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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    This is my first time buying a car and I'm not sure what offers to expect from dealers. I want the 2008 Accord EX-L V6 (no nav). Did anyone here get one recently from an Honda dealership 100 miles from Santa Barbara? I am interesting is knowing how good a deal you can get, and which dealerships are recommended in my area.
    Thanks a bunch!
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    There is a black Accord Coupe at Tysons Corner Honda in Virginia (near DC). It looks sharp.
  • My son just bought a 2005 Accord EX-L 4-cylinder with 38k miles for $14,300+TTL. The car had been sitting at a Chevy dealership since early December and was the only Honda on their used car lot. His vehicle also had a clean Carfax but obviously wasn't Honda Certifed by the Chevy dealership. Unless "Honda Certified" is very important to you, given that your price doesn't include other dealer fees or TTL, I'd say it seems high compared to my son's 2005 purchase.
  • I recieved a quote in Missouri for a 2008 Honda Accord 4cy- with leather, loaded. MSRP is $26,495 I got a quote for $24,162. What do you guys think with this price? GOOD or BAD???????????
  • I mean, the price of the coupe sucks a big one compared to what the Sedan is selling for. Anyone got any quote for a Coupe near Invoice?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sounds high to me, but remember the asking price is just that - what you haggle them down to will be a lot less. Most used cars have $3k to $4k or more of profit in them at the asking price, so there is LOTS of room to drive the price down.

  • That's not a bad price. i just bought three weeks ago for $23,995. I was happy with this price.
  • What was your sticker, and did you get any options such as a trunk tray or pin stripes???? If you financed with Honda what kind of financing did they give you.

  • Sticker on the car was $26,495 and the only extra I got was wheel locks. I financed through Pentago Fed credit union 4.99%
  • I'm seeing quite a few 2007 SE I4 MT sedans out there. I'm surprised thery're not cheaper, given how far into 2008 we are. The car:
    MSRP $20,825 (+dest $595)
    Invoice $18,774

    Got a few quotes at about $1000-1500 under invoice, for right around $18,000+ttl give or take a few hundred. Not quite cheap enough given the redesign. Might as well buy the 08. Is that as cheap as it gets for a leftover in the year of a major overhaul?

    This must have been an unpopular configuration given that I can still find about a dozen of them within 75 miles. I have seen posts referring to dealer bonus cash on leftover 6 cylinders, but not on the fours. What do the dealers hope to do with these cars?
  • Hi everyone my mother just leased an 08 honda accord lx from a dealer in ny. She basically wanted to get it for my father so he can drive it to work, Heres the specs on the lease agreement as far as i can remember.

    I printed out the national lease offers honda has on there website and went with her to the dealer to show it to them. At first we asked what lease offers they had on the accord and the dealer said $329 a month with $2000 down out the door. Then i showed them the national offers honda had on their website and he was like let me see what i can do. I knew right away that they had to honor the offer since it was directly on the website. He said alright well honor it.

    2008 Accord 4-Cylinder Sedan LX Featured Standard Lease
    $219.00 per month for 36 months. $2,599.00 total due at signing.
    Includes down payment with no security deposit. Excludes taxes, titles and fees. For well-qualified buyers.
    FEATURED LEASE: Closed-end lease for 2008 Accord 4-Cylinder LX Sedan Automatic Transmission (Model CP2638EW) for $219.00 per month for 36 months with a $1,785.00 capitalized cost reduction available to customers who qualify for the AHFC Super Preferred credit tier. Other rates/tiers are available under this offer. $2,599.00 total due at lease signing (includes first month's payment, no security deposit, AHFC upfront acquisition fee and capitalized cost reduction. Security deposit waived in featured lease example. Total net capitalized cost and base monthly payment does not include tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, options, insurance and the like). Not all buyers may qualify.

    So all said and done the cars msrp was $21,795 we got it for $20,066 selling price. $250 over invoice which is pretty good i guess. We paid all the taxes upfront with the cap cost reduction, first month, taxes, fees, etc... We wanted the lowest monthly rate possible so we paid the taxes upfront. Out the door it was about $3,546 at $219 a month for 36 months. I didnt know what the residual value was and the money factor at the time of signing. What do you guys think the residual is and money factor would be with that amount down? Was it a good deal? and is it worth buying out the car at the end or giving it back?

    Sorry for the long post.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    How many miles per year are allowed under the lease before extra charges kick in?
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    How much will your Mom have to pay to the dealer if she wants to buy the car at end of 36 months? 15K miles max to drive each year right?
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Basic simple rule of thumb:

    - If your Mom wants to keep the car for over 5 years or may be 10 years or more BUY it.

    - If she wants to replace it with a newer model after few years she can lease it. Carefully adding up all costs paying out to the dealer including the buy-out amount at end of 36th month. Lease is always very expensive, limiting driving miles, etc.

    Your Dad should do the math with your Mom carefully. $20K+ for an Accord LX is not a good price.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Accord MT cans be hard to find, but hard to sell for the dealers.

    At the end of the model run the manufacturer will give the dealers some buy down money on the left over cars and they are on their own to sell the left overs. Sounds like it might be $1,000 or $1,500 on this model (which seems pretty low). Honda has pretty much washed their hands on the 07 left overs, so I would doubt the price is going to drop down any more. If the dealer sells it for invoice less buy down less 100% of hold back that is the bottom line - and they will not want to sell it for less as they will lose money to sell the car.

  • I got a quote for $24836.
    how did u negotiate? first time to buy a car, no experience :(
  • howard 18,

    Your message #19255 stated that you received a quote of $22,255.71 + tax, etc for a drive out price of $23,886.63 for an Accord 08 4DR EX-L in TX which in a later post you said was Honda Cars of Katy.

    I made the same offer to them today on the phone (I had already visited there earlier and test drove an EX-L) and they said there was no way they could do that. Did you actually buy one for that amount, or do you have some documentation from them with that quote? Any information you could provide would be helpful.

  • There is no way he got a quote for that price. That would be like $1,800 under invoice. Possibly he is talking about an EX.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    That can not be true. Either it is for an EX or it was already April 1 and I missed it. When was the last time a dealer gave a quote that was down to the pennies.
  • exlv6exlv6 Posts: 3
    The information in this forum has been so helpful to me, I thought I'd post my recent experience:

    '08 EX-L V6 w/Nav Nighthawk Black Pearl on Ivory in MA

    Sale price was a couple hundred under invoice at $27,800. The dealership refused to waive the "doc fee" of $250, but strangely agreed to reduce the price by that amount. I probably could have bargained it down a few hundred more, but I thought around the invoice price was fair. Interestingly, the salesperson consulted the edmunds TMV and invoice prices during our negotiation.
  • gjagja Posts: 25
    $22,255 coincidentally is the invoice price for Accord EX I4 auto sedan.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Great price, great car, great choice!
    Congratulations and welcome to the club. Keep us posted on how it drives, etc.
  • not a certified honda dealer... any comments??
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Congratulations. Welcome to the EX-L V6 club. Please tell us how it runs. Any VCM issue such as surge, vibration, etc. as some people complained. How much did you pay out the door? What's sale tax rate in MA?

    Your price was GREAT. Some buyers do not like black color.
  • 2008 accord 4 door 4cylinder automatic EX-L(leather) no Navigation
    MSRP is $26495.
    I got a quote for $24663 from a local dealer.
    Sales tax in my town is 6%($1479.78) and also have to pay $145 for the tags.
    Therefore Out to Door price is $26287.78
    Is this a good deal?
    I saw someone got a quote for same car for a $23980.
    Also, this is my first time to buy a car.
    NO experience in negotiating car.
    Can you guys give me some advices?
    Thanks :)
  • All I did was submit a price request through edmunds to a few local dealers. The dealer I purchased from gave me invoice price for EX-L $24062. I then went to the dealership and told them that another dealer said they would beat any deal I get by $150,which is what a few of the dealers said. They then went to $23,995 and I didn't feel like spending any more time and I thought it was a fair price so I went with it.
  • do u mind if i ask u which area and dealer is this?
    because i saw your other discussions and u wrote that u were in philadelphia area.
    i'm not that far away from phily.
  • Shoot me an email and I will give you
  • Someone else purchased a EXL V6 coupe with NAV for 28,650 OTD in MA so that was a good price indeed.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Too good. I rather wait for 2 more months.
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