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Infiniti I30/I35 Accessories and Modifications

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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What accessories and/or modifications have you done to your I30?

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  • jtiernanjtiernan Member Posts: 9
    Has anyone had experience with installing a small, bike rack holder trailer hitch on an I30.

    Are deslers equipped to handle this. Do you know what they charge.

    I'm going to buy a Thule rack, but need a hitch.

    Thanks. john
  • jbanerjeejbanerjee Member Posts: 6

    I am about to put a Drawtite Class 1 hitch on my 2001 infiniti i30t. Supposedly it is the only hitch that will fit on this vehicle. I ordered a Thule Space Station base 920 to fit the 1 1/4 inch hitch receiver and the rac and lok module from Thule to hold 2 bikes. With class 1 hitch, you can't hold anymore than 2 bikes. Any reputable hitch shop should be able to order the hitch and install in about an hour. I paid 110 bucks for the hitch and 45 labor. I'll let you know how it goes once I get everything installed.

  • jtiernanjtiernan Member Posts: 9
    In what state do you live? Where can I find a Drawtite hitch?

  • jbanerjeejbanerjee Member Posts: 6

    I live in California; however, Drawtite is a very popular brand and any hitch/trailer shop should be able to order it. I have had the hitch now for about 2 weeks and it looks great! You can't really tell its there when I have my bike rack off.


    you can email me and I can send you pics of the hitch if you like. [email protected]
  • jbanerjeejbanerjee Member Posts: 6

    I just transffered data from and old computer to a new PC and my emails didn't make it. Can you email me again. I have the pics of the hitch and bike rack.


    [email protected]
  • garthfangarthfan Member Posts: 8
    They do not abide by their advertised catalog prices. They tried to charge me $57 more for a part than they advertised. When I asked why they wouldn't honor the advertised price, they said I was cheap and that the price was a mistake. I'll get my parts elsewhere.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    A lot of dealers are getting up to $500 (or more) doing the gold emblems as part of the sale, but depending upon which market you are in, a good detailing shop can do it for between $200 and $250 - my 'lipstick' cost me $225 including the four wheel center logos. A lot of people actually think there's some gold involved - there is not - it's a Titanium Iodide (pink) solution that is applied to the chrome areas after they have been burnished and dries to a 24-carat look.

    Another thing that definitely cuts down on the (already minimal) wind noise is having a silicone treatment on the window (and sunroof) seals. This can be done yourself if you know what you're doing, or for about $25-$40 if you don't. It's something that a person like myself that lives on the ocean in direct salt-air would need to do to keep their vehicle in top shape every 18 months or so, anyway. If you live in an extremely hot area with little or virtually no humidity, you'd be doing yourself a favor, too - the seals are too good (witness some people complaining about the door not closing without a good push), but either of these particular environments could easily cause dry rot to set in after a short while if you're planning on keeping your I35 a while!

    Some people think the standard speakers could use a little work, but beware that the built-in Bose audio system uses a 6-ohm resistance speaker set, so if you put in standard 4-ohm speakers, you get better quality with a slight loss of ear-busting power. Using top-end speakers (say, exact fit Infiniti speakers with Kappa/Emit tweaters up front, or the [also exact fit] Sony X-Plod' models in the back doors), you can't go wrong. The stereo imaging and separation are a whole lot cleaner, as well. I know - you have to be a real purist (I sing) to go there, but it's quite a step up since the basic unit has a quite nice, clean, clear output! There's really NO reason to put in anything to replace the boomer on the rear deck unless you're a real sadist - it rocks... I suppose you could do so, but it's a very odd shaped unit - might require some major mods. Now, one might think you could overdrive the amplifier, but by leaving the original bass unit in the rear deck, you end up with around 5-ohm effective overall, since it pulls almost half the power. My (EE) friend tells me it's not likely possible, but if you're really worried, you could always use a multi-resistance amplifier to augment the 200 watts you have to start with (but why would you need to?). You may want to adjust the sound stage one step to the front (i.e. "FR1") to compensate if you want a better balance of treble and bass. I'm not a "boom box" kind of guy, but the rear bass can rock the back window as it is!
  • njbaran99njbaran99 Member Posts: 69
    Looking for Picture of I35 Rear Spoiler.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Yes, I do have the spoiler on my I35, but unfortunately haven't had time to take her out and post some pictures, yet - although I intend to do so. One thing I've noticed (and I have to assume this is uniform): the spoiler for my car doesn't look like the '01 and Maxima 'wing' since it has no middle support - it simply is attached on both ends. When the dealer installs it, they take the rear-deck 'third taillight' out, and it has a nice, bright multiple-LED series of lamps - reminds me a bit of the (GM) Yukon's, except of course it mounted a whole lot lower than the top of the vehicle!

    I get a bit better gas mileage than the reports that I've seen from most people - sometimes in the range of 35+ when driving at lower speeds on cruise control, so I suspect it does have an effect of lowering the overall CD (coefficient of drag) as advertised. I typically get around 20mpg or better in city driving, and around 30mpg or so on the highway, and I've actually seen it register 49.4mpg one time when I just wanted to see what you get if you're in an area that has a long 40mph stretch with the cruise control engaged... Certainly quite a lot better than you would expect! I've measured it several times on my way home and at 68mph on cruise control, I get a consistent 29.4mpg from the smooth 3.5 liter V6.

  • njbaran99njbaran99 Member Posts: 69
    Mike, if you can post pictures that would be much appreciated. I still uncertain if I should add the spoiler or not.

    Do you really think that the spoiler has that much impact on Mileage???? Also, I do not trust the on-line Computer MPG calculation. Have you measure Odometer Miles to Gallons Actually used (when you fill-up).

    BTW, a local guy here is Chicago will install an aftermarket spoiler (Matched Paint) for $275, that is the installed Price. My I35 is Black and he says his paint job is better than the factory. He does provide the Rear Deck Blank for the removed Brakelight, which you can buy for $29 from the dealer.

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Frankly, I think the spoiler looks great, and I know I'm getting better milage than most people, but then again, I'm a pretty 'sedate' driver, I suppose. The milage computations in the trip computer is a bit screwy, but it tends to be pretty darn close if you reset the trip odometer when you fill up with gas and compare it to how many miles you have gotten when you fill up again. One thing for certain: you can't 'squeeze' much extra into the tank - when it's full, it's full! I get almost exactly what my average miles per gallon shows overall - I think that most of the errors involve resetting it from time-to-time between tanks, I guess.

    I'm working on getting some picutes of "Ruby" (mine's a 'Royal Ruby' with beige interior) posted, but I'm still missing something there, too - just can't seem to get it to work like I want it to! I'll keep trying...

  • adpin3adpin3 Member Posts: 5
    I'm curious...has anyone else noticed some wind noise at highway speeds? It's not pronounced, but it is there. Has anyone tried the silicone treatment ratledge recommended?

    Ratledge - what exactly do you recommend doing? Silicone and rubber usually don't go together as the silicone will wick into the rubber and cause it to get gummy, or so I've heard.
  • kriswojokriswojo Member Posts: 1
    Yes...I noticed the wind noise, too. But, I just block it out by turning the stereo up.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Well, I really can't say - I'm certainly no expert on the matter. My local dealer suggested that I get a commercial type gasket 'treatment' and everything I've found is silicone-based. I live right on the salt water, so I don't want mine to get brittle as time goes on, and there is a small but significant improvement since I used it. Anyone with further comments? (other than turn the radio up - I got that from one auto machanic, too! };^)

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    If you look at message #7 in the "Pictures" section, there is a link to the picture of my I35 with a dealer-installed wing, and another button that shows a picture I took later with the rear deck open so you can see what it looks like from the front with the trunk open.

  • mur2mur2 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone experienced a clicking noise when applying pressure to the accelerator? I asked a dealer in FL (Orlando Infiniti) and they said it was the throttle switch and that every I35 will have it. It's not overbearing but discernable when the radio is off and you listen for it. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kachurpkachurp Member Posts: 2
    Any suggestions as to where to purchase parts on-line? I've looked at multiple sites and alot of them are more expensive than my local dealer!
  • bigtopbigtop Member Posts: 2
    The burlwood shift knob became available as a dealer accessory recently. I ordered one ($110.00)with the intent of swapping out the factory leather shift knob; it will really make the console stand out IMOO. The knob arrives and make an appointment for its' installation along with regular maintenance that was due. Guess what? The Infiniti service Technicians and Infiniti (US) support, cannot solution how to remove the factory installed leather knob! Someone was not thinking when this accessory was made available! The cost of the knob was refunded to me, with a sincere appology from the Service Manager.
    The only thing I can think of is that my I35 is an early production release (11-01) and that an Engineering change has been made since. I did notice new I35's on the dealer's lot with the heated seat/steering wheel option, that have the burlwood knob factory installed.
  • zeliforpzeliforp Member Posts: 44
    Quick question: If you replaced the stock 6-ohm speakers with 4-ohm aftermarkets, considering that the amp is tuned for 6-ohms of resistance wouldn't you hear a little bit _more_ volume out of the 4-ohms, as opposed to less? The amp would be pushing power to a lower resistance component, after all.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Well, such should be the case, however the ones I chose have a higher minimum power rating, so they don't make much noise until you turn the volume up to about 8 or 10. Above that level, they are about the same as the original equipment.

    The problem is that you don't want to pick ones that have too low a rating, because since you're overdriving the amplifier (it in essense becomes a 300 watt unit), you could be risking eating it up, too.

    Having been a professional musician, the difference in clarity and 'soundstage' or separation is well worth the 'missing' low end (i.e. my stereo really doesn't make much noise until you get at least to 8 or 10 instead of a more linear curve).

  • coastmtg1coastmtg1 Member Posts: 2
    The sound seems a bit "muddy" Can anyone recommend
    speaker brands for replacement. Are they 6 1/4
    or 6 1/2 inch ?? any help would be appreciated.
  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    This is what I used: the front are 6.25" units - I used Infinity Kappa w/EMIT tweeters, and the rear units are 5 1/2" (also round) units, which I replaced with Sony X-Plod 3-way speakers.

    I don't remember the exact models #s off the top of my head, but if you look back in the main "Infiniti I35" forum, I posted it sometime around late November to mid-December, last year.

    Please read the message closely, you are putting 4ohm speakers (standard for cars) in place of the 6ohm Bose speakers, and therefore you are 'overdriving' the amplifier, but then again - I've been doing it for more than 9 months now. You lose a bit of low-end (i.e. less than a volume of 10) sound because the replacement units both have a higher minimum power rating. Other than that, it rocks! The muddy (lack of of 'soundstage' preciseness) and separation goes away when you put in first quality high-end speakers. Now, if you are willing to put $250 into speakers (I went ahead and bought them from Crutchfield because I was too lazy to find them elsewhere), you'll be a happy man...

    The A-pillar tweaters are not really driven much in this scenario - but you aren't really losing anything - the EMIT tweeters along with the properly aimed 3-way rear speakers (they rotate 360 degrees so you can 'aim' the high range precisely) are so clear it's awesome, and the added wattage from overdriving the amp (it essentially becomes a 300-watt head unit) the bass might have to be turned down a bit or it vibrates all the windows and the rear-view mirror. Note that the Infiniti Kappa speakers have an external cross-over filter, so it's worth another $20 per speaker (in my opinion) to have a good custom music installer put them in - besides - taking the dang doors appart is a real pain-in-the-rump!

    Please find the message in the main forum and verify the sizes - it has been a while and my mind might be a bit fuzzy: I think those are correct. As I recall, the model # for the Infiniti Kappa speakers is for the slightly cheaper non-EMIT versions, but Crutchfield carries both - the $50 is worth it: they are metal-dome or panel type 'flat' ('piezo' / ceramic?) drivers that blow you away!

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Look at (in the main "Infiniti I35" board) - look at #379 and #403. Also look at #1 in this section. I can't find the one with the model # of the speakers, but they've likely changes by now, anyway. Check the latest Crutchfield specs online at

    By the way - I got the 'decimals' backwards - the front units are 6 1/2" round, rear are 5.25". The Sony X-Plod for the rear I used was XS-V1332, but the front is not available from Crutchfield any more as far as I can tell. "I've been known to be wrong before"...

  • ratledgeratledge Member Posts: 233
    Strangely enough, I received a "Cruthfield" catalog in the mail yesterday.

    The *do* still carry the Infiniti 6 1/2" Kappa speakers - they just don't have them online. The ones I used are ultra-high-end model 63.5i that has the "EMIT" CMMD (Ceramic Metal Matrix Dome) for 'exquisite high-end frequency reproduction' and lists for $199/pair. There is a model 652.5i version without the EMIT tweaters for $149/pair plus a previously not listed (by Crutchfield, anyway) model 652i for $99/pair that does not have CMMD (poly instead) speakers. If you want the absolute best, go for the 63.5i models!

    The Sony X-Plod 5.25" model XS-V1632 I used for the rear replacements is $99/pair, but they now have Infiniti models they did not have before: 52.5i CMMD versions at $149/pair and 552i poly model at $89/pair.

    If you're going to go for it - might as well have the best. The Infiniti speakers have long been known for their super-efficient "uncolored" music reproduction, and the new CMMD models have diaphragms that just don't flex, therefore do not allow any unwanted resonance. All of these models except the 52.5i have 360 degree aimable tweaters so you can adjust the sound-stage exactly as you want it: I aimed my rear speakers straight up, since they are essentially right under your ears in the front seat and I don't have many backseat passengers. "Your milage may vary"...

    Note that if you pick the combination I have, you get three-way (as opposed to most car speakers that have two-way) speakers front and rear for maximum fidelity. Peak power handling for the set of four is 425 watts, so you're well within the range of the overdriven amp (300 watts) and the lack of low-end (i.e. below 50 hertz) of the relatively small speakers is easily handled by the existing bass kicker in the rear deck.

  • bergerbitsbergerbits Member Posts: 7
    I am shocked and disappointed. You may not of thought of this or even noticed or heard. I am alerting everyone. Stereo separation is poor in the I35. Compare to other cars much cheaper and see if they have better or superior separation of sound. I found this! In other cars, I hear sounds on the left, on the right and in the center. This is what stereo means. Separation of sound. The I35 does not have good separation. It has poor separation. It has full sound but poor separation of sound. An inferior system. I did not get what I paid for! Please describe your experience. See if you agree. Spread the message. Thanks
  • panela15panela15 Member Posts: 6
  • i3502i3502 Member Posts: 1
    Does anybody know what size the rear woofer is in the I35?
  • shiskashiska Member Posts: 16
    I am told it is a 9 inch Nd woofer.
  • nimznimz Member Posts: 1
    I have missed placed my navigation Cd of my i35 (2002) factory navigation system. i was looking for a new one or a copy ?
  • lovethat35lovethat35 Member Posts: 2
    So I appreciate the I35 most for its power, and luxury(and price) rolled into one. However, I am a lead foot driver, and love that extra kick. I already added a K&N air filter, but Im wondering if anyone knows any simple ways to improve the performance on this particular model, without messing up the warranty(if possible). It seems there are very little after-market products offered for this car. I looked at some cold air intakes, but the only one I could find was from Canade, being offered on ebay. Anyone added any simple things(that can be US bought) they can share to give this car some added kick?
  • regalbutoregalbuto Member Posts: 1
    I love my I35, but it does not have heated seats. Has anyone ever added afte-market heater elements to their seats? Would they be compatable with the factory switches to give the addition a finished look?
  • rgz58rgz58 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the steering wheel controls are supposed to light up?
  • shiskashiska Member Posts: 16
    No,unfortunately they don't light up.However the size shape and positioning of the buttons make it easy for your fingers to memorize them. I'm sure you'll love the car, most of us do.
  • seabushseabush Member Posts: 68
    You can buy the elements at - chapter=APA621&catalogid=1&year=2004&make=14&model=I35

    As a side note, does the entire seat (include back cushion) heat up or just the bottom cushion?
  • bk2000bk2000 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2002 I35. It apparently had an aftermarket system in it prior to me purchasing. I currently do not have a stereo in it right now. It is also missing all of the speakers except the sub in the rear.

    I looked at getting an aftermarket radio for this but apparently they do not make a kit that fits this make/model but I can get custom mold built to fit the dash.

    I looked at getting a replacement factory unit but it is pretty expensive. If I get the factory head unit can I get aftermarket speakers or is there an issue with 2 ohms vs 4 ohms, etc... The guy at Circuit City told me this would be an issue but I have no clue.

    So... I am basically asking for a recommendation, what would you do in my situation. I am prepared to spend around $1000 dollars.

  • pblairpblair Member Posts: 1
    I currently have XM in my '04 I35. However, I'm missing the NFL just enough in the car to switch to Sirius. Can I find the receiver somewhere other than the dealer? Crutchfield has domestic models, but nothing for Infiniti. Is the factory radio really a Bose? Any other options? Just trying to avoid paying $700 at the dealer. Thanks!
  • lilelvislilelvis Member Posts: 82
    I have the factory installed Sirius in my I35 and have a Sirius Sportster I use in my other cars. (I also went Sirius because of the NFL). Although it is not as clean, it is much easier using the Sportster and if I had to do it over I would have opted against the factory installation. Of course, you can't use the steering wheel controls for the Sportster, but it has a lot more features and is clearer than the stock Sirius set up.

    My $.02
  • lilelvislilelvis Member Posts: 82
    Both the bottom and backs (lower) heat up. They're great, but I think I like the heated steering wheel even more.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
  • deksterdekster Member Posts: 1
    Im Dekster.I just recently purchased a 2002 Infiniti I35 and am looking to upgrade my brakes.Need to be able to stop on a dime for Im a NYC dweller and these cabbies are plain insane.I plan to upgrade to a set of 19" rims so the extra weight has to be taken into consideration.I would like to get slotted rotors and stainless braided lines and need to know where to begin to look.Also if anyone can direct me to any other Infiniti I35 sites it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...Dekster the Newbie
  • jaxdad95jaxdad95 Member Posts: 2
    I would like to hook up my ipod directly to the stereo in my 2005 I35 Sport. Has anyone else done this? Someone at work did it with a 04 G35 Sport Coupe, I am wondering it we can do the same with my car. The adapters to play ipods sound like garbage, and I would love to be able to control the ipod through my steering wheel controls or the Navigation system. Has anyone done this?
  • jaxdad95jaxdad95 Member Posts: 2
    The Nav System on my 02 I35 Sport will not function while the car is moving. I certainly understand the purpose behind this system, but when I have a passenger riding shotgun, I would like them to be able to use the system. Has anyone found a way to suppress this feature? Other systems allow you to use the nav while underway if they detect someone in the front pax seat, maybe there is a way to do that for my ride?
  • sleepergsleeperg Member Posts: 1
    Looking for help on kits to provide MP3 input to 2000 I30t, Bose premium sound system (no CD changer). Does anyone know where to find a kit?
  • sbrownsandiegosbrownsandiego Member Posts: 1
    I have not done this on my Infiniti yet, but on previous cars (a Honda and Acura) I put on Power Slot slotted rotors with Akebono ceramic brake pads. Great combination, cars would stop on a dime and as an added benefit, it reduces the amount of brake dust that gets on your wheels. Once it comes time to replace my brakes, I plan on doing the same with my Inifinit.

    Good luck with your car and let me know what set-up you go with.
  • amsbearamsbear Member Posts: 147
    Did you ever find out? I own a 00/I30 and need to replace the rear woofer.
  • prncess20prncess20 Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,
    My dad just bought me a 2003 I35 for my birthday. I used to have a 1998 S70. I LOVE the infiniti however eventhough it comes with a Bose sound system which my volvo didn't have (it came with the stock sound), the bass on my volvo was MUCh better than the i35. You could see the windows and mirrors vibrating if you put it all the way up and in the i35, you cant even tell if there is a bass or not. I ordered the owners manual already there something im supposed to do to have the bass? Thanks.
  • eduardoveduardov Member Posts: 1
    can some one help me understand, how to back up the cilynder in rear brake calipers. I know how to do it on older disck brakes, but not in this type of calipers. I had one side completly apart but not able to complte job, so I put the old pads back. My Infinti is a 2000 I30 Help!!!!
  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    There's a reasonably-serious subwoofer back there, but it's not particularly boomy, though I've had no trouble rattling things with suitable material. You can always crank up the bass at the head unit if you're so inclined. (And there's always the possibility that the darn subwoofer is disconnected or screwed up.)
  • onestoonesto Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the cylinder back in? I'm having a similar problem.
  • dgree03dgree03 Member Posts: 1
    Did you every get a answer to this problem? I would like to do same but cannot see how to remove the knob.
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