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Chevrolet Avalanche Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • GMS $ is usually a few hundreds $ under invoice. Depend on options, $5000 under MSRP is usually a bit lower than GMS. Go in ask for open market first and then ask for GMS $. GMS $ doesn't change, market $ does.
  • i too are seeing these great discounts advertised but most of the time its the bait & switch tech,its if you borrow 80-90 % at high rates and long term and things like that, however i do know someone that will discount an av 5k for real if you cant get it let me know, and good luck too ya.
  • Anybody know who has a large supply of the Avalanches in Houston, SA or Austin and will sell them for a good deal? I went to Lawrence Marshall, but they only had about 5.

    Bill Heard has a lot, but they install a $1,600.00 alarm on all cars - you have no choice.

    I am considering a red z66 w/ 4.10.
  • You can go to to check inventory of all the dealers. I got a great deal from Capitol Chevy in Austin. Easiest car shopping experience ever. Let me know if you need a referral.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    has always had a large supply. Usually 60+ with a pretty good selection. Although according to fastz28 harder to deal with.
  • I have a deal set on a Z66 $31,800 discounted to $27250...$4550 off. I calculated dealer cost of 27,900 - $800 dealer holdback = 27,100. What am I rebate? How can they get to $26,500? I, unfortunately only have a $1000 allowance on the GMcard for 26,250 net. Thought I was in good shape until reading your post...what is the dealers name, local?
  • I don't know how they do it, they are losing money as far as I can tell. I just took a competitor's ad and asked them to match it. The competitor's ad had MSRP of $31250 and a selling price of $25988 so a reduction of $5262 from MSRP. I askem them to match it so they took $5262 from my MSRP of $31800 = $26538!!!

    Don't know if they will do that again, but if you want my salesman's name, email me ([email protected]).
  • Just got an email from Capitol Chev...Austin. 31,800 msrp...26,989 otd. Looks like $5000 off is available. Now...they have all the colors with my options and interior...lets here it...what say ye? Red?, Pewter?, Blue,? Orange?,
    Thanks Z28...didn't get to 26,583 but can't argue with a guy doing that deep. Maybe I can get them to deliver it 500 miles to Missouri :-}
  • As in out-the-door, with TT&L? If so, that's a great deal. If that's just the sales price, still a good deal.

    Of those colors you mentioned, I would go blue for "prettiest" or pewter for easiest to keep clean.

    But I have to plug my Texas Burnt (sunset) orange, too.

    Me? I got Black/tan. Black is just gorgeous (when clean).

    Good luck with purchase.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    deliver it for a plane ticket home. I haven't seen an Orange one? Is that really one of the colors? I saw a Green one over the weekend that was a different Green than I've seen before. Lighter, more of a Moss color. I haven't been on a lot in awhile, must be they have some new colors. Other than Black or White (not on your list) I'd have to go with the Pewter. I really like the color and the cladding is more subdued, blends in as opposed to stands out.
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    SO Metallic is an available color. txyank must have seen a Northface Edition, available in Sage Green.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    I have saw Avs of every color available when I bought mine. They all pretty much match up to what they show at CHEVY web site for the AV.

    The Northface Sage Green color is nice but I did not need the NF package or want to pay for it either. Now the seats are really nice but I was afraid of the stitching coming loose over time of getting in and out.

    If I remember correctly all the colors have some metallic in the paint except the BLACK.

    The Sunset Orange IMO only looked good at dusk when the sun was setting. I just did not like it any other time and yes I went to a bunch of dealerships at all hours to look at the AV before I bought mine.

    BTW mine is the Light Metallic Pewter. Looks clean and I find the gray of the cladding blends in better.
  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    BLACK RED & WHITE are not metallic.

    Man go look at the Chevy web site! The Olympic Av is really nice looking! Very nice!
  • 'bout a bus ticket ;-) I've been searching a ticket from Springfield, MO...expensive to Austin. I agree with the Pewter logic....
    I've narrowed it down to Victory Red (named after Nebraska Red) & Pewter...for the ease of care and less contrast with the cladding. Blue met is the coolest but they all look dusty on the lots. Orange is...well orange, enough said...sorry Z28 but no self respecting college student should wear orange to play football. Now if I can just get down there...maybe Santa will load it up and leave it in the garage...
  • Ouch! I think we still own NU in the Big XII (3-1). :-) Just take care of business with Miami and keep the Sears trophy in the Big XII.

    So are you buying from Capitol?
  • I have the same truck at 3 dealers...Austin (Capital), Lufkin and Durant Ok...not sure if I can buy anything in Sooner country...might be cursed. Cap has the best price...26,891 (31,800 msrp). BTW did they add any fees to the sale price? I just can't figure out how to get down there to get it. Hope to have it in the garage by Christmas. BTW my brother-in-law is a big wig at our huge Chevy Dealer in town and the best he could get on this rig is 28,400...and he is 4th in command! GO BIG XII...See you next year UT.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I'll meet you at the Bus Station and give you a ride to Capital Chevy.
  • dcrislerdcrisler Posts: 118
    in Arlington TX, had an ad this past weekend for $7500 off a AV stickered at $37K!! I think I will try and call them to see if there is a catch.
  • I just got a call from a dealer in TX...$6000 off 2wd Z66. $31800 msrp ($25,889-$1000GMCard-$500 Talkitup = $24389) A total of $7411 off sticker. He said a new $1000 rebate to the customer came out. (atleast $500 dealer rebate). I am going to get mine before the end of the year.
  • Does anybody know if the 500.00 customer cash is usable with the 0% financing? And whether or not the advertising fees are negotiable.(I am in the New York area) Dealer says this is part of the dealers invoice.PLEASE HELP ME!!!I am going in this weekend. Thanks!!!
  • timfarntimfarn Posts: 289
    I did not pay the 1% the dealer was asking. The fee is also rebated by the mfr., similar to holdback. I pointed out how much advertising they had to do to get me into the showroom (no "change for a dollar" or any advertising at the time). This is a good opportunity to ask to see the invoice. If it appears on the mfr. invoice, ask when they receive the payback from the mfr.
  • The GM website states that there is 0% intrest PLUS and additional $1000 rebate to qualified buyers, so it seems to me that they can be used together, and if the dealer says you can't just tell them I said it was OK.
  • jst4fjst4f Posts: 1
    I picked up my K1500 with Z71, convenience package and heat leather seats for $1600 below Kelly Blue Book invoice value. I did have to take what was on the lot: no transfers, no orders. Hence the leather heated seats in So CA!
  • Picked up my AV. two days ago. Black w/gray cloth,Z-71,conv. pkg.,WOL tires,3.73:1,
    MINUS-4,233.00 off msrp
    MINUS-1,000.00 rebate
    MINUS-2,385.00 gm card earnings
    TOTAL=27,960 plus tax and tags.
    PLUS I GOT THE 0.0% FINANCING (3 yrs.)
    By the way,I had some doubts about buying this vehicle(cladding,weight,gear ratios,radical looks,Z-71 susp.).
    But let me tell you this ride is AWESOME!!,the looks are growing on me very rapidly to the point where other trucks look way too plain and simple.
    3.73:1's are fine,5300-plenty of power,tranny is extremely smooth,the Z-71 susp. and agressive tires are unbelievably smooth and quiet.King of the road type feel.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Got ours for $6.336.00 under sticker. Fully equipped Z-66 except luggage carrier. Also got the GM extended warranty for 72 months/75k miles for $1300. I think they got to us on the warranty, but didn't complain since I thought the discount on the AV was pretty good. First tank of gas was around 18.8 (half city/half highway), and yes, I took it very easy for the first 500. We also took advantage of the 0% financing. Its a cool unit.
  • The sticker was $38,571 for the 1500 4WD Z71, however I managed to get my Av at the actual dealer invoice amount. It helps to know people at the dealership. My Av has all the options and I added a molded bug deflector in summit white, black headlight covers, Z71 billet hitch plug, black aluminum billet grill and a K&N FIPK Generation II Kit.
  • Where did you pick up the billet grill?
  • At

    Item number 41263 Billet Grille -- Black $139.95
  • Delivery tomorrow...MSRP 32610 Z66 Red/Tan with Luggage rack and assist steps. Invoice (28485)-2002 Customer cash - 1000 GMCard = $25483 OTD Over $7000 off sticker with no bogus charges.(It helps to have a brother in charge dealers money). Actually had a better deal before Christmas but couldn't get to Austin to get it ;-[ I know the 0% is over but is going 5.44% 60 months. Hopefully I will have a trouble free unit as I tend to keep my vehicles a long time.
  • Congratulations. Took you long enough.

    Damn, you robbed me out of my $100 referral fee. :-)
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