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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Not quite as good as what you could do at Towne (assuming this is an MT car), but I think it's a good deal. If it's for an automatic car, that's a great deal. For comparison, I paid $11,800 + T&L for an Elantra GLS MT, in the fall of 2000! There weren't any rebates available then, but that car didn't have six airbags, ABS, XM radio, etc. etc. And this is nearly eight years later!
  • chibhawkchibhawk Posts: 2
    Hi, new to the board here.
    I've read through the past couple month's worth of postings to see where OTD prices have ranged.
    I live in southern Maine and unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone else does.
    I've talked to several Maine dealers and so far I've gotten a GLS A/T with pop package for $14,500 OTD. It seems that typical fees here are $350 doc fee, $25 for title and the state sales tax of 5%. Unfortunately, Maine taxes before rebates.
    Doing the math the car itself is around $15,714 before everything. Is the $14,500 OTD price reasonable? I still haven't heard back from all the dealers so I'm hoping it will drop more. One dealer gave me the line he couldn't go below $15,000 and didn't know how they could.
    Any input is appreciated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I had a long chat with a Hyundai sales guy today at my local dealer (had some time to kill). He seemed pretty knowledgeable on his products and the market in general. He told me that his dealership was unable to get any more 2008 Elantras. They had only 3 left on the lot, GLSes. Instead, they just bought a huge allocation of Accents. Now, he said this after I told him that I was not going to buy a car before fall, and if it were an Elantra it would have to be an SE or Touring. So I don't think he said it to pressure me to buy today. In fact he was very laid back.

    Anyway, he claims that all the 2008 Elantras have been shipped and no more Elantras will be coming until the 2009s arrive this "fall"--whenever that is--who knows, could be July! I was wondering if anyone else has heard anything like this.
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    Antwerpen Hyundai ( in Md. has approx. 70 '08 Elantras on their website for whatever that's worth. But they may have been allocated more as they're a very high volume dealer.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Get bids from about 10 dealers last week of the month (now). Perhaps toward the last few days or June 2 the prices will break a bit, a few dealers needing your business. It seems your price is about 13700, a little less if the title and stuff in your state is more than 100.

    Prices have ranged from the high 12000's to 14000's on this car. Almost all the extraordinarily low prices seem to becoming from the Towne Dealership near NY. Whether Hyundai has a promotional agreement with this dealership or in this region I don't know.

    The 07 Elantra gls auto Wholesales used for about 11000, so a price in the low 13000's is about what you want on a new 08 (msrp 17000). Even 13700 isn't bad, as it seems like a better car and warranty than the 08 Ford Focus, and they are paying about the same. If you're financing it may be also fruitful putting some effort into options there , as you can easily leave $1000 or more on the table there over 4 years or so too.

    Good Luck

    Hi, new to the board here.
    I've read through the past couple month's worth of postings to see where OTD prices have ranged.
    I live in southern Maine and unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone else does.
    I've talked to several Maine dealers and so far I've gotten a GLS A/T with pop package for $14,500 OTD. It seems that typical fees here are $350 doc fee, $25 for title and the state sales tax of 5%. Unfortunately, Maine taxes before rebates.
    Doing the math the car itself is around $15,714 before everything. Is the $14,500 OTD price reasonable? I still haven't heard back from all the dealers so I'm hoping it will drop more. One dealer gave me the line he couldn't go below $15,000 and didn't know how they could.
    Any input is appreciated.
  • zodiac711zodiac711 Posts: 18
    Each person has their opinion on whats good. I don't discount the benefits of the Elantra SE, but they do come at a price.

    How much less is an Accent SE vs Elantra GLS? Now, we compare Elantra GLS vs SE. And, for only a bit more, you can get something even better than an Elantra SE. Repeat until your ~15k car is now a 40k+ car.

    One must stop somewhere (barring an infinite amount of $$$). :)
  • shekharshekhar Posts: 23
    Which state and dealer you bought it from. I am in SC and would like to get SE automatic. Jim Hudson is asking $15,860 + Deaer fee ($249), + tax ($300) + title ($30)
  • statictstatict Posts: 2
    Bought it at the Salem, OR Hyundai dealer. Called other dealers in the state (and in southern Washington), and was getting quotes of like $15,650-$15,850 or so. Then they quoted me the really low price. I was very skeptical, but when I went there, it was very straightforward, the price was as they said, and the car was as they said.
  • prajanprajan Posts: 2
    Hi Folks,

    I have been following the discussion about Hyundai Elantra on this Forum and it was quite helpful to me to get an Elantra.

    I got my vehicle 2 days back in Houston for 16096 (Including Tax,TTL,Fees). The car is equipped with the anti-theft system and comes with the sun roof + Popular Package . The car drives great and is equivalently great on Mileage.

    The selling price of the car was 14400 and the anti- theft added 490 dollars over it.

    Do you think it is good deal?

  • xfshhxfshh Posts: 26
  • Just picked up a black Elantra GLS auto, accessory group 2 from Towne in Denville NJ. Sticker was $17,165, OTD for me was $14,200. I had to get new plates so my cost was a little higher then just doing a transfer. Car came with mudguards and mats.
  • prajanprajan Posts: 2

    I bought a GLS

  • inkycatinkycat Posts: 9
    I'm trying to find an SE in the KC area. Shawnee Mission Hyundai says they don't have any and had to go to Chicago for the last one they sold. Other area dealers are only showing 3 or 4 in stock. Any idea when more will be coming?
  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    I've heard there will be no more '08' SE's. They are very hard to find, especially if you're looking for specific options. I'm in FL and I found my SE at Fitzmall in MD.

    You may have to wait until the '09's come out later this year.
  • cyberoptiqcyberoptiq Posts: 3
    paid $15,188 in Stroudsburg, PA in July 2006. Haven't had any major problems with it yet. Great gas mileage.
  • lena12lena12 Posts: 7
    Has anyone who has bought from Towne (Denville, NJ) had issues with them being lax on taking care of the paperwork for out-of-state registrations? While buying the car was a pretty decent experience, I have to say that I am LESS than impressed with how they have handled getting my paperwork to my state's DMV in a timely manner. I bought the car 3 weeks ago tomorrow and NOTHING. I have a temporary NJ registration that expires today, no record of my info at the DMV, and a car that I can't drive, much less park anywhere without fear of getting a ticket after today. For $489 in documentation/registration fees, I would've stood in line myself. And leaving messages for my dealer that are not returned? Not cool at all. This is souring my experience.

    To stay on topic...umm....I love my Elantra.
  • mort4371mort4371 Posts: 27
    Sorry to hear about that... :(

    I had similar problems with Fitz on my wife's Sonata I bought in early 2007. Got Maryland temp tag (60 day) with purchase, then they waited like 5 weeks to send paperwork to PA DOT. Once DOT received the forms, I found out from them that their normal turnaround on registration papers was 4 weeks. I got the registration and plate the exact day my Maryland temp tag expired. Whew! My chariot almost turned into a pumpkin, too.

    On a positive note, I bought an Elantra from them the second week of April this year, and my PA registration stuff is already finished as of a week ago. I think they are a bit more on top of that now. (Probably doesn't hurt, either, that -- given my previous experience -- I stayed in frequent contact this time with Fitz title people until things were cared for. :shades: )

    I'm certain that dealing with other-state DMVs is an added layer of complexity for these dealers; I sure wouldn't enjoy it. However, these big internet players that routinely sell out of state need to deal with it, and do their best, if they want the good word-of-mouth (and resulting additional business -- I'd have never found or heard of Fitz if it weren't for this forum, for example) to continue.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Have you tried calling Towne and talking with the sales manager? Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to get things rolling. You could also find out if and when they submitted it to your state's DMV. Sometimes the state departments are understaffed and not real swift.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    Great forum!

    I've ready to buy a new Elantra but don't really know if this is a good deal. I'm in the Chicagoland area and have a quote of $14742 (doesn't include tax, title, etc). That's for an auto SE. Sticker is $17945. 17.8% off. That includes $1500 cash back or rebate or something like that.

    They said they can go lower as well. Not sure how much though.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    That's really weird that a dealer would give you a price (and a pretty good one at that), then say "But we can go lower!" So take them up on it!! See how low they'll go. If they have trouble coming up with a number, suggest one, maybe $14k?, and see what they say.

    The SE is pretty hot right now, with all the favorable press (the July issue of Consumer Reports has a story on small cars, and ranks the Elantra SE at the top of the heap and speaks glowingly about it--it even beat out the all-new 2009 Corolla, which topped the Elantra GLS by only one point).
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    i agree. it seemed weird for them to quote the price and then they said, "make an appointment this week and we'll go even lower." not sure what lower means but i'll find out this week and post it. they have one on the lot- meets my needs. then a neighboring dealer has 5 SEs and 2 are pretty much what i want- they already said they'll match it. not sure about the lower part though.

    glad it seems like a good price so far. i'm just concerned about the other "fees." i'll have to see if anything is tacked on outside of taxes and license and that crap.

    thanks!! nice way to spend a saturday night :)
  • lena12lena12 Posts: 7
    Thanks to both of you for your replies. I've talked to my sales manager, and I guess because they work with a third party, and it's an out of state registration, things are a bit slow. Although I've had the car for a few weeks, I'm ready to just be completely 'validated'. Let's hope something happens in the coming week.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Yeah, you have to watch out for the fees. I saw a buying report today on a Versa in another discussion, and the price of the car was pretty good, but there was a $499 fee (aka "dealer profit") tacked on that negated most of the discount off list. Good luck!
  • kwbill24kwbill24 Posts: 2
    I recently bought an Elantra from Towne with registration in PA. As the 21 day temporary out-of-state expiration date approached, I called Towne and they faxed me a letter to serve as an "extension". One week later they overnighted my PA plate and registration. That same day a check arrived in the mail for the difference between the $200 charged for registration and the actual cost.
  • lena12lena12 Posts: 7
    Yes, I got the letter too, so that helps/ed!
  • txmedictxmedic Posts: 1
    Just keep in mind if you financing through the dealer they will take a little loss on the sale and make up for it on the selling the financial contract to a lender. I just bought a 08. Sticker price was 17,165. I paid 15,550 OTD ( this is taxes and the whole nine yards- that is it-nothing else) So get this I am financing 10,000 I paid 5550 down payment. The financial manager told me that they were going to lock this deal in at 60 months. He stated that he was going to extended the bumper to bumper to 100,000 miles and charge me 1,500 extra. I told him 15,550 OTD that is it or no deal. He stated he would go see if they really wanted to sell this car. After returning he continued to jerk my chain. So I told I was leaving and I would be intouch. I ran into the sales person on my way out the door and explained the 1500 dollar extended warranty and told him I was leaving. It wasn't 10 minutes before my phone started ringing he told me that he had me locked in at 36 months. Well I called him back when I got home and he stated that he had to do this deal at 60 month or it wasn't happening. I told him ok have a great day and hung up the phone. I immediately called the sales person and told him that I was being mislead again. After 10 minutes he called me back and assured me that the deal was locked in at 36 months. We I returned 20 miles to the dealer. Now I was dealing with a different finance person. He told me that they had me budgeted at 60 don't know my budget. The reason they try to lock you in for maximum months is because they turn around and sell this contract..The more months the more money..I finally closed the deal on my terms..People don't give in.Stand firm and don't be afraid to get up and leave. Don't pay document fees. My car was delivered to me unwashed but that is fine cause the deal was closed on my terms only.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    This is a follow-up to my previous post from 5/31. I was orginally quoted $14742 for the base SE auto. I went to another dealer since my previous one was out of SEs. This new dealer (Elgin, IL) had an auto SE for $18115 sticker with $180 or so in options (floor mats, cargo net, and wheel locks). They would barely move from the $14742. They actually wouldn't move from that amount plus the $180 in options. I was able to get it for $14700 plus TTL. They kept on telling me they were not even making money on the deal. I was sick of hearing that! I even told him if he says that one more time, I'm leaving.

    I think I got a pretty good deal. I know it's not fair to compare sometimes, but I see some people paying $1K+ more for the same car.

    Good luck to everyone out there in the market. It does seem like the SEs are very limited right now out there. The 2 biggest dealers around me only have 1 each- and that's from having over 7 last week.

    I also paid cash so no financing- that was nice!
  • dvc3dvc3 Posts: 4
    thanks again gembree. Everything worked out perfectly with the purchase.

    Now I just hope that my plates arrive before my temporary one expires.

    If the plates arrive on time I will be a Towne Hyundai evangelist for sure!
  • whatever u do, do not get the royal guard is just alot of hype,
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    i didn't go for the royal guard insurance. i don't think they mentioned it. unless it's the bumper to bumper increased to 10 100K. when i talked with the finance lady (funny how i had to since i was paying cash- i could have been outta there an hour earlier), she said to extend the bump to bump it was $1800 but she would sell it for $1000. i said no way and she said i was crazy not to double my bump to bump. i said i would pay no more than $400 for it. the conversation ended there- funny because she said it never goes below $1000. it was nice because she didn't try and keep on selling it to me!

    overall, i had a good buying experience. i have to say though when my salesperson brought over one of the sales managers, i pissed him off quite a bit because i was so upfront with getting a lower price. made me feel pretty good.
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