2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Just FYI. I just bought a 2002 Honda Accord EXL v6 with rear wing spoiler, moon roof reflector and audio wood panel trim for drive out of $23,925. That included all associated fees and TTL.

    The price of the vehicle without the 3 added options is $21,195 plus $460 destination charge. I think that I got a pretty good deal...maybe not the best..but I hope this posting provides potential Accord buyers with a place to start.
  • xrpxrp Member Posts: 1
    I too just bought a Honda Accord Coupe in the metro Atlanta area. I was quoted a drive out price of $23,400. At first, Honda quoted me a rather high interest rate at which point I countered that I knew about their 4.75%APR deal that was good. One of the salespeople even let me see the paper that stated the 4.75%APR and it was good through July 8, 2002! Hurry and get your 2002 Accords! Towards the end when I was finalising paperwork, at first I balked on the 7/75,000 warranty at $800. At this point the person doing my paperwork offered to drop the price on the warranty to $600! This sounded like a really good deal so I accepted the extended warranty, which can be canceled or transferred and only added $11/month to my car payment.
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    I am glad you got a great deal on what you wanted. I am also in North Alabama. What dealer in Atlanta did you get it from? I have been planning to wait a while to get a new car, but the Accord prices right now sure are tempting me to take the plunge.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    Hennessy Honda in Woodstock, GA (www.hennessyhonda.com). Got the 4.75% for 60 months as well. Scott T. handled the sale. We were going to wait a while to buy as well, but I couldn't pass up the price. I was telling my wife during our long drive that it had to be a scam, but they were straight-up with the prices they emailed me. Overall good experience. Not much competition in North AL with the same dealer spread over a few towns.

    Thanks again for saving me a grand and good luck!
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    Great board with good info. thanks for sharing. I am about to buy the 2002 EX V-6 sedan... mainly because of the cost saving over waiting for the 2003's. This will be my 3rd Honda... I have never bought an extended warranty... can someone explain the pro's and con's? Cost, terms, etc. I have kept my previous two Honda's well over 100K miles and 7 years. My 1994 EX had problems mostly associated with the air conditioner and locks. Any info. would be appreciated, especially about what they really cover and don't cover as well as any deduct.

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    Since the 2003 Accords will be out in August, is it a good idea to wait until August to buy? Will the price be better. Right now some of the ads in the Sunday Globe are unbelievable. I originally intended to purchase a Civic Ex but now I an reconsidering an Accord SE. I had wanted to wait until August because I will not need the car until September but now I am uncertain if I should wait. I feel two things could happen if I wait. 1. The price will be even better (a good thing) or 2. There will not be any Accord SE around (I will have missed a great opportunity). What does everyone else think? The price difference between the Civic Ex and Accord SE seems to be around $1400. Since the Accord is being revamped it may be discounted or Honda is just offering a great deal to dealers to clear their lots.
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    I paid 5 hundred over retail price of 22700, that is 23200, plus of course, sales taxes, in queens New York, I am very happy with my car.

  • ss2ssss2ss Member Posts: 1
    Is this a good car. I know that I will have to sacrifice many luxury items and also that it's HP is 12 less than the LX model. But overall for around 14K, is this a good car? I would appreciate the opinions.
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    Just got a black one for $21,516 including destination at the same dealer as my 99 which was totaled. :-(

    Also got a similar quote through the Costco Autos program, which would definitely be worth a look if you are a Costco member.

    I have a side question for anyone with experience: I am going to turn down the dealer's offer of paint sealant on principle, but does anyone have any advice on what I might do with the new car to best protect its finish?

    I know there's a maintenance board here at Edmund's, so if there's a particular thread on this subject, I'd appreciate a pointer. Thanks!
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    I got a quote of $23383.02 out the door with spoiler, can those that know tell me if this is a good deal? The qoute was on the EX V6 Coupe with spoiler.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Couldn't tell you if it's a good deal if I don't know what you actually paid for the car exclusive of taxes.
  • cdashawcdashaw Member Posts: 1

    My first new car. Dealer in Columbus, Ohio quoted a price of 22,705 plus tax and title. Can anyone adive if this is good or can I do better?
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    Accord new design is coming out in a month. Dealers are trying to get rid of the 2002 models now. What is a good bargain price for Accord LX 2002 now (out of door price)? Any information on factory rebate and other hidden incentitives going on now? New Jersey area. Will appreciate all input.
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    There is a $1000 nation-wide dealer incentive, and apparently high volume dealers are getting extra (I figure at least another grand based on my recent SE purchase). Go to carsdirect.com and punch in your zip code. It will give you a good starting point. LX's in North AL are ~$17,500 + TTL and in Atlanta ~$16,500 + TTL. Good luck!
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    Sales tax where I live in MI is 6%. Can you tell me know if the qoute I got was a good deal? I think it comes to them giving me the car for about 22000 before taxes and etc.
  • ashokaashoka Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2002 honda Accord v-6 EX sedan (4-door) for $22,000 including destination and it has leather, sunroof, V-6, 6-disc CD changer, alloy wheels etc in South Florida this weekend. The out the door price was $23,400 (including tax and transfer of tag). any body interested let me know.
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    You will discover more than you would ever care to know about protecting your vehicle's finish in these two M&R discussions:

    Store Bought Waxes Part II (No Zaino Posts)

    Zaino Car Polishes/Products--Your Experiences (Part 2)

    Owners Clubs
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    Got this past weekend a 2002 Accord EX V6, Black, w/ grey leather! $22,226.00 before tax and DMV fees.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    What is the selling price of the car? I don't know what you're being charged by way of other fees either.
  • 8track8track Member Posts: 7
    $24,226.00 out the door! Also, got the honda financing for 4.75%
  • joehondajoehonda Member Posts: 1
    Was waiting for the 2003, but just could not pass on the great deals out there right now. Picked up my 3rd Accord on 6/28/02 for $21,600 including dest before tax. I also got the 60 month 4.75% financing. Thanks to everyone posting on this site to help seal the deal. My dealer printed out the TMV and said that's what he could do for me, so I told him I could show this forum where people were paying $21,500 - $22,000. He would not sign on with me, and gave me my price. Great tactic for others to try.
    SE Wisconsin dealer
  • kenbbkenbb Member Posts: 38
    I live around the K.C. area so maybe this does not apply. The Honda dealers around here are notorious for not wanting to deal. This last time however was different. We started mentioning that we were shopping Toyota's and Mazdas and all of a sudden the so called already low advertised price started coming down significantly. Next they dropped their silly $200 Doc. fee. Got them down to within a $100 of invoice,which is pretty good for around here in my experiences. Ended up with the Toyota simply based on price. They were willing to go well below invoice, toss in an upgrade, and provide real cheap financing. In my situation cost happened to be the biggest factor. Any one shopping new cars now just stick to your price, the lots are full , the economy is weak, and "your the man\woman". Just remember the rule and don't let them know your in love with that particular car.
  • ogroupsogroups Member Posts: 5
    May I ask you what dealer in SE Wisconsin?
  • jimmyx2jimmyx2 Member Posts: 26
    The 4.75% rate for Accords is supposed to end on 7/9 and the rate for CIVIC was to end 7/1. Which website will be updated the fastest if new incentatives or rebates are offered? Are there former car sales reps who can share when the best price is offered? Will the car dealers be offered special rebates to sell the 2002 cars prior to the 2003 cars arriving on lots. Does Honda sell the 2002 as fleets to clear out 2002 cars?
  • ogroupsogroups Member Posts: 5
    May I ask you what dealer in SE Wisconsin?
  • cajun626cajun626 Member Posts: 54
    I vowed to never purchase an extended warranty, but I paid $550 for a 7 year/75,000 Honda Care warranty when I purchased my Accord last weekend. The dealer started at $895 and just kept reducing it. I have 60 days to cancel without penalty, and now I'm starting to rethink it. Any suggestions? I figure the roadside assistance part of it is worth $280 ($40 x 7 years for AAA), so $270 in repairs/rental reimbursement is my break even point. Help!!
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    Can anyone one give me and educated opinion of whether to buy or lease???
    I am planning on getting an Accord Ex V6 coupe. I think it may look dated pretty quickly with the new models coming out. Well, anyway, if I think I am going to get something NEW in a few years, is it better to lease for three years or is it better to buy it within three years and trade it in when I want something new? I can afford to pay it off in three years. So let me once again ask the question. Is it more economical to lease for three years or to buy within three years and do a trade in for a new model? I don't know how much I would lose on a trade in? I can keep my miles low on a lease. I have never leased before and don't want to get screwed in fee's when turning in a lease with any wear and tear. I don't know if Honda screws you over at the end of a lease in charging you for wear and tear on the car, but I heard that many companies do when you are not leasing from them again.
  • fandswfandsw Member Posts: 37
    Bunk, you answered your own question, especially when you said you can pay it off in 3 years:

    (Lease) Pay for 3 years, turn car in, have nothing to show for it. Might as well go to Hertz and rent a car.

    (Buy) Pay it off, car is now an asset you own that can keep (no payments) or trade in for another (as trade equity) to lower payments.

    Unless you have a business and can use leasing for some creative tax writeoff purposes the leasing numbers never add up in the long term. Look at it this way, the reason car makers/dealers/finance companies really push leasing is that it is a great money maker for them. For the autobuyer on the other hand leasing is a losing proposition in the longterm IMHO.......
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    21600 included destination fee's, but not tax right? Did you get a spoiler on it?
    Does anyone know how much a spoiler add on may be for Ex v6 coupe?
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    I know what you are saying, but if I plan on getting something new in three years, lease payments would be much much less than buying in three and a car depreciates and I don't know how much you lose in trading in a car? You know what I am saying?
    I wonder how much I would get screwed out of with a trade in after three years.
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    If I went for the buy instead of lease I would probably be putting about 8000 down to give me affordable payments from month to month and wouldn't that mean my Money would be tied up in something that is depreciating? If I leased and payed less a month with a low down payment the chances are I could use the money I would be saving, in comparison to buying, to collect interest in at least a money market account or mutual fund. I know this is getting deep, but there has to be a plus side to leasing as well and I would really like more opinions on this. If I can buy in three years but my payments would be large as well as my down payment and I know I would want to trade it in after three years, would it be better to lease?
  • schuangschuang Member Posts: 2
    I am shopping for a 02 Honda Accord Special Edition in SF Bay Area. I E-mailed dealers for their price quote. Most of them are in the range of 17250 - 17500. Doon't know whether I can cut the price further or not. But will definitely try. :) I will update with you guys if I have any update.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    With the invoice at $18,227 including the $1000 dealer cash, I don't think you can squeeze any more out of them. Good job. Go buy the car.
  • msurgeon2msurgeon2 Member Posts: 12
    LX with side air bags, remote keyless, splash guards , floor mats and pinstripe paid 17680. As usual I feel I paid too much but am happy with the car.
  • ssee28ssee28 Member Posts: 13


    When I saw the 03 accord coupe, I then went out and got the 02 accord coupe ...
  • adamr2adamr2 Member Posts: 31
    Hello all. I have been reading the Honda message boards for months, and finally made my decision to buy. I got an EX V6 coupe with: spoiler, mud guards, fog lights, sunroof visor, wheel locks and chrome exhaust tips. Total out the door price with all fees, tags, and tax (6%) was $24,875. The base car price without options was around $21,800, including destination. The options cost around $1,400. There was a big range of prices from dealers. The highest price I was quoted out the door for this car was $26,400. I priced around many dealers and this was the best deal I was able to find.

    Although the options add up, I really think they distinguish the car. There are so many accord coupes on the road, I wanted to dress it up a bit. For anyone with an Accord coupe, adding the Honda fog lights (not aftermarket lights) adds a huge difference. They replace those plastic grills they have on the 2 spots where the fog lights go. Also, the chrome exhaust tips make a big difference, in my opinion. Honda should have made the tips standard.
  • brsrbrsr Member Posts: 3
    From the carsdirect.com, they offer price with incentive till 9/30/2002. Can anyone confirm when will the incentive offer end? Some people posted an end price of 7/9/2002. But dealers can tell you anything to get you buy the car sooner.
  • tiger_wootiger_woo Member Posts: 10
    I just used the quoted price from CarDirect.com to do a quick price check for the Accord SE in Midwest. Looks like Chicago has lowest prices. But it is still $500 more than the Atlanta Area. Does anyone know how it works when you buy cars out of state. Do you need to pay sales tax in both states?

    Here are the prices if you are interested:

    Chicago $17,726, Indianapolis $17,976, Cleveland $18,226, Detroit $18,326, Dayton $18,676, Columbus $18,726, St. Louis $18,776
  • hduggalhduggal Member Posts: 9
    My understanding is that you pay sales and use taxes in the state that the car is going to be registered in, regardless of where you buy the car.

    If you buy the car in a neighbouring state, the dealer almost invariably is able to handle all the registration and tax stuff the same way the in-state dealer would have done it because they are familiar with all the procedures specific to your state. If you buy from a way-out-of-state dealer, then the worst case scenario is that you might have to take the paperwork yourself to your local DMV and process the registration yourself. Its really no big deal. In either case, the state whose temp plates you will be issued and any charges associated would be based on the selling dealers's state.

    Good luck.
  • joeosajoeosa Member Posts: 1
    the car looks sharp, just with 6K miles on it. The price is around 19K.
  • cheviotcheviot Member Posts: 1
    Folks, thanks for your info sharing; it was very helpful. I just bought the EX 5 spd, not leather, for $19,238 plus tax and title. This included an "appearance package" (stripe, door protective trim) and mudguards, options that retailed way too high. I think the Midwest may be higher than East Coast, but we were satisfied--what do you think? Also got the 4.75% financing, and the Honda extended warranty for 5 yrs/100,000 miles for $555. The price negotiation on the car went very smoothly, but the warranty thing got kind of crazy in the finance mgr office: It started at $1,400 with no deductible, then $1,100 with a deductible, then etc.etc.
  • tuotituoti Member Posts: 5
    Quote of $20,750 before TT&L ($23,300 OTD). It's got tint, pinstripe, mudguards, and door edge guards. Silver w/grey leather. I'm looking forward to tomorrow - wanted to let everyone know the prices here in the Southwest.
  • david182david182 Member Posts: 1
    I almost bought an Accord a couple of weeks ago after watching the prices for two months. Even now, prices are dropping about $200 a week.

    While I think these prices are low, they're going to get cheaper until they start to run out of inventory. Right now many dealerships near me have 60+ Accords each. I'm curious how low they'll go as we get closer to the 2003 launch date and they really need to dump this old inventory.

    Anyone see the 0% financing from Toyota, Ford & GM? The market has gotten a lot more competitive in the last week. I'm curious if Honda will match soon.

    Personally, I would hold off buying until early August. I think you'll save another $1,000.
  • ogroupsogroups Member Posts: 5
    What dealer in Phoenix?
  • tierneyphamtierneypham Member Posts: 2
    Well, I recently signed a 48month lease at my local Honda dealer for a Honda Accord EX V6 with leather interior, a rear and sunroof spoiler for 21,300. My boyfriend researched for about 1 week straight, and learned all the tricks of the trade (rebates, negotiating invoice price, etc). It really helped that we knew exactly what we shouldn't have paid for that the deal tried to convince us was "mandatory" and "non-negotiable". We vistited five Honda dealers, and visited one four times, negotiating and haggling before they finally broke down and tired out--they were so pooped that they gave us the spoiler for no additional cost.
    My advice is to research, research, research! Do your homework, and know your math.
  • adamr2adamr2 Member Posts: 31
    You need to look at your personal situation to determine if buying or leasing is the best route to go. You are correct, if you buy the vehicle now, you would be tieing up the extra money when you could have invested it. Although investing money today does not get you much of a return. The best way to do it is to create a spreadsheet of both situations, with your facts. In buying, your variable is really the selling price or trade in value that you would be able to get after the number of years you want to keep it.

    If you give me the facts or want more help with it, let me know and I could figure it out for you. There is no one right answer on buying vs. leasing. One important thing is the mileage limit on a lease. If you go over the limit, you have to pay fees. Also, there is usually a down payment and/or misc. fees involved with leasing.
  • ronsteveronsteve Member Posts: 1,142
    Got one out the door just under $22,700 in or near Raleigh NC. The quote was 21,726 plus fees, and the (sister) Honda dealer across town was quoting 21,995 plus fees, probably about 22,9 out the door.

    Incidentally, before I started e-mailing dealers for quotes, I looked at carsdirect.com and found 23,675 no matter what NC zip I entered. Didn't get the time of day from my dealer here in Wilmington, so it was worth the drive to Raleigh.
    2015 Acura RDX AWD / 2013 VW Jetta 2.5SE
  • tuotituoti Member Posts: 5
    It was Showcase on Camelback and 16th St. although all the Honda dealers were within $500 of each other. I just sent a couple "ticklers" over the Internet buying resources Friday night and Saturday fielded phone calls all morning. Started out at about $700 over what it finally settled down to. I didn't call a single dealership and ask them to come down on their price, they all kept calling me and offering lower prices. Really quite simple. Be sure and ask for an out-the-door price to avoid any nasty "$450 VIN window etching" type surprises.
  • bunkbunk Member Posts: 66
    Thank you for all your input. I don't really know what else to ask at this point. I have never leased and most people that I know say buy so that you you own something and your money is going toward something and bla bla bla, but it is a debate not so easily answered. I just don't know how much you lose on a trade in if I buy it and trade it in in a few years. I would not have to worry about mileage adding up with a lease. I don't understand why, if when you lease you are paying in part for depreciation, the Honda's would not be cheaper to lease than other companies? The lowest quote I have gotten in MI on a lease is about $350 a month on the EX V6 coupe.
    Has anyone gotten lower lease prices?
    Will the 02 model depreciate quite a bit just because the 03's are completely different? I mean should I consider that when I think of how my resale value you will be in the near future?
  • vamomvamom Member Posts: 1
    On Saturday, we bought a 2002 Accord EX 4 door with leather for $20,858 not including tax and tags. (This was in the northern virginia area.) The invoice price was $21, 563. I think we got a good deal -- (I hope). The dealer was anxious to bargain and not obnoxious at all, in comparison to the Camry dealer. Our new Accord is loaded with everything and we love it! They are really trying to clear out their inventory.
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