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    To see the earlier discusisons about the Silverado, check out topic #14, 1999 Chevrolet Silverado.
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    HOWS that new 5.3 with 270 hp ? Do you notice much difference than the old 5.7 255hp any good o-60 times ? Anynbody get the 4.10 rear , Hows that take off? Lay any rubber yet?
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    Horses, I got to test drive a 5.3 Z71 with 4.10. Compared to my 97 Z71 with 3.42 5.7 with 255 horses, the 5.3 was much quicker. But how much was the rearend and how much the engine I don't know. Rich
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    what did you order color, engine, rear. ect, ect, ect
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    Dave40, I ordered CK25753, a 3/4 tom extended cab swb, 4x4 , LT, automatic, 4.10 rear, Firm Ride suspension, Locking Diff., Heavy duty trailer equip., Skid plates, All-season tires BSW, bucket seats, Camper & fifth wheel wiring, sunset gold paint, w/ med oak leather interior. Deliver by April 1 but no year specified (G). Rich
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    I just got the new brochure last week that had just come into the dealer. It is 52 pages and has a silver cover. But cann't find the picture your describing. Dave, your not going to get to drive your truck much for the first month with all the work your doing on it(G). I have a amplified Bazooka tube mounted under the back seat of my current truck that I will move to the new one. I have the radio in my 97 that comes with the LT, 6 speakers CD, tape. Not as good as what your looking at, but I think pretty good for this old rock-n-roller. Also the brake control. I will have a Roll-n-lock bed cover also. Will also put in a bedliner at the same time, but have not picked a brand. My current removable 5th wheel I will have installed with new mounting brackets in the bed. My wheel flares will be the color of the truck. I've only seen flares in black before so I'm not sure how that will look. I still have the option to make changes when the allocation is available. ....... Rich
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    I have tried to order a 3/4 ton, 2500 extcab short bed but last tues. there were no allocations. A reg cab 2500 5sp showed up two days ago and of course I went and drove it. Compared to the Dodge 2500 with the 5.9 this new Chev product really feels strong and tight. It also feels much better than the F250L.D. I tried to keep an open mind and drove all three in the same tow and price range. I previously owned a 1500 Dodge 96 but had enough little problems that I sold it. When I went to spec out and order the Silverado I originally wanted the 1500 with the 5.3but it only comes with Auto-Trans and I really dont care for the auto. An interesting note: By the time you add all the options to an L.S. 1500; larger engine , mandatory Auto-trans, etc. the cost comes to the same as a 2500 with a larger engine and the 5sp. My only concern at this point is the gas milage with the 6L engine. The MPG with the 5.3 is so good, it sure is to bad this eng isnt offered with a manual trans. Another thing I noticed is the Heavy-duty Trailer pkg is not available with the 2500 5sp. Strange...Iguess now I have to check with my dealer every Tues. and hope for one of those "allocations" to come my way. Till later......
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    Did that 2500 you drove have the 6.0 engine ? How bout the rear 4/10 or 373/
    How did the truck preform with the 6.0 ?
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    It was a 2500 Reg Cab L.S. pkg, 8ft bed with 6L engine and a 4.10 Locking (Lim-slip) Differential. It was white with Graphite interior. This color is almost black and the cloth seats had little specs of random color, it was a very smart looking enterior. Just had a knob on the floor to engage 4WD. Did not have Auto-Trac option. The dealer let me drive around by myself so I took a good half hour and checked everything out. Talk about low end grunt! This is THE Truck. The 1st gear is really low and would only be used for going real slow off road or for getting a heavy tow under way. Leaving the driveway or a stop sign calls for 2nd gear takeoffs. This engine has 355 ft.lbs of torque, which is 10 more than the Dodge 5.9L. With 300H.P.,this truck has all the muscle I will ever need. My camper and stuff shouldnt go over 6000 lbs. so I will order the 3.73 rear. I called the Chevy 800 number and got someone to say MPG of 12/16. This is excellent for this size engine and 300H.P.!! It had the Z85 Firm Ride Suspension which felt just right. I will order an Ext cab version when I get the chance. By the way, I have never owned A G.M. truck before but after comparing the rides on all three, I must say that The Silverado does it for me.
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    What color fender flares did that 2500 have? Did you notice if they were painted black or just black plastic unpainted ?Were the wheels chrome platted steel or allunium ? tires 245s or 265s ? Did it have the transmision tempeture gauge? overhead console ?
    thanks dave40
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    think twice before you pull the factory radio out. They are running more and more class 2 data threw the radio. Which in turn will screw up alot of other computers etc. You can complain about it all you want but that is they way they are shifting things over. All in the name of less weight more features
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    The rims were chrome plated steel, dealer said some come this way even when ordered with forged aluminum. The tires were 245/75R16. I dont know if this is the standard tire or an upgrade. The fender flares were unpainted black plastic. The overhead consul had a little cubbyhole for glasses and two map lights. Did not have Transmission gauge as this was a 5sp.
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    What is class 2 data ?
    Can I still hook a sub woffer up to the stock radio and speakers ?
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    To me it is difficult to add on a radio to many of the new vehicles. Radio's used to have a standard size, today all kind of weird shapes. I added an aftermarket radio to my 94 full size Blazer. Had to get a new plastic piece for the dash that included the center airconditioning duct. I was left with both the old and new radio's installed. The original was nearly square in shape. Looked weird to have two radio's. My 97 Z71 has a radio that looks identical to the 99 TOL. including 6 speakers. I have a amplified bazooka tube attached for what thats worth and installed under the back seat. But the irregular shape of the radio makes me believe a person would have the same problems as my 94 Blazer. You will have difficulty finding an aftermarket radio that will fit the opening. Just my opinion. Rich
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    I've read several places about the flat torque curve of the new 4.8, 5.3, and 6.0 GM engines. Where can I get a graph of these new curves?
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    class 2 data is what the computers on the truck use to talk to each other. I am currently in class learning about the new versions coming out on gmc new vehicles. Not exactly sure that the truck is wired this way this year, but alot of the other models are and the rest are soon to follow. I'm no stereo guru but take a listen to the stereo that is in there. Sounds pretty damn good to me, for being in a truck. Best bet ask around at stereo shops to see if they can patch into current system. If not consider having another system mounted in the center counsel or something. That way no one would exspect a thumping radio if they see the factory one still there.

    Another option to check into is AC/DELCO makes upgrade features for gm vehicles, that is not well known. Like cell phones etc. There quality is very good but there price is very high. They might make some upgrade stereo. They may even have a "bose" version like in the vettes. Don't know exactly who to check with to find out. I don't do sales. Bet my best bet is hassle a sales person to get the info for you. Or maybe AC/DELCO has some number. I will check at work Mon. and post it if they do.
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    To put it simple about the flat torque curve, as the engine rpm is increased the curve goes up according to the rpm. Most engines in the past had a certain point at which they reached there max torque, like 3500rpm(just a #) then it would either drop or level off for the most part anywhere past that point. It also was a spike. Like 3000rpm would be 50% of max then it would jet up from there until it reached its max at 3500rpm.
    The new gm engine has a gradual steady climb. So when you hit the gas it increase at about the same rate as the rpm.(give or take guys). Which in my mind would be better for towing/hauling. I have seen alot of flack about the max being at such a high rpm compared to others. That is true but the others have a spike in there torque graph. So if you are lower or higher than that rpm your out of the max torque range.

    Don't get me wrong this is a new idea in engines. So we will have to see how well it works in application. I have driven the new trucks and they haul a**. Will miss the old 350/454 but on with the new.

    Help this helps explain it some. It reall is a simple concept hard to explain in writing. The new silverado catalog has a graph in it I think. If you wish to see it on paper.
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    i've seen the torque curves on Chevy brochures and literature i get in the mail. maybe the website has one of the graphs, i haven't checked there.

    i can tell you, they're the flattest torque curves you'll see out of any gas motor, flatter even than a diesel torque curve.
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    Any thoughts on the difference in towing with the Z83 standard suspension (solid, smooth ride) versus the Z85 upgraded suspension (handling/trailering)? I've test driven both and the standard suspension is definitely a smoother ride in my opinion. But I don't want to give up too much in the way of towing capability.

    The ZX3 (manually selectable suspension) is on hold until late Feb. I could wait for that, although I'm not sure if it's worth the wait or the extra cost.
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    EdelBrock Performer IAS Shocks Deliver Superior Handling and Maximum Comfort! dramatically reduces body roll without sacrifcing the ride! two shocks in one,
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    I am ordering the firm ride. I currently have a Z71 that I pull a 5th wheel with. Even having added boasters to it which keeps the suspension from sagging half way, I still get more bounce than I like. No sway, and the bounce really isn't that much, but I'm hoping the firm ride shocks will reduce it some. I am expecting the 3/4 ton 4x4 I'm ordering will ride rougher than my current 1/2 ton Z71 4x4, but I hope its not any worse than a dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 which I found tolerable. I guess alot has todo with personal preference.
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Imagine the extra horses with some headers on the new BEAST ! 325 HP
    335 HP THIS BABY'S going to ROCK and ROLL!!!!
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    Dave40, saw an add today in trailer life magazine for the Eldinbrock shocks you mention. Look interesting. Will keep them in mind. Rich
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    I ordered a 1999 silverado 2500 reg cab 4x4 on 02 oct 1998. Still not here but when it does finaly get here I may put duel exhaust on it. Does anyone no if this will void any part of the warranty?
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    it will void the warrenty as far as any noise, or problems with the engine that MIGHT be related to the exhaust. Check to see if gm offers duel exhaust. Or take a chance
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Get your self a GIBSON and don't worry about it.I had after market exhaust systems on my last 3 CHEVYS and never had any problems!
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    I found a dealer in Kent, Ohio who took GMS with no hesitation, paperwork went smoothly. Plus he had the truck with the equipment I wanted.
    A 2WD 1500 Silverado, extended cab with the 4.8L. After doing all the research and reading the Edmunds conference, the truck was better than I expected. It drives great, feels solid on the road
    expressway or around town. The new brakes feel really solid. When I have driven trucks in the past.. empty or loaded.. and went to brake easy or hard pedal, it always felt like the tires stopped and I waited for the rest of the truck's momentum to stop.

    Making the road trip this weekend will advise on handling on the backroads. If the 2WD is this great, I know those of you ordering and waiting on the 4X4, 2500 will be happy. (note: I have owned and driven 4X4s)

    As for the 3rd door, very easy to get in and out of the passenger side. Access from the driver side is a lever that flips the seat forward and slides on rails forward to allow entry into backseat. If all the driver does is set stuff in the back its not a problem. For those of you that want to scramble in or out from the driver side, its easier than squeezing in and out of the back seat of 2-door car.
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    Drove my first 6.0 today. I was very impressed with the engine. I know it's hard to tell how it will pull without a load, but it seemed to really have a lot of power...whether starting from a dead start or pulling up a hill. It was an LS, automatic, SWB, 4X4, extended cab. It had the limited slip diff. but not the auto transfer case.
    The 2500's are starting to hit the ground in Amarillo, TX. Sure is tempting to back out on my order and try to make a deal on one...
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    Any opinions on the ZX3 suspension? This allows the driver to switch back and forth between regular and stiff suspension. Is this something that GM does on other vehicles or is this something new for them? A nice option or a waste of money?
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    Kasi4ever: That's great you found what you wanted without having to order. My GMC build date was pushed back a month due to the Sierra sheet metal stamp problems.

    Old Build Date: week of 12/14/98
    New Build Date: Week of 1/18/99

    When the GMC salesman gave the revised build date, he told me that GM originally thought Sierra production would be halted for 3 months. FORTUNATELY, they fixed stamp problem in days, not months.

    The Sierra I ordered sounds close to what you bought. The extended cab SLE package with the 4.8L engine and auto trans.
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    I got my 99 silverado yesterday which was ordered the 10th of september and I had a build date of Dec 7 but it was actually built Dec 2 and I received it yesterday the 18 th of Dec. It was in transit a couple weeks I guess. I must say of all the new vehicles I have bought over the years this one is flawless. Usually I can find a run or two in the paint down low where it doesn't show but not this time it has a perfect paint job. Mine is victory red with oak color leather, Z-71 with G-80 diff. I basically got every option avail except heated seats. I think all of the 270 h.p. are studs cause I have to take off easy to keep from barkin the tires. I will leave today to drive it cross country and also take it to the mountains Sking so I should be able to give a full report on it when I get back around 5 Jan. Hang in there guys it was worth the wait. Tom In Oklahoma.
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    Does anyone have any idea if Chevy will ever have a reasonable ship date? I hate to commit to this kind of money now and who knows what will happen in 3 to 4 months. This is really poor planning. I is strange that Chevy is still having ads on TV to clear out the 98's of all kinds of cars and trucks when it is 4 months into the model year. What a deal........
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    Hey Tom,
    Congrats on getting your truck. By now I'm sure you know it was worth the wait. I LOVE mine!
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    #0 of 1: fish6 (fish6) Thu 17 Dec '98 (07:04 PM)

    I ordered mine on Sept. 26th, and it was suppose
    to have been built the week of Nov.30. It was
    delayed. How long? I don't know. Do you?? How
    long will I be waiting for this truck?? IDEAS?
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    What did you order exactly Did you order the Sportside or Leather ? I think they are having delays with some of the above. If you don't have it by X-mas probally be built 1st week of January . Let us know when you get it!
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    My GMC was ordered sep.4th, just found out it was shipped on dec. 13th it will be here around the 23rd I hope it is worth the wait. It is a 4x4 extended cab with 5.3,leather,Z85[for the ride],and tow package.
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    In mid-Sept., I ordered a new Silverado Ext. Cab 2wd LT w/ G80(locking diff). A few weeks ago, I was given a build date of 12/14.

    I called GM this morning and found out it had shipped 12/9 and to check with the dealer about delivery. I ran by there after work and found that the truck had come in this afternoon!!! I'll go and get it tomorrow.

    The new truck manager told me that the LT's were taking a few weeks longer and that only those that had been customer ordered were being received.

    Looks great. Can't wait to drive it!
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    Dave40--this is fish6----I didn't order anything fancy...just a black 1/2 ton x-cab LS with cloth seats, the 4.8 motor. I ordered LS with just four options: alum. wheels, deep tinted glass, automatic trans. and block heater.
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    bdon I would like to know about the ZX3 suspension also I have heard that it is not available yet. My chevy dealer did not have any info other than it was in the silverado brochure.
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    I'm going to order a 1500 ls extended cab after the 1st of the year with a 5.3 liter V8. I can't decide weather to order the 3.42 or the 3.73
    differential. I'm concerned that the gas mileage
    will be much lower with the 3.73. I won't be using this vehicle for towing. From the above comments, it sounds like the delivery time takes anywhere from 2 to 3 months. any comments?
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    I would go for the 373 for the extra power. Gas mileage won't be that much more with the 342 2 or 3 miles per gallon . Have some fun and lay some rubber with the 373 ! Or more fun yet get the 410 rear and have a blast !
  • dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    Lets hear from you 99 Silverado owners ! How does it compare to the old style c/k trucks ? Hows that 5.3, Disk brakes all around , ect,ect,ect
  • zonk1zonk1 Member Posts: 37
    My truck is a Z71 with 5.3l and 3.73 rear end. Gas mileage is 15/17.5. I got the 3.73 for pulling the boat. If it wasn't for that I would have gotten the 3.42.
  • gwvinsongwvinson Member Posts: 27
    Does anyone have a 5.3 liter/3.42diff. with some mileage stats.
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    I ordered my CA LS Silverado October 25. I still haven't been even preferenced. Anybody know what gives??
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    Good news for those waiting for the 3/4 trucks!

    I just heard from my dealer (in CA) that GM accepted my order today. My order was placed on Nov 4. My dealer said that the truck would be there in as soon as four weeks but maybe as long as eight.

    My order is for the K25953:
    Sierra 2500HD Ext Cab SLE, 4WD, Long Bed, 6.0, HD 5sp, 3.73 G80 Ltd Slip, Z85 Suspension

    Apparently GM has their mechanical problems/shortages worked out and they are putting shifts on overtime to catch up (too bad they are off for 12 days soon...)
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    to the front page of will be our new Road Test of the Chevrolet Silverado LS 1500 2WD and 4WD Extended Cabs.

    Watch for it and tell us if it was helpful...

    Community Manager
  • kent123kent123 Member Posts: 61
    I picked up my LT 2WD Pewter ext. cab today. I am very impressed with this truck so far. The 5.3 engine is a great powerplant and I have to be careful about starting from a stop and about keeping it under the speed limit.

    Also, there is a noticable difference in frame stiffness compared to the old style. This is one solid truck that handles well. The rear seat area is big enough for 2 full grown adults and the front seats have plenty of travel room (I'm 6'3").

    I placed the order on this truck in mid-Sept. It was preferenced on 9/29 and around thanksgiving they gave me a build date of 12/14. The truck was released for shipment 12/9 and got to the dealer on 12/18. I am told that most of the delay was due to it being an LT (restricted-customer orders only) and because of it having G80 (locking diff).

    I have noticed over the past few weeks that the dealer got in quite a few LS and base models, but zero LTs. They were drooling over mine and one other (a pewter Z71) that arrived in the same shipment since they could have sold either for around sticker. I paid $300 over invoice.

    For those of you who are waiting, hang in there; I think it was worth it. Merry Christmas.
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    I ordered my silverado oct 14th and have been given multiple preference/build dates. The latest is jan 4. The dealer just got in one just like I ordered and said he would give it to me for the same price...$200.00 over invoice. I'm going for it, pick it up next week.
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    I have a new 1999 LS with the trailer tow package. Has anyone figured out how to connect an electric brake controller using the factory supplied pigtail?
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