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BMW 3rd lease asking for damages for car 2 leases ago?

lissablissab Member Posts: 4
edited September 2014 in BMW
New little issue. This will be my 3rd BMW lease, I was loyal to a dealer, as I liked my sales rep, however, he just moved back up north, so have been shopping other dealers, well a friend of mine, who knows what he's doing did. He found a great deal in Fort Lauderdale. I spoke to dealer, they said all good except that I had an outstanding payment for damages on my 2008 BMW, the prior lease to the 2011 I am just now turning in. I remember getting 1 bill, then never saw or heard anything again. Keep in mind, this car was way under mileage, so bill was body damage, etc. of 2500! This was 3 years ago so I can't imagine what is going on. So I spoke to someone at a number they gave me, and she said she could reduce it to 1900. Has anyone heard of such a thing. My questions are, how did I get another lease, well I could see they may have crossed, but when I called finance to extend this one, they said let me check, then "ok, your fine, and I've extended it twice! Also, when I log into BMW finance, there is nothing outstanding. Anyone know of this happening? I have to pay the $1900 before they give me the new deal, supposedly. Thanks for your help.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well perhaps they used different leasing companies for each lease, and the one they are using now is the one you owe money to. If the body damage claim is legitimate, surely you must have been alerted to this when you turned the damaged car in?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,100

    Are the outstanding charges with BMWFS? If so, call and ask to speak to a supervisor. The fact they are offering to knock down the charges seems shady.

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