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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • sharshar Posts: 4
    Just replaced the intake manifold gaskets, bolts, and everything in and around that well know issue. $800 Plus another $200 for top door hinges. WOW now I can hear myself think! If your Rendez :) ous sounds like you are hanging your head out the window.. It's a defective door hinge. Now posted by GM. Aside from these issues it's been a great car. 92K miles and looks like new. But I've spent $2,400 in the past three months on the issues above and normal preventive maintenance.
  • gazzgazz Posts: 4
    Right it doesn't turn over. It appears to be something connected to the column because I have been able to start it successfully in Neutral now. (just discovered this yesterday). However after driving, when I stop it, put it in park and wait a few minutes, it won't turn over immediately.
  • Our 2002 has been a continuing nightmare. We purchased it Jan./06 will 124K. Fell in love with it & still do except when it won't start. When running errands & making several short stops, it won't start. It turns over but won't 'catch' until we let it sit 1/2 - 1hr. The A/C has never worked. The dealer where we bought it ( Riverside Auto in Guelph ON Canada) told us he would "look after us "----HA- he really meant that only until we got if off the lot. It's frustrating. I've called GM several times only to be told that I must be imagining things & that they have NEVER heard of this problem. They also told me not to believe everything I read on the Internet about others with the same problem. It's a shame- used to love our GM vehicles but with their new attitude, I really think that this is the last one we buy.
  • Most dealers have a five year warrenty on paint especially if you purchased the teflon overcoat they try to push on you when you bought the car.
  • We have had problems with our 2002 Buick Rendezvous. Just every once in a while you put the key in to start it and nothing. No noise, no trying to start, nothing. Obviously this is very frustrating and it is also scaring not knowing when the car will decide not to start. The mechanic said they don't know what to do, looks like the starter is ok. Any suggestions?
  • clm51clm51 Posts: 9
    First I would suggest checking your battery connections and cables. They may be loose or corroded.

    If that doesn't help, then take it to a Buick dealership and have them run a code diagnosis and ask them about "flashing" or resetting the computer. There is a main computer and several others that communicate with each other in cars now. And apparently codes get corrupted just like on your home computer that causes you to have to reboot.
  • gazzgazz Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. However I did take it to a dealership and they said the battery and cables were fine. They did the code diagnostics and said a code came up but they could not find the faulty wire. It does make sense about the resetting of the computer though because my keyless entry key stopped working sometime back as well. Thanks
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    One of the first signs of BCM trouble on my 2002 RDV ( I had three BCM's replaced over four years ) was the keyless entry stopped working and faulty error codes. :sick:

  • gazzgazz Posts: 4
    Ken I am not familiar with the term BCM. What is it and what does it stand for.
  • kenymkenym Posts: 405
    BCM stands for "Body Control Module". It is basiclly your cars computer. Buick had many, many problems with them. Read my post 1407 to see the problems I had with by RDV

  • I recieved a call from my dealer and he told me they have a new fix for the Fuel Gauge problem. I haven't had the chance to take it in yet but hopefully they have it figured out now.
  • Since October of 2005, I have had my 2002 RDV in for service @ the local dealership four times. First was a coolant leak, which I paid the $100 GM goodwill deductible. In November 2005, the repair was for leaking AC oil & die.

    In July 2006, a broken wire which caused my vehicle to shift hard "worked its way between two things" that apparently "wore it in half". The repair was inside the right firewall. Not sure if it is related to the other repairs in that someone didn't put the vehicle back together carefully. They'd never admit it. Cost: $201.33.

    Right before leaving for vacation, my car wouldn't start. Would not turn over. No sound. The rear hatch wouldn't open, the radio would not play, the door locks or windows either, the electronics on my dash kept flashing & I was hearing an intermittent clicking sound that I thought was related to the anti-theft system. I called GM & after several Q & A's, they said that it was most likely NOT the anit-theft & referred me to the dealership.

    Now, August 2006, the dealership is telling me that something with the ignition needs replaced & BCM also needs to be replaced & reprogrammed. I think it's going to be a $700 repair. At just over 34,000 miles, I cannot believe this is happening.

    I, too, love the space in back, third row seat & the way it drives. I will be sad to let it go. Sad also that GM hasn't found a way to fix what appears to be a common problem. Sad that my service writer has seen this problem before but [all but denied it &] treated me, a woman, like i was an idiot. When shocked about the price, my service writer said I should have purchased the extended warranty. With a reputation like Buick has had in the past, who would have known?

    My vehicle is sitting @ the dealership waiting for GM to research/investigate & get back to me. I am so glad I decided to investigate both with GM & on-line. Now I am armed with information.

    Everyone with RDV problems NEEDS to call GM 1-866-790-5600!!
    The more that call, the better.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Everyone with RDV problems NEEDS to call GM ...

    I think that's called "overkill."

    tidester, host
  • let me rephrase for those of you who would not use common sense when calling GM....i meant everyone that has these same types problems when their car is just under or barely over the warranty. thats what i meant # 1521.
    i realize that not all RDVs are going to be perfect. but lots of people with the same problem, come on.
  • I posted several times regarding our 2002 Rendezvous & how if we made several short trips, like running errands around town, the car would not start until it sat for awhile. After much fiddling & testing etc., the mechanic changed the spark plugs & miracle of miracles, the problem disappeared. That was until about 3 weeks ago. Now, it's starting again. Today I went out, it started fine- only made 1 stop. Then the car sat until this afternoon, made 1 stop then came home. A few minutes later my husband went out & it won't start. We know that it will after an hour or so but it is so frustrating... Does anyone out there have any ideas??? Please???? Do we keep changing spark plugs?? Why would spark plugs go so fast? PLease reply ASAP. Thanks, I'll be watching- Lorrie :mad: :cry: :P ;) :lemon:
  • Hi there to all...I am new to this board :) But not new to all of the Rendezvous problems :( I have been trying now for around a year to find out why my 2002 CX RDV lights ext and interior turn off randomly for sometimes up to a minute while driving ...Yes that means it has done this to me at night in the pitch dark (scary)the radio goes out as well...But the car stays running. It has done this at anytime of the day in any type of weather elements. Sometimes it seems as though it has done when I have been paying attention before hand when I have just lightly or hard applied the brakes...It maybe at a full stop then accelerate or while I am on the highway and lightly apply the brakes. No one can figure out why it is doing this..But I have seen on here where I am not the only one with this issue. Has anyone found out what the problem was? I would love to know after a year now. I have also had several occasions with the no starting it loves to do as well. I have been just finishing getting gas and it would not start for at least a half hour or while I was running around making my arons through the day basically after a few start and stops. I have called a tow truck three times and by the time they got there the darn thing started...What gives???? Again nothing can be found or done. I am now replacing my front left and right wheel barings..Fun I see this another fine problem it has. I was also told that my ABS pump needs to be replaced...This thing costs anywhere form 700.00 to 1200.00. This is BS! I have reported this all to the government site but nothing has been done yet. Buick doesn't care...I am sorry if they did something would have been done by now. This all is not a caweenky dink for all of us RDV owners especially of the 2002. Tiger Woods should be ashamed :blush: at this point in time for ever representing this vehicle. Please if anyone can help me at this point with what I have said I have issues with please let me know soon as you can. :confuse: :( :lemon:
  • I have the same problem with my 2002 black rendezvous cxl, and I just had it in for service. The service manager had the body shop manager look at the paint and he said it was not a warrantied problem. I have only 53,000 miles on it. I also had a coolant leak and leaking struts that ended up costing $1,800 to repair, which were covered under warranty, but I just found out that the coolant that GM uses and has a patent on, Dex-cool, is the cause of the problem. Seems that the coolant, which is supposed to last up to 150,000 miles is faulty and ends up breaking down the engine, which ends up costing quite a bit in repairs. GM has not admitted this however.
  • Hey all,
    Here's an idea- how about we all get on Tiger Wood's website & tell him our troubles. Maybe GM would listen to him. They as much as called me a lier when I told them about the starting issues. They also told me not to believe everything I read on the Internet-pretty damned arrogant for a car company in financial trouble. :lemon: :mad:
  • You are not the lone ranger with this problem. My car is in the shop as we speak. I have spoken with 3 dealers 2 in Richmond VA one stating it was the fuel pump, one stating that it is the computer chip in the ignition and now the mechanic in WV states it may be the BC Module.....GET RID OF THE CAR!!! I am crying all the way to the bank today because I love my Rendevous but WHAT A HEADACHE! I hope I have helped a little. I know your frustration it has been a year and a half of hell with the same start/ no start problem leaving me stranded MANY TIMES! GOOD LUCK :lemon:
  • Just read your post- I've had all the same diagnostics as well. We bought the car Jan2/06 on a whim- fell in love with it & still do. The air has never worked (not covered), the starting problems started immediately- again, the used car dealer said- sorry but.... (This from the same dealer that said "Don't worry- we will look after you"- Ha!!.) Calling GM is an exercise in futility & now I've lost the #- anyone out there in Canada have it??? Our decision is made. We have always always bought GM & been happy, but I've found out that Magna is now a 'sub-contractor' for GM & Rendezvous is made in Mexico. Well, I hope they saved a lot of money & increased their profit because we are not the only ones who have been burned & will not be buying GM again.Ijust love it when I read how the Japanese have an unfair advantage with the import/export laws. Well, the Japanese/Korean etc. automakers stand behind their product & deserve an advantage. That's my opinion anyway.
    Sorry- I'm on my soapbox again..........
    If anyone has that phone # for GM in Canada, I sure would appreciate it. :lemon: :mad:
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    For the lighting issue, our pontiac has done the same thing a few times, I believe its likely an issue with BCM as it has its hand in a bunch of stuff. I usually get around it by turning headlights on by switch instead of auto-mode. I haven't noticed the blinkees when I do that. For the occasional HOT_START problem (I:E: shut vehicle off for a minute or two and then try to restart) if it doesn't start first time, I hold it in start position a bit longer 5-10 seconds maybe, and it starts. Seems like the more times you try, worse it gets.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    If the coolant leak was intake manifold gaskets, I think the problem is with the gasket, not the coolant. The gasket material was subject to cracking and there is an updated part to address the problem on 3.x engines.
  • I own a 2002 RDV with similar problems desribed in this forum. During left slow turns when the brakes are applied the anti-lock brakes activate. Also when taking off in a normal manner, the traction system will activate. Left wheel sensor has been replaced, harnesses have been adjusted. Nothing has helped long term. I finally read an article about a part that might solve the problems.

    Basically there is a part under the driver's seat that controls the electrical system. Anyone hear of this? My mechanic is going to try to replace it this week and see if this solves the problem. I will post again and let you know if it works.
  • When you find out what the fix is, would you please let me know? I will check with my dealer as well.
  • I need to replace the driver's window switch. Does anyone know how to access it? It looks like the oval panel surrounding the window switches comes off, but I don't want to start prying blindly and risk breaking something else. Do I need to remove the whole door panel instead?

  • I received this notice in the mail today from Buick:
    General Motors is providing owners with additional protection for the front wheel bearing(s). If the front wheel bearing(s) require replacement due to premature wear on your 2002 Buick Rendezvous within 5 years of the date your vehicle was originally placed in service or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first, the condition will be repaired for you at no charge.
  • The paint on the hood of my 2002 Rendezvous has been bubbling ever since I got it new. They kept saying they would not fix it until it got worse. Well this year it is all the way through. Warranty company says they will not pay for it because it is an aluminum hood and it is not rust, it is oxidization (same thing??) I spoke to the manager and said I had just finished paying for the new air conditioner that is still covered under warranty 7 years, 120,000 km.(but because Buick issued a technical service bulletin on the bracket that holds it, they would not cover it. Also, during the same 3 months I have had the driver's window switch go and the motor on the back windshield). These were covered but not for all the labor. Warranty company said it should take 20 minutes to diagnose and fix-dealership said 1 hour each for each problem- so I got stuck with the bill-even though the car is still under warranty. GREAT CAR. Beautiful to drive when it works. I have been trying to sell it-but nobody wants it. Thanks Buick!!
  • I recieved a letter from Buick yesterday advising owners that Buick will pay for fixing the front wheeling bearing that "howl", "groan", or make noise at speeds over 10 MPH.
    If you had paid for such a repair, Buick would reimburse you.

    They were clear to say this is NOT a recall.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    I believe its a 'special policy ' thing that covers repair of wheel bearings in 2002-2004 years for 5 years/60,000 miles regardless of ownership.
  • Big deal- what 2002 doesn't have 60000 mi. on it? It sounds like they are giving us something until you think about it. Ours has more miles than that. :mad:
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