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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    That seems like a good price for a private party sale, depending on condition and how many miles are on the car--what is the mileage and condition?
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    Need mileage to evaluate
  • stilgarstilgar Posts: 6
    I'd gotten quotes from all the dealers in Houston for a 2008 Elantra Auto and decided to go to Humble Hyundai to get them to match the lowest quote for out the door, which was already higher than most other regions of the U.S., as indicated by the posts I've seen in this forum.

    Prior to going I got both verbal and written confirmation that they would match the out the door price with no extra frills whatsoever from salesman Scott Sanders. As it turns out, when I get there, the car that I want has been extensively used. To the tune of 250 miles! I had planned to buy that day, but the car had been spattered by white bird droppings and they had not even bothered to clean it or detail it! Anyone, I remained unfazed and got ready to negotiate with Scott Sanders for the out the door price we had agreed on. He kept on saying "hey, it's no prob" over and over and then came back with a invoice printout. He then said that he had no problem matching the out the door price of the cheapest dealership in town, but that taxes would apply AFTER that and that his hands were tied on this. I said, no no, that's not my problem, you make it work within the limits of the out of the door price without tacking on even a 1/16 of a penny. I then noticed that this tall grey haired muscular guy had been stalking the hallways. Scott Sanders gave him a cue and he came in and started playing bad cop to Scott's good cop. I didn't get the tall guy's name but he was very rude. He kept on saying, "hey, you gotta' let us make some money, eh?" and talking fast like an auctioneer without letting me get a word in edgewise. They had already tried to jack the price up $700 and they were doing this barefaced game reminiscent of three-card monty! I refused to budge on price and showed both the written and verbal confirmation. Scott Sanders tried to squirm by denying everything he had said previously. I gathered my papers and the big guy suddenly adopted this fake polite voice and said, "Hey mister, mister, how far are we, how far are we? What can we do to earn your business?" I told him that I know that people to have to earn money, but that I expected them to WORK for it, and not pull a bait and switch and SWINDLE people. I got up to leave and all the way back to my car they were screaming at me, "That other place won't have cruise control like we do! They won't have it. Mister! No cruise control!" I got home and reviewed the trims and found out that only the SE shows cruise control as an added option. I was getting the GLS from them.

    In short, don't go to Humble Hyundai. They will lie through their teeth and try to get you to hold the bill. It's no wonder their dealership has been sinking through the quagmire for several years.
  • stilgarstilgar Posts: 6
    What about starting a new thread rating dealers by name and location?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    The dealer review section is a good place to give a review of your dealership experience, very helpful for people who live in your area.
  • blumerblumer Posts: 7
    A few things about your story:

    1. 250 miles is not "extensively used". A previous owner is extensively used.

    2. If you have a good offer from another dealership, why are you concerned about this one matching it, especially if you're disappointed in the car, the lack of detailing, and the service? Buy from the dealership that gave you best quote.

    3. It is perfectly normal for many GLS Elantras to have Cruise. It comes on *all* SEs, but many GLSs have it, so don't conclude they were lying about it having cruise.

    4. If you hadn't paid enough attention to the car you were about to buy to see if it had Cruise or not, you're not paying enough attention to expect to get a good deal.

    5. If you don't know what options are on what trim levels, you haven't done enough research yet to expect to get a good deal.

    6. If you don't know what options and trim levels you're dealing with, how are they supposed to match the price of the other dealership?

    If they told you they would match the OTD price, they should match the OTD price, but from what you've told us so far, it sounds like you don't have enough information to know whether you're giving them the right OTD price to match. But like I said, if you're that unhappy with them, just buy from the other dealer.
  • wv_irishwv_irish Posts: 5
    I just wanted to post my recent buying experience. After relocating to West Virginia, promptly hitting a deer and totaling my 99 Camry, I was in the market for a replacement car and decided on an Elantra. There is a Hyundai dealer very close to me, but there doesn’t seem to be much competition as the local dealer adds around $1 K to all of his cars, including the 07’s he had on the lot! I read on Edmunds about Fitzgerald Auto Mall, checked their website, and found what I was looking for: a 2008 Elantra SE with AT. Fitzgerald was true to their word on their website. The car was $14,899 on their web site (MSRP - $18,125 before a $1,500 rebate), and they added their $99 “optional” dealer processing charge, $10 WV title fee, WV state sales tax of $804.95, $50 for tags, $4 tire recycling fee, and $12.50 electronic titling fee, for a total of $15,879.45 OTD. There were no hidden fees such as advertising or freight.

    This was the most pleasant, easiest car buying experience I have ever had. I called and talked with a salesman, gave him the stock number I was interested in, and told him that I was coming from 200 miles away to buy it. When I arrived, he had the car washed and prepped, and the gas tank filled. We took a test drive, and then completed the paperwork. There was absolutely zero pressure to buy anything else, and zero games. The price on the website was the price I paid. Since it was going so well, I was prepared for a curveball with the F & I guy. Nope – when I told him I had my own financing, he just asked for a check for $15,879.45. No pressure for any “mop & glow”, special financing, or warranties. Once I wrote the check, the salesman went over the features of the car (as required by Hyundai), we programmed the XM radio, and in less than two hours, I was on my way back to WV.

    The next time I am in the market for a new car, if I am anywhere within driving distance, I am returning to Fitzgerald Auto Mall.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    That dealership sounds like a really nasty place to buy a car. When a price is agreed upon verbally and with a printable e-mail...that should be the price...PERIOD! Those two salesmen are exactly why people don't trust car dealers...sliminess at it's best.
    Stilgar did the right to walk out. Why would you stick up that kind of place. Maybe Stilgar didn't have all his facts in order but an agreed upon offer is just that...AGREED UPON BEFORE. What don't you understand about his post?

    The Sandman :)
  • blumerblumer Posts: 7
    "When a price is agreed upon verbally and with a printable e-mail...that should be the price...PERIOD! "

    I agree completely, but from what he's told us, the ONLY thing that was agreed upon was that they would match the best price he got from somewhere else--never a dollar amount, and if he's getting an quote on a bare-bones GLS and expecting them to match it on a Pop-Op GLS, then that is completely unreasonable and unfair, and based on the information he's provided, for the reasons I outlined, I suspect that this is the case and would like more information before we get the torches and pitchforks and go lynch the dealer.
  • dvc3dvc3 Posts: 4
    maybe a bit of a tangent but ...
    is it complicated to buy a car in NJ but then register it in CT? I too am looking at buying at Towne but wonder about the paperwork once I get back to CT.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Towne handles all the paper work, transfer of registration, issuance of a temp NJ registration and processiing title application, etc. Our cost for this last year was $200 which included the actual registration fees.
  • newguy123newguy123 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2008 Elantra GLS automatic trans with 23 miles on it new - with popular package which includes AC and XM radio - floor mats , fog lights.
    Price - 14390 after rebate
    Tax 719
    Doc fee 200
    liscense fee 65
    title fee 50
    15424 Total out the door . Not as good as some of you guys but decent I think.

    you guys think I did ok? Dealer also included life time tires in the deal

    Also financed was 7.67% for 72 months with 1000 down payment

    so about $250 a month for 72 months with 1000 down payment. Did I pay too much?
  • stilgarstilgar Posts: 6
    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my original posting. I e-mailed them the lowest quote I could find for a 2008 Elantra Automatic with Equipment Package 2. The quote from the other dealer was very detailed listing all the options, docs fees, tax, title, and license and a "out-the-door", nothing else to pay number at the bottom. It just happened that the other dealership was more than an hour away and I wanted to get a matching deal from my neighborhood dealership. Like I said, I got verbal and written confirmation, and they backed out at the last minute. Even after I got there, the first thing I said to Scott Sanders was, "we're cool with the out-of-the-door price, right?" He said sure, but then things went to pot when he brought "bad cop" in. What they tried to do to drag me back in the door was suggest that the other dealership didn't offer cruise control and that they did. I AM GUESSING that they didn't read the other dealership's quote correctly.

    I went the next day to the far away dealership and asked them to honor the original quote they gave me. They did. 2008 Elantra Automatic + Equipment Package 2 (and yes, it does include cruise control) for $15,080 out the door. The mileage was only 9 miles--all from the factory in Korea to the ship, from the ship to Houston port, and from the port to the dealership. None of this 200+ miles crap. I found some other place that had it for $14,675 out the door, but they sold it right before I responded to the ad. I know that some people up north got this package for $13,500 or so, but this was the best deal I could get.

    The faraway dealership kept their word, and the finance guy didn't push me when I said "I just want the car, nothing else" (although he did become a bit rude after that), and they even delivered it to my home the next day. I noticed some spots on the car and the dealer read my mind and had the car washed in the morning after having it prepped. I didn't get free lifetime tires like the other guy, but I'm pretty darn happy about the deal that I closed.

    Maybe someone in Houston will score a $13,500 Elantra auto deal a couple weeks from now. I won't be jealous. The 2nd dealership and I agreed over a price on the phone, and he kept his word to me through-and-through. If he made a $1,000 off of me, I won't begrudge him that. BUT, the 1st dealership resorted to out-and-out trickery and shenanigans and the good cop/bad cop routine, so they deserve $0. The latter are the kind of people--kind of like very bad waiters--that deserve to be given a tip of 1 cent to let them know how inferior their service is.

    All I'm asking for is for people to keep their word and good service. Is that too much?

    Nuff said. Got my car.

    Oh, and let's get those torches and pitchforks ready. Also please bring a wooden rail and some tar and feathers as well.
  • gembreegembree Posts: 2
    I am currently negotiating a deal with Towne (thanks thread!) from CT and they have the same $200 charge penciled in. The salesperson noted that they are legally barred from profiting on this component, and that anything left over after the fees would come back to us.

    FWIW they are quoting me $14118 OTD, taxes and all, Elantra GLS automatic w/pop options (and window etching!!!!).
  • lena12lena12 Posts: 7
    I just picked up my Hyundai Elantra SE Automatic from Towne Hyundai this past Saturday. I feel okay with my deal. The price of the unit was $16,517, add in the window etch ($185), which made it $16702. There was NY tax of about $1398, documentation/registration, etc fees of $250 + $189. The $2000 rebate was applied to this. My quoted price (including rebate) had been $14,798, but when I got down to the dealership, it turns out that this was for a charcol grey SE with a spoiler that I did not want. This wasn't due to any fibbing or anything on Towne's part, we had just decided to drive over there because I really liked how I got numbers from these guys right away with no BS and wanted to see what else they had. Hadn't planned to actually buy that day, but was open if it actually did happen. In any case, I got my car in Regatta Blue, and I have to say I love it. Did I do badly? This is my first car/buying experience, and while I have no regrets, I would love to hear that I did okay.

    Towne Hyundai was pretty darn good. Me and my boyfriend had gone to Hudson Hyundai in Jersey City and we never got numbers (sales guy tried to tell me about PZEV and how it was additional!), and they weren't as knowledgable as I would've liked. At Towne, the seller knew his stuff, didn't try to put anything over on us, gave us time to talk it over - no complaints at all. I do love my car!
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    When I buy from a dealer, which I just did recently, I always call up their internet/fleet guy for a price. If they're not willing to give any type of firm price over the phone, there's already an element of sleezyness. Especially all the guys who are like "WE WILL MATCH COMPETITORS!". The moment it turns into a sleezefest, it's time to leave for sure.
  • dvc3dvc3 Posts: 4
    Thanks bhmr.

    I was hoping you were going to say something like that. Now the only problem is that Towne won't respond to my inquiries. They said they'd get back to me in 24 hours but it's been 2 days now.
  • gembreegembree Posts: 2
    I had the exact same problem, dvc3 - I called and they said they couldn't find my email, despite my getting the autoresponse I assume you also received. Just call and ask for Internet Sales, they still want your business.
  • lauradavidlauradavid Posts: 9
    Hi guys,
    I am in East Tn looking for an 08 elantra SE premium + leather, and I was doing some digging and price checking, and I came across something weird.

    What is an elantra EL? I found it online.

    Also, here is the best price I have so far: 08 elantra SE premium + leather + blue tooth

    orginally 17, 000 not including deal prep, tax, tag, and title

    I commented that their dealer prep was high, and that I could get a better deal at Fitzmall, he came down to 16,600 plus 499 doc fees and ttl

    Thanks for your help!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    There's no such thing as an Elantra EL, at least not in the U.S.

    Does the car you're pricing have an automatic?

    Note that "dealer prep" should be included with the car, as noted on the window sticker. There should not be a separate charge for it.

    $499 is really high for documentation fees. It's that dealer's way of jacking up the price without seeming to do so. Figure the actual price is closer to $17,000 before fees, TT&L. In effect, he really didn't come down at all--unless he was going to charge $17,000 plus $499 doc fee plus TT&L.
  • lauradavidlauradavid Posts: 9
    Backy ( Love your name)

    it is an automatic;his original offer was 17,000 + 499 doc fee, and he only came down when I told him that dealer fees around here are less than half of their fees. I think Fitzmall has it priced at 17,135. I don't know what their doc fee is, but my husband and I have summers off, so we could essentially drive anywhere to buy.

    We test drove an 09 Sonata 4cyl GLS tonight, and we like how it rides, but the mpg is a big issue for us.

    Anyway thanks for your help! I really appreciate it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Have you compared the mpg of the Elantra and Sonata? They are pretty close, especially on the highway.

    So considering the $499 fee it looks like the dealer is very close to if not better than Fitzmall, depending on Fitzmall's fees. You might also check out Towne Hyundai, which has very good Internet prices, to see if they are significantly lower than your dealer or Fitzmall. They are in New Jersey. I know Towne has all 2009 Sonatas at about $2000 below invoice, plus rebates. So the Sonata GLS could actually cost about the same as the Elantra SE, but w/o leather of course.
  • statictstatict Posts: 2
    Just got back from buying the SE. Car is black, automatic, SE with floor mats and spoiler. No option packages. Cost was $14,845 + title/license/doc ($234) (no tax in my state). No other dealers in my state came close to this deal, and a few told me that when I went there, the price would not be what was quoted to me or that the car would be a GLS. However, it was exactly what was quoted to me and I think I got a real bargain (I think it beats Towne). I also only got a $1500 discount in my state, not the $2000 some are getting.

    Car is fantastic, and I really enjoyed driving it home!
  • dvc3dvc3 Posts: 4
    gembree, glad to know I'm not the only one. The auto response definitely threw me off. I was wondering if they sold out or something. I'll give them a call. Thanks for the tip.
  • glssportglssport Posts: 1
    Hello All!

    Just bought my Elantra GLS Sport last week and in Toronto we have a Blue Ribbon event with O% Financing for 60 month.

    With my trade-in I got the Elantra for $24290.90 @ $404.84/month "OTD"

    Some helpful hints to pass on is the mark up on the L auto model is very very little, where as the LTD (fully load) model is around the 7% mark up rate. You can really negociate on the Admin fee, the freight and PDI is a hard one to bargian with and the Taxes is untouchable.

    FYI... because we have the 0% fianacing for 60 month we don't get anying rebates like those in the U.S., now that would have been really nice to get an additional $2000 off the price of the car.
  • lauradavidlauradavid Posts: 9
    Fitzmall called me back to let me know that an SE P + L is currently due to arrive in 2 - 3 weeks. Their price is 17,135.00 + 499 doc fee + 200 license and 7% Tn sales tax for a total OTD of 18,476. What do you all think? I could get an 09 Sonata ltd for a little over 2000.00 more. Both cars are auto.

  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I thought Fitzmall's doc fee was $99.

    But, I haven't checked their site in a while so maybe it has changed.
  • envy1111envy1111 Posts: 2
    A dealer in my area offer me $1300 off their invoice price on any Elantra on their lot. On top of that, I will also get the $2000 credit. Is this a decent deal?

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    That is decent, especially on the SE which seems to be in high demand and somewhat hard to find. You can do better on GLSes in some areas, e.g. Towne Hyundai, but not everyone can go to New Jersey to buy a car. :)
  • envy1111envy1111 Posts: 2
    If I can get the GLS with pop package for $11,900+tax+lic, is that still a good deal? They are also offering me the SE automatic for $14,800+tax+lic.
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