.
  • jimmyx2jimmyx2 Member Posts: 26
    How can the dealer pass dealer cash to someone?
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    They sell the car below invoice.
  • kingsfankingsfan Member Posts: 1
    I just bought an EXL-V6 "out-the-door" for $23,000. I wanted to wait a little longer, knowing that the dealers will really be pushing hard to clear the lots before September 8 (when the 2003 models arrive in Sacramento), but was afraid I would have limited color choices. I did all the negotiating over the phone, and let 2 local dealers compete for the sell. Especially as a woman, it was nice not to have to deal with the vultures face to face. I am excited.
  • dlenzdlenz Member Posts: 3
    I am looking for opinions on the color choices for the 2002 EX V6.

    Here is where my wife and I are at:

    Gold - Senior Citizen
    White - Senior Citizen who doesn't like Gold or lives in FL.
    Silver - Nice, but everyone seems to drive one
    Black - As my wife would say, "Classic", BUT shows every speck of dust and I read somewhere in here that every scratch and ding stands out a lot more.
    Red - Can't say I have an opinion. Never really wanted a red car.
    Green - We have a Green 99 CRV and I think having two cars the same color is a little much.

    Which color leather do you think my 3 year old could mess up more? Ivory or Gray?

    Thanks for any and all input.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    Before you pay for those options, check out a site like www.hparts.com. Splash guards are around $60, and if you can turn a screwdriver you can do it yourself. My dealer threw in the stripe. They sell big rolls of that crap at Autozone for $5.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Member Posts: 249
    color: eternal blue
    has 2.3 4-cyl engine; Auto-tranny; A/C; CD + tape deck w/6 speakers; floor mats; wood-grain trim around shifter; 'engine immobilizer' security; tilt wheel; cloth seats; 14" wheels w/covers.

    paid $13995 plus tax/title/reg.
    4.75% financing through Honda for 60 months.
    this car is all that I need. I'm VERY happy.

    this car DOES NOT have: cruise control; power windows/locks; leather; advanced climate control; 15" alloy wheels; full alarm system; rear seat cup holders; split rear seat.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    I just traded in a black car. I will NEVER own a black car again. It looks great in the showroom, but on the road it's hot (which is probaby why the roof paint faded so badly), it shows every ding and scratch and you can't keep it clean. We opted for a silver SE (SE only comes in black, silver and red). Yeah, even the dealer told us that it was the most popular color, but we wanted it anyway. You didn't mention blue, which in my humble opinion is the best-looking color.
  • luis1306luis1306 Member Posts: 5
    Is it possible for dealers to run out of an inventory of Accord Coupe LX's manual before September, or even now? I want one, but I don't know if I should wait for better deals. I'm afraid if i wait too long they may run out. I'm having an incredibly difficult time trying to get one in Florida. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • dominikkidominikki Member Posts: 1
    On Friday, I bought a '02 EX V6 Accord Coupe for $21,3??. It is my first Honda. My husband swears by them. I was back and forth between the Accord and the Altima. The only drawback to the car is that the seats aren't heated and the door locks aren't automatic upon starting. But, I can live with that. I am in MD/DC area, and I had two dealers bidding for the same exact car. The dealership I didn't go with was $4500 more, and weren't willing to go down unless I came in. Oh, well.
  • dlenzdlenz Member Posts: 3
    I like the blue as well.
    Unfortunately, it is replaced by the red color choice on the EX V6.
  • caboycaboy Member Posts: 6
    To brwjr:
    I just bought the SE one for $19000 out of the door. The without tax and fee was $17000. You calculate it. Keep us update how much you pay for the car. Good luck
    To Cajun626:
    How much did you paid for your SE? Just curious.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    I paid $17,350 for my SE ($17,900 out the door). I better stop reading this board or I'm going to get ill when they drop even further.
  • caboycaboy Member Posts: 6
    We are OK. Is your tax, fee and license only $550? (17900-17350=550). What state do you live? I better move there.
  • clairizclairiz Member Posts: 6
    I got my car at High Point (Vann York Auto Mall), NC. They have great services. The salespersons were very nice and patient. They were very straight forward and not pushy. We didn't feel pressured at all. We proposed a deal and they accepted it. I'm sure you can get the same deal from the dealers in Charlotte and Raleigh if you are closer to them. They offered the same deal to me but I didn't feel like driving the 2 hours for the same exact deal.
    I didn't trade in any car, just bought it straight. No financing either.
  • jrsmoothjrsmooth Member Posts: 11
    Hello, I live in Washington DC, and looking for a EX V4, buying it next week. Please help me out.
  • brsrbrsr Member Posts: 3

    I guess it would be hard to get the price you got when we were out of the state. We eventually bought at the internet quoted price which was $300 higher than yours with no extra. With the factory incentive, I guess I can't complain. It is still $200 below the invoice after the 1250 incentive. My wife went there and bought the car within in an hour.
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
  • khagerkhager Member Posts: 15
    Just bought it Sat 7-13-02
    paid $13960 + TT&L
    Arlington, TX
    Great Car
  • cool_handcool_hand Member Posts: 4
    I'm shopping the V6 EX which comes with leather, MSRP is 25,760. Best #'s I got so far are selling the car for $21,600, which is below invoice and lease #'s are running at 48 months, 15k per year with $1,000 out of pocket, $281/month, including tax.

    If anyone has better, email me. [email protected]

  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    I'm in North AL. I paid 2.75% in taxes and $18 for title/tag. Hey, maybe that's why AL is usually ranked around 49th in education. I forgot about the $200 doc fee. Seemed high, but that was the going rate around here. I guess that puts me at $18100 out the door for my SE.
  • cattmancattman Member Posts: 31
    Advertised at $20488.00
  • naimfan1naimfan1 Member Posts: 8

    Just bought a blue 5 speed EX; cash price was 18,900, used the 4.75% financing. They also were pretty generous with the trade; hit it at $3k when it should probably have been more like $2500.

    Also had a GREAT experience with the dealer (Ralph Schomp in Littleton). Having worked in teh car business it was a pleasant surprise to have such a pleasurable experience. Schomp also essentially extends the warranty to 7 years/100K miles IF you do all the required services at their service facility. Granted it is not an actual extension--bit more limited--but it does still cover the expensive and important bits.

    Best Regards,

  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    With the $1250 in dealer cash, you overpaid compared to others. Glad to hear they made it a good experience, though.
  • naimfan1naimfan1 Member Posts: 8

    I don't agree. Tissue on the car is right around $18,600 since advertising offsets holdback (at least in this region), so they make a paper profit of $300. Subtract the overallowance (debatable term I know) of $500 and the car was sold for $200 under tissue.

    Even if you can buy it for a couple hundred less, so what? Not worth the brain damage to go to another dealer, IMO. And I've been on the sales and sales management side of the car business.

    Best Regards,

  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    With the $1250 in dealer cash, you overpaid compared to others. Glad to hear they made it a good experience, though.
  • homiebartyhomiebarty Member Posts: 7
    I'm looking for 2002 Accord Coupe LX Manual w/Side Airbags. The invoice is $17690($17230+$460(destination charges)). In your opinion, what's the fair price in tristate area?
    Can I have it below $16000 excluding tax, doc fees, etc.? Thanks!
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    That's pushing it, but you never know. Try contacting some dealers via email or the internet and make the offer to them.

    By tristate I'm assuming NY NJ CT. Lots of dealers. Watch for doc fees. In NY it's no more than $20, in NJ about $200 and in CT $250, maybe more.
  • homiebartyhomiebarty Member Posts: 7
    Thanks! By tristate I mean PA NJ DE. I live in Philly. $16000 is only slightly greater than $15866 = $17690-$1250-$574(dealer's holdback).
    Do you know if dealers have other bonus or incentives?
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    All they have left is holdback. Let'em make a bit of money and you'll have a good experience. Most PA dealers doc fees are $50, but I've seen $200 asked for. Don't know about DE.
  • mj725mj725 Member Posts: 7
    dominikki, I bought an accord ex v6 last week. I started by emailing all of the dealers in the dc Maryland area. I told them the color and model that I wanted, and ask what their best offer would be including tax, tag, title and destination. I received 6 responses back, and surprisingly they were all around the same figure, give or tag some free options, and a few hundred dollars. The price range was between 21500 (plus t,t,t,d) and 21900. One dealer was willing to go 21700 waving destination. I figured this was the best deal so I shopped it with the other dealers. I ended up with 21400 with no destination. This included several options like wheel locks mud flaps etc ... They were in laurel MD.

    I hope that helps.
  • kokokavkokokav Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys--I'm in the market for an EX Coupe (4 cyl) with leather, and I've gotten it to 900 below invoice, plus $460 destination. Does anyone in the DC-Metro area know if the price can go much below that?

  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    I live in Michigan, Detroit area, and the lowest quotes I have gotten are around 22 something.
    I can't seem to get prices like you guys are getting, does anyone know if it is because of the area I live in or if it is because I am not getting dealers to go down enough in price?? I would like to ask both Dominikki and mj725 if they got the prices they have listed with a spoiler? I not then what extra's did you get?
  • svfsvf Member Posts: 2
    I bought Accord LX manual 2002 in MA form Honda North at Danvers for 14990 (invoice WITHOUT DESTINATION CHARGE - 2000!!) + 4.75 financing for 60mo. It does not include sales tax (5%), dealership fee ($168) and number plates transfer fee ($65). So, the 4.75 financing from Honda is still there! It's an extra $400-500 off compared to the standard 5.9%. Overall it's $298/month with only number plates transfer $65 down. These deals should be around for some time. Honda North was good: no arm twisting, 80% of the discussions have been on the phone without any surprises on arrival to the dealership.

    I hope it will help someone to find a good deal. My one came just in time: the old car's exhaust broke down on the way to the dealer.....
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    Here is the best quote I have gotten so far, any opinions?

    "Thanks for the email, for an Accord EXV6 2 door with a rear spoiler and chrome tail pipe ends you can purchase for $22241.00 plus fees (tax,title,doc fee & plates). To lease the vehicle for 36 months @12K $339.00. Interest rate for a purchase is 4.75%.
    Thank You, "
  • mustangdrewmustangdrew Member Posts: 38
    A local dealer has advertised $20,997 for an EX V6 sedan plus ttt and dealer accessories. Also stated 3 yr lease, 12k miles annually for $219 with $2,500 down. The same dealer is asking $18,197 for an EX 4cylinder with leather and manual trans. I read the fine print and there is no cash or trade equity mentioned.

    Has anyone noticed if the dealers are dealing differently on the coupe vs the sedan?
  • tnrivertnriver Member Posts: 1
    We are replacing our 115K mile Mercury van with an Accord. Probably just a basic 4-dr 4-cyl. Any words of wisdom on when to buy considering that 2003 is a model change. We don't mind getting the 2002 because we keep a car at least eight years.

  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Just got in an EX auto V6 Sedan for $21,000 offered from a dealer. Another offer came in at $21,200.
  • ogroupsogroups Member Posts: 5
    Today I bought an EXV6 coupe for $21,216 at Wilde Honda in Milwaukee. It was an internet only price.
    That price is before tax and tags.Dealing with the internet salesWOMAN was a real pleasure.
  • hduggalhduggal Member Posts: 9
    The 21,000 and 21,200 figures that you mention, do they include destination? If they do, that is a very good deal.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Destination, but not tax, tags and the $45 doc fee. Helluva deal, don't expect to see many like it.
  • mj725mj725 Member Posts: 7

    I am not sure why there is such the price difference in michagan. It could have allot to do with the amount of dealers in the area. We have at least 15 honda dealers in the area, so I am sure that competition is ferce. Not to mention the other dealers offering 0% financing. I didnt really press the dealers much, so I was a bit suprised myself. The only advice I have for you (and maybe you've done this as well) is I did not speak with these folks in person or on the phone at all. I did all of my communication via email, until I got the price I felt comfortable with.

    As for what options that they through in, they werent big. I got wheel locks, trim kit, sun roof visor, and mud guards. I didnt get a spoiler with it. The price difference could be the demand for the sedan vs. the coupe as well.

    Any how, I hope that helps
  • discobiscuitdiscobiscuit Member Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the market to lease a used car because I need something short term and cheap. I've been reading the past few postings and find the prices that you all are getting amazingly low. I just checked out a fully loaded 2001 Honda Accord EX coupe with a V6 engine and 26,000 miles on it going for $22,465. It seems like I'm getting ripped off. The lease that they quoted me is 24 months with $2000 down and $250 a month.

    This is my first time leasing a car so can someone please shed some light on why the used car that I found is more expensive than the new ones that you all are getting? Also, is this a realistic lease rate?


  • homiebartyhomiebarty Member Posts: 7
    I submitted an offer of $16100 in your website for accord coupe LX manual with side airbags. No one accepted my offer. But shouldn't I receive some counter offers? svf above got the same car for only $14990. Should I change my zipcode to get a better deal?
  • bilalkidwaibilalkidwai Member Posts: 1
    Hello All!
    Just got back from dealership in Houston, TX. I actually went there to test drive V6 EX Coupe. After several minutes of haggling with the Fleet Manager I got a pretty decent deal, 21,500 + TT&L. Just before signing paperwork I decided to wait a little bit because the sales person I initially dealing with said the new accord is absolutely gorgeous. I was totally double minded at that time; embarrassed too coz I agreed on the deal before. When I was leaving a dealership the fleet manager came personally and knocked another $250.00 off. He also agreed on giving me 0% APR. I am totally confused I don't know what to do. So right now the deal is $21,250 + TT&L and 0% APR, is it too good to pass or paying lot more for 2003 gives me more satisfaction, I don’t know yet.
  • mj725mj725 Member Posts: 7
    take it!! that is a sweet deal. chances are its going to take a few months before you get the 2003 under msrp.
  • dlenzdlenz Member Posts: 3
    I just agreed on a price of 21,750, incl destination. The DMV fees are only the $20 they should be. Financing at 4.81% for either 48 or 60 months. There is no early payoff penalty, so I am going with the 60 months and I will shoot them more each month, but have the safety net of lower payments.

    Does anyone see a hole in this plan? I know I probably could have gotten the price down a hair more, but pulling my hair out over a couple of hundred dollars seemed silly.

    Neil Honda in Nassau County is the dealer.

    Thanks to everyone for all of the information you have shared.
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    Thanks for the info. The quote that I posted here was from communicating with a dealer via email. I am in the Detroit Metro area, so we have to have quite a few dealers here?
    I don't know if they can go lower and just are not dealing with me or if they can't go lower because their costs are different than other states? The big question is, should I be able to get just as good of a price here in MI as someone in CA or TX???
  • svfsvf Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I did not get any really good deal via e-mailng the dealers: Internet (or e-mail) prices are rather high. The 14990 for LX manual was advertised in the regional newspaper. Check the webpage of you one under "cars" under "Internet specials".

    Also make a search for the new cars via the newspaper's cars section. And check the websites of the dealerships with the best prices: the specials normally do not appear in this search, but are posted at the dealership website.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    I just got an email from a dealer quoting $2000 below invoice on all in-stock Accords. This was in Southern California. The message text is:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a red EXL Navigation Odyssey available, I also have several CRV's that just came in, I also am still $2000 back of invoice on all accords in stock.

    Now, the Odyssey will probably be quoted over MSRP but the Accord deals look strong.
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