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'99 Silverado/Sierra vs. F-150

New to pick-up frenzy. GM on brain but currently
leaning Ford. 4.6 w/manual vs. auto vs. 5.4? Best
spec. out for general use/limited, light towing?
Want 4X4 because it comes in damn handy
occasionally (Minnesota), ext. cab, nice radio,
etc. Not afraid to spend $ but do not believe in
spending what doesn't need to be spent. Then there
is the issue of maybe should keep GM on brain. Need
help bad. Please respond


  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    If you want an extended cab, I would go with the Ford because of the 4th door. I would also probably go with the larger V8.

    Yes, I know the GM models have a larger extended cab, but the convenience of the 4th door (for me) would be the deciding factor. Also with the F-150, you get a split rear seat. That's not available on the GM models.

    If you can wait a year, GM will have a 4th door on the extended cabs.

    In GM's favor, however, are standard 4-wheel ABS brakes, more powerful engines, and AutoTrac 4x4.

    Good luck.

  • KEH4x4KEH4x4 Posts: 109
    If you will keep the truck longer than the warranty, I would get the Ford. Chevies are notorious for automatic transmission failures, and air conditioning failures. Both expensive. Plus the Ford has the fourth door, and is a little cheaper. Also, I think the Ford has a more twenty first century look. The Chevy looks too much like the old design. And I hear that because of the recent strike, GM trucks are few and far between and demanding higher than normal prices.
  • signasigna Posts: 26
    I currently shopping for a replacement for my '93 Chevy Silverado. Currently, I'm leaning toward the Ford since the new GM is sooo conservative, and it lacks the fourth door. It all depends on what style you prefer. Don't let anyone tell you which truck to get on a reliability basis, they're too close to matter.

    KEH4X4: My '93 Z71 has 130,000 miles, and both the auto trans and air conditioner work perfectly. Infact, they've never been touched except for an oil change in the trans.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110

    You can look up reliabilities and see Ford's automatics trannies have a much worse track record than GMs. GMs are regarded as the best automatics out there. I've never heard of ANY a/c failure on GMs other than '94 when they had a recall on their compressors because they were using the wrong oil.

    have a look at the GMCs. I like the styling a little better on the GMCs, and you still get all the mechanical advantages this new truck has over everyone else.
  • kent123kent123 Posts: 61
    I was going through the same decision about 6-8 weeks ago. Liked the 4th door on the Ford, but after driving both, the Chevy impressed me with better, smoother power (5.3 Chev vs. 5.4 Ford) and overall better fit and finish.

    I ended up talking to a friend who has a car lot that deals exclusively in late-model, low-mileage stuff. He said that the Chevy PUs get sold much faster than Fords and hold their value better. So, even if the initial price is lower on the Ford, cost of ownership may be higher than the Chev.

    I ended up ordering a 99 Silverado LT 2WD Ext. Cab. Order placed mid-Sept, "preferenced" on 9/23, but no build date yet. If they don't get it built soon, I may cancel and wait for 2000 model in hopes for a 4th door.
  • KEH4x4

    The chevy comes with more features standerd. If you look at the options the price is very close, along with everything else. Except for the diesel and 4 door
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121
    <<In GM's favor, however, are standard 4-wheel ABS brakes, more powerful engines, and AutoTrac 4x4.>>

    That's a BIG HOWEVER! The Chevy trucks are totally reengineered under the sheetmetal and are now years ahead of Ford technically. It's a no-brainer for me. Chevy is it. My two cents.
  • malibu1malibu1 Posts: 52
    Yeah, I wouldn't base my decision to buy a new truck on the fact that it had a "21st century look" and that it had a fourth door. That sounds like things my wife would use to pick a truck. I go for power and reliability and Chevrolet wins that battle hands down.
  • malibu1malibu1 Posts: 52
    Cdean is correct also in the fact that GM has long been the maker of the best automatic transmissions in the business. Ask around, I am sure you will get this confirmed by people that are in the 'know'.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Chevy is years ahead of Ford? Where is this huge technological advantage? In the rattling third door? The lack of a supercab fourth door? The lack of a competitive diesel? The lack of a V-10? Fewer chassis options? Chevy will eventually get to all of these things, probably within the next two model years, but who's years behind?

    Chevy's V-8 engines have always had a little more horsepower and get a little better mpg. That's nothing new. Chevy makes a good truck, as does Ford, but there is no doubt that Chevy has been following, not leading, for quite a few years. If you really like something new that shows up on a Ford, wait a couple years and you can buy the Chevy version.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110

    You're mentioning different things. mechanically, chevy is ahead of Ford. better engines, brakes, frame, transmissions, ride, suspension... all you have to do is drive one to see it. do they need a V10. i don't think so, not with a v-8 that has more power, torque and same mileage as ford's v10. they do need another diesel. but those things aren't what this discussion is about (1/2 tons). go and read every magazine with a truck review in it, and they all say chevy is ahead now.

    they're ahead by exactly 2 years. The '98 ford vs '98 chevy had several advantages, such as the door prob, better ride than chevy, better ergonomics, IMHO. the truck was engineered 9 yrs after the '98 GMs. putting it lightly, there have been quite a few technological advances over those 9 years. GM has just now put a product with this technology. Now the '99 GM trucks are ahead of the class in every other department. it doesn't mean that ford all of sudden sucks, it just means chevy's got the latest cutting edge techonology in their product, and ford has 1996 technology.

    please give me an example of when chevy copied anything from ford, because i can think of none.
    it just seems that the stuff you're interests lie in come with a blue oval on the front. And there's nothing wrong with that. :)

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Brutus, like myself, comes from the heavier end of the pickup spectrum, although I have owned half to\ns in the past. Almost everything on the new Silverado/Sierra is already available on the F-Super Duty truck, but not the 150/250LD. I believe this is where Brutus was going with his comparison. The Super Duty Ford has the 4 wheel discs, an outstanding frame, the automatic from hell, and like the GM trucks, an evolutionary design change as opposed to a radical one like the 150/250LD or the Dodge Ram.

    In 2001, everybody will be all caught up - the updated Ram will be released, the 150/250LD will be upgraded, and the heavy GMs will then be available. Coincidentally, that's when my loan ends on my 96 Ram - will make for some interesting comparison shopping...
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    i realize thats where the interests, sorry if i didn't make that evident. comparing the Ford SD to the '99 silverado are apples and oranges, but you do see the "technology of the times" like i was trying to get at it.
  • DirltonDirlton Posts: 30
    Did not intend to start a GM vs. Ford war. If you look back at the original post I was asking for help/info in spec-ing out a new 150 should I decide to go that route. Particularly opinions on the "brightness" of choosing 4.6/manual vs. other configurations. Any other views in regard to "best" drivetrain, axle, tires, etc., etc. would be MUCH appreciated. You guys know the lay of the land better than I. Please remember I am after just light duty, occasional light towing, light hauling capability, and creature comforts. If I decide to go the GM route (a distinct possibility), I'll just pester you people some more. THANKS.
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    I think that the Chevy and Ford are both good trucks. The statement about Chevy being years ahead of Ford, kind of, seemed to me to be similar to saying, my dad can beat up your dad, so I decided to respond in controversial fashion. I don't thing either truck is years ahead of the other.

    kcram is right that I compare everything to the heavier end of the market. I'll admit that my knowledge of the F-150 is fairly limited. Obviously, I'm bias to the blue oval based on my experience with Ford trucks. Once again, though, my experience is with the heavy duty models (F-250HD and the new truck).


    You've got a lot more experience with all of the different truck manufacturers. Your mechanical background is also light years ahead of mine. As a matter of fact, I've had people e-mail me with mechanical questions, and I refer them back to the site and, specifically mention that they should seek you out.

    Most of what I have learned about issues related to towing, torque, hp, axle ratios, etc. have been gained from this site, followed by some additional research. Anybody can verify that by scrolling back through the posts from earlier this year. I volunteer my two cents worth on this site, because I know if I'm way off base on an important issue, someone will jump in and correct my information. Although I may have engaged in some friendly banter about the Ford vs Chevy argument, I think it's safe to say that I've never contradicted you on issues of substance.

    Of course, I still think that Ford provides the best overall quality vehicle, but who knows? Maybe I got lucky with my last truck.


    I finally visited "Salesmen are people too" recently and saw you were participating there. There were over 300 posts since my last visit. Most of those salespeople seem to be pretty above board guys. Still, their line of thinking is on a totally different tangent than the average consumer. When you see the knowledge they have, it's easy to understand why so many vehicles are sold for close to MSRP. These guys are pretty slick and they tend to get really offended when they think you are treading on their turf. I made some statements that are sure to get a rise out of them. I'll probably participate for a couple of days again and then stop. They really do hash the same issues again and again. It's easy to get caught up in it.
  • Dirlton:

    There would be no bad choice on any of the Big 3 trucks. The Big 3 are putting a lot of quality in building these trucks because they are big sellers producing big profits. I love the Silverado, even though it only has three doors (just a couple of years ago, extended cabs only had two doors). It's new engines are smoother and more economical than the previous ones, and once your rear seat passengers get in that one door they will be treated to more leg room and comfort than they ever had in an extended cab pickup. Everyone here can give you their opinions, but you need to check the all the Big 3's trucks out for yourself. You will know for yourself which one is for you. Happy Hunting!
  • Being a "born and raised" Chevy guy, I am looking forward to purchasing a new Sierra (To me it looks better than the Chevy for once). I do believe that Ford is indeed ahead in the quality department but I have a 2 year old daughter and and planning on having more kids soon. So the issue of roominess is important to me. Since these days its important to have every kid under a certain age in a carseat I think the sheer size of the new GM rear seat in the extended cab seals my purchase decision. But a four door extended cab would allow me to place my daughter in the space behind the driver's seat without climbing through the entire truck and would make it easier to carry other passengers as well. Does any one else have this dilemma? Are the new Superduties roomy enough for a toddler car seat in the back ( not sitting in the center). (Of course, rear-facing infant seats are another story.)

  • p.s. Don't nobody suggest that I get a minivan, my ego can't handle it. Besides, I want the truck to go camping and hope to buy a 22 foot camping trailer in the very near future.
  • Yes, there are "slick" salesmen. There is no doubt about that. And yes there are a great many that are above average. Let me tell you though that there are certainly "slick" buyers that no one EVER hears about. Its always the salesman who is the slime in a bad situation. What do you think the answer the customer gives us,when, after saying they want to take our car to their mechanic to have it looked at, we ask to let us look at their car also? I just wish you could be on our side to see what happens also. It is very one sided. Yes, I am a salesman, and I certainly know their are bad salesmen out there but ask a salesman to tell you a story about a customer sometime instead of just listening to the customer side. Just food for thought
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121

    I believe I made that "years ahead" comment based on the 1/2 ton (this message track, not Super Dutys) 1999 Silverado/Sierra improvements in small block V8 engines, cab space, brakes, transmission and drive train (Autotrak), electrical harness, hydroform frame, etc. Dodge had its "years ahead" shot in 1994 and Ford got its "years ahead" in 1996. Now both have about a two year catch up.

    Besides the fourth door, the slam against GMC/Chevy is in the exterior design--probably about the least important consideration for a pickup truck. Personally, I support their conservative decision of design evolution.


    I keep looking at both the Sierra and Silverado in my own mental debate as to which I like best in appearance. Despite what I said above about design, we all suffer from our vanities. It's too close to call. The best deal will decide it.

    As for the fourth door, I think your concern might be the primary concern for the lack of one--when you are one on one with small children that fourth door is nice. One of my fellow workers with small children shares that concern. Ironically he bought a 20 ft. popup camper trailer this month and is now going to wait till next year to hopefully buy a 4 door Silverado. The wait is easier in Minnesota now that we are hibernating for the winter. ;-)

    The fourth door is not a major concern of mine. I have no small children and will rarely have rear passengers. I might think different when loading grocery sacks for the first time.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    >>I might think different when loading
    grocery sacks for the first time.<<

    You hit the nail on the head with that statement. As the saying goes: "It's the convenience stupid!". I don't have small children either, so I would look to use that back seat area for "putting things". And... I don't want to have to walk around to the passenger side in order to access that space.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    When GM did the third door on the S trucks, they intentionally put it on the driver's side because of what Bob said. GM's research showed most compact trucks are driven by people who carry stuff, not passengers, thus they wanted the door on the driver's side as a convenience. Conversely, full-size truckers with extended cabs carried passengers more than stuff, and wanted the curbside door for safer access, especially for schildren.
  • weslwesl Posts: 53
    Hey all,
    Just saw both the F-150/250LD and the new GMC Sierra at a local auto show. I really like the size of the GMC, but the quality is awful. Acres and acres of cheap and poorly fitted plastic. Ford has all the competition beat in this one area. When you slam the doors on the F-150, you get a solid thunk. Can't say the same for the GMC. I like the revisions made to the GMC, and love the powertrain, but could not see myself spending time in that interior.
  • adsfadsf Posts: 1
    As a chevy owner, I must say that the 99's center
    floor console is really a joke. Why did they
    move the cd player into the floor console and
    reduce the usable space in the console? The
    cosole itself is ugly too.
    Same stupid mistake on the lacking of 4th door.
    Now GM is the only big 3 that does not have the
    4th door on their trucks.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Frankly, I think the idea of two additional short rear doors is so good, I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up in other kinds of vehicles such as 2-door SUVs and 4-passenger sport coupes. It would give a whole new meaning to the term "2+2". There's no reason to limit this idea to only trucks.

  • signasigna Posts: 26
    As a current Chevy owner, and current '99 F150 order holder, I must agree with the previous Chevy interior comments. The new Truck's insides are years behind Fords. That's why I've jumped over to the blue oval!

    A comment I read recently (can't remember where) stated it best "new Chevy interior -- by Fisher Price" ha ha ha. That goofy floor console was enough to send me over the edge...
  • sean8sean8 Posts: 2
  • mp1mp1 Posts: 7
    Hey sean8....

    Can you tell us more about your F150 lease?
  • DavyddDavydd Posts: 121
    <<Frankly, I think the idea of two additional short
    rear doors is so good, I wouldn't be surprised to
    see it show up in other kinds of vehicles such as
    2-door SUVs and 4-passenger sport coupes. It would
    give a whole new meaning to the term "2+2". There's
    no reason to limit this idea to only trucks.>>

    Saturn is adding a 3rd door on the driver's side of its coupe which opens truck style.
  • sean8sean8 Posts: 2
    Have you noticed how the extra doors latch? If you get a chance take a look. GM and Ford have a good double latch. Dodge on the other hand, well you be the judge.
    On the Ford lease; on a 29.000 truck my payments are almost 600.00 with a lease @ 2 years 339.00. And if you can pre-pay your lease you save even more. It's not for everyone but it is worth a hard look.

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