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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    If thats an 08 auto gls msrp 17000, (dealer stuff worth $100) they seem to go all day long no dicker at towne and the other nj dealership mentioned for under 13000 +tax ,title and fees. Since you're in the area why not take advantage? Thats about what the car's worth. Your deal of 13600 +tax title seems close but higher than the others . For a manual its lousy. Get your financing figured out as you can easily leave 1500 on the table there over 4 or 5 years depending on terms.

    Good luck

    Central NJ area-
    Automatic Carbon GLS with popular package, pin stripping, door/fender protecter molding, mats, nitro air in tires.

    Sticker w dealer accessories was like 18k+

    offer: 15557.23
    199- window etching
    19.00- finance credit bur fee.
    1104.26 tax
    7.50 state tire tax
    254 DMV Title Reg fee
    299 Dealer documentation fee

    2000k incentive
    400 college grad rebate
    15,039.99 OTD price.

    What do you guys think of the deal?
  • it has auto and a/c. you can see their ad at their website
  • nanotubenanotube Posts: 30
    It is an okay price for such a great car. It sounds like you have not taken delivery yet. Please report back and share with us your experience at the dealership and actual OTD price. I hope they don't slap you with $299 doc fee like some others got upstairs.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Just brought home a grey Elantra SE auto with carpet mats, spoiler, body moldings and pin stripes to replace the 2000 Corolla my dear darling 18 year old daugher totaled last week. . Out the door 15,800. This included the $2,000 rebate. Hope I got a good price. I spent the week contacting every dealer in NJ. Not too many SE's left in the state. It was a toss up between this or a 2003 Nissan Sentra with 12,000 miles on it with no side airbags or other safety features for $7000. I feel I made the right decision putting in the extra $9,000 for the safety features. Husband is doubting my decision. Oh well. Marlene
  • mrcellusmrcellus Posts: 52
    Marlenelin-Your husband need worry and neither should you-You scored a great deal on a 08 Elantra SE - Heck people are paying as high as 17k or more. Enjoy you new car and of course the peace of mind of a great deal indeed.

  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Well, I may have to sell it. Daughter is throwing a fit because now she tells me she wanted the 2003 Sentra so she could use it as a closet, locker room, art storage, etc. and trash it like she did to our Corolla. Husband said it is a good deal but good deals do not work for everyone. After a week of doing research while mourning for my brother who died ten days ago, I've had it. I'm going to call my friend's friend and see if the 2003 Sentra is still available. Of course, when she gets in a collision and there are no side airbags to protect her, I refuse to be held responsible, or when she takes the car to college next year and can't get through the snow in northwestern PA, she can complain to him. Marlene
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    Alternately, you could sell the Elantra and put the money into your retirement fund, or a really nice vacation for you and your husband, etc. And you could tell your daughter she can take public transit.

    Remember, you are the parent.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Yes, I am the parent, but my husband seems to be taking the side of my daughter and I'm sick and tired of hearing it from both of them. The last thing I want to do right now is take a vacation with him. Unfortunately, where we live, there is no public transportation.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    So much the better! ;)

    Maybe a vacation by yourself? Sounds like you could use one.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Seems like a good deal on a car with a 60/100k mi warranty. And on a difficult to deal on SE to boot. The sentra isn't as nice a car, Is out of warranty, and can easily rack up 3000+ in repairs the next 5 years. Arent they both sedan's with Elantra being bigger? Now she has a newer, better closet, locker room and storage to trash.

    I can see how she may have wanted a van, mazda3 or 5, but the two sedan's are about the same in use.

    Good luck
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Had an '03 Sentra and traded it when the warranty was up. Don't buy it!!! Tell your kid to drive it or're keeping the car...period! Sorry for your loss...your husband needs to get his priorities straight and support you and be the man of the family. It'll also be a valuable learning experience for your kid to learn that she can't manipulate her folks to go against each other any more.
    Time for some growing up to be done in your house. Enjoy your new car...seems to me you need some tlc right about now and a new car is a great way to get some. You really got a nice car too!

    The Sandman :)
  • I don't know if I'm allowed to mention names so I'll use abbreviations.
    I had gotten a quote from a North Jersey dealer for a 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS Automatic with Popular Equipment Package (A/C & Radio) + Carpet Mats & Cargo Net for OTD of $14.7--something. I then wrote email to and spoke with 'N-e' from Hyundai City who spoke with her manager (she said) who said they'd match the price. I'm in South Jersey, so it's a much closer drive and so I went to close the deal. When I got there I never got to speak to 'N-e', but instead another salesperson who tried to give me another price and not the one I was quoted. I promptly showed the breakdown of the quote I had gotten from the other dealer and said that was the price I was quoted by Hyundai City over the phone and that's what I wanted. A manager 'S-e' came and said they had quoted me $14,500 before taxes and fees and that the price I was asking for was too low and they'd lose money. I said that was the price I was quoted and I would like that price. Here's where it gets interesting.
    'S-e': Well that place is 2 hours away from you and if you drive that far, you would probably not want to leave without a car.
    I said: They don't know where I'm from, I could be from 5 minutes away.
    'S-e': H how did you contact them?
    I said: By email.
    'S-e': They know where you're coming from because they can track your email.
    I said: I'm a Network Admin at my company (which I am) and I know it's possible, but I use an online email service and I don't think dealers would go through that trouble.
    'S-e': Dealers have the ability and they use it.
    I said: Tell you what, I'll call a friend and ask him to email something to you and if you can tell me where he is then I'll have to believe you.
    'S-e': Uh, we use a service to do that.
    I said: You can call the service and they can tell you.
    'S-e': Uh (looks at his watch), our compuer guy left at 5 o'clock.
    I said: So, you're telling me if I emailed after 5 o'clock you wouldn't know?
    'S-e': (Blustering and getting loud) What are you talking about?!
    I said: Are you lying to me? That's all I want to know.
    'S-e': (Jumping to his feet and now yelling) GET OUT OF MY DEALERSHIP! (proceeds to rip up some papers).

    I got up and left, offended and pissed.

    I did pick up a Black/Beige 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS Auto with Popular Equipment Package and Carpeted Mats, pin striping, mud guards for $14,985.00 OTD ($2,000 rebate + taxes, tags & fees; if I kept my old tags, would have saved me $130 or so) at Flemington Hyundai. I ended up getting the Lo-Jack because the money-math was a no brainer - a 15% to 25% discount on my comprehensive auto insurance for $950 + tax? (Um, let's see - financed for 5 years - insurance about $2,000/year and at worst case 15% discount = $300 savings on insurance per year - so in 3-1/2 years the insurance savings would pay for the Lo-jack; best case 2 years pays off Lo-jack and after the Lo-jack is paid off, everything else is savings!) So the final price was $16,025.67.
    What do you guys/gals think?
    Mention me at Flemington and I'll get $100 bucks - I'll split it with ya! 8-)
  • I was so busy warning against Hyundai City, I forgot to mention my experience at Flemington Hyundai.
    I got the quote $14,800.00 from Flemington Hyundai via phone and email after showing them a breakdown of a quote from another dealer. I got an email with the OTD price of $14,800.00 with no details. I asked for him to email me the specs on the car (2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS Auto with Popular Equipment Package, Carpeted Mats, Cargo Net) along with the quote and he did email it but swapped the cargo net for the mud guard (don't care much either way). This was on Friday and I was going to pick up on Friday, but he said his manager was going to be gone by the time I got there so could I come on Saturday. He said he wouldn't be there, but another salesperson would assist me. I asked for tlephone or email confirmation from the salesperson that would be there to meet me and I received a phone call.
    There was an early morning appointment so I said I would be at Flemington by 2pm. My appointment got cancelled so I ended up getting to Flemington a little before 1pm. I saw the car and then went into do the paperwork. He knew that negotiations had been made already and did not try to pull anything. While he was helping us, he also was helping 2 other persons and making and receiving phone calls (the place was busy!). He apologized a few times for the busy-ness, but I didn't mind since he was actually working and not sitting around wasting time.
    After a little bit, we went into the finance office to sign papers. The fiance guy asked if we wanted to double the bumper-to-bumper coverage, I said no and he didn't ask again and did not push it. He asked if I wanted Lo-jack and explained that it would take 15% to 25% off the comprehensive auto insurance, cost around $950 + tax. I did the math and decided it made sense to get it not because of the Lo-jack, but because of the insurance savings. The finance guy was friendly and didn't try to push anything after it was asked once.
    In about 2-1/2 hours after I got there, even when they were busy, I was ready to go with the keys in my hand.
    But when I got to the car, one of the fobs didn't work and the radio didn't work. The salseman 'R-s' said he'll have the shop take a look at it and I could wait just a bit, but I was hungry so I said I'm going to grab lunch and be back. He told me a few places to eat. I ate. I came back. The car was ready to go.
    I checked the trunk (turnk light, spare tire), I check all 4 tires to make sure they were inflated properly, check the radio, checked both fobs, checked the lights, power windows, power doors - everything was great. In 3-1/2 hours after I walked in the door, I got my price, check financing options, signed papers, had lunch, double checked the car and took my new car home.
    At Flemington, they were curteous, not pushy, seem to have integrity and was overall a good buying experience. But I can't help getting the feeling I could have done better than $16,025.67 for the 2008 Hyundai Elantra GLS Auto with Popular Equipment Package, carpeted mats, pin striping, mud guards and Lo-jack... It seemed too easy? ($17,165 sticker)
  • fivilfivil Posts: 8
    FYI, always check with your insurance agent before you assume a certain discount. About a month ago I was considering a Civic that happened to already have Lojack equipped. The salesman mentioned that it was a great deal since I'd get an additional 25% discount on my insurance. I figured that was BS, so I called my State Farm agent and they told me Lojack counts the same as any alarm with an active immobilizer. An alarm like that costs about $250 installed and gets me a 15% discount max. The factory alarm nets a 10% discount, and Lojack on top of the factory alarm gets me 5% - which is not nearly worth the cost.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Yeah, if the salesman says their $1000 add on will save 15 percent on your insurance, (how does he know what your insurance co is and the rates?) take it with a grain of salt. Assuming tax and tags was close to 10% you got an ok deal at 13500 for your area (I think you are in the best area of the country with the usual sales price 13k or lower from Towne, etc). You got a very good deal compared to other areas of the country. I think you got nicked a bit on the lo-jack, especially if the other alarms are much cheaper, All in all about an average deal. (Unless your credit is good and they financed you at 8%)

    Happy Drivin'
  • Actually, the salesman didn't talk to me about the Lo-jack, it was the finance guy who mentioned it. And although he didn't know what my insurance is, I do and I did the math in my head $2,000 x 0.15 = $300 x 3.5 years = $1,050; so in the 5 year finance period alone, Lo-jack would save me over $450.
    And just to make sure I called Allstate's 24 hour sale and support line (my insurance company) and they said Lo-jack would save me 20%; immobilizing unit would save me 10%; if I had both it would save me 25%.
    For right now I'll keep the 20% discount ($2,000 x 0.2 = $400/year so 2-1/2 years to pay off low jack and $1,000 savings on my auto insurance during the remaining 2-1/2 years of my fianance term - and then just savings accrueing on my insurance) and at the end of my finance term, I may consider an additional immobilizer for the extra 5% depending on what my insurance payments are at the time.
    The 24 hour sales and support line said I will have to contact my local insurance agent to activate the 20% discount. I will be calling first thing Monday morning and will keep you all updated.
    Depending on your insurance rate; if you're financing; it may be totally worth the inrease in the dealer price for the $1,000 add-on for the savings on the insurance!
    Just trying to be helpful!
  • nanotubenanotube Posts: 30
    Remember insurance consists of liability, comprehensive and collision and at least in my case liability and collision are the most costly parts. If I remember correctly insurance company may take ~20% off the comprehensive part but not the entire premium. That makes more sense to me since only comprehensive deals with theft. Are you sure they will take the percentage off the whole $2,000? Or your comprehensive alone costs you $2,000/yr? In the later case I would move to a cheaper area to save more.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    nanotube is correct.

    I am an insurance agent and have never heard of any insurance company discounting the entire car insurance premium because of lo-jack or any other anti-theft device.

    The discount only applies to the coverage insuring you against theft. Most companies (at least in CT) have been calling this coverage "damage to your car other than collision" for over a decade. A few may still call it "comprehensive". This coverage applies to fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage, just about any accidental damage except for collision with another object. See your policy for definitions of collision as colliding with an animal such as a deer is considered "other than collision."

    Car dealers or accessory sales people often use the promise of a big discount from one's comprehensive car insurance. Technically, they are correct, but they say it in such a way that the typical new car buyer believes he will save X% on his entire car insurance premium.

    Don't ever believe what anyone in automotive/accessories sales tells you a particular item or feature will do to save you insurance premiums.

    A good example is window etching. None of the insurance companies we represent offer any discount for window etching. We've had clients call and say "My new car has window etching. How much will that save me?" When we tell them "nothing", they get mad at us rather than the salesman who gave them false information.

    Always check with your insurance agent or company before buying anything based upon its claimed insurance savings.

    P.S. Lo-jack is a "recovery system", it is not a theft prevention system. And, the finance guys' job is to sell add-ons after the car sales deal has been made. Some previous posts have talked about having to go to the finance guy when they were paying cash for the car. This is only done so the finance guy can try to squeeze a few more bucks out of the buyer.
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Um lojack really costs you money, if it really saved people 15% off insurance, EVERYONE would do it. What it does is save 15% off the comprehensive part...which is already damn cheap. My comprehensive is like $200 per year, so I save a whole $30 per year! Not worth buying the lojack unless it's priced at like $150. Which honestly is what I think it's really worth.

    I've had similar experiences with finance managers. They usually sneak a few things such as lojack, resistall, other hidden addons. Saying no is the only way out. And hopefully it'll be the nice type of person.

    Also just a reminder, I'd recommend writing a review of both dealers on edmunds. Hopefully it'll help steer some people.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Daughter was hoping for a new Honda CRV in two years. Husband is telling her this is the last new car we get. That's why she wanted the 2003 Sentra instead of the new Elantra. To add to that, I will not let her drive the new Elantra until she proves to me that she can use a car without trashing it, so for the summer until she leaves for college, she must drive my husband's 2006 Accord which is a manual. She was tired of driving a manual. Meanwhile, husband is complaining because he wanted another manual, and I insisted on an automatic. At almost 60 years old I'm getting too old to drive a manual in stop and go traffic every day. I told them if they want to sell the new Elantra SE and buy the 2003 Sentra, it's up to them. I researched the Elantra for two weeks to get the best price, and I wipe my hands clean now. I need time to grieve the loss of my brother.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    But think of the super advanced CRV she will make payment on herself in 4 years with her college degree! Or in 2 years with her great serving job at the restauraunt, credit she's built herself, going to college, exactly the color,weight style, tranny she wants.

    It may be dad's last new car, but our 18 year old has years of new cars ahead of her. Personally I think you have the right idea.

    Good luck

    Daughter was hoping for a new Honda CRV in two years. Husband is telling her this is the last new car we get. That's why she wanted the 2003 Sentra instead of the new Elantra. To add to that, I will not let her drive the new Elantra until she proves to me that she can use a car without trashing it, so for the summer until she leaves for college, she must drive my husband's 2006 Accord which is a manual. She was tired of driving a manual. Meanwhile, husband is complaining because he wanted another manual, and I insisted on an automatic. At almost 60 years old I'm getting too old to drive a manual in stop and go traffic every day. I told them if they want to sell the new Elantra SE and buy the 2003 Sentra, it's up to them. I researched the Elantra for two weeks to get the best price, and I wipe my hands clean now. I need time to grieve the loss of my brother.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    You like it... you keep it. Did your spouse pick out his new car in '06...? Probably yes I'd wager so now it's your turn. If you're happy with the Elantra, keep it and enjoy. My kids try the same thing with what they want and what they don't want and that nonsense is ridiculous. I tell them when you make your own money from your own job, you can do what ya want but since I'm the bread winner here, I get the last say. And I always show them where the door is if they don't like the house rules. They're all over 21 now and are free to leave. This sense of entitlement kids have today is ridiculous.
    Again, sorry for your loss and enjoy YOUR new car!

    The Sandman :)
  • khabrikhabri Posts: 3
    Got my 08 elantra gls from Towne Hyundai for 14500 OTD. Salesman was very professional and polite unlike other dealerships where they pressurize you to buy a car from them even though they are selling it for 1000 - 1500 more (like Brad Benson)

    I recommend Towne to everyone very strongly!
  • fivilfivil Posts: 8
    This thread is way off track, so I'll add in my experience:

    I ended up going with the Elantra instead of the Civic LX because in my part of the country (Houston) Civics are selling at MSRP. I got an 08 GLS automatic with option package 2, floormats and mudflaps for right at $14400+TTL. That's $15537.50 OTD. Only a $1500 rebate here in Texas, and lots of demand for these cars, so I think I did pretty good. Got my Aircheck rebate for turning in my 93 Dodge Shadow and walked out with a shiny new loan worth $12350.00 of debt.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    congrats! i'm sure you'll like your new car. i got the se a few weeks ago and really like it. i think you're not alone with many people starting to find the elantras being in high demand. there aren't many ses left so now the glss are picking up pace.

    curious why you think this thread is way off track? because of peoples' buying experiences, or maybe the family discord in a couple posts? :)
  • fivilfivil Posts: 8
    I wanted an SE in Houston, but everybody is out and doesn't expect to get any more, so I saved a few bucks and went with the GLS.

    The family discussion is what was off track.
  • numedianumedia Posts: 2
    Hi guys,

    I’m a first time new car buyer. This situation makes me think about lots of things, but I can not figure it out. :)

    Does anybody know when the 09 Elantra will arrive?
    Do you guys expect more rebate on 08 Elantra?
  • fivilfivil Posts: 8
    The 09 Elantra is said to be due in the Winter. The rebate might change at the end of the month, could go up, could go down, could stay the same...only Hyundai knows, maybe you should wait and see if you're not in a rush to buy.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    What is your source for 2009 availabililty? Everyone at Hyundai I've talked to over the past few months has said late summer, which would put the 2009s in August or maybe September. "Winter" means anywhere from December to March. That is very late given the Elantra has traditionally rolled out with the new model year in the late summer or early fall.

    But the Touring may come later than the 2009 sedan, from what I've heard. Maybe that is what you meant by "winter"?
  • fivilfivil Posts: 8
    Actually, I heard Winter of 2008 for the touring, can't remember where I read it, and I assumed they would release both at the same time...
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