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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dherdmandherdman Posts: 3
    I just bought an SE in Canada, which is different than the US version, comes with ABS. Anyway the sticker here is $24,800 (CDN) I paid $23,340 (CDN) which is $400 (CDN) over invoice.
  • cds12cds12 Posts: 139
    $23,340 (CDN), Isn't that like $11,000 (US)?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Anybody know what dealer in Atlanta is the Carsdirect dealer? Carsdirect quotes for Atlanta zip codes shows $17476 for the SE w/o side airbags. Carsdirect said that they would only sell at price quoted for my zipcode. As I am nearby, would like to know what Atlanta dealer would sell the SE for that price.
  • kannan2kannan2 Posts: 1
    hello all,
    i am trying to lease 2002 accord EX-v4/auto/cloth for 36 months.
    what do u think best monthly payment will be with no money down. what will be residual?
    thank you for your reply.
  • dherdmandherdman Posts: 3
    I just used a currency converter from the Bank of Canada. 23,340 CDN would buy $15,193.33 US right now. That is the base after that they add a/c tax ($100), fuel tax ($75), dealer fee($95), PDI/Destination ($850) and sales tax (15%). Brings the price up quite a bit. With all that in it comes to about $28000 CDN or $18,226.79 US
  • jrsmoothjrsmooth Posts: 11
    BAMACAR, $17,476 sounds very familiar, that was the lowest quote I got from one of the local dealer here in Washington DC (ZIP 20001), plus all fees and tax of course. Is this coincident or what?
  • minsukangminsukang Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I paid $19800 for EX-L, Automatic, SULEV, Silver
    on 5/31 not includeing tax (8.25% here) and doc prep. ($40) and license fee (around $150).

    I am living in Bay area.
    The car is so far good (of course !!)
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    17426 is exactly 1750 under invoice. I wonder if the dealer cash is that high now -maybe in just certain large markets?
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    What is dealer cash? I saw on this town hall that some said they paid as low as 22500 out the door for EX V6 coupes, but I went to a dealer just yesterday and they said that was impossible and they showed me the invoice was around 23400 or something like that. Does dealer cash mean that they can go below invoice price? Will they go below invoice when the 03 is out?
  • stansmithstansmith Posts: 3
    Current Civic EX owner (127 hp) about to take advantage of the year end Accord deals by purchasing an LX. Would like to hear from Accord owners before I buy.

    Is the 150 hp four sufficient for the size of the car? On paper the six looks awesome, but am leaning to the 4 cylinder to shave 3 grand off the price on the LX. Will I forever regret this decision, or does it actually provide sufficient scoot for the car's weight?

    Comments? Anyone feel strongly about this at all?

  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Dealer cash is an incentive paid directly to the dealer for selling the car instead of to the customer as in- Rebate. Depending on the dealer, they may give you none, some, or all of the cash as a discount of the selling price. I like the sound of "all".
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    Thank you thank you thank you!! How can I find out if there is dealer cash being given out on the EX V6 Coupe?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    All Accords have the dealer cash.
  • engine810engine810 Posts: 1
    Purchase Price = 21979
    + Spoiler = 460
    + Sales Tax = 300 (max for SC)
    + Doc Fee = 199
    Total Price = 22938 (out the door)

    They are wanting to get rid of these body styles before august. Also, I got 4.75% financing from Honda Finance.
  • npkbnpkb Posts: 25
    Looks like the dealer incentive is very high right now. I was quoted 17K for LX with side air bags.
    What do you guys think about 7yr/100K Extended warranty for $1000????????? also quoted about the same.

    Comments please!
  • th83th83 Posts: 164
    I was quoted $23,039 out-the-door for an EX V6 with mudguards. So before taxes and fees the price of the car was barely over $22k or over $1k below invoice.
  • dherdmandherdman Posts: 3
    I drove a Civic SI Veloz (127 HP Civic 2002) and the the 2002 Accord SE 150 Hp (which I ended up buying), the Accord was much more powerful then the civic, and it drives much nicer. I think if you are happy with the Civic you will be happy with the 4 cyl Accord.
  • dcmikedcmike Posts: 53
    Has anyone run across good deals on V6 EX's in the DC area? Wanted to wait for the 2003's, but have a buyer (cash) for my 1993 Accord SE, so I have to have to make a decision (was going to buy a Maxima GLE, but the ride was way too harsh). Thanks!
  • jdjkajjdjkaj Posts: 3
    Call O'Donnell Honda in Ellicott City, MD. They are offering any Accord for $1,500 under invoice. They're just trying to move the 02s. Invoice on a V6 EX is 23,205, so you can get it for 21,705.

    Their number is 410-461-5000.
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    that can tell me where to get a good price. I live in Wixom. I heard that Victory Honda in Plymouth had 2.9% but when I called they were really wishy washy about offering it.
  • ssee28ssee28 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the price info, I to live around your area and i'm still thinking weather i should buy the 2002 accord v6 ex 2dr or wait for 2003.

    Billpagehonda quote me for 23,100.00 about 400 less then yours ... Now is this 21,705 out the door price? Cause the 23100.00 is out the door price (includes Tax).

    2003 has
    (Aval in Sept)
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    I called one dealership and they said that the 03 - 6 speed coupe will not be available until spring.
  • jdjkajjdjkaj Posts: 3
    The 21,705 is after the destination charge, but before taxes and tags. Tax at 5% plus tags at $166 and you come up with 22,956.
  • ssee28ssee28 Posts: 13
    how about the 03 - 5speed Coupe auto? I hear that the auto will be release before the 6speed from the dealer .... I thought he said sept but he did mention that it might be Nov more likely but he did say the 6speed will be aval in spring of 2003.

    Now with this 5speed auto comes with a sport shifter?
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    So you heard the same thing I did about the six speed not being released until Spring??? Well, I could settle for the auto, but I need something that comes out as soon as possible. I hope that the 5 speed auto does not come out in NOVEMBER!
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    I think I may just go get the 02 and save as much as 3 or 4 thousand. I just hope that it is an automobile that is still respectable and is still something to admire in comparison to the new Accord, Altima, and Camry.
  • ssee28ssee28 Posts: 13
    03-accord sedan will be release in Sept 03 (production date is in Aug)

    Then follow by the 03-accord-coup-auto
    (I just know the production date is in Sept)

    Then follow by the 03-accord-coup-6speed (spring 03)

    These dealer are very shady people ... lolz
  • bunk1968bunk1968 Posts: 119
    Thank you so much!
    I am so desperate that the coupe not being available the first week of Sept. is a problem. Shoot!!! (to say the least)
  • ssee28ssee28 Posts: 13
    Keep calling the dealer they may come in sept =), dont' know i just see what i'm reading (Saw a pre-order list from one of the honda dealership in ohio)...(But thats in Ohio don't know about VA or MD)

    It said:
    September Production
    - 2003 Accord Coupe Production
    - Accord EX-V6 Auto in Sapphire Blue Pearl

    But agreed that you can't bring the price down =( once it comes out ... Stupid honda can't release pictures .... Where is that Big 'Honda's National Accord Press Launch Begins June 17th' ????

    Hahahahah, damn...
  • jasonxinjasonxin Posts: 1
    Base price $19017 (w/dest fee)
    Tax: $1567
    Doc: $45
    DMV: $170
    Total: $20799

    I'm in bay area. Is this a good deal?

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