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Chevrolet Avalanche Prices Paid and Buying Experience

fpmikefpmike Posts: 21
I got my Avalanche through a local Lake county dealer via locator for the unit I wanted: Base unit, Hard Tonneau, Z71 package only. Pricing was $992 over invoice plus approx 1% advertising. I love it, have minor issues. See fpmike posts in Avalanche Pickup Townhall.


  • aeric1aeric1 Posts: 5
    I paid $2500 under MSRP on a loaded Z66 Av. The dealer acted like this was an outrageous deal, but a lot of calling around could probably get you $500-600 over invoice.
  • stockmutstockmut Posts: 21
    I paid $2000 over invoice for a loaded Z71. Could have probably gotten lower if I waited until the fall when more Avs are on the lots. However I got a great deal on trade-in; $2000 more than Carmax or Edmunds said it was worth so I feel I got a great overall deal.
  • flyerjohnflyerjohn Posts: 7
    Got a loaded Z66 last week for $3100 off MSRP. Probably could have gotten another $500 if I really tried.
  • gerrickgerrick Posts: 21
    Ordered a loaded Z71 [green] yesterday for $4,500 off MSRP. First Dealer to honor my GM Supplier discount. First time I have ever committed to buying a new vehicle with alsolutely no haggling.
  • investedinvested Posts: 36
    I see you posted about using a credit card for your purchase to get the miles. I was just wondering if you used the credit card and how the deal worked out? I was going to do the same thing this week and would appreciate any input.

    By the way did they compensate you for the missing tint?
  • ardanielsardaniels Posts: 16
    I had been keen on the versatility of the avalanche when I first saw one at a car show 18 months ago.

    A month ago took delivery on a Forest Green Z71 out of dealer stock for $2500 under MSRP. Invoice data was pretty scarce so I offered 3% over invoice. GM did have a $1000 rebate for recent college grads on top of discount, plus had I waited 30 days they would have kicked in $150 bucks for College IRA for a child. Check it out on the GM website under upromise.

    Love the truck and have about 2500 miles already as a result of motoring vacation.

  • investedinvested Posts: 36
    I paid $500 over invoice for mine and also got more than Kelly Blue Book for my trade. It took a while but I finally got a great deal.
  • showme1showme1 Posts: 38
    Paid $500 over invoice, no haggle from one of the three states that they were released to first (CA, FL, & TX.) One could possibly do a little better with some hassle. My local dealers wanted about $1,500 over invoice so I drove through TX on the way back from vacation to pick mine up.

    I ordered the mud flaps and bug screen from Chevy even though I know there are many aftermarkets availible. The bowtie mud gards have Avalache on the rear ones and I figured the bug screen would fit best from GM. I'll let everyone know when I install since dealer is shipping them to me.

  • chelmschelms Posts: 2
    I am trying to find the contact info on one of the dealerships selling the Avalanche for $500 over invoice.
  • investedinvested Posts: 36
    Where are you located? I am in South Florida and I got mine for $500 over invoice. Some dealers would work with me and some wouldn't you definitely have to shop around.
  • miles2912miles2912 Posts: 7
    Filled out all the information, and a dealer contacted me withing 24hours. They said the price was 500 over invioce, pick what you want and they will locate it. They found the truck I wanted and Faxed me over the invioce. I just have to sell a vehicle, and I am good to go.

  • chelmschelms Posts: 2
    I am located in Huntsville, AL (extreme north AL). Some of the dealers have told me they are getting sticker. The best offer so far is $1K over invoice, and their invoice includes about $400 of advertising fees.
  • chad52chad52 Posts: 3
    I am in HSV also and am just beginning the hunt for an Avalanche. Who in this area has the best deal so far?
  • z71josez71jose Posts: 22
    Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas was willing to give me a Z71
    Avalanche $100 over invoice!!! They have alot to choose
    from. They also had "customize" Avalanches....with 20 "
    wheels and YOKO tires!!!! First time I've seen this.
  • My Avalanche should be coming in any day. It stickered for just a few dollars under 38 and got it for 33 including advertisement fee. A real nice small town West Central Oklahoma dealer.
  • Well, I can hardly stand it. I pick up my Avalanche at 4:30 PM today. I got mine $400 over dealer invoice. Out the door tax and title...$36,459.51. Its 1,459.51 more than I wanted to pay...but it has everything on it. I got the dark blue, sun roof, leather, heated seats & mirrors, 4 X 4, running boards, etc. I will let you know how it goes!
  • Bought my Av this weekend through my local dealer in NH. Just like Spikes. List was $38421, paid $34902. $750 over invoice. I have read all the threads about the great deals in Cali and Texas. Thats nice, but I'm not driving down there to get my truck. The dealers up here have minimal(anywhere between 1 and 5 on every lot I went to) inventory of these awsome vehicles on hand. Geat experience with the dealer. I never went to the dealer to do the deal. Instead I was able to make the deal over the phone, and my Av was delivered to my house, and my salesman then drove off with my trade. That is the way we should all do business!
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    Great deals here. No advertising yet.

    MSRP was 35446 Walked off paying 31,200. Shopped around at 3 dealerships and they all were within 100 of each other.
  • well i did my homework before i started shopping for a av,hows 6100 off sticker on a loaded z71,$189 dealer fee,no ad fee.this translates to $1,200 under invoice,dealer is also giving me any aditional savings if october brings cash back! (oct pick up)im even getting the $150 from gm for my kids collage fund.yes i have done bussiness before with this dealer and i im a prefered customer,this also a imbound unit not one that was sitting around awhile eihter.i presume this dealer is still making some sort of money on this it goes to show you these guys at 500 over invoice are still making alot of money( about 2k )and with slowing economy,building inventorys at dealerships its time to get a deal!!!!!
  • Just purchased my AV 10/15/01, $5400/14% off MSRP. $500 below the so called dealer "invoice" 4.9% financing saves at least $2K. Add in a sales tax savings of $650 and I am over 20% off MSRP. All in all a fair deal I guess for my area.
  • Greeetings All:

    Does anyone know anything specific about the aviation group that has a supplier number with GM that one can join for about $10 ??.... Or, for that matter, any other such supplier willing to take on an soon-to-be Avalanche owner??...
  • fastz28fastz28 Posts: 19
    I got myself a new toy!!!

    It's a 2002 Chevy Avalanche with Z66 Package, Onyx Black w/ Tan interior.

    I made one heck of a deal, here's how:

    MSRP $31,800 - ouch :-(
    Invoice $27,902

    With my kickass negotiation skills, I got them to lower to $26,538, woohoo more than $1350 UNDER invoice!!!

    But wait, since I'm in grad school, GM decided to give the poor student $400.

    There's more, since I'm a royal GM card holder, I have accumulated a
    whopping $5079 in rebates.

    Bottom line, I got it for $21059!!! with TT&L = 22600.

    Not good enough? Ok, how about 0% financing? ;-)
  • dallisdallis Posts: 8
    good luck with your av but i thought their was a $1000 cap on card ernings toward purchase on an av thats what gm states did your deal go threw yet? hope it works out for you.
  • fastz28fastz28 Posts: 19
    I have the old "Gold" card, no cap. The new "platinum" card has cap depend on which vehicle.
  • What about the blue GM card? I've used mine for as much as $2500 on previous car purchases. What is the $1000 cap all about? Is that cap only for purchase of an Av?
  • fastz28fastz28 Posts: 19
    I think...

    As far as I know, cap only applies only if you "upgrade" to the platinum card.

    Platinum cards only allow you to apply up to $2000 depend on vehicle. The cap is $1000 for the platinum cards.

    Call them to verify everything I said here. # is on the back of the card.
  • dgardgar Posts: 10
    I have the old original GM card and it has no cap
    on any vehicle. They are constantly trying to get
    me to take the "new" card but I won't do it. I also charge everything possible to it each month and pay the bill so there's no interest. This way we build new car credit fairly quick.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    the mail yesterday to switch to a new card with no annual eanings cap. Included is a chart of "Earnings Redemption Allowances for the newest GM Card". Limits are from $1,000 to $3500 depending on Brand, yr, model. But "will never be lower than $1,000". One more thing I found interesting..."GM Card Earnings may not be combined with any GM employee, dealership, or supplier programs.......".
  • I'm debating whether to go to the Chevy dealer with my GM Supplier form or ask them to quote me open market price first. I've seen advertised prices in the newspaper for $5000 off of MSRP and I'm not sure the GM Supplier price will be lower.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    but I'd be real surprised if you couldn't just as well or better on 2001. I too have seen some huge discounts advertised.
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