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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Well, they think they can get more from someone else so they are going to wait and see if they can. If they can't, they will call you back later with a lower price
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Is that a Coupe?
  • Hi,

    I would appreciate any thoughts on whether I should buy the V 6 ex or the 4 cyl EXL. They are similar in price. What is the better choice, leather or the 6 cylinder?
    I can't afford both.
  • I was thinking the same way when I initially visited the dealer. Leather or V-6 for basically the same price? I test drove both an EX V-6, then an EX-L 4 banger. The wife said why be cheap if you can afford the V-6 AND leather, so I said you're probably right and bought the EX-L V-6.

    Now I'm disappointed with the operation of the VCM system on my car. If I had it to do over, I'd have got the EX-L 4 banger, or spent even a little more and gone with an Acura TL. If you do decide on the V-6, do yourself a favor and take an extended test drive to make sure that the VCM doesn't bother you.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    If I were you I would buy the V6, especially prices are same. We should get a little more than we need. V6 is more powerful with hilly roads and much smoother. MPG for both cars are not significantly different.
  • Nope - 4 door sedan
  • Would you mind sharing what you paid for the EX-L V6 and what part of the country you are in?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Mileage is close if you drive mostly highway trips. Many people have been posting significantly worse mileage for the V6 in stop and go city driving.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Nice color combo..I am considering a Black on Black Coupe. Not digging the bug eyes or the large overhang on the Sedan. Stick to your guns!! These cars will be at invoice or less by spring. I just closed a deal on a Pilot for my wife yesterday. I was talking cars with a salesman while sitting around. He confided the Accords are bringing in a lot of showroom traffic but they aren't moving as fast as they would like. He anticipates that special incentives, lease and finance deals are coming very soon.
  • Price paid for EX-L V-6 was $26,110, $250 doc. fee, $1290.90 tax, and $30.50 title & plate transfer. I didn't have to pay tax on $6500 trade value.

    Total OTD $27,681.40. Area is southwest Ohio.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Personally I prefer the EXL, either way. So I guess if money is the issue get the 4. I wouldn't give up the Heated leather, nicer stereo, climate system, and other trim goodies.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Very good deal. Congrats !
  • Thanks for the reply! Do you think you could have gotten the same without the trade-in?
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Edmunds invoice plus dest. charge on a Iv EXL auto is $24,063. In northern Ca dealers are also adding a $250-300 advertising fee per car and call it part of the invoice. (I guess we could compare it to dealer fee in other parts of the country) I think that is how the dealer came with that number. My experience has been that the Iv's can be had at invoice or below and V6 at about invoice and the models with navi about few hundred over invoice at this time. It all depends on dealer's situation and other factors, of course.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    I have not been checking Civic prices. With the 08 Accords with Navi it has been rare that anyone has posted a buy for under invoice, although I did. Try Grace Honda in San Bruno. Time of the month, how long the car has been sitting on the lot, and other factors have a lot to do with the quote you will get. Make sure to send out emails to a lot of internet managers asking for quotes. I sent out over 20 before I bought my EXL V6 a couple of months ago.
  • Without the trade I would have had to pay tax on an additional $6500 at a rate of 6.5%. I do think I could have gotten the same price on the car without factoring in the trade though.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I can't tell you how many times I have heard this on many car purchases. I go in with my "deal" and tell them what I what. They come back and say there is no way it can be done. Then I go to the next, and then the next dealer and eventually one takes the deal.

    It's very competitive in Southern California.
  • I hear ya. Just frustrating ya know? I understand the need to make money but do they really need to be so greedy? I might wait it out until 09 models after hearing about and experiencing the VCM issues anyway. Thanks for reading and replies
  • sunnfun, could you send me the name of the dealership you saw this deal at? if anyone else received good deals on a 2008 honda EX-L w/ Nav in the DC metro area, please let me know! thanks.
  • Hey exlv6,

    If you get a chance could you let me know what area/dealer in MA you worked with? I am right outside Boston, on the South Shore and have sent out information to various dealerships both on and off the automile. I am looking for an 08 Accord Coupe EX-L V6 with Nav, in either the Nighthawk Black or Taffeta White. I saw the TMV around here was just around $29,000 so seems like you got a good deal. I currently have a 2005 Pilot with the lease ending in March, so looking to roll over the original downpayment. Any suggestions would be great thanks!
  • Hi everyone,

    I am looking to buy the 2008 EXL Accord Sedan w/ cyl no navi.
    I live in the NY, Ct area. So far the info I have seen is:
    $22,705 Invoice plus $635 Dest Charge for a total of $23,340.

    Is this the price I should offer? Or can I get this car at a lower price.
    Any help on price & dealers would be much appreciated.

  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Here's my $.02 . . perhaps $.03 . . .

    Buy the V6 if you don't plan on driving the vehicle for a long time and are interested in maximum resale value.

    If you plan on driving the car for many years, seriously consider the I4 and only purchase the V6 if power means a lot to you. I have the I4 and, while it certainly is no race car, its is absolutely adequate. I, personally, don't buy the "need it for emergency acceleration" excuse. Buy the 6 cyl. if you plan on using all those ponies often.

    With regard to the V6, there is an advantage to having more torque at a lower RPM. My I4 doesn't start generating much power until I'm high into the RPM range and, consequently, the transmission shifts out of over-drive often at interstate speeds. The power is adequate, but the engine does more shifting than it would with a V6. The I4 is perfectly mated to the 5-speed manual transmission and that is your very best option if you really want the machine to work to its potential (although MT can be a death-sentence for resale).

    Finally, I am not confident that the V6's active engine mounts, complicated and expensive control modules and VCM system are a "good for the long-run" technology. For me, a V6 would necessarily require an extended warranty.

    The EX-L, while no more functional than the EX, does include a number of items that make it a significantly nicer car. Among many other things, the stereo in the EX SUCKS, IMHO. The stereo in the EX-L, while hardly earth-shaking, is 100x better. Oh yea -- one more -- I've always hated pleaded leather. It looks good for about 5 days before it starts to crease. All 08 EX-L Accords have pleaded leather. :-(.

    Good luck! I've been happy with mine!
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29
    Understood. Good to have an idea of the numbers when I start dealing in a week or so.. Thanks for the info.
  • I live in Westchester, and I recently bought the Accord EXL V6 w/navigation. I paid a little over $30,000 with taxes and fees. Are you getting the auto or manual transmisson? I went to many dealers, and since there are many dealers in the area they would really like the business. Try to push for a better price, it doesn't hurt. I purchased the vehicle from Brewster honda
  • I'm looking for automatic.
    How was your experience with Brewster.
    I live 10 miles away from them.
  • Bought my Honda Accord Sedan EXL V6 w/o navigation (black on black) on Thursday at Herb Chambers of Burlington (Boston) for $25,950. The price includes $250 documentation fee. I consider this deal to be $450 below the invoice. Two other dealers in New England offered me a similar deal.

    Invoice: 25,500
    Dest 650
    Docs 250
    Total: 26400
    Paid: 25,950
    Deal -450 (below invoice)

    Please note that Boch Honda offers up to $3,850 off the invoice on any new Accord (Boston Globe from this Sunday). I already bought a car but will call them tomorrow out of curiosity.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 113
    I just sold my 2000 Camry on and need a new car. I like the new Accord 08 and thinking of buy one EX-L V4 with Nav.

    I just purchased the fighting chance package and asking for advice who has used this package before.

    if yes, did you include invoice price for vehicle in Fax/Email attack template, that was sent to every dealer? or wait for dealer to respond with best offer?

    Also what's the best price for EX-L V4 with Nav in Seattle area.

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Not that color is all that critical, but I thought the V6es weren't available in Taffeta White, just White Diamond Pearl (which I prefer anyway).
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    kmanpdx - you should be able to get that car for invoice plus destination fee.
    Many have posted here telling of $25,950, including destination charge, for that very car and color combination in the Boston, MA, area, the Washington, DC area, Mike Patton in LaGrange, GA, DCH in Paramus, NJ and other dealers around the country. Good luck and enjoy your new car!
  • exlv6exlv6 Posts: 3

    I bought the 4-door at Chambers in Burlington (right off 95). I didn't notice many coupes there at all - but they have a strange setup where most of the inventory is kept in a parking area behind the building. I also shopped Atamian in Tewksbury (right off 495) I wasn't thrilled about the experience there, but they did have probably 6-8 coupes. I didn't notice the color combos. Good Luck!
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