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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zdizekzdizek Posts: 17
    Hey everyone, I got this quote from Towne Hyundai. Has anyone dealt with them in the past or currently? I emailed some local dealers in Massachusetts where im from and they told me they all buy the cars from the same place at the same price so this offer must be a gimmick to get me into the dealership and then add additional fees and charges. Im about 4 1/2 hours away from, Towne so I dont want to take a trip there if this is the case. Im looking for any suggestions or advice regarding my puchase. Below is the quote I received from the internet sales dept. at Towne and below that is a local dealers email about the sale....

    [Towne Hyundai]
    Thank you again for you business Zachary!!! Here is the information that you've requested for your new vehicle:

    Brand new 2008 Hyundai Elantra - Automatic Transmission w/ Popular Equipment Package

    14,603.00 Sale Price Before Rebate

    + 185.00 Window Etching


    14,788.00 Total Taxable Amount

    739.40 5% Mass. Sales Tax

    200.00 Estimated Motor Vehicle

    189.00 Dealer Documentation Fee


    15,916.40 Total Before Rebate

    - 2,000.00 Manufacturer Rebate


    13,916.40 Total After ALL Fees

    - 500.00 Deposit


    13,416.40 C.O.D.

    [Response from Gary Rome]
    Hi It is Phil Lombardi @ gary rome again. I beleive there to be a huge miscommunication on the other dealers part. Please call them and make sure that number is before rebate before driving that far. Truth is that is an after rebate number which makes my initial price better than theirs. I am so confident that they have made a mistake I am willing to give you $500 for every car that dealership will sell me at the price they quoted you. I have seen this before where dealers "make mistakes" on issues like this. Fact is if you show up there these numbers will change I guarantee it. When I break down the price they quoted you it is about 75.00 under invoice after rebate. I was 300 below invoice. He also has made an error on the taxes as well If he could sell you the car for what he claims he should be taxing you after rebate not before. I hope to hear from you soon and PLEASE , PLEASE RESEARCH THIS BEFORE TAKING A DRIVE DOWN. We all buy cars for the same amount from Hyundai and this price just isnt accurate
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    RE: Towne Hyundai.
    This is one of several large Hyundai dealers that give absolutely outstanding service, in prices, servicing, and all around dealing, from others on this forum. They have apparently been consistent in their good price deals. Please check some of the other posts, not only here, but on the Sonata site as well. Good Luck.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    This is straight from Towne Hyundai's website ( )

    Internet Pricing

    2008 Elantras

    (good from 3/1/08 thru 3/31/08)

    From what I have read in these forums, Towne is straight-forward and gives you a great deal without having to haggle. They are evidently a very high volume Hyundai dealer which gets them some pretty good per unit manufacturer cash bonuses each month. That is why they can sell them at these low prices. ;)
  • zdizekzdizek Posts: 17
    Thanks for the input guys. Any clue on if I should be be paying tax before or after rebates? Just got a email back from the internet manager from Towne saying there is no mistake besides Massachusetts state sales tax may be different than 5%. Anyone know what this would be or where I can find it? Thanks again everyone!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    States vary as to whether the tax is paid before or after rebates. In my state, MN, tax is paid after rebates. :) The dealer does these transactions all the time and knows how to do it. If you want to be sure, the web site for the state's Department of Revenue (or whatever it's called) should have the rules for sales tax on new vehicles with rebates.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    We bought an '07 Sonata from Towne Hyundai in Feb. '07. It was a straight forward no BS deal. Since then 7 other people I know bought cars from Towne. I'm in CT, about 100 miles away (1hr 45 min).

    The price will be invoice (including destination but without a BS advertising fee), plus dealer fee of $189, plus title and tags fees*, plus your state's sales tax.

    * Towne uses an outside service to take care of "out of NJ" title and registration work. They will include a temporary NJ registration. This charge for CT buyers has been $200 regardless of whether there was a transfer of registration or a new set of plates issued.

    Most N.E. states charge sales tax on the pre-rebate price and Mass. is probably one of them.

    But do as the dealer who is trying to BS you said. Call ahead of time to confirm price, color, equipment you want. Let them know when you want to pick up the car and they will have it all cleaned up, prepped and waiting for you on that day. Of course you'll have to go inside to complete the paper work and they'll explain many things about the car , owners manual & service schedule to you. The whole thing will take about a half hour. You can have them arrange financing or do it on your own. All the paper work will be ready when you get there, including financing if you go through them.

    If you don't want window etching, tell them that on the phone. Our car had it but we didn't want it and they didn't charge us for it. (Of course the etched # is not registered anywhere since we didn't pay for it. Big deal.)

    One other thing your local guy is messed up on: he said, "make sure that number is before rebate before driving that far. Truth is that is an after rebate number which makes my initial price better than theirs. I am so confident that they have made a mistake I am willing to give you $500 for every car that dealership will sell me at the price they quoted you." Think about it, if Towne's price were $225 higher than the price the local guy quoted you, why would he pay you $500 for each car Towne would sell to him at that price. Sounds like double-speak to me or the guy is just full of BS.

    Towne is offering you the car for $13,916 with all taxes and fees included...less if you avoid the window etching and tax on it. A few people on this forum have purchased different models from Towne (Azeras, Sonatas, etc) and have reported great buying experiences. Price qoted on the phone = price paid. Most have used the terminology "No BS" in describing their experience.
  • zdizekzdizek Posts: 17
    Thank you so much bhmr59! You have made me feel much more confident about this dealership. I will make sure to post my buying experience and final price paid after this weekend.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    When I called Towne Hyundai, they had only 1 SE and that had a sunroof which I didn't want. Consumer Reports indicated that only the SE was the trim level they rated best as the GLS did not have stability control.
    Invoice on the SE is 2000 more than the GLS.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    If you load up the GLS so it's more comparable in equipment to the SE (e.g. add the package with A/C, fog lamps etc.) I don't think the difference in invoice is $2000. Maybe if you compare the base GLS (no A/C etc.) to the SE, it's $2000 less.

    Besides ESC, the SE adds a telescopic steering wheel (leather covered with audio controls too), which might be important for some drivers to find a comfortable driving position. And the bigger tires/wheels, which may improve handling over the GLS.
  • what dealership was that in Viriginia?
  • On Tuesday, March 4, I bought from Towne Hyundai the SE that "thndrstm" didn't want.

    I have to say that starting with the internet inquiry, the Towne buying experience was absolutely fantastic. Complete openness, zero pressure, and no haggling. And Towne beat Fitzmall by over $1,000 for the identically equipped SE (part of the difference being that the consumer rebate is $2000 in Denville, NJ, but only $1500 in Gaithersburg, MD). Given the differences in rebate, I don't know if a local dealer could match the price; I didn't try.

    2008 Elantra SE Auto w/ Premium Package
    Cloth Mats + Mud Guards
    Silver w/ Black cloth

    Invoice (inc. destination): $18,472
    Taxable Price (VA): $16,522
    Tax (4%): $661
    Rebate: -$2000
    Doc: $189
    Title, Registration: $200

    Price Before TTR: $14,522 = $18,472- $1950 - $2000
    Price Before Tax: $14,919 = $18,472 - $1950 - $2000 + $189 + $200
    Out the Door: $15,580

    This was the initial sales sheet at the dealership. If I recall correctly, there was a legitimate additional $56 in titling. And 1% of that 4% tax had been invalidated by the Virginia Supreme Court the day before, so there was some discussion how much to charge for tax. (Towne's folks were very good about it, and said 3% is fine, but I figured 4% until the bureaucrats understand they can't collect unconstitutional taxes; after the great experience I've had, I trust that Towne will refund me the difference about the same time my plates arrive).

    Towne's initial email quote, from Thursday, Feb. 28, had been $1000 higher. However, the consumer rebate was increased from $1000 to $2000 in NJ on March 1, and when I called Towne the next Monday, they happily lowered the price by $1000. I called Towne twice more to verify final figures, secure financing, and place a credit card deposit to reserve the car.

    Towne had the car prepped and waiting out front when I arrived. The salesman went through the figures quickly -- and were exactly as previously discussed. I financed through Towne, because they could match the best terms I could get elsewhere. If that's additional profit to them, that's fine with me.

    While waiting for finance to plug and chug, free coffee was offered, and they let me use their wireless internet access on my own laptop. Finance terms were exactly as previously disclosed, and the financial officer was just as friendly as the salesman, although he did initially mistake my work address for my home address. I was left alone in his office to read through the entire finance contract.

    Neither the Towne salesman nor finance officer gave me a folder to keep all the receipts together, so you might want to bring one along.

    They had a technician in an 06 sonata lead me to the rental car agency a few miles away, and drive me back to my new car.

    I drove home very happy in a torrential downpour.
  • davis22davis22 Posts: 17
    I test drove a 2008 Elantra GLS today. Great car! Popular equipment package included. Sticker price was $16055 but I was able to get the salesman to write down his best offer and he wrote $13600. I am waiting for my blank check from Capital One so I can't buy yet but I was wondering if this was a good deal. I am in Northern CA.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    Fairfax Hyundai
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    If your financing is through HMFC, be sure to register so you can pay electronically.

    They do pop you a $.50 convenience fee (but you save the postage charge). Your payment will be recorded the same day you send it (unless after the cut off hour) and it will save you money over the term of the loan. I did not sign up for the automatic payment because I pay extra each month. I have to initiate the payment, but I get to tell them how much I want to pay.

    I usually pay on the 15th of the month when our income arrives. Sometimes we get the money on the 14th or 13th (when the 15th is on the weekend). You might be surprised by looking at the payment history to see the difference in actual interest charge depending upon how many days there were from one payment to the next.

    P.S. Your buying experience is the same as I've been talking about for over a year now. Great place to deal with. Best of luck with your new car.
  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    The GLS is selling for $12988 in Sacramento Ca. This is auto with popular package.This is at Maita Hyundai if I am allowed to name dealer name.
  • rpg934rpg934 Posts: 1
    I followed your advice and attempted to make a deal with Stateline. Everything went fine, I received what I expected on the trade, the price was as advertised, no pressure etc... Then I signed the papers and gave a $500 deposit. I thought everything was as smooth as silk. Then the salesman mentioned he needed to get his manager to review the paperwork. The salesman returns and gives me a paper showing the trade in value for my car at $6,800 instead of the $8,600 he had entered onto the paperwork. He apologized and mentioned something about his mind being in a fog which caused him to transpose the numbers. My trade was a 2006 Scion XA with 32,000 miles on it. The trade in value for KBB lists it at around $8,600. Since I expect this type of tactic from an auto salesman, I said this was out of my price range and he processed a refund for my deposit. The morale of the story. This is a great deal, but you need to be careful if trading in your current car. They give a great discount and then take it back by low balling you on the trade.
  • zdizekzdizek Posts: 17
    I just bought the 08 Hyundai Elantra at Towne Hyundai in New Jersey. It's the GLS model with the popular equipment package and carpeted floor mats in pearl black. After all rebates and including taxes and other fees my total came to $13,716. I am really happy with this car and reccomend this dealership to anyone within a 5 hour distance. I traveled from Massachusetts on a train which was a hassle but was well worth it for the price I paid. The dealer I worked with was also very nice and I was out the door within 20 minutes. If you want a new Hyundai go to Towne Hundai in New Jersey and ask for Sean Cullen. Thank you for everyone who helped me in my buying experience!
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I don't think its necessary to make the trip to Towne. Your price was 1508 below Edmunds TMV, Mine 1521 below(I wanted the SE to get the stability control) and I get 10 oil changes. Local taxes can make a difference too. If you haggle knowing what you can get at Towne, your local dealer might come close.
  • ram52ram52 Posts: 5
    Did that include Mass taxes and tags, or just the cost of the vehicle before taxes and DMV fees?

  • picked one up yesterday.regatta blue- with spoiler.these prices on here are funny, i think they are being posted by dealers ..... real purchase here- msrp was 18200-- agreed upon price -15300- careful because dealers say xtra 1000 off , but fail to mention that hyundai loyalty is req.also cars dont come with floormats -unless on sticker-also 2000 rebates is taxable- you have to really pay attention when they come up with final price--tax-mv fees - doc fee-window etching-etc- very nice car though. price was 15300 plus all that stuff- which is on most cars, so it came out a little less than msrp which isnt bad-- thats the real deal!
  • zdizekzdizek Posts: 17
    $13,716 was the grand total including taxes and mv fees. Made them take off the window etching which took off $185. Ive been told I got a really good deal by everyone I talked to, anyone else agree?
  • ram52ram52 Posts: 5
    You got a great deal! I purchased a GLS model with the popular equipment package and carpeted floor mats and cargo net for 14950 including 7% NJ sales tax, and all other doc and DMV charges! (About $1100 of the above price was NJ sales tax, $40 was DMV fees!)

    The MSRP was around $17100 including destination charges - I paid about $13800!

    There was no negotiation - this was an internet price advertised, and no haggling!

  • bmf_rrhbmf_rrh Posts: 7
    Could you guys point me in the right direction to find the big boy dealers in Illinois. There are so many, not sure who the good guys are.


  • mitcheldmitcheld Posts: 12
    Thunder, it looks like you're from Virginia, as am I. I'd like the name of that dealer. Thanks!
  • mitcheldmitcheld Posts: 12
    Found it above -- sorry for the bother.
  • kjj005kjj005 Posts: 2
    I'm in PA and getting ready to buy an SE with options package 04 (sunroof + heated seats). PA dealers offer a $2000 rebate through March on Elantras. I've gotten offers from two dealerships that will give a price (inclusive of rebate) of $15400 including everything except taxes and tags. There may be the potential to knock another $100 off the price, but from my experience and research so far this seems to be the bottom price for an SE with sunroof in the Philadelphia area. I feel I'm a very tough negotiator so if anyone feels I can do much better than this please let me know. I'm planning on signing papers in the next few days.
  • Seeing what everyone else payed for their cars, I feel ripped off. Paid $16,965 (with $2,400 negaitve equity on my trade) on a base model GLS. No AC, no radio. But I got free oil changes as long as I own it, free state inspections, and the engine is guaranteed as long as I own the car. So it might be worth the extra money with all that. Probably not. Never go to Priority Hyundai in Chesapeake, though.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The negative equity alone drove the price up that you paid for the vehicle.
  • hutch7hutch7 Posts: 88
    In Mareitta GA, '08 GLS w/ Popular equipment package,auto trans, 3 mos XM, ac, Quicksilver exterior was $14,900 out the door. There was $1500 cash back folded into the price
  • kjj005kjj005 Posts: 2
    I should have mentioned that it is an automatic. That can make a $1000 difference in price on Elantras. Chesapeake you have to be careful in feeling ripped off on your price. That negative equity must be taken into account as well as what Hyundai is offering for a rebate in MD vs the other states people are posting from. Most of the country I think is a $1500 rebate, but PA has $2000, that's the most I've seen from poking around on the hyundai website and plugging in a few different state locations for their incentive programs just for kicks.
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