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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
Have you experienced any problems with your Rendezvous? Please share any solutions!

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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    but, I'll bring it up here.

    We've already discussed the slight pause required to unlock the doors when they are set to unlock upon removing the key from the ignition.

    I have also noticed that the passenger side mirror doesn't seem to stay exactly where I set it. I noticed this especially when my mirror was set to tilt down when backing up.

    Has anyone else noticed the "wandering mirror" phenomenon?
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    (Thursday afternoon) Just had a GM trailer hitch installed on our RDV. Then I tried to insert the end of our new GM bike rack into the trailer hitch receiver. Unfortunately, the receiver hole is about 1 3/8" square, whereas the bike rack end is a 2" square. I suspect that there's probably an adapter that will remedy this problem. If so, I'm curious if I was going use a locking pin in the first place, that I would need 2 locking pins w/ an adapter solution. I'm not sure...

    I'm sure glad I didn't wait 'til Saturday's packing, assuming everything would be fine. You'd kind of expect a GM trailer hitch to be compatible w/ a GM Bike rack??? I'll have to contact parts 1st thing in AM; I'm planning on using this for trip to Yosemite w/ 4 bikes. Time is ticking... I'll keep you all posted.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Brian: It sure does suck. I'm just wasting lots of time trying to get things right for our trip.

    Anyway, this is what I've come up with. Although you have a $30,000 car with a trailer hitch (1 1/4") that can tow up to 3,500 pounds, the only bike rack GM sells for it will only carry 3 bikes. Hard to figure ???? And the actual one they sold me fits a 2 inch receiver.

    My dealer had said they'd reimburse me for the cost of an adapter (2" to 1 1/4") which runs about $50, I'm leaning away from that option for the following reasons:
    • The adapter alone weighs 25 pounds
    • It somehow puts extra stress/weight on the "tongue"
    • It would cause the bikes to be an additional 6 inches or so behing the car.
    • Possible rattling noise from adapter hook-up.
    Instead, I'm planning on returning the GM bike rack to the dealer and buying a 4-bike rack elsewhere that will fit the 1 1/4" receiver. Hopefully, this post will save those of you considering bike racks lots of hassle.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Why your bike rack doesn't fit.

    GM did a market research study and determined that the riding of bicycles was detrimental to their satelite dish business and SUV sales.

    It seems when people are unable to ride their bikes, they tend to watch more TELEVISION, which causes them to gain weight and lose stamina. A vicious cycle (pun intended) begins wherein the poor, overweight, former biker no longer fits on the perch of his Cannondale and therefore seeks a new hobby...HOME THEATER!

    A side benefit is that the person, now carrying an average of 30% more body fat needs a new, bigger car to fit inside...hence GM's thriving SUV sales.

    So you see John, you never stood a chance.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    I knew the odds were against me. Thanks for sharing the GM Market Study with me. In the words, or acronym of r5, I was ROTFLMAO when I read your explanation. [Thanks to cwj for helping me understand the acronym.]

    I ended up buying a Thule bike rack today. It fits 4 bikes and, equally important, if fits the 1 1/4 inch receiver on the RDV hitch. It was slightly more money than the GM bike rack, but the main thing is we've got one we can use for our trip to Yosemite.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I see a lot of Thule accessories in the Seattle area, mounted on all manner of vehicles (Subaru's are especially popular up here, what with all the tree huggers).

    Their website is also very informative...I checked out the roof mounted luggage carriers there.
  • dws41dws41 Posts: 12
    New Problem: after a 35 minute ride (in high 90 degree temp) and shutting the engine off for 10 minutes; upon restarting the Rendezvous, the "CHECK BATTERY" icon remained lighted on the instrument panel. I drove it into the dealership. The technician started the engine and "voila", the "CHECK BATTERY" icon did what it was supposed to do, shut off! The car remains in the shop pending further "testing".
    Has anyone else had this unusual experience???
  • golddfgolddf Posts: 5
    I bought the car on a Saturday, and the following Wednesday I had to have the car towed to the dealership. With less than 300 miles on it, the car has major engine, steering and brake problems. The service department can't seem to fix the problem. They are waiting on a solution from GM...who knows how long that will be. So far no one at GM, the dealership or OnStar has been helpful. No loaner cars were available, so I'm fending for myself. This entire new car experience has been a disaster!
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    Your's is the 1st major problem we've heard about at this forum. I'm sure besides being frustrated, your're livid w/ GM and your local dealer (Malouf Motors - New Jersey). You'd think your local dealer would try to accomodate you in this troubling time. Hopefully Malouf somehow suffers from their decision to not take care of you (loaner car, etc.).

    I'm no mechanic, that's for sure, but I would guess that the problem must be emanating from the rdv's computer. There's no other way to explain 3 systems being affected at the same time (braking, steering, and engine).

    I'm confident there will be a fix, and I hope a quick one for your sake. Once corrected, I think you'll be as happy as most of the folks you've heard positing to the rdv forum. Hang in there & keep us posted of your progress.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    As I was driving on the freeway yesterday, the hood of my baby was struck by a stone that flew off a truck two lanes over. There is no ding but it chipped the paint (three ball-point pen tip sized chips that go to the metal).

    Although I would prefer that it hadn't happened, it bothers me much less than I thought it would. Maybe it's a relief now that I don't have to worry about my RDV staying "perfect".

    I bought some touch up paint from the dealer today and will attempt to repair the chips this weekend.

    Any advice on the best way to do this?
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    We sure are having a time w/ our RDV's aren't we. We both got wounds on our windshields, & now this! I feel real bad for you. I know how careful you are with your cars. I'm the same way.

    I don't have a clue how to go about fixing those small chips. - I'd probably try to work out some deal with my body shop guy & have them spray & clearcoat it.

    I bet a better place for suggestions would be over on autopia. Let us know how it works out.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    doing the body shop thing, but I just don't want to go whole hog. No body shop can get a PERFECT factory finish.

    I'm leaning towards filling the chips with touch-up paint myself...very carefully, just a tiny amount at a time. At least it would retain the factory finish on the rest of the hood and prevent rust from developing in the chips.

    Good idea...I think I'll post my problem on autopia and see what advice I get.
  • 1)Anyone with the Driver Information Center find the "Tire Pressure Monitor" function? All of the functions described in the owner's manual appear on the display in my RDV except this. No GM info says that this was a "late availability".

    2)Theft-Deterrent Alarm?
    Does anyone know what it would take to set the alarm off,when armed? I have tried all sorts of shaking, door pulling etc. to no avail. Or is a violent entry required? (I just want to see if it works-yes the light blinks, but I'd like to hear it for once) All of my neighbors alarms go off at random, I'd like to be like them :)).
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    My understanding is that GM decided not to include the Tire Pressure Monitor for some reason; I'm not sure if it was reliableness or what?

    I don't know what'll cause alarm to go off; it seems my kids made it go off once or twice, & I'm sure we used the key fob to stop it. I just can't remember what they did to make it go off. If you figure it out, let us know.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Park your car and lock it with the key fob, but leave a window rolled down. Now wait for the delay.

    Reach inside and manually unlock and open the door.

    This simulates someone smashing the window to get in the vehicle.
  • Thanks, John325. That's interesting, too bad that it wasn't included. The tire pressure monitor might have been useful. I'll call dealer on Monday. I read an article today that said some of the Explorer problems would have been prevented with a feature such as that. It would only cost $66 per car.

    Thanks, fedlawman.
    I'll try the alarm test tomorrow.
  • mfarmer2mfarmer2 Posts: 67
    The only one minor problem we're experiencing is with the garage remote HomeLink transmitter. It seems to be very finicky. We have to get very close to the garage door before it activates. Sometimes we have to push the button more than once, or even back the vehicle up a few feet, before it works.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    We are aware that new FCC regulations require weaker transmitters to be used, than previously used before, but we think this one is just a little too weak. Also, we actually had a similar problem on the homelink system of our other vehicle (different make: nissan), and our dealer had an easy fix for this.

    So at this point we're not too concerned. Of course Nissan is usually pretty good about fixing things. Hopefully Buick will have a solution for us. We're first time Buick owners, so we're not sure what to expect. Does anyone have feedback on Buick service? I'll keep you posted on what happens. So far, everything else seems to be top notch! :-)

  • mfarmer2:

    No problem with my Homelink. I had to program the garage door opener with rolling code feature, using the Smart/Learn button. All info was in RDV manual. Funny, not a word about it in LiftMaster opener instructions.

    Try checking your garage door motor unit for the little antenna wire. If it's not fully extended out of the unit,it won't receive well from any remote. Perhaps part of it is curled up inside.

    Re: Buick Service Dept's...there are great ones, and some duds in all makes. I hope yours is a great one!

    Good luck and enjoy your RDV.
  • mfarmer2mfarmer2 Posts: 67
    Thanks 90mercsable- Your suggestion helped a lot! After repositioning the antenna on the garage door motor to face the driveway more directly, I noticed an immediate improvement. In addition, we cleared the HomeLink and reprogrammed everything using a brand new battery in the original garage remote. Something we should have done in the first place. Now the homelink opens the garage door from the street. Thanks again! :-)

  • Mary (mfarmer2),
    Glad to be of some help with the Homelink.

  • bb1129bb1129 Posts: 7
    Has anyone had any problems with cracks on the rear light lens, or any lens for that matter? I found a crack originating from an existing dimple that is part of the lens construction. The dealer says it is not covered by warranty even tho it appears to be a manufacturing defect. Other than the front windows sounding like they are scraping something (not evidence of streaks, scratches, etc. tho), we are very happy with the RDV after 3000+ miles.
  • mmeehanmmeehan Posts: 66
    My RDV has 3700 miles on it and the other day while I was cruising along at (oops!) 75 MPH the car "bucked" or "stumbled" for a second, this happened two or 3 times in about 5 minutes. The A/C was on in the vehicle. On another day I was sitting at a red light and when the light turned green I pressed the accelerator and the car didn't move for a second or two then when it did it "lurched" forward. Again, the A/C was on. Has anyone ever experienced this with any vehicle they've owned? I'm not a mechanic by any means but maybe it has to do with the fuel injectors or something with the A/C compressor? HELP! I dod have a trip to the dealership planned but thought maybe someone else has had this happen to them and I could give the dealership some direction.
  • john325john325 Posts: 237
    mm: Sorry to hear you're having this problem. We have about 4,500 miles on ours, and so far (knock on wood), no problems whatsovever. Now, you also have the issue with the traction control light, which I believe you said they still have not been able to fix yet. It hardly seems fair that you have to endure 2 challenges.

    It almost sounds like your new challenge might relate to a spark plug or wire, but that shouldn't happen w/ a brand new car. I just saw cwj's post over on the Regular RDV Forum saying perhaps it's transmission related - that may be a more plausible explanation. I'm sure your service dept. will be able to diagnose & fix it readily - - Good luck & keep us posted.
  • mmeehanmmeehan Posts: 66
    You're right that I still have the traction control problem, although last Tuesday it started working fine and now works most of the time but occasionally goes on the fritz again. My dealer called to say that the second part they've ordered has finally come in (the Power Control Module they ordered didn't do the trick) and I've already mentioned the engine problem as well to them. They've got the loaner car waiting for me!!!
  • mfarmer2mfarmer2 Posts: 67
    Hi mmeehan- Sorry to hear about your problem. I hope they come up with a solution very soon. I guess you've got to figure this being a first year model, there are bound to be some problems that may take a little longer than usual to be analyzed/fixed, especially since they're dealing with this for the first time around. Not meaning to to rub it in, but just to say that I hope you're able to cope with all of this.

    And in the meantime, we're here to offer any support. :-) Also, I'm curious, since you live in central Florida, are you dealing with Orange Buick service center? I was thinking they seem to be one of the largest service facilities around, and they might be one of the better places to deal with problems. However, I am new to Buick, so you or someone in this area, may have a better dealer service in this area to recommend. Thanks.

    To Fedlawman- I remember reading your previous post about your side view mirror, and was wondering if you ever resolved this issue? Also, I wanted you to know that at the NHTSA website, there is a TSB (technical service bulletin) on the Rendezvous regarding a "electrically inopertative or loose outside rear view mirror...." I'm not sure this is related, but here's a direct link to the Nhtsa, TSB data base if you want to check into this further. Good luck.

    To everyone- If you're experiencing a problem, I've found it's not a bad idea to check with the NHTSA database Problems & Issues to see if you can find a similar problem in their database. In addition, you can also report a safety problem with this application to help keep them and other's informed. Keep in mind that just about any problem with a vehicle, especially related to the powertrain, electrical system, and/or tires, is considered a safety issue.

  • mmeehanmmeehan Posts: 66
    I live in South Florida but hopefully they have a competent mechanic at my dealership and my problems will soon be history. It is rather aggravating. Maybe they shouldn't have put my RDV together so quickly (4 weeks from when we ordered it until it was delivered:) I still love it though.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    It's fixed and works fine! Thanks for asking.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Does anyone notice a slight creak in the drivers door when driving over slightly rough roads or with forward/rearward weight transfer (accelerating and breaking)?

    It almost seems as though the size and heft of the door is causing it to shift slightly in it's hinges as the vehicle moves.
  • I have made mention before that my wife has had chimes going off when first starting and backing out of the garage or parking spots. This has not happened to me whenever I would drive it. This morning she called me at work and had me on the cell phone to let me hear it. She had just backed out and it was just chiming away like a seat belt warning or leaving the key in the ignition. It was a fast not a slow chime. This is the third time it has happened since May. If she does not shut off the engine and restart it , the chiming just continues. Was wondering if anyone else has a similar problem or any idea what is causing it?fedlawman , do not have the creaking noise you speak of. Maybe the door hinge lock plate needs to be adjusted.Barbara, glad your tranny problem was solved. Years ago, I had a porous case on my old Regal and used an epoxy sealer on it. It lasted 5 years until I got rid of it. Glad they gave you a new transmission and not just a sealing. Only right thing to do :-)
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