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2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1/2 & 3/4 Ton Pickups



  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
  • mcrmcr Posts: 15
    Is your 2500HD 4wd or 2wd?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    My dad originally planned to buy a new 1/2 ton 4wd, but then saw that a certain HD was only $1500 more MSRP. He asked me if I knew much about the 6.0L engine in it and I didn't know much. I told him that it was not anemic by any means. He also wanted to know mileage values. Thanx ahead of time.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    thats not a large engine.
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    I have the 6.0L w/3.73 rear in my 2500LD (8600 lb.) 2001 EXT cab, short bed, 4WD, Auto, GMC. It is a great engine, although I do have the "knock" or "tick" on start-up. I have not been concerned about this and have not even asked for the extended warranty that GM is offering. I get about 12-13 MPG locally, and 16-17 on the highway at 70MPH in flat land. It and the 4L80E auto are a great combination....very smooth power. 300 ponies in mine, and plenty left at 60MPH+ to set you back in your seat. If you are at all familiar with the old GM 5.7(stock), the 6.0L seems much more powerful and responsive to me. I would recommend the 4.10 rear in a HD.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    That is some very helpful information. His current truck is a '90 GMC with the 5.7, so he'll like to hear that about the power. His current truck has about 120k and burns oil very bad, and has very bad valve chatter. He said that they are offering $2000 rebate on the 1/2 tons now and will probably get the HD if that rebate is also on that truck - not sure about that, though. He does lots of towing but nothing that would require the HD, but he will surely find something heavy to yank around. Any more pointer would be great. Thanx again!
  • tomh12tomh12 Posts: 240
    BTW, saw you asked about the GM engine knock in another topic. Here is my take on that for what it is worth:
    I don't know how wide spread the "knocking" problem is. I believe it is pretty common in the 6.0L, 5.3L, and less so in the 8.1L. Don't know that I have heard of it at all in the 4.8L, but I could be wrong. There are all kinds of opinions about whether this is something to be concerned about or not. My 6.0L "ticks" for about 45 seconds when you first start it after sitting overnight. I use Mobil 1 and have since 500 miles new. I would never have known the sound everyone is upset about was a problem, if I hadn't read it on this board. You do not hear the noise unless you are out of the truck, or have you window rolled down and are listening for it, at least in my case. There are people who already have 50,000+ miles on "knocking" engines with no serious problems developing. I have not seen ANY reported failures from this problem, even though it has been around since the new engines where introduced in (I think) 1999. Guys that know a lot more about engines than me are very upset, but I figure GM will stand behind their product if this does cause any serious damage. Haven't heard one single example of an engine being torn down and exhibiting damage from this. Wouldn't you think that would have been done by now if this was causing damage? Just my $.02 worth.
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    What are you trying to prove?

    The I6 would be a desirable engine to a lot of Silverado buyers. I would be interested in such a configuration.

    There is really no point in arguing this. You're comment about it never being an option is not valid.

    Why not leave it alone?

    And, has anyone heard about this being considered?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Have you ever heard of a chevy Crewcab with a smaller than the bigger V-8 engine (2500 series) offered?

    I could see the new I6 in an ext cab (maybe this is what you are talking about) but never a crewcab
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    oh yea and for reference its not ryanbob its ryanbab
  • whatsachevywhatsachevy Posts: 136
    I have an '01 Chevy 2500HD 4X4 EC 6.0/4.10. I am an old Ford guy and I have to admit that, so far, this is one awesome truck. I have put 285/75/16 Cooper STT mud tires on 16x8 American Racing wheels. This is the only mod that I have done to the truck so far. I have approximately 14,000 miles on the truck. It pulls 7000 pounds with little effort (and stops it good too). It accelerates like a sports car and would probably outrun many of them if it didn't have a 97 mph speed limiter. I get about 13 mpg in mixed driving and I have developed a lead foot driving this beast. My engine has the cold start ticking or knock (whatever you want to call it) and has since about 7,000 miles. GM gave me a 5-year/100K extended warranty on the engine and all internal engine components by just asking (and having the dealer confirm the knock). I don't claim to know a lot about engines, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal to me. If you rev the engine slightly, the knock disappears immediately like there is not enough oil at the top of the engine when first started. My buddy has a '97 1/2-ton with the old 5.7. It has had the same knock since about 3,000 miles. He is pretty hard on his trucks and doesn't follow the scheduled maintenance as he should (coming back from the Texas race last year, the "check engine soon" light came on while I was driving and I asked him what he wanted to do - his response: "it says check engine soon, not now!"). His truck has over 90,000 miles on it now and still doesn't use any oil (and its still knockin' and still rockin'). Take it for what its worth, but I would buy another one today if I had it to do all over again.
  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    Look, I know you are a pickup owner.

    You are probably an expert at this point in aftermarket bed covers.

    You don't know jack about what GM is planning regarding engine options.

    I understand that, in your opinion, they will nor put an I6 in a Crew Cab.

    Thank you for that opinion.

    My question to anyone who may be actually infomed is whether or not they have heard of any plans to put an I6 in the Crew Cab?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    That helps alot, man. Thanx. My dad's '90 5.7 has a bad valve chatter, and thats why hes getting rid of it. He thinks its about to give up the ghost. Basically what I have heard is that the knock in the new ones is THERE but, it seems to do no harm to the engine. I take this as good news and really wouldn't let it weigh heavily into my decision. Anyways, thats what I'll tell him.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    thanks for the respect delrick

    Shows what kinda person you really are
  • gator36gator36 Posts: 294
    Personally I wouldn't want it.
    My wife has the trailblazer and for the smallish
    SUV's it is great. But the way I see it, rated at 22 mpg, Yeah right.
    Just look in the SUV forum here and you will see many owners
    of the GM triplets (Envoy, Trailblazer, Bravada) that
    complain that they doo not see even close to the
    estimated MPG. We have yet to see it.
    What I would like to see is the upcoming 5.3. This
    one is going to be aluminum heads on an aluminum block.
    Don't get me wrong the I6 runs like a raped ape.
    but it does not have the torque.

    Just my .02 cents.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    'Ryanbob' has been posting informed, factual information about the I6 and the I5 since before you appeared. If you knew 'jack', perhaps you would already have the answer?
  • lauriet1lauriet1 Posts: 87
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    When you did the wheel/tire mods did have dealer update computer for the configuration? Hypertech unit? or just let it be?
    I'd like to add different wheels/tires but concerned about mess'in up the works, these new computers can be cantakerous when you wander beyond their limits and the electronics field is not my cup of tea. Give me the 60's/70's cars anyday, those I can figure out.

    Your buddies interpretation of the "Service Engine Soon" light is a ripper, I'm still laugh'in.

    You got any pic's of the truck posted anywhere with the wheels?

    Ray T.
  • whatsachevywhatsachevy Posts: 136
    So far I have not updated the computer for the tire size change. Was considering getting a Hypertech and didn't want to waste the money at the dealership. I did get a speeding ticket coming back from the tire shop (75 in a 55 according to Ol' Smoky - but I swear the speedo said 62 when I saw him and looked down). I have since tried to stay at the speed limit or slightly under (most of the time). I clocked running beside the wife's Explorer - she showed 65 to my 60 which seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I really haven't noticed much, if any, difference in the power, acceleration, braking or anything else due to the larger tires (although the mpg has dropped from 13 to 12, but that should be basically the difference in the speedo).

    I don't have any pics posted anywhere, but if I can come across a digital camera and can figure out how to do it, I will post some pics and let you know.
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    Even though you're looking at $350 or so, the Hypertech programmer appears to be worth it. Fixes the speedo/odo problem, lets you adjust for fuel, firm up the shifts, other stuff. Beyond that, after I changed tire size and before the reprogram, everything felt just kinda "not right"; shift points, braking, etc. The other interesting thing, as I think I said on a different forum, is that when I reprogramed back to low octane for economy during vacation in the flatlands, the throttle response and overall driveability then felt "off". I've gotten pretty much to the point where I just leave the hy-po programming in place and spring for the 25% premium for high octane fuel no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Costs more, feels better; at least for me.
    -- Don
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    If GM did put the I6 in a crewcab ,they would only sell one.

  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I can say with 98% confidence that your will NOT see the I6 in the 1500HD or any other HD for that matter. You may very well see it in the standard 1500s and probable will in a couple of years. The I6 is a great engine, I have drove it and have friends with it and they get great milage and power. One friend is averaging 5 MPG better with the Trailblazer, compared to their 98 Blazer they had with the 4.3L under the same conditions.

    The I6 will not be enough power for an 8600 or a 9200 GVW vehicle. You would not see much milage improvement either, since you would be working it hard and have to rev it to move the vehicle, it just aint gonna happen. I would put a much better chance at seeing a baby Duramax Diesel 6, 5, or 4 in some of GM's vehicles such as the 1500, 1500HD, Yukons, Trailblazers, ect.

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Other thing I was thinking about with the use it wouldn't you have to use the 4L60E auto? Since crew cab 1500HD has 8600 GVWR, would seem a mismatch.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    thanks guys

    common sense prevails once again
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    How is class going, my last 17 hours are going pretty well but lots of projects and HW, just have to love dorm life, one of the guys that we share a bathroom with between our two rooms got in at 1:00, showered till 2:00, wake up at 7:00 this morning and the two carpet rugs that overlap and have all of our stuff on them are soaked. Including my cloths in the closet that acted like a sponge and my books in my bookbag as well. He came in drunk as a skunk I fould out and his roommate was afraid he would drown in the shower. ISN'T DORM LIFE GREAT, LOL!!! AT LEAST THIS IS MY LAST SEMESTER BEFORE GRADUATION! I need to go order my cap and gown today, and I was planning on trying to put in an application to Law School down here, pending my June LSAT score, but with my 3.85 GPA, I can score pretty low and still get in, but not now, not today.

    Hope you have a good week.

    Good luck all,

    PS, Duramax is running great, averaging 18 mpg empty, and pulled about 20,000 lbs the other day beautifully.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    school is kinda hectic. I only have 13 credit hrs this semester. To many labs (2) and lots of hw. Also just got a new job 3 wks ago and am working close to 40 hrs a wk. After this semester i have 1 yr to go
  • hunter98hunter98 Posts: 273
    I hope you are liking your new job ;), I have three years to go if I go to Law School, and I may have to take a semester or a year off in between because I dragged my feet on taking the LSAT.

    Hope you enjoyed that snow storm this past weekend, down in the southern part of Illinois, we just got alot of rain.

    Oh yeah, the only thing good about dorm life is I only average 3 nights a week in it and range from 2-4. Love that king sized bed at home, and being with my friends and family. Kida funny but it is hard to make to many friends to mess around with on campus if you are always gone on weekends and busy on the days and nights you are there. LOL ;)

  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    to all, except Delrick, for post #81. Bad night; still uncalled for.
    -- Don
  • bamatundrabamatundra Posts: 1,583
    The truth is, ANY truck could come with an I6. All the Dodge diesels come with one. As engines become more sophisticated and efficient, the number of cylinders becomes meaningless.

    I do agree with you that it would be a marketing disaster. Americans are in love with V8s.
  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    The poster wants the 4.2 "Trailblazer"I6.I would buy a truck with an I6 ,but not a big truck with a little motor.(T-100 for example) Towing 4000 lb my 8.1 gets better milage than your Tundra would.In the early '60's GMC offered a 292 V6 in even thier bigger (1 1/2 and 2 ton)trucks.They made a 225 V6 ,but only offered it in Buicks.
    The Dodge "I6"Cummins diesel is 5.9 L

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