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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cds12cds12 Posts: 139
    i want the exact same car that u have. maybe a 5spd. if i get one for $1,500 under invoice i'd be very satisfied!
  • Usually the newspaper ads have a limited quantity at that price. In California, if the quantities are limited they have to say so in the ad. What you can do is call the dealer and ask them what color the car in the ad is, and if it is still available. If it is, drive over and buy it. A car transaction takes at least an hour under the best of circumstances, so if you get there and they say its sold, ask to see the new buyer. If they are screwing you, ask to see the owner/manager and kindly tell them that you will never buy a car from them and you will tell all your friends and get on the internet and tell people about them. Then do it.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    $16K for a new SE? I received a quote for $18,300. Are they really selling SE's for >$3000 below invoice in your area?
  • jmellenbjmellenb Posts: 35
    Nicegirl, you did better than any prices I've seen in the Kansas / Missouri area. The lowest EX Accord we've had was $20K, & that's without your extras. The low for a LX 4 cyl. auto. is $17,190 so far. And I agree with you that 4.75% is decent, especially for up to 5 years. As much as I would like joejoejoe1's prices to be right, I think they are for demos.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    If DC is selling Accords by the truckload why would Honda have to sell them at $3000 below invoice? The lots near me are overflowing with 2002 Accords and I can't get any better than $900 below invoice.
  • davied99davied99 Posts: 16
    I got a 1997 Accord Value Package w/ 85k miles for $6900 from a used car dealer by my parents' house in NJ (I live in DC). Interior and exterior are spotless. The dealer is currently selling a 1995 EX-2dr with leather and sunroof and same mileage for the same price.
  • 1optimist1optimist Posts: 6
    From reliable sources I was able to find out that the Dealer Incentive that has been discussed on this board for the 2002 Accords ($1,000)is a promotion that is in effect until July 9th. As far as the 4.75% APR financing - that is known to be good for this month. The dealers themselves will probably not know whether they can offer that for July sales of 2002 Accords until Friday night or Saturday. Apparently this is common practice in the automobile business when the manufacturer is also the company offering the financing. So if I am unable to strike a deal this weekend I will attempt to find out on Monday if the 4.75/60 month financing is also valid for July. All I am hearing in my area is how short supply is on the EX V6 Sedans in specific colors-hopefully I will fare well though I am getting nervous.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    Thanks for the inside scoop on the July 9 rebate. A dealer told me yesterday that it was definitely ending on Jul 1. Of course one of his salesmen also told me that the rebate on a SE is $750! Don't sweat the financing too much - sites like will give you 4.95% for 36 months.
  • astan1astan1 Posts: 3
    I am afraid that 1000 dealer incentive may be only one of the promotions, and there could be more promotions also, because I have a fax quote of 21500 (inclusive destination charges) for EX/V6/SEDAN/4DR, and whatever math you do..with only 1000 incentive, they cannot quote this price. check this with 0 profit also they have to have more than 1400 as incentive in North California

    MSRP 25,300
    Invoice 22,765
    Holding 3% of MSRP 759
    Invoice - Holding 22,006
    Incentive 1,400
    Dealers Cost 20,606
    Profit 0% -
    Selling Price 21,066
    Destination 460
    Price Incl. Desit. 21,526
    Document Prep Fee 45
    Tax 8.3% 1,779.61
    Title 175
    Tire Fee 5
    Final Price 23,531 (Out of door price)
  • vronnevronne Posts: 5
    I went to a few dealer and they are offering a Honda Accord VP for $15900 drive out (including TT&L) what do you think? good deal or not?
  • vronnevronne Posts: 5
    Do I need to buy the extended warranty to get the4.75% financing from Honda? Thanks
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Carsdirect Atlanta area.
    Accord VP - $14286

    I don't know how much your TT&L are.
  • nicegirlnicegirl Posts: 7
    No, you don't have to buy the extended warranty to get 4.75%--it's just based on how good your credit report is. Although, I did decide at the last minute to get the extended warranty--it was <$800 for 6 yrs/72,000 miles--I'm not sure whether I should have gotten it, but since Honda only has a 3 yr/36,000 mile limited warranty, and since it was only an extra $20 a month (with my 3 year loan), I figured what the heck.
  • venanzikvenanzik Posts: 72
    I was quoted 22,495 including dest. not including tax or tags. this price was good for dealer inventory only and up to Jun 29. also said splash guards $124 installed, chrome exhaust tips $99 installed, and painted pin stripe $65. I am considered to be in the Philadelphia area market. anyone in my area do better? Is black a color that sells fast and may be in short suppy?
  • Got a quote in So. Cal for $22,995 incl dest, excluding Tax and license. How does this sound to everyone?
  • 12monkeys12monkeys Posts: 3
  • ssee28ssee28 Posts: 13
    Where? =)

    Include TTL or Exclude
  • nwdude25nwdude25 Posts: 1
    The best deal I found in San Antonio was $20750 out the door price. I think I'll go back on Monday to close the deal. Nicegirl tried to beat your price but that's the closest I've got :-)! We'll just have to see how much more the price will or will not go down after the 9th.
  • elcapitanelcapitan Posts: 5
    I got a quote for $18,200 including $1000 dealer incentive but excluding TTL. That's below both the invoice and the prices. Are they trying to meet a quota or yanking my chain? Does anyone know how much more bargaining room I have with other dealers? I live in Los Angeles. Thanks!
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    I checked carsdirect with an Atlanta zipcode after seeing your post. I had to drive three *@*#&;# hours to pick up the car, but it was worth it - $17350 + TTL for a new (no demo) Accord SE. The best quote I could find in North AL was $18500. I guess joejoejoe1 is correct in that some areas of the country are receiving bigger dealer incentives. In Atl it has to be at least $2000. This same dealer also has auto LX's for $16500, and they had a ton of all trim levels on the lot.
  • bugrad94bugrad94 Posts: 3

    Just FYI. I just bought a 2002 Honda Accord EXL v6 with rear wing spoiler, moon roof reflector and audio wood panel trim for drive out of $23,925. That included all associated fees and TTL.

    The price of the vehicle without the 3 added options is $21,195 plus $460 destination charge. I think that I got a pretty good deal...maybe not the best..but I hope this posting provides potential Accord buyers with a place to start.
  • xrpxrp Posts: 1
    I too just bought a Honda Accord Coupe in the metro Atlanta area. I was quoted a drive out price of $23,400. At first, Honda quoted me a rather high interest rate at which point I countered that I knew about their 4.75%APR deal that was good. One of the salespeople even let me see the paper that stated the 4.75%APR and it was good through July 8, 2002! Hurry and get your 2002 Accords! Towards the end when I was finalising paperwork, at first I balked on the 7/75,000 warranty at $800. At this point the person doing my paperwork offered to drop the price on the warranty to $600! This sounded like a really good deal so I accepted the extended warranty, which can be canceled or transferred and only added $11/month to my car payment.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I am glad you got a great deal on what you wanted. I am also in North Alabama. What dealer in Atlanta did you get it from? I have been planning to wait a while to get a new car, but the Accord prices right now sure are tempting me to take the plunge.
  • cajun626cajun626 Posts: 54
    Hennessy Honda in Woodstock, GA ( Got the 4.75% for 60 months as well. Scott T. handled the sale. We were going to wait a while to buy as well, but I couldn't pass up the price. I was telling my wife during our long drive that it had to be a scam, but they were straight-up with the prices they emailed me. Overall good experience. Not much competition in North AL with the same dealer spread over a few towns.

    Thanks again for saving me a grand and good luck!
  • Hello!

    Great board with good info. thanks for sharing. I am about to buy the 2002 EX V-6 sedan... mainly because of the cost saving over waiting for the 2003's. This will be my 3rd Honda... I have never bought an extended warranty... can someone explain the pro's and con's? Cost, terms, etc. I have kept my previous two Honda's well over 100K miles and 7 years. My 1994 EX had problems mostly associated with the air conditioner and locks. Any info. would be appreciated, especially about what they really cover and don't cover as well as any deduct.

  • kaybo3kaybo3 Posts: 1
    Since the 2003 Accords will be out in August, is it a good idea to wait until August to buy? Will the price be better. Right now some of the ads in the Sunday Globe are unbelievable. I originally intended to purchase a Civic Ex but now I an reconsidering an Accord SE. I had wanted to wait until August because I will not need the car until September but now I am uncertain if I should wait. I feel two things could happen if I wait. 1. The price will be even better (a good thing) or 2. There will not be any Accord SE around (I will have missed a great opportunity). What does everyone else think? The price difference between the Civic Ex and Accord SE seems to be around $1400. Since the Accord is being revamped it may be discounted or Honda is just offering a great deal to dealers to clear their lots.
  • I paid 5 hundred over retail price of 22700, that is 23200, plus of course, sales taxes, in queens New York, I am very happy with my car.

  • ss2ssss2ss Posts: 1
    Is this a good car. I know that I will have to sacrifice many luxury items and also that it's HP is 12 less than the LX model. But overall for around 14K, is this a good car? I would appreciate the opinions.
  • dlelashdlelash Posts: 1
    Just got a black one for $21,516 including destination at the same dealer as my 99 which was totaled. :-(

    Also got a similar quote through the Costco Autos program, which would definitely be worth a look if you are a Costco member.

    I have a side question for anyone with experience: I am going to turn down the dealer's offer of paint sealant on principle, but does anyone have any advice on what I might do with the new car to best protect its finish?

    I know there's a maintenance board here at Edmund's, so if there's a particular thread on this subject, I'd appreciate a pointer. Thanks!
  • bunkbunk Posts: 66
    I got a quote of $23383.02 out the door with spoiler, can those that know tell me if this is a good deal? The qoute was on the EX V6 Coupe with spoiler.
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