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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bryan:

    For a couple thousand more or so you could buy a brand new 2006/2007 Sonata. The rescaled Sonata that came out in 2006 is really worth the extra expense. You won't regret it.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It's not possible to buy a brand new 2006/2007 Sonata LX/Limited for about $14,000. Try closer to $20k. It's unlikely you could even get a base 2006 Sonata GL I4 automatic for $14k except under special circumstances.

    Definitely try to deal on the car--most dealers' asking price on used cars includes wriggle room. Hopefully you haven't let the sales rep know how much you love this car. You might try $12,000, including a five-year bumper-to-bumper no-deductible warranty (I know they are available on Hyundais of that vintage and condition as I recently bought a used 2002 Mazda with more miles, and the dealer told me that Hyundais are in the same premium class as Mazda.)
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    If the car is in great shape, with that low milage, it can be worth more than kbb. But, as backy said negotiate with the dealer, just as you would on a new car. (dealers often make more on used cars than they do on new cars)

    You might try to determine the Galves value of this used car to give you an idea of what the dealer actually paid for the car. If they,themselves, took it in trade on the Azera, don't pay attention to what they allowed for the trade in--that's one of the oldest tricks going. They over allow on the trade and don't discount the new car being bought. Trust galves as a guide and you'll have an idea of how much they are trying to make on selling this used car.

    Another pretty good source is the NADA "loan value". That doesn't show on line. Your library may have galves and probably has NADA book which will show "retail, trade-in and loan value."

    In negotiating with the dealer you might also offer that if you are pleased with this used car that you would also be interested in a new Hyundai from them in the future.
  • Don't offer 12K offer less. If you offer 12k thats your starting point. I am sure you can get this car for around 11500. Offer 11K and play them. There not selling cars. Also my son has a Elantra 2006 GT real nice car sporty. If you wait till next summer you can get that car for about 10k or a 11K. Its better on gas and it more a young mans car. I even bought one for my wife and she loves it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    FWIW I said offer $12k including a 5-year, bumper-to-bumper, no-deductible warranty. That warranty is worth around $1000 +/-. If you don't want the warranty, you could start lower than $12k.

    The Elantra GT is a very nice car too (I have a '04), but right now the private-party sale value for a low-mileage '04 GT is just under $10k. So I am doubtful that there will be '06 GTs around next summer in excellent condition with low miles for $10-11k. They are fairly rare to begin with. I am glad you think it's a "young man's car" though. :)
  • A car (82 Skyhawk) the size of the Elantra was my first purchase as a 21 yr old "young man". There are a few Elantras here at work, and all driven by "middle age" men.

    Anyway... back on topic with the Sonata...

    Thanks all for the feedback and advice. You guys did give me some stuff to think about and consider.

    Seeing that my son won't be driving until next summer, I'm really in no big hurry to buy, but just thought that if I saw something that we liked and got a good deal, I'd bite. We do like the looks of this car and IF I can get a good deal on it, we may buy it. I've been pricing a couple other cars on their used-lot and everything else I've checked out has been about 1500 to 1800 over KBB and Edmunds.

    Any opinions on the option of us waiting until the end of next summer, and possibly pick up a end-of-model-year 07 Elantra or 07 Sonata ??
  • amaoamao Posts: 38
    Should the rebate be deducted before tax applied?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Depends on the state. In MN for example, the rebate is deducted before the sales tax is applied. But in other states, the sales tax is paid before the rebate is deducted.
  • Yeah I suppose you are right, an LX or GLS is higher.

    But Bryan could get a 2006 GL invoiced 16.5K talk down even a bit to 16K rebate another 500. Granted, a bit higher, but you also have a brand new car that was redisgned that year and is far better than the 2005 and earlier models.
  • Can you give me the name of the dealership?
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    You're probably better off waiting to get your son a car. In fact, check with your insurance agent/company to see what it will cost to insure a newly licensed 16 year old male as a principle operator on a 2 year old car (the make/model shouldn't make much difference except for comp & collision). You're likely to be shocked. If fact, after seeing the cost you may decide to get him a $2500 to $3000 car so you choose to not carry collision (& possibly comprehensive). When you check with your insurance get a breakdown for the cost of each coverage so you can weigh the cost of comp & collision on a $11-$12K car vs not carrying those coverage on a $3K car. Also ask what the cost difference would be if he was listed as an occassional driver on one of your cars for six months before he gets his own car.

    I'm an insurance agent and can't give you a generic reasonable estimate of the costs because the costs vary so much from state to state and even within different areas of the same state.

    Take my advice. I'm not the friendly local car dealer trying to sell you anything. Just hoping to help you make an informed decision, so you don't buy a car and then get faced with a huge unexpected insurance bill.
  • Have anybody bought an 07 sonata gls recently? I'm planning to buy either an 07 accord LX or a sonata gls within two weeks. Have somebody bought an 07 gls at or below invoice price recently? I got an offer for accord a few hundreds above invoice but not for sonata. Any inputs?
  • I have to agree with you. The insurance cost for a 16 year old can be prohibitive. I have an 18 yr old and he is paying $2200 a year for insurance and that doesn't include collision. A boy just learning to drive is almost a positive accident looking to happen and that is why insurance costs are so high for them. I think it is better to buy them a safe, good used car for about #3000 to $5000. The kid may not like it but you will rest better knowing they are in a safe car. (Volvo, buick, pontiac etc.) Something with a good safety rating.
  • Bought a 2007 GLS Auto with white Pearl Paint, Option Group #2 (Auto drivers seat...etc) and carpeted floor mats:

    MSRP: $19,680
    Invoice: $18,396
    Paid: $16,838

    I did not take any rebates as I went for the 1.9% financing instead.

    The only additional costs for me were:
    New Plates in NY: $150.00
    Registration: $35.00
    Tax (Long Island); $1,456
  • That sounds like a good price -- especially if you didn't even take a rebate. I'm shopping in New York too. Can you tell me what dealer you bought from and what the overall experience was like with them?
  • amaoamao Posts: 38
    Lemonade2, how did you get that price? They are giving you almost $1600 below INVOICE price and there is No rebate involved. This is absolute amazing.
  • When I first went in the best I could get them down to was $17,838 (before rebates). This was in the middle of August. I went back every few days and tried to get a better deal but they would not budge.

    On August 30th I went in and spoke to the salesman. He let me in on 2 manufacturer to dealer incentives.

    1) If the dealership sells 100 cars in a month there is a bonus for the dealership. As of aug 30st they were at 97. (Also this dealership had NEVER reached 100/month before).

    2) There is an additional manufacturer to dealer program specific for Sonata sales.

    I wanted a 4 cylinder Sonata...white was not my first choice and it was the only 4 cylinder they had on the lot as of the I left.

    The next day (Aug 31st) the salesman called and asked if there was anything he could do to sell me the whiteSonata before the month ended. I told him since it was not my first choice in color I needed an additional $1,000 off the price...without even a pause he agreed.

    So the end result was; I was happy with my deal and the dealership was happy as they ended up selling 104 cars for the month. Everybody won!!
  • Hi folks,
    I'll be buying a Sonata by the end of the month and I'm wondering if anyone on this board has any experience with dealers in the Central Valley in California. I'd be willing to hit the Stockton/Sacramento/Bay Area as well, so any reviews (positive OR negative) would be much appreciated.
  • I can tell you one place to AVOID. That would be Bob Lewis Hyundai in San Jose. They sold me a 2006 GL on 8/26/06 with only a 'valet' key, no keyfobs nor owner's manual. They cut the keys, gave me one keyfob and ordered the other fob and manual the day I brought the finance check in. Since I was driving another vehicle that day, was informed I would have to bring the car in to have the fob coded. That means I would have to give at least part of a day's pay plus the gas going there and back (90 miles roundtrip). Was informed I could have this done at a dealership that was closer, but might have to pay for this service. As of this date, I am still waiting for these items to be mailed to me. Mail delivery in my neighborhood is unreliable, i.e., get things addressed to other buildings on this block or another street, sometimes missing things I am expecting. These items should have been provided when I drove the car away. Complained to Hyundai via email on their site, no response. Talked to person on their complaint line, no response. I like the car better than when I bought it, but if this is an example of how Hyundai customers are treated, I'll have to spend more for a Camry next time.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I just received the following price quotes from a local Hyundai dealer. Any comments on the prices would be welcome. Prices include the respective rebates ($500 for GLS, $1,500 for Limited, and the $500 Loyalty Rebate). Prices do not include tax, title, or license fees (obviously).

    2007 Sonata GLS Automatic w/Premium Package and Carpet Floor Mats, $16,194

    2007 Sonata Limited, No options, but with Carpet Floor Mats, $18,465.

    These are valid and firm prices from a dealer that I have bought from previously. And, they apparently want my business again.

    Now, I just have to decide on which trim, but the price on the Limited is very tempting. I'm just a bit concerned about the fuel economy, and long term maintenance differential cost on the V6 compared to the GLS' I4.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Personally, I would have refused delivery of the car without those items. No original keys (other than the valet key), no keyless entry fobs, and no owner's manual would have raised an immediate red flag with me. Something is very strange here, as all of these items are kept with the "New Car File" on every new Sonata in stock - or other makes - at respective dealers.

    I've had the direct opposite experience with Hyundai corporate. They have always been very responsive and helpful. I agree with your first sentence, it sounds like this dealer is one to seriously avoid.
  • hi all,
    my friend just purchased an 07 GLS w/auto & prem. package, and i spent more than four hours total negotiating, driving, talking on the phone and etc. it took a long time cuz we were going back and forth between two dealers, and my friend wanted Aqua Blue as exterior color that no dealer had in stock. i purchased an 06 sonata three months ago, and that kinda helped us.. anyway, here are the figures:
    Purchase price - $16950.00
    5% state tax - $847.50
    Doc fee - $290.00
    Title fee - $23.00
    Total - $18110.50
    Rebate - $500.00
    OTD - $17610.50

    i hope this helps potential buyers out there!! ;)
  • First

    I always like starting my comments that way.

    You never said what prem package you got 500,1400,or 1700. If you got the 500 Option Group 02 Premium Package thats a aprox. 1200.00 below invoice and thats just about the cash to dealer. You got a very fair price, a lot better then most.They made about 800.00 on your deal if you got the 02 package.
  • hey,
    i never said what prem. package my friend got only b/c i did not think i had to explain anymore.. :P my friend got the least expensive option, "prem. package". Other options available are "prem-sport" and "prem. package plus" i guess that clarifies! ;)
  • Hey,
    Would you mind explaining the cash to dealer line? Is there a $1200 cash to dealer incentive that hasn't been published on Edmunds or elsewhere? Is it only for the Sonata or is the Elantra in there too?
  • amaoamao Posts: 38
    w9cw, where are u located? To me, these are amazing prices. The quote I got for the basic limited is $20.7K.
  • I got a quote from our local dealer for a 2006 sonota GLS V6
    MSRP- 21,495.
    Dealer Price- 20681
    Less the rebate-18181.

    This sounds high after reading some of the deals that others are getting or am I wrong?

    Also got a quote from a dealer that is 250 miles from my home
    on a 2007 SE V6 after the 1500 rebate - $18721.

    The 2006 and 2007 are so close in price, wouldn't I be better off to buy the 2007?

    I'm in ND. I think I may be taxed on price before rebate.

    I'm also considering the a 2006 GLS,V6 FWD Tucson.
    I've been reading the forums for the Tucson also and trying to find out what's a good price for that vehicle.

    Anyone ever purchase through the friends and family plan with Hyundai? A friend has told us we could get a discount with that program. Appreciate any or all comments.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I am located in central Illinois, and the dealer that I buy my Hyundais from is Pugi Hyundai/Mazda/VW (Pugi of Chicagoland) in Downers Grove, IL. I bought a 2006 Elantra GLS from them in December 2005, and the price on the Elantra (including TTL) was $13,700. The prices I quoted in my earlier post on the 2007 Sonata GLS and Limited were without TTL (tax, title, and license), but include the respective rebates ($500 on the GLS and $1,500 on the Limited) and the respective $500 Loyalty Rebate on each. I would agree that the prices quoted are very good.

    Pugi is a great dealer, in terms of pricing and otherwise. The prices quoted are their Internet prices. E-mail them (just go to their website, and follow the e-mail link - do a search on Google, as I can't give you any direct contact information due to rules) you will surprised at their prices. It may even be worth a one-way flight to O'Hare in Chicago! Downers Grove is a SW suburb of Chicago.
  • Those are indeed good prices.

    I was quoted by $21800 plus TTL for a 2007 Sonata Limited w/ ultimate package.
    After reading your message, I've set my target price to $20500 + TTL. Maybe $19000 for a base limited.

    Does this sound realistic?
  • I just got a quote today from our new local Hyundai store, a 2006 GLS V6 with sunroof, he claims MSRP is 22,300, quote is 16.9k. What do you guys think?
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