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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • twltwl Posts: 19
    Indeed, it is hard to spot the LE (at least in the Houston area). GLS AT with Popular Package 2 seems is a good alternative. Do you mind disclose where did you get that price?
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    I may of bought the last SE in NJ they are impossible to find in stock. Still think I got a good deal . $15978 OTD includes floor mats,cargo net,wheel locks and pin striping. Did alot of research and had other offers in hand (offers on cars that don't exist). The dealers know the SE's are in demand and not available which made this the hardest deal I've ever made on a car. Think I did all right.
  • ez888ez888 Posts: 39
    cool. congrats! sounds like we got almost the exact same car. mine was a little over $16K out the door. taxes in chicago were over $1300. before TTL it was $14700.

    looks like you got a good deal!

    what color? mine is black with grey interior. it's a nice car. enjoy it. you may want to get some mud guards for it to help keep the paint in good shape around the wheels. in some other threads here, there are some good sites to get authentic hyundai parts.

  • From Planet Hyundai in Las Vegas - 2008 Elantra SE, Apple Pearl Red, 4spd automatic, floor mats. Smoking deal - $14,600 plus TTL...

    Our salesman was Jordan Kotero and he was very good.
  • hostyle11hostyle11 Posts: 1
    Got a quote for an 2008 Hyundai Elantra SE Automatic with the premium package (but not leather), floor mats and mud guards for $16198. Out the door price was $17999.

    Another dealer quoted me 18200 out the door, but it comes with a 20 yr 200000 mile warranty for the powertrain. Is this worth the extra money?

    The TMV on this car is 19108-1500 rebate = 17608. Invoice is 18425-1500 rebate = 16925. The price quoted on both those cars was below invoice. A good deal or not?
  • randy4wrandy4w Posts: 1
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I would like to buy a SE with auto trans. Could you tell me which dealer you went to in Utah? Is this (15704) the price before tax?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If that extended powertrain warranty is transferrable and is offered by a reputable company, it might be worth the extra $200--could make the car easier to sell when it's time. Both seem like OK deals for the SE, which is in high demand right now.
  • I believe they can go a few hundred lower on those prices hostyle 11, but it will depend on their inventory of SE models I suppose. Not a bad price.

    The 20/200000 deal sounds silly. I doubt it would be transferable, and who keeps a car like this more than 10 years ever? Resale value on a 10 yo Hyundai is not really an issue either.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    GLS, option package (popular package #1) no added features - WV resident. Yeah or Nay? No trade, no cash down.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    What's the price before tax and license and other fees? It seems high for a stick Elantra GLS with package 1, given that there's a factory rebate of $1500.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    $15,100 sales price - OTD 16,150. Automatic GLS. How much more can I go down?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Invoice on an Elantrra GLS AT with "package 1" (which is a car with no options) is $14,837. Then take the $1500 rebate off that and you're down to $13,337. So I think there is LOTS of room to haggle. Personally I would shoot for a maximum price of invoice less rebates, plus T&L. I would start off lower than that. But some dealers might not go that low. Doesn't hurt to try though, and be sure to check other dealers.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    Dealer said MSRP is 17,055. It must have some ridiculous uncessary dealer add-ons. I will be checking all local dealers. Thanks.
  • yes keep us updated good luck finding an alantria you want thankyou for reading.
  • I just wanted to share what I think is a very good deal I got on a 2008 GLS A/T with the popular equipment package and mudguards at Fairfax Hyundai. After almost no negotiation with the sales manager via a salesman over the phone, I was quoted an OTD price of $13,200. I live in Richmond and this was substantially below anything the dealers here were willing (or able) to offer. We drove up a few weekends ago, signed the paperwork (I had already gotten financing through my credit union), and were on our way home in less than an hour and a half....all in all a relatively quick and pleasant experience. The total price ended up being $13,201, but I won't hold that against them :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Then you should double-check the equipment on the car. "Package 1" is actually the car with no options. Package 2 or 3 adds options, e.g. A/C, fog lamps. Unless there's a lot of dealer-added stuff, you are likely looking at car with the Popular Equipment Package which adds a lot of useful stuff--including A/C! In that case, the dealer's offer makes more sense but with the $1500 rebate I still think there may be a little room to haggle.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    Now got 3 dealerships that Im working with got it down to OTD $15,700 - Yes it does have Popular Equipment package. Im going to keep it going.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    Final vehicle sales price 08 Elantra GLS, Package 2, Mud Guards, Mats, Cargo Net - $15,022 Minus Rebate -1500 = $13,522.
  • cyshescyshes Posts: 7
    I just got quote on a basic SE Elantra through via internet sales OTD $17,400 in Rockland, NY, $15,750 incl destination, without taxes/fees. Do you think the rebates and discounts would get any better later in the year or after the 2009 is announced?
    I have no problems waiting, but it would be nice to get a car before winter.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It's possible the rebates on the 2008s will go up when the 2009s come out, but I really doubt there will be many 2008 SEs left then--or maybe many 2008 Elantras period. They are getting pretty popular, especially with the supply of alternatives like the Civic drying up.

    If you don't mind a larger car with a little less fuel economy, you might see what a Sonata GLS costs. They have bigger rebates and more aggressive discounting than Elantras, in general.
  • kravonkravon Posts: 30
    July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's largest automaker, raised prices for its Elantra and Accent small cars exported to the U.S. to cover the rising cost of steel and other materials.

    Hyundai boosted basic prices for the Elantra by $300 and for the Accent by $200 as of July 1, Hyundai's Seoul-based spokesman Jake Jang said in a phone interview today. The starting retail price for the Accent is $10,775 and $13,625 for the Elantra, according to Hyundai's Web site. Yonhap News agency earlier reported the price increase.

    Added to that Elantra sales were up in June, so I dont see the need for a larger

    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. - Hyundai Motor America said Tuesday its U.S. sales rose 1.3 percent in June, as it benefited from the growing consumer shift to smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles.

    The automaker sold 50,033 vehicles last month, compared with 49,368 vehicles sold in June 2007.

    Adjusted to reflect three additional selling days in the year-ago period, sales jumped 14 percent.

    Accent sales soared 70 percent during the month, while Elantra sales surged 50.6 percent and Sonata sales increased 11.9 percent.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Yes, frankly I am very surprised there is still a $1500 rebate on the Elantra. But I'm not going to complain about it!
  • parkway1parkway1 Posts: 6
    I'm interested in purchasing a 2008 sedan 4 dr auto elentra, trim SE Leather/Premium. What is a good OTD price? What is PZEV?
  • I also had a very good experience buying a 2007 Elantra from Fairfax Hyundai in late July 2007. My OTD price was $14000. I am in the market to purchase another vehicle and will try Fairfax Hyundai again. How did you start the sales process over the phone ? I had done my previous purchase by email.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I can't tell you what a good OTD price is for you because I have no idea what the taxes/license fees are in your area. But IMO you should shoot for a price that is no more than invoice (as published here at, including destination charge) less any rebates you qualify for, before taxes/license/fees. Depending on how many SEs with leather are available in your area, that could be easy, or not. The SE trim is particularly popular right now, due partly to its top ranking in Consumer Reports.

    PZEV means Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle, i.e. super-low emissions. They are sold in CA and in other states out East that use CA-like emissions regulations. The PZEV Elantra gets slightly lower power (132 vs. 138 hp) than non-PZEV Elantras. I think they are automatic-only.
  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    The Elantra rebate was $2000 in N.Calif. It is now is $1500 after 7/1
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Strange... says the Elantra rebate in CA varies from $1000-1500. :confuse:
  • I actually filled out the form on their website saying I was interested in buying and was contacted first thing the next morning (shock!) by a salesman. Basically I told him exactly what I was looking for and that I already had financing, as well as the price I had in mind. He ran it by the sales manager and quickly came back with a "we can do that" response. I'd still recommend getting something in writing before you go in, although they don't seem like the type to go back on their word. Good luck!
  • elantra08elantra08 Posts: 15
    I just bought a 08' Elantra SE PZEV (silver on black) w/ Sunroof and Heated Seats. It also came with Floor mats, Sunroof deflector, Cargo net, Mud flaps, and Wheel Locks. I got the car for $16,500 + tax/new tags, so OTD price was $17,643. I feel like I got a good price b/c these SE's are really hot, and there are not many Hyundai dealerships in Northeast PA. I had to wait for 2 weeks to get this car. This is my first car and plan to keep it for many years until i am done graduate school.
    I cannot belive that I bought a Hyundai b/c I never liked their cars but in the last few years, hyundai's cars have come along way. This car is very classy and feels so expensive, I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!
  • rangavrangav Posts: 2
    Quoted 13202 + Fee 349 + Tax & Title for GLS Auto with Popular Pkg. Is that good price?
    All rebates to dealer.
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