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2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1/2 & 3/4 Ton Pickups



  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    I'm looking at getting a GMC Sierra SLE 2WD regular cab short box. I don't want it for towing or hauling anything heavy.

    My question is, should I get the 3.42 ratio or the 3.73 ratio? The SLE comes with the 4.8L V8 & automatic transmission. The 4.8L V8 is fine for me.

    Thanks Ralph Coos
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    Depends. If you want to haul loads in your truck, the 3.73 will make that easier. If you just want to drive it, the 3.42 will give slightly better fuel economy.

    Currently with my 4.8L 3.73 (std on 4wd) 4wd Reg Cab Longbed I'm getting 17-18 in town and 22-24 on the highway. That's about 3mpg better than when it was new. 27,000 miles.

    Mike L
  • I'd go with the 3.42. You won't have any problems with everyday driving or even towing 5000 pounds.
  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    Hello all. I've got 2 '98 Blazers, 4x4 LS and LT. I pull a 4500lb boat w/trailer. both trucks have just about 70K miles. I am just changing the brake pads for the first time since owning it. problem i'm having is that i can't take off the rear brake rotor. the brake rotor has a score and i'd like to have it resurfaced at autozone. i've got 4 wheel disc brakes. the rear brake rotor is the drum type. i just can't pull it off like the ones in the front. i'm thinking maybe the parking brake is holding it. i tried tapping it with a mallet lightly but it's the same thing. is there something i'missed? calipers are already off the hub. anyone have done this before? any input on this matter is greatly appreciated. thanks.
  • Sorry i can't help you, you'd have a better chance of a knowlegable reply in the maintenance channel
  • I have a 2001 1500 LT 2WD with the traction control option (and locking rear end). It does a great job (although not as great as 4WD) on slippery Minnesota boat ramps and snow/ice.

    Definitely worth the money (I think it was about $250 when I ordered my truck.)

  • My 2002 2500hd 4x4 crew w/tow also leans to left. Luckystrike please let me know what happened with yours! Dealer is telling me nothing is wrong. Frame measures side to side off by 3/4 inch or more.
  • Thought I would put Dual exhaust on mine new 2002, wanted to run right from the manifold, am being told it can't be done anymore because of the sensors and stuff, they can install a fake dual exhaust by running two pipes from an aftermarket muffler, but they have to reduce the size of of the crossover pipe and it won't help performance since the Chevy tailpipe is much larger. Not like in High School where Hooker Headers were king.
    This is the first Full Size truck I owned since High School, since the kiddies are grown and gone I thought I would splurge, it sure beats driving a Nissan.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    I put the Borla Cat Back System on my 2000 Ext. Cab Short Box, it is not a "true" dual exhaust like the old days but it does ease up on flow restrictions inherent in the stock mufflers and sounds 100% better then stock. I have a link to pics in my profile if your interested in seeing what little detail I could get in the picture of the finished product.

    Ray T.
  • jefcaljefcal Posts: 1
    2002 Silverado owners
    I want to purchase a 2002 silverado 2wd ext cab but need good fuel economy because I commute. Can any owners help me pick the right engine.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    4.8 with 3.42 rear.
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    If you want the best economy, get the smallest engine you can. The V6 gets the best mileage, but I'm not sure you can get it in the ext cab truck. If you can't, the 4.8 will still get reasonable mileage.

    I have a 4x4 1500 Reg Cab Longbed 4.8 5spd 3.73 and I get 17-18 around town and 22-24 on the highway. I'm not the first one away from a stoplight, nor do I drive less than 5 mph over the speed limit.

    Mike L
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    get a V6 in x-cab but not in a GMC. That said, I agree with obyone on the 4.8. Very little diff. in mpg but much more power. I had a '99 4.8 for a commuter and really liked it.
  • nltnlt Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 GMC 1/2 SLT 4x4 5.3 Full tow package.I plan on towing a 6000lb 30 foot trailer.
    Any Ideas how my truck will do?
    I am going to purchase a leveling hitch. I also purchase an active suspension for the rear.
    Has anyone pulled a trailer that big with the same truck?
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    I have towed that much (weight, not length) behind an older 1/2 ton GMC. Had the 3.73 gears and was constantly struggling on any kind of hill. I only did it a couple of times, on flat ground in Eastern Carolina before I got a larger truck. The trailer I towed was very square and box like which made wind resistance a problem. Is this a once in a while thing for short distance and no mountains, or are you going to be doing this frequently? If frequently, or in mountains, I think you will find you will want a 3/4 ton for power and safety.
  • mcrmcr Posts: 15
    Tom is right. You will feel better towing that much weight with a 2500HD. Most experienced rv'ers use the 3/4 principle. That is, have your trailer at 3/4 of the weight of the trailer load rating of the tow vehicle. Seems to work out good too, since it will give you more stability and get you up the hills without bogging down.
  • nltnlt Posts: 8
    It's going to be a 4 times a year kinda thing.
    I didn't want a 3/4 ton because the ride is better unloaded for a 1/2 ton, but I think I either need to get a smaller trailer or a 3/4 ton truck. Thanks.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    I agree with the others, since you already own the truck reduce the size of the trailer it seems a bit much for a 1/2 ton truck plus don't forget all the gear and family that goes inside. Your taking it to the upper limits or even higher of what your truck can safely handle both load and powerwise.

    Ray T.
  • Rick05Rick05 Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me about how good the gas mileage is on the 6.0 in these trucks? Thanks guys.
  • xyz71xyz71 Posts: 179
    Is 6,000 pounds the max gross weight capacity of the trailer - or its unloaded weight?

    I have looked at a few 30 foot trailers that only weigh 4,500 pounds -6,000 seems way heavy.

    If the total weight of the trailer and gear is 6,000 pounds and you are planning on towing 4 times per year - I would keep the 1/2 ton. So what if it takes you 45 minutes longer to get to the camp site.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    One big difference in weight of a travel trailer depends on its construction. Wood framing weighs lots more than aluminum skeleton. A 30 footer I was looking at was over 6000 lbs dry, and a gross weight over 9,000.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    None made of titanium?
  • mcrmcr Posts: 15
    Yes, alum. is much lighter than wood. My 30 footer is alum. and grosses at 7820 on placard. Empty wt. is listed as 4400 approx.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    I was looking at slide-outs, with fiberglass sides by the way. Seems to carry a weight penalty for both features.
  • mcrmcr Posts: 15
    Mine has the fg sides, but no slides. Slides will definately add the weight. Just reading a few pubs now and then, seems like most mfg's are going to alum. now vs the wood.
  • duckman1duckman1 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know at what RPM a 2002 Sierra 2500 HD should be at when cruising at 75 MPH?

    My buddy's truck is at 2600+ with the cruise control at 75. The engine sounds like it is going to explode at any time!

    Base V8 6000 (6l/364 ci)

    GMC dealer says this is just fine.

    Just wondering if anyone with GMC expertise can answer this question.


    Matt Herreid
    [email protected]
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    My Silverado 5.3L with 4.10 gears revs at 2400 rpms @ 75mph in overdrive. GM's new engines rev high but mine sounds fine. Quieter than my brother-in-law's 1993 Chevy 350 1500 at the same speed. The road noise in the cab at that speed is much louder than the engine by a long shot.
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    I am considering ordering a 2003 crew cab.

    Has anyone heard anything about the possibility of GM using their I6 from the Envoy/Trailblazer models in the Silvverados?
  • swp33swp33 Posts: 1
    I have a new 2002 2500HD Chevy Silverado w/ 3500 miles. I'm experiencing a brief shudder when going from 0-10mph. It seems to happen more often when I'm making a turn. The shudder seems to coming from the front end. During a test drive with one of the dealer's mechanics, the dealer thought it might be a transmission problem. After checking the transmission, they said the transmission appeared fine. The dealer replaced the fluid claiming that the original fluid was of low quality. They suggested that I bring it back after 1000 miles for a second fluid replacement. The second time I drove it today after picking it up from the dealer, the shudder is back. Anyone else having this problem?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    2003 crewcab with an I6?

    you would never see that. Why because they put the larger engines in the crewcabs
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