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2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1/2 & 3/4 Ton Pickups

omar29omar29 Posts: 1
I am about to order a 2002 Silverado LT 1500 and would like to know if anyone knows if there are going to be any differences from the 2001 models. The local dealer does not have any brochures or information yet(at least not any they are sharing). Any info appreciated.


  • smith82smith82 Posts: 3
    anyone know if chevy makes a full size four door 1/2 ton 4x4 with a 5 1/2 or 6 ft bed? Something to compete with F150 Supercrew.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Crew cab, 4 full size doors, 6.5 foot bed. Bigger than Supercrew though. Advantage of Supercrew with short bed, it fits in the garage. 1500HD has 10,000# tow capacity too. Basically, it's the 2500 (8600 GVWR) stretched.
  • hillhoundhillhound Posts: 537
    No major changes upcoming. Basically just some changes in options packaging, etc. Supposedly some items which have been options will be included in the base trim. Also they are changing the availability of some of the colors (not sure which ones sorry).
  • hsvgmanhsvgman Posts: 2
    This was posted on thedieselpage forum regarding changes for the GMC version of the 2500HD. See "2001 to 2002 GMC 2500HD changes?" topic at that site for more information...

    Dear Mr. Vogel,

    Thank you for communicating with the GM Internet Response Center and for your interest in GMC.

    The following are new features, changes and deletions for the model year 2002 for the GMC Sierra
    2500 HD pickup.

    New Features for 2002

    New trim level content (1SA-Standard, 1SB-SL, 1SC-SLE, and 1SD-SLT)
    Bigger, bolder Sierra tailgate badge
    Automatic door locks, lock when out of park, unlock in park (with automatic transmission only)
    Sunshade extender, LH sunshade has pocket instead of storage clip
    7-way to 4-way trailer adapter incl. with Z82 Trailering Pkg.
    T96 Fog lamps now incl. with SLT
    PY0 Aluminum Wheels available on SL
    UN0 sound system now incl. with SLM
    AJ1 deep tinted glass now incl. with SLE and SLT
    DF5 inside rearview electrochromic mirror now incl. with SLE
    C60 Air conditioning now incl. with SL
    PCM Cold weather group: incl. DL8 heated power exterior mirror and C49 rear window defogger
    PDC Interior lock group: incl. AU3 power door locks and remote keyless entry SL

    Changes for 2002

    Carpet delete RPO changes from BG9 to PDP
    K47 air cleaner no longer standard, but is now optional
    1SA contains no 'SL' B-pillar badge

    Deletions for 2002

    UM6 AM/FM cassette
    VF7 Rear Spare Bumper delete
    71 Sunset Orange Metallic

    Thank you again for contacting the GMC Internet Response Center and for your interest in GMC
    products. If you wish to speak to a representative in our GMC New Product Information Center,
    please call 1-888-988-7267 between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm Central time.


    William Moore
    Customer Relationship Manager
    GM Internet Response Center
  • hsvgmanhsvgman Posts: 2
    Just curious if anyone has noticed or looked into this.

    Compare the sticker and invoice pricing for the GMC Allison transmission versus the Chevy version. The GMC pricing is $1032 / $1200 (invoice / sticker) while the Chevy is $1974 / $2295. Quite a difference for the same chunk of metal, I think.

    On Chevy 2001 HD models, I actually saw both pricing schemes on similarly equipped Chevrolet 2500HD crew cabs. Unfortunately they weren't on the same lot at the same time or I would have had fun with the salesman!

    The bottom line is:
    1)If you buy a Chevy with the higher sticker price, did you really buy two transmissions?
    2)It makes the bottom line of a GMC 2500HD diesel/8.1 gas comparable, if not slightly cheaper than a similarly equipped Chevy.

    Go figure. I like the styling of the Chevy better but can I find a Chevy not only with the right equipment but with the right sticker? With this difference and the generally higher resale of the GMC, the "professional grade" truck may make more cents...
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    ON GMC The automatic trans is included
    in the base price. Chevy is not.
    That explains the price difference when
    you go to the Allie auto....
  • thats really cool they are making the PYO wheels available on the SL. I don't like real fancy trucks and it always bothered me that you had to upgrade all sorts of stuff just to get the nice wheels.
  • 69ss39669ss396 Posts: 5
    Has anyone actually seen a new 2002HD? I am particularly interested in the visor upgrade which is supposed to include slide out extensions and be larger than the 2001. Mine is scheduled for build next Tuesday and I am hoping the early 2002's include the upgrades discussed in a prior message. Thanks-
  • revkerrevker Posts: 33
    Yeah, i've seen a 2002 HD ext. cab 4x4 LT at a dealer lot in Lansing, IL. Had 2 there, indigo blue and pewter. It does have the extension on the visors.

    If you're truck is scheduled for build next tues. when did they say you should expect to take delivery of it?
  • tapper99tapper99 Posts: 10
    I picked up my 2002 2500hd Monday. The visors don't seem considerably larger but they do have the extenders. Driver side doesn't have anything on the underside (not even the clip anymore) and the pass. side has a plain basic mirror (no lights).
  • Regarding delivery, the dealer had one they tracked that was built August 6th that arrived in Minneapolis on the lot August 10th (GMC). Hard to believe the paint could be dry. They figured within 1-2 weeks. I spoke to a friend who works at the largest Chevrolet dealer in Minnesota and he figured 3-4 weeks. Sold my Blazer today so hoping it arrives ASAP. Now I'm forced to drive a 1969 Chevelle or "the minivan" until delivery. 7 MPG and no heat/radio will have to do until then. Looking to immediately replace 245's with 285's, but a little concerned about clearance once plow is attached. Has anyone hung a V plow on their's yet?
  • Hey tapper99 what engine did you get? I have a 2001 2500HD LS 3,800 miles with the 6.0 and its also tapper! I've been told by the dealer its a piston clearence problem with no fix yet but the engineers are working on it.I also wrote GM and was given the same story and a file number. Hope they do a better job than the ones that designed the engine. The truck runs good,15 MPG @ 60-70 MPH w/ 4.10 locker, but it raps louder than my mother's old '84 Toyota 4 cylinder. Lots-A-Luck!
  • I hope you get your truck soon...I ordered a 2002 GMC HD in April...GM acknowledged the order on June 13 and guess what? NO BUILD DATE AS OF YET. Plus, I need this truck to push snow.Who knows when I'll get it. Also let me know how big a blade you put on it....People tell me 7.5 and others say 8.Thanks and good luck.
  • I was told to expect the vehicle to be delivered by 9/14. I received a call 9/10 telling me that the build date was pushed out to the week of 10/8-10/12. Who knows when it will arrive. The only benefit to waiting is possibly getting some of the 6.0 problems fixed prior to delivery. Myself and some others all bought 8'-2" Boss V plows. They have some similarly equipped 2001's on the lot, but I really wanted some of the upgrades. We have no control over waiting, but it waould be nice if they'd keep the promise dates. I reserved a friends $2000 454 1/2 ton beater for plowing just in case today. Rusty old gray truck with carpeting for a seat. We call it the "Goat." Good luck!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Check out A guy over
    there was having problems with the front end
    too low with his new HD. He has a 9 ft diamond
    on it. Directed him to
    they have some helper device that he got and
    it took care of his sagging problem. He posted
    it works well and easy to install.........
    I have a new 01 ld 2500 with a 7 1/2 western
    ultra mount and no sagging problems. The 7 1/2
    is fine for my usage. My last western outlasted
    3 new 1/2 ton GM trucks (10 yrs) LOL...........
    Check out www.plowsite .com Lots of plowheads
    over there to help out.................Geo
  • I too used Timbren load boosters on my full-size K-5 Blazer and they worked great. I had a 7-1/2' Western Pro. Excellent plow vehicle due to wheel base and visibility. I intend to install Timbrens on the new truck as well. Thanks for the references to the other sites. Sorry to stray off of the truck format.
  • I have a 2001 GMC 2500HD top of the line with all the bells and bubble was popped when my wife noticed the Generic visors...she couldn't believe it...NO light up mirror, no covered when the mirror is down, you see yourself...
    I looked at the 2001 Yukon's, they have the full blown extendable mirrors that even light up. Oh also...though I paid for the Deep Tint package, the rear window was not tinted and was explained to me without reason except if you order Defroster package, you dont get rear window tint
  • How can I get to talk to someone at GM that can explain why for example, rear windows that have a defrost option do not have Deep tint? The area Rep for the San Francisco Bay Area will not do anything for me about this topic.
  • I just ordered a new 2002 chevy ls ext cab short bed 4.8l engine. Had to order because no 2001 avaiable in options i wanted within 500 miles. But thats ok, build date is 10-15-01.Chevys are best truck around i own a 1992 chevy ext v-6 has 159k miles and runs like a champ.Going to do a little work on it like exhaust system and hard top tonneau cover any ideas on what kind of exhaust system to use for better performance and mileage on 2002 chevy?
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    wanted better performance, then why didn't you just spring the extra $600 for a 5.3L? That's cheaper than anything you could do to punch up the 4.8, the difference in gas mileage is next to nothing, and you could have probably gotten a 2001 model you could live with all the rebates.
    -- Don
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    should have ordered the v6 then swap out with a 502. Course would have to upgrade the trans either way. Probably the rear end to.
  • Ordered GMC HD mid-June. Told build date was mid-September. Changed to October 8-12. Called October 16th, now the date is mid-November. I specifically ordered a fully optioned EC, but now due to the delays, I was forced to find a similarly equipped (selection is getting thin) EC 6.0 at another dealer. Ended up at $65 over invoice, but will have to be satisfied as truck will be used for plowing and I can't wait any longer.
  • bnosytbnosyt Posts: 23
    I am pretty sure the rear-window defroster can be had with the tinted windows. I remember seeing a 2001 1500 ExCab LT with both. I remember it being a little hard to see the defroster wires looking through the back glass. Not sure what to tell you, but to find a vehicle on the lot that you bought it from that has both.
  • jrkracejrkrace Posts: 32
    Called the GMC number..they told me that my truck was finally built on the 15th of October..Sheeesh...18 they tell me I won't get it until the 29th of October. I told the dealer I am going to start looking around and may the better dealer win!
  • I just p/u up my 2500HD w/ tinted windows & defroster. The truck that I ordered 6/23/01 still is not scheduled for production, so I drove 200 miles to find the truck with the options that I needed (except dual batteries). While I'm not sure why more plow trucks are not available with the defroster; there are a few out there - ask you local dealer to locate the truck with the options you want.

    When my local dealer wouldn't p/u the truck, I call GM customer svc and had them use the vin# to locate the dealer that had the truck and worked with them.

    I should have my truck back Friday with a new Boss 7.5 SD plow.

    Good Luck
  • Does anyone know if Chevy plans on coming out next year with a 1500 crew cab, not the hd?

    I like the regular 1500 extended cab with 5.3 engine but think it would be better if it came in the full crew cab with slightly more room and full size rear doors.
  • rcoosrcoos Posts: 167
    Does anyone have the NW7- Traction Control on their 2WD trucks?

    If so, please let me know how well this option works?

  • I notice my 3/4 ton truck with the towing package leaning when I picked it up[drivers side], but did not think much of it. Well I have had some people look at it and no one seems to know what's wrong. Has anyone expienced this?
  • I am planning the purchase of a new 2002 silverado, 1500 extended cab LT
    and want to tow a 24 ft Jayco tandem axle travel trailer that has a GVW rating of 6000 lbs and empty weight of 4000 lbs , 500 lb hitch weight and of course a equalizer hitch and torsion bars. does anyone have experience with the 5.3 liter 8 cyl engine in a similar consit. I want something that will pull the mountains in Pa and W.Va.
  • dmdbitdmdbit Posts: 23
    I've got a 1500 ext. cab 2wd that i use to pull a travel trailer that is 28' and about 6000 ready to go. I've got the 4.8 and it does well.Just be sure to get the3.73 rear axle.

    mike b
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