Should I return my 94 Camry-Sludge in oil

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I recently purchased a 94 V6 Camry from a Lexus dealership. Soon after, I notice a huge cloud of white smoke emerge every time I started the car before and after work.
Since I had a 30 day warrantee from the dealership, I took it back. The service dept said they found a sizeable amount of sludge in the car. They offered to "clean out" the sludge or exchange the car for another vehicle. I have to make a decision soon so any emails with help would truly be appreciated.
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    I say take it back. Who needs someone else's problems?

    Obviously the dealer didn't know what was up either. Probably thought it was one of those suburban creampuffs. Right!!

    Good thing you got it from a Lexus dealer.... most other dealers would throw you under the bus. In most states, once you sign a contract stating "as is" you are an owner, baby.

    Next time find a car owned by someone who loved it and took good care of it, with receipts, records, all the important stuff.
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    If you are really in love with the car, have them clean it and then begin to run synthetic (fully synthetic, not the blends) oil in the car. Mobil 1 is my personal favorite and is a product that has been around a long time. Synthetic oil has much better detergent and cleaning properties than standard oil and will not allow the sludge to return. Toyota engines are imfamous to sludge problems. You will pay a little bit more for the synthetic oil (~ $4 qt), but can also extend your drain intervals safely to twice the normal. Hope this helps.
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    It mostly involves Toyotas. Review it and make your decision.

    Personally if I found sludge, I would get rid of the car. It requires basically taking the motor completely apart, cleaning it and reassembling. Or get a new motor.
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    Don't take a chance. Others with this problem have had to have the engine rebuilt so a cleaning job may not suffice. Get anoeehr car and have it checked out by your personal mechanic, never trust a dealer or a anyone selling a used car!
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    get rid of it or tell the dealer to install a new toyata motor ( NEW NOT REBUILT) Their fix for people who have this problem is to void the warranty and replace the engine at the owners expence.
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    If it's white, it's probably steam, which indicates a head gasket problem or a crack somewhere allowing coolant to leak into a cylinder. I'd dump it and take something else.
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    IF and only if they rebuild the engine. Depending on the miles on the car, if they properly rebuild the engine, it'll cost them about 3500 to 4500 depending on the severity of the problem. The reason i say 'lucky' is if they do the correct work and if they warranty it for at least a year or so, you have that essentially new engine under the hood which should last a long time.
    Of course, only you can judge if they are a good enough dealership to really take care of the problem.
    If any doubts about this, ask them to search for a similar used car and swap your smoker for it!!
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    Just take their offer of another car... and this time have it checked out before you buy it.
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    Step to edge of platform. Wait for signal from jumpmaster. Bail out.
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    Swap cars. Or maybe offer to take a rebuilt engine with 24 months warranty. SLudge is a symptom of lack on routine maintenance. Flushing wouldn't get it all out.
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    Yes, bail out. Even without a signal from the jumpmaster. But, on the way down, do carefully review the alternate cars that you may land in.
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    you can get your money back and not get a car from them at all.
    The biggest problem in getting a used car from a dealer is that you don't get a feel for the previous owner.
    Decent owner - decent car. Crappy owner - crappy car.
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    The cause is the strict tolerances in the oil galleries any engine will get contaminants and on these engines they invairibly lodge in friction points. Your oil ( makes no difference what brand
    or mineral or synthetic ) can not clean out the contaminant which quicklys turns to oil sludge burning & smoking. Your dealer may want you to
    subject your vehicle to a solvent flush (unsafe for your engine seals) and will not treat the underlying cause. Read Terry Dyson's comments and be rid of this problem.
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    I am doing research for a friend who has a '99 sienna with less than 40k on the clock. She was haveing the oil changes done with factory oil filters and mobil one every 7000 miles (the factory recomended interval is 7000)by another frien and retired mechanic. It now has a siezed engine. The dealer says it is not going to warenty the engine saying she has no proof that the oil was changed. In my almost 20 years as a professional mechanic I have never seen an engine this new be so full of sludge. It looks like black Jello. How do we get Toyota to own up to the fact the they are responsible for this. Anyone had a similar experience. With such a new car?
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    I assume you've perused the engine sludge threads. That's the main thrust-- Sienna (and similar) sludge.
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    99 rx300 44,000 miles,oil sample showed glycol in oil.They still say NO warranty repair.
    Class action is in progress,e-mail me for more info.
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    I purchased a 2000 Toyota Sienna back in April 2000, it now has 32K miles on it and I am being told by Toyota that due to not changing my oil or changing improperly, I now have sludge in the engine and have to have it rebuilt or replaced. Of course, on my dime, it's not a warranty issue. My local mechanic has checked it out and knowing how my husband and I take care of our cars, feels it is possibly a design defect in the engine. Are you getting anywhere with Toyota?
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    class action in the works
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    Two new sludgists come forth (suddenly)
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    suspect of Japanese cars,maybe because of Pearl Harbor.
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