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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • kylegigikylegigi Posts: 3
    I currently have the same problem with my 2002 Rondexvou. The anti-lock breaks are activating all the time when I apply breaks. It sounds like a loud grinding noise. I had a guy check the codes and got this:
    (1)C0035 LF wheelspeed sensor ckt fault
    (2)C0245 Wheel speed sensor signal fault

    I replaced the right front wheel bearing assembly because the sensor is in the assembly and this did not fix it. Next Wed. I'm taking it back and the guy is going to check the wire that goes from the LF wheel to the anti-lock breaking modual to see if a wire is broken/frayed/loose. Have you heard from anyone else on this problem?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A couple of recent posters have posted their email addresses on the discussion. Since the posts are indexed by the major search engines, that's just asking for spam. So we've removed the posts per the Rules of the Road.

    Including your email address in posts risks your security by exposing it to those who will use it maliciously. If you would like your address available to other registered members, click on 'Preferences' and mark your email address 'public'. Then ask someone one to contact you by clicking on your profile.

    No guarantees there either, but at least the profiles aren't indexed by the search engines, so it slows the spammers down a bit. And it slows down complaints to our help desk. :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • tablescapetablescape Posts: 18
    I posted a message back in April or May 2005 about the fuel gauge. I also have problems when the tank gets below a 1/4 it drops like a rock. I had a new gauge put on and still have problems, the service manager has heard me complain so much he has promised a fix as soon as they find one. He says they are working on the problem. I have always kept my tank full but on long trips it is a worry. I have a 2005 ultra.I love everything else about the car.
  • jacklin30jacklin30 Posts: 14
    I have the same problem with my 2006 Rendezvous. I took it to the dealer and they said they hooked it up to some diagnostic equipment and could find nothing wrong. They also said they drove the car for about 10 miles and the gauge didn't fluctuate when they drove it. They said they checked GM's database and didn't find any reports of problems with the fuel gauge. They said it might be due to the sensor getting stuck in the shallow end of the gas tank. I took it home and that afternoon it was fluctuating again. Seems like it's the worst when the tank is at half tank or below and also when going up and down hills. If you find out anything, please post it here. There are a few of us having this problem and the dealer seems clueless as to how to fix it.

  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I've had this nuisance on my '02 RDV. I believe it's related to the shape of the gas tank. It happens on other non-RDV vehicles too. Manufacturers are squeezing the tanks into different positions and made shape modifications to make them fit. So when the tank is half or less than full, the fuel can get "caught" in places. I agree it's irritating on long trips when gas stations are far apart.
  • clm51clm51 Posts: 9
    When my "Service Engine Soon" light started coming on earlier in the summer on my '02 RDV, I would also lose AC, radio, CD would lock and various other issues. It was an intermittent problem and, of course, when I took it to the dealer they couldn't find anything wrong. I finally drove straight to the dealership one day when it happened. Having already researched the problem, I truly felt it was the Body Control Module (BCM). (I've been told females shouldn't tell technicians what they suspect the problems are with cars!) Well, they hooked the BCM up to their trusty little diagnostic machine and, lo and behold, it was not communicating with the rest of the computers on board. They replaced it (my warranty was out by 400 miles)at no charge and I haven't had a problem since and I have put nearly 3500 miles on my vehicle since then.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    (I've been told females shouldn't tell technicians what they suspect the problems are with cars!)

    They tell that to the guys too:

    "Rather than going into the dealer with the TSB number in hand, it is more effective, according to Chirico, to come to the dealer with a complete description of your vehicle's particular problem - what are the exact symptoms, and when and where did/do they occur... In short, someone in the service department has to be able to duplicate the problem, and the TSB number and a brief description of the problem won't always do it. "You don't want to go in there sounding bull-headed - you won't get good service," Chirico said." link

    Then when they make an idiot diagnosis you can say "did you check the BCM?" :shades:

    Steve, Host
  • jacklin30jacklin30 Posts: 14
    I'd rather it didn't have this problem (I've never had a car that had this problem before). I don't really look at it as anything serious. As you said, it's a nuisance more than anything. I guess then there's nothing that can be done about it since it's caused by the design of the gas tank? I hate to have the service department start messing around with my car since everything else seems to be working just fine. It would be just my luck that they would get in there, mess something else up, and then I'd be in worse shape. Maybe it's best to leave well enough alone. But, then my family says "it's a new car and shouldn't be having this problem - have it fixed while it's still under warranty." It's just such a hassle that I don't even want to deal with it. Thanks for responding though. I think what you described is exactly what's happening.

  • macphersonmacpherson Posts: 33
    Hello everyone. Just wanted to give youo all an update. I posted several messages regarding our Rendezvous- especially about getting stranded with a vehicle that wouldn't start after several short trips (running errands, getting gas etc.). Well, we took it to a mechanic that our son -in-law uses. He said that he would start by changing the spar k plugs. Well lo & behold- it hasn't happened since. I can't believe it! We were ready to deal it & take our loss & never buy another GM product (Customer Service still sucks though- they told me that I must be mistaken ((in other words- I'm a lier)). Hmmm)
    Anyhow- thought I'd pass on this info. for the rest of you with the starting issue. Regards, Bob
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Posts: 7
    I also have a 2002 Rendevous. After 15,000 miles I started to have prblems with the ABS system. It took them 20,000 miles before they found the problem. they finally replaced the wiring harness. The car was great until it turned 60,000 miles. Now I am having the same problem and they are telling me I am crazy. I get the ABS kicking in when it shouldn't and my anti-brake lite and AWD disabled lites are coming on. I am very frustrated with GM and my Buick dealership. Today they told me that if it happens again...NOT to turn the car off, call them and drive right over. Nice guys!!!
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Posts: 7
    Good luck. I had this problem after 15,000 miles. It took them 20,000 miles to correct it. Now I have 60,000 on the car and the problem is back. They claim there are a lot of things that could cause the ABS to kick in. Have relaces the wiring and also a hub assembly.....fortunately I bought the extended warrantee.
  • diclemegdiclemeg Posts: 6
    I also need to change my condenser on my 2002 RDV. Can you send me the instructions from your basice service manual. Many thanks !
  • macphersonmacpherson Posts: 33
    Hi- I've seen the service manual on EBay for around $50.US. It might be a good investment. The vehicle is a LEMON!! :lemon:
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    Diclemeg, I could not find your e-mail listed on this site, it is posted as private. I tried the e-mail a message on the right side of your post, but that is not working. Since many people have the same problem, I am posting the repair steps on here, but I don't know if they will allow it to remain. Steve

    Condenser Replacement
    Tools Required
    J 38185 Hose Clamp Pliers
    J 39400-A Halogen Leak Detector
    Removal Procedure
    Recover the refrigerant from the A/C system. Refer to Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging .
    Drain the cooling system. Refer to Draining and Filling Cooling System in Engine Cooling.
    Remove the cooling fans with the cooling fan shroud. Refer to Cooling Fan Replacement - Electric in Engine Cooling.

    Reposition the radiator outlet hose clamp at the water pump housing using the J 38185 .
    Disconnect the radiator outlet hose from the water pump housing.
    Reposition the radiator outlet hose clamp at the radiator using the J 38185 .
    Disconnect the radiator outlet hose from the radiator.
    Remove the radiator outlet hose.
    Disconnect the lower transaxle oil cooler line from the radiator. Refer to Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Replacement in Automatic Transaxle - 4T65-E.

    Remove the A/C discharge hose nut from the condenser block.
    Disconnect the A/C discharge hose from the condenser block.

    Cap or tape off the open A/C refrigerant components immediately to prevent system contamination.

    Cap or tape off the A/C discharge hose.

    Remove the evaporator inlet tube bolt from the condenser block.
    Disconnect the evaporator inlet tube from the condenser block.
    Cap or tape off the evaporator inlet tube.
    Remove the radiator and condenser assembly.
    Remove the condenser tube clip bolt.
    Remove the condenser tube clip.

    Remove the condenser mounting bolts.
    Remove the condenser from the radiator.

    Remove the receiver dehydrator upper bracket bolts.
    Remove the receiver dehydrator lower mounting bolts.
    Disconnect the receiver dehydrator from the condenser.
    Remove and discard the sealing washers.
    Installation Procedure
    If replacing the condenser add the specified amount of PAG oil directly to the condenser. Refer to Refrigerant System Capacities .
    Using a lint-free clean, dry cloth, carefully clean the sealing surfaces of the A/C refrigerant components.

    Flat washer type seals do not require lubrication.

    Install new sealing washers to the receiver dehydrator.

    Connect the receiver dehydrator to the condenser.

    Use the correct fastener in the correct location. Replacement fasteners must be the correct part number for that application. Fasteners requiring replacement or fasteners requiring the use of thread locking compound or sealant are identified in the service procedure. Do not use paints, lubricants, or corrosion inhibitors on fasteners or fastener joint surfaces unless specified. These coatings affect fastener torque and joint clamping force and may damage the fastener. Use the correct tightening sequence and specifications when installing fasteners in order to avoid damage to parts and systems.

    Install the receiver dehydrator lower mounting bolts. Tighten
    Tighten the bolts to 6 N·m (53 lb in).

    Install the receiver dehydrator upper bracket bolts. Tighten
    Tighten the bolts to 6 N·m (53 lb in).

    Install the condenser to the radiator.

    Install the condenser mounting bolts. Tighten
    Tighten the bolts to 6 N·m (53 lb in).

    Install the condenser tube clip.
    Install the condenser tube clip bolt. Tighten
    Tighten the bolt to 2.5 N·m (22 lb in).

    Install the radiator and condenser assembly.
    Remove cap or tape from the evaporator inlet tube.
    Install a new sealing washer to the evaporator inlet tube fitting.

    Install the evaporator inlet tube and bolt to the condenser block. Tighten
    Tighten the bolt to 16 N·m (12 lb ft).

    Remove cap or tape from the A/C discharge hose.
    Install a new sealing washer to the A/C discharge hose fitting.

    Install the A/C discharge hose and nut to the condenser block. Tighten
    Tighten the nut to 16 N·m (12 lb ft).

    Connect the lower transaxle oil cooler line to the radiator. Refer to Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Hose Replacement in Automatic Transaxle - 4T65-E.
    Install the radiator outlet hose.

    Connect the radiator outlet hose to the radiator.
    Reposition the radiator outlet hose clamp at the radiator to secure the hose using the J 38185 .
    Connect the radiator outlet hose to the water pump housing.
    Reposition the radiator outlet hose clamp at the water pump housing to secure the hose using the J 38185 .
    Install the cooling fans with the cooling fan shroud. Refer to Cooling Fan Replacement - Electric in Engine Cooling.
    Fill the cooling system. Refer to Draining and Filling Cooling System in Engine Cooling.
    Evacuate and recharge the A/C system. Refer to Refrigerant Recovery and Recharging .
    Leak test the fittings of the component using J 39400-A .

    Document ID# 793588
    2002 Buick Rendezvous - FWD
  • jack151jack151 Posts: 3
    I originally wrote about my problem with AM Radio noise on this thread three years ago. The solution, in 2003, was to get the dealership to replace the radio. Perhaps it was a grounding problem that was fixed in the process. By the way, it did take a couple trips to the dealership before they agreed that there was a problem -- again it only occurred with the key on.
  • macphersonmacpherson Posts: 33
    I've seen the service manual on EBay for around $50.00
  • snh519snh519 Posts: 2
    I'm not sure if we are experiencing the same problem, so i'll explain. After driving for maybe twenty minutes on the highway, my service traction is lit for one minute. The anti-lock and trac off lights are continuously lit and the alarm is beeping non stop. Once I turn off ignition everything returns to normal. I brought it to the dealership and they replaced the front bearings on both sides. Unfortunately the problem still exist. This is seriously frustrating. SNH519
  • I'm having the same symptoms. When I checked the codes in the computer it said "Left front wheel sensor". Since the sensor is inside the wheel hub bearing I too replaced the wheel hub. However, after a few days the trouble came back. I took it to the GM dealer and they said I had a short in the wiring harness that goes from the main antilock breaking controls to the wheel(s). They said I needed to replace the left harness. Since they pushed and moved the wires on the harness trying to figure it out, everything has been fine. Every time someone has looked at it, the problem stops for a while and comes back. They want $535.00 to replace the harness. If you have a local mechanic that has his own business you can probably get it done for around $250.00 to $300.00. Cars are cheap now a days but they are making up for it in parts and service. Don't buy parts from car dealerships!!! Use the internet and by all means find an independent mechanic that will work with you.

    Good Luck
  • nbw0305nbw0305 Posts: 7
    Do you feel a pulsing in your brake pedal when you are braking??? That is what is happening to me. I've had the AWD disabled light come on and also the anti-brake lite come on. The first time this happened they replaced a wire harness. This last time they replaced a hub assembly. I have had 4 of those replaced already. My car has been in the shop all last week and they finally duplicated the pulsing with the computer hooked up to the car while driving it. Now they think it might be a computer chip that runs the braking system because 2 sensors went off at the same time. I guess this isn't supposed to happen. But before they will replace the chip they have to duplicate the problem many more times. You are correct...I am so angry and frustrated that I wrote the CEO of GM.
  • marzalzmarzalz Posts: 2
    It seems that many 2002 Buick Rendezvous owners are having the same similiar problems that we are currently and have been having. I love my car but I have to say the way it was built is a headache. Not all are made of money and can easily just go out to buy another vehicle to replace this terrible made automobile. Yes, indeed a regret to buy this kind of SUV but why bother when whats done is already done. Can't try to sell it or trade it when knowing the problems that are occuring because of the guilt you would feel. It will then be someone else's problem that can lead to a lawsuit or even worst accident. Dealerships can't fix intermittent problems, GM company will not make any recalls, so what can we possibly do? Well we've reported a safety issue to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in March of 2006 but so far no word. Here are the problems we have been and currently have: :mad:

    1. Internal and External lights all shut off even when car is running (SAFETY ISSUE!!!) We've had incidents while driving on highway during night hours and all lights just shut off causing complete darkness long up to a minute. Happens anytime of the day! BCM was replaced but it did not fix anything. Started just couple of months after we bought it brand new and til this day it still occurs.

    2. Security mode turns on, if thats what you call it. This is where Service Engine indicator comes on, locks up radio, stops clock, doors lock up, and AC stops working. Basically everything locks up.

    3. Starting car is hard to start as if it will stall. Beginning Aug. 5th 2006 the car won't start at all and is stuck in my garage. July 31st was last driven and it took couple of starts to get the car to start adn it drove fine and no problems starting until August 5th when it just shut down.

    As far as reporting it to National Highway, I guess there are just couple of people that has this kind of issue so, maybe that is the reason why no recalls have been made nor feedback on these complaints. Judging from this forum it looks like there are many more complaints on this forum than the National Highway complaints, why so? You want a recall, you want your problems solve, you want to spend less, you want to enjoy your car, REPORT THE COMPLAINT!

    Issues involving safety issues should definitely be reported!

    So, we are left with a faulty car in hopes that GM will make these recalls and we are left with us pulling out our hairs for the expenses we have to make to get this vehicle fix. Why not do something about it? Make a complaint (already did), lawsuit (can't afford a lawyer), and an easy way to get back at the GM...Spread the word and do not buy there cars. Maybe it will make GM realize that you can't just sell something and leave your customers in the dark. Is GM that heartless? :confuse:
  • Mine is a 2006 and had this problem. I posted earlier that I took it back to the dealership and they told me it was a bad cell in the battery. They put in a new battery and things were good until recently. In the last week it has started hestitating when trying to start again. That is exactly what happened last time and it progressively got worse. Maybe I'll try new spark plugs this time. So far I just love this car, but the starting problem seems to be coming back and I still haven't been able to get anyone to do anything about the fuel gauge fluctuating. I thought when I got a new car that I wouldn't be having car problems anymore for awhile so this is especially annoying to me. What's worse is everyone told me do not buy an American car, especially one assembled in Mexico. Well, I decided to give it a chance anyway and so far my experience has not been very good. I had a Nissan and a Honda before this and never had a single problem with them when they were new. When things started wearing out then I had a few problems naturally, but the Nissan had 189,000 miles on it when I sold it and the Honda had 210,000. My experience with this car so far tells me I might not be so lucky with the Rendezvous and that makes me very sad because I really like the car. I get tired of taking it to the dealer and continuing to have the same problems though. Time will tell I guess, but it doesn't look good.
  • snh519snh519 Posts: 2
    Yes I was feeling a pulsing in the brake pedal. I brought it back for service or repair and the sensors in front was replaced. I believe I may have traveled 10 miles on the highway and it happened again. This time the tires were replaced and I was able to make it home without problem. I hope I'm not cursing myself, but I haven't had any problems in the last 24 hours.
  • Have you all investigated the Lemon Law in your state? I had a reoccurring problem with a Ford Windstar several years ago. They could not repair a problem with the transmission. After three to four tries I filed a Lemon Law claim and Ford had to reinburse me for the vechicle. I filed the claim about a year and a half after buying the minivan... I had to get a lawyer, but the Lemon Law in MI forced Ford to pay my lawyer and I received 100% of my cost back...
  • Wow- Wish I lived in the US. In Canada we are at the mercy of the dealer who sold it & I have told everyone I know to stay away from them & I've told everyone to tell everyone they know as well to stay away. I even called GM & was told that they had had no complaints like I was describing & that I must be mistaken!!! How 'bout that? When I told them how hundreds had written about the same problems on the Internet the rep. told me not to believe everything that I read on the Internet. This is GM calling me a liar. Is it any wonder that they are in financial trouble? With an attitude such as theirs towards their customers, they should be in trouble & the Customer Service Rep. should be unemployed.
  • I have a 2006 Rendezvous that the battery light comes on and off intermittently. Dealer has performed tsb for replacing the 105 amp alt with the 125 amp per gm with no luck. Now, tech assistance tells them to replace the drivers information cluster. Same done and same results. Battery light comes on when it wants to. I know there are others out there like this because my service manager said that tech assistance has had 4 others in my region with the same complaints. Now, I've reported this 5 times since 5,000 miles, each time, unable to duplicate problem or replace part and see what happens. ANY SUGGESTIONS or Comments???
  • Hi,
    I just noticed that the paint on my hood (close to the windshield) is bubbling in several places and it looks like underneath there will be a problem with the paint coming off and rust soon. When I lift the hood, there is some of the same on the inside. I've searched online and on this board and only saw one mention of it in a 2005 post. I have it under the gm extended warranty for another year and 12,000 miles (it has 59,000 or so now) and am assuming that it's covered since it seems to be faulty paint and build. Any suggesstions before I call our lovely service department whom I am weary of would be appreciated.
  • gazzgazz Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Buick Rendevous. Just recently and only sometimes after I stop and put it in park and let it set for a few minutes...It won't start...It will only start when I put it in neutral then put it back in park. If I do this a couple of times it will start. This happens mostly in the morning. I took it to a dealership and they spent all day and couldn't find the problem. They said when they ran diagnostics, some code would come up and they called GM, but they have not been able to find and fix the exact problem.
  • me the dealership has told me that gm has said to disregard the tsb about the alt. replacement. they now know that there is a software problem and have a team of engineers working on a new reprogram for the pcm.. sounds like they are trying to drag out the problem and really are just guessing at what may or may not fix the issue. my dealership has been great but i feel like everybody is getting the runaround. I know that there are more '06 owners who have experienced this problem. Please post some replies..
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    Hhmm that could be an interesting one to try and fix. When you say it doesn't start, do you mean it doesn't turn over,or turns over but won't fire up? I know on our pontiac version it sometimes won't 'hot start' very well (meaning shutting it off for only a couple minutes abd trying to restart), it turns over but won't fire without holding it in start position for quite a bit longer then usual. If it doesn't turn over, I would suspect it could have something to do with brake transaxle shift interlock or related system(s). Maybe bad connection near shift lever itself that gets corrected when you move shifter and wiggle wire.
  • Just picked up my 06 CXL FWD this week. Got on the highway last night and tried to set the cruise control. Didn't work. Anyone have similiar issue that I need to be aware of otherwise I will assume something simple for dealership to fix.
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