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Infiniti I30/I35 Accessories and Modifications



  • I love my I35, but it does not have heated seats. Has anyone ever added afte-market heater elements to their seats? Would they be compatable with the factory switches to give the addition a finished look?
  • rgz58rgz58 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the steering wheel controls are supposed to light up?
  • shiskashiska Posts: 16
    No,unfortunately they don't light up.However the size shape and positioning of the buttons make it easy for your fingers to memorize them. I'm sure you'll love the car, most of us do.
  • You can buy the elements at - chapter=APA621&catalogid=1&year=2004&make=14&model=I35

    As a side note, does the entire seat (include back cushion) heat up or just the bottom cushion?
  • I just purchased a 2002 I35. It apparently had an aftermarket system in it prior to me purchasing. I currently do not have a stereo in it right now. It is also missing all of the speakers except the sub in the rear.

    I looked at getting an aftermarket radio for this but apparently they do not make a kit that fits this make/model but I can get custom mold built to fit the dash.

    I looked at getting a replacement factory unit but it is pretty expensive. If I get the factory head unit can I get aftermarket speakers or is there an issue with 2 ohms vs 4 ohms, etc... The guy at Circuit City told me this would be an issue but I have no clue.

    So... I am basically asking for a recommendation, what would you do in my situation. I am prepared to spend around $1000 dollars.

  • I currently have XM in my '04 I35. However, I'm missing the NFL just enough in the car to switch to Sirius. Can I find the receiver somewhere other than the dealer? Crutchfield has domestic models, but nothing for Infiniti. Is the factory radio really a Bose? Any other options? Just trying to avoid paying $700 at the dealer. Thanks!
  • I have the factory installed Sirius in my I35 and have a Sirius Sportster I use in my other cars. (I also went Sirius because of the NFL). Although it is not as clean, it is much easier using the Sportster and if I had to do it over I would have opted against the factory installation. Of course, you can't use the steering wheel controls for the Sportster, but it has a lot more features and is clearer than the stock Sirius set up.

    My $.02
  • Both the bottom and backs (lower) heat up. They're great, but I think I like the heated steering wheel even more.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • deksterdekster Posts: 1
    Im Dekster.I just recently purchased a 2002 Infiniti I35 and am looking to upgrade my brakes.Need to be able to stop on a dime for Im a NYC dweller and these cabbies are plain insane.I plan to upgrade to a set of 19" rims so the extra weight has to be taken into consideration.I would like to get slotted rotors and stainless braided lines and need to know where to begin to look.Also if anyone can direct me to any other Infiniti I35 sites it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...Dekster the Newbie
  • jaxdad95jaxdad95 Posts: 2
    I would like to hook up my ipod directly to the stereo in my 2005 I35 Sport. Has anyone else done this? Someone at work did it with a 04 G35 Sport Coupe, I am wondering it we can do the same with my car. The adapters to play ipods sound like garbage, and I would love to be able to control the ipod through my steering wheel controls or the Navigation system. Has anyone done this?
  • jaxdad95jaxdad95 Posts: 2
    The Nav System on my 02 I35 Sport will not function while the car is moving. I certainly understand the purpose behind this system, but when I have a passenger riding shotgun, I would like them to be able to use the system. Has anyone found a way to suppress this feature? Other systems allow you to use the nav while underway if they detect someone in the front pax seat, maybe there is a way to do that for my ride?
  • sleepergsleeperg Posts: 1
    Looking for help on kits to provide MP3 input to 2000 I30t, Bose premium sound system (no CD changer). Does anyone know where to find a kit?
  • I have not done this on my Infiniti yet, but on previous cars (a Honda and Acura) I put on Power Slot slotted rotors with Akebono ceramic brake pads. Great combination, cars would stop on a dime and as an added benefit, it reduces the amount of brake dust that gets on your wheels. Once it comes time to replace my brakes, I plan on doing the same with my Inifinit.

    Good luck with your car and let me know what set-up you go with.
  • amsbearamsbear Posts: 147
    Did you ever find out? I own a 00/I30 and need to replace the rear woofer.
  • Hello everyone,
    My dad just bought me a 2003 I35 for my birthday. I used to have a 1998 S70. I LOVE the infiniti however eventhough it comes with a Bose sound system which my volvo didn't have (it came with the stock sound), the bass on my volvo was MUCh better than the i35. You could see the windows and mirrors vibrating if you put it all the way up and in the i35, you cant even tell if there is a bass or not. I ordered the owners manual already there something im supposed to do to have the bass? Thanks.
  • can some one help me understand, how to back up the cilynder in rear brake calipers. I know how to do it on older disck brakes, but not in this type of calipers. I had one side completly apart but not able to complte job, so I put the old pads back. My Infinti is a 2000 I30 Help!!!!
  • There's a reasonably-serious subwoofer back there, but it's not particularly boomy, though I've had no trouble rattling things with suitable material. You can always crank up the bass at the head unit if you're so inclined. (And there's always the possibility that the darn subwoofer is disconnected or screwed up.)
  • Did you ever get the cylinder back in? I'm having a similar problem.
  • Did you every get a answer to this problem? I would like to do same but cannot see how to remove the knob.
  • listenlisten Posts: 8
    I just don't get it! When I first turn on the car in the morning, my cd's skip (no matter which of the 6 I play). When it's raining, same thing, until the car warms up and it starts to skip less and less until it doesn't skip anymore. I was thinking maybe there is some condensation on the disk and the laser can't read it well, but even when I put a cd in that I got from the house, it still skips. I am not sure if the temperature has a role in the skipping but it sure is coincidental!

    A mechanic at Infiniti has admitted to there being a problem with the factory bose stereos, and that they start to skip to the point where they won't even play AT ALL....people are constantly bringing their cars in to get the stereo fixed. If there is such an issue with these systems, why aren't they recalled?

    Is anyone else having problems with their Bose player skipping?
    Is there any solution to this Bose disaster?

    I am very disappointed in Bose. I can't believe they would actually put their name on something like this and not offer to fix it. As much money as they charge for their systems, it should only be expected that they should work properly. :confuse:

    Ok thanks for letting me vent!! ;)
  • listenlisten Posts: 8
    Did you get this issue resolved? I may be able to help you on this issue.
  • Did you ever get an answer? Just picked up a very low miles 2004 I35 and want to wirelessly connect my iPod and use steering wheel controls or some subset of those functions. Tried the standard cassette deck wired link and there are just so many wires. The iTrip sound quality is not sufficent...or has not been in other cars. Any ideas?
  • Did you ever get a reply or answer elsewhere to your question regarding a Navigation CD for a 2004 I35? Just purchased a very low miles CA original model and moved it to TX. Understand that we need a different CD for this area. Where can I find outside of the dealer?
  • My 2002 I-35 is having the same exact issue. Did you get yours serviced? If so, what did it cost, and where did you take it? Thanks!!
  • I am having the same trouble with my 2002 I-35 cd player skipping. I saw in a previous thread that you may have some ideas on fixing it. Can you share them?

  • sophia087sophia087 Posts: 8
    Lately when I try to open the driver side door the alarm goes off. The only way to get in the car is to open the doors from the passenger side. The only alarm the car has is the factory one that comes with the car. Any thoughts as to how I can fix it?
  • Hello, I just joined and already, I have a question :) Does anyone know of a site (or sites, including this one) that has a good collections of pictures of owner modified I30's; since I'm not a mechanic, I'll start with exterior mods first.


  • ekeltonekelton Posts: 1
    There is a sensor that mounts around yout lock cylinder. It senses whether the key is turning the lock, or if a screwdriver has been jammed in and truning the whole unit.

    Baiscally, if the lock is turned withthe key, it will move a chunk of metal past an induction coil, so the alarm knows that it is legitimately unlocking. If you jam a screwdriver in the lock and turn, the whole unit turns, and not chunk of metal is passed by the induction coil.

    Problem is that the sensor can fall off. Take the door apart. There should be a horseshoe shaped sensor with a wire leading off of it, clipped onto the lock cylinder. If not, look at the bottom of the door to see if it fell off. If it's still attached to the lock, then it could be a bad sensor, or bad wiring.'
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