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99 GMC Sierra

ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
edited March 2014 in GMC
Just created this topic cause all I see is a
Silverdo topic list. Intrested in hearing from
owners of 99 sierra's. Really intrested in knowing
how you like your sierra.
I ordered my seirra slt w/ limited slip,5.3 and
the 255 tires and the firm suspension(Z85).I am
still waiting for mine. I ordered mine about
1/13/99 and would like an estimate on the wait?


  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    Here we go! I like this topic because I also ordered a Sierra. My order was way back right after Thanks-giving, but the build date is March 1st. A lot people stated that theirs are to be built in March. So could yours.
  • miatamamamiatamama Member Posts: 4
    Has anyone heard when GMC will offer the option of a fourth door? I ordered mine December 5 and have a build date of Feb. 15. I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow and see if that's still a go. If not, maybe I should wait for the 4 doors. What do you think?
  • ladyblueladyblue Member Posts: 326
    Rumor has it that 2000 will bring a fourth door to GMC's trucks. If you really want four doors, I'd hold out and see.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    I ordered mine jan. 15 hope , i guess i got a long way to go
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    what kind of sierra did you order?
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56

    I originally ordered an SL, 5 spd, $WD, V8 4.8,
    reg cab, short box around 11/27/98. After more than a month, I found out that my order did not get priority because first, it's 5 spd instead of auto and second, it's almost the cheapest one.

    Then, I went back to Wisconsin and visited my
    family during my Xmast vacation, and found out that my older brother is working for EDS and I can get the employee discount from GM.I immediately changed my order to get a SLE ext cab 4WD, short box, V8 4.8, auto, auto trac, locking diff, polished AL wheels, rear defogger, aux trans cooler. The price is about $1500 below invoice due to GM employee option1 purchase. Another fortunate thing was my younger bother will co-purchase the truck with me so that I can use his $1800 GM Card rebate! After 2.5 weeks, the order was processed and build date of Mar 1 was assigned. Hopefully, the build date will not be pushed back.

    In the meantime, I signed up the ext warranty with
    WarrantyGold for $1274.00 for a 7yr/100K. Also
    looking for the multisection-cover shown in the
    Silverado brochure. If anyone has info on this type of cover, please pass on.

  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Wow you got yourself a TRUCK, I liked the dark toreador red too, but I let my wife pick out the color(compromise ;)) Man if I could justify and my pocketbook could handle it I would go 4wheel too. You sound like you got a great deal. I went through several buying services and they all said the same thing that my local dealers would not deal(monopoly here in Hawaii)So i got mine $800 over dealer invoice $500 courtesy fee for the dealership here to receive and do the paperwork and $300 for the car buying service. You would not believe how the dealers here try to screw the people. I was cking out warranty gold and was wondering if the coverage starts from day 1 or from when the original warranty expires? Seems to me that if it starts from Day 1 you would receive only a 4 year cov. ? Thanks tung
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    ckobash, sorry for your situation, and really feel fortunate for myself. About ext. warranty, yes it starts on day 1. But the roadside assistance and other benefits will be some extra to manufacture warranty during the first 3 years. Besides, if you pay attention, the premimum for ext. warr. keeps climing up. Three years later, what will we pay? and at the time, the ext. warr. providers have more choices than we do; meaning we've got to get one before too late. I've checked out the Better Business Bureau and Warr. Gold seems to have a very good reputation.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Thanks for the information gives me something to think about. Heck, don't feel to sorry for me, just anxious and can't wait , Ive been planning on getting a truck for the last 3 years and these few more months should not kill me.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Well finally got my allocation after about just under a month, still waiting on a build date on my 1500 slt.
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    Hi guys,
    I'm still waiting for my truck to be built on March 1st!!! Hope that date won't be delayed.
    In the mean time, I've looked at the Rhino liner and Fold-A-Cover. The liner looks really cool. I even looked at one 3-5 years old; still looks good
    and solid. In my area, Mass, the liner costs about
    $380 (tax included). Also had a chance to look and
    touch the Fold-A-Cover. I think I will go for these two when my truck comes.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Sounds good tungle i like the spray on liner and still looking for something to cover need it so i can load things higher then rails, i'm in no rush as long as it is before the university of hawaii football games got season tickets and have to lock up the cooler;) . Well my car buying service says this is the longest part of the wait the factory part of it . hang in there
  • miatamamamiatamama Member Posts: 4
    Got confirmation from the dealer today. My truck's latest build date was 2/22/99 and it is in production this week, with an arrival at the dealer in 3-4 weeks. I have a loaded 1500 SLT with the 5.3L engine and 3.73 axle. It was ordered 12/2/98. I'm sure encouraged by all the good things said from people who already got theirs. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    bad news! My build date, originally scheduled on
    03/01, now was moved to 03/15. Hope they don't do
    that to me again. !:(
  • jxyoungjxyoung Member Posts: 156
    Be patient It will get there sooner or LATER!
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    jxyoung; ckobash; tungle; miatamama; anyone else

    I spent some time last night going through post #461 and noticed that there have quite a few trucks being shipped that have some sort of problem--some sounded serious. Does anyone have any ideas on what course of action to take if the truck is delivered with some problems/flaws? I know a redesigned vehicle needs to have some kinks worked out but some complaints sounded pretty bad.

    jxyoung; Was your truck delivered w/out any problems? Have you noticed any new "sounds" that don't sound right?

    No news on a delivery date yet. The build date did not get pushed back so hopefully things are on schedule. I'll call the dealer and bug him some more. Thanks again for the info
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I have made several postings myself about minor nits and picks, but have to say that still, it is as problem free as any other new vehicle I have ever owned. I sit in the driver seat, slide by hands together and give thanks every day for being so lucky. I had one squeak fixed, have questioned several other items, but in general, one month and 2500 miles later, still don't have any delivery defects that I would return to the dealer for....yet. Looking good! One minor rattle behind the dash seems to have fixed itself. The steering pulling to the right may have been a mis-judgement on my part, because it seems straight and true at this time. About the most persistent problem I hear from others, is bad or out-of-round tires causing a front end vibration. That's easily fixed, and could occur on any vehicle. I would not hold back on a purchase, on the chance that some as yet weakness is going to appear, because I think the word is going to be getting out that these first model year trucks are very good, and very solid.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    To Mia,
    Congrats on your build date still waiting one mine.
    Tung hang in there, hope yours come soon means mine should be right behind.
  • miatamamamiatamama Member Posts: 4
    Just got word from my dealer. My new GMC SLT 1500 with the 5.3L engine and 3.73 is on the way. Supposed to arrive around the 12th. I've asked for a Topper and Rhinolining, and since the Topper is on order, they suggested I get my airline ticket for the 26th just to be sure the Topper arrived. I forgot to tell them about the Topper until they notified me about the arrival date, so don't fault them for having to wait a little longer. I bought my ticket yesterday and can't wait. My original order date was Dec 2, 1998. I didn't want to order so soon, but the dealer suggested that I do it in case there were problems along the way. Sure glad I listened, or I would have waited until late January to order.

    I'm picking it up in Idaho and driving home to Alaska, so will post mileage and reliability when I get back.
  • jxyoungjxyoung Member Posts: 156
    My truck came in after being lost in action for a while. I dropped by the dealer one day and found it was there and they had to order a new cap for the rear bumper as it had been damaged in transport. There was also a couple of scratches on the rear right fender. I was a little disappointed at first but the dealer did a great job on the scratches. Your option if your truck is not satisfactory upon arrival is to refuse delivery. Lucky for me I have a sportside and there were no dents! The dealer took care of the scratches and they were almost not noticeable.
    Have 1000 miles in the first month and I am not hearing weird sounds or anything.
    I have noticed a slight drift to the right and will keep an eye on that. My dealer says this is built in by Chevy but numerous people have gotten different stories??? I changed out my tires at 20
    miles cause I did not like the Wilderness AT treads. No vibrating seats or bouncing so far!
    This is 1 nice Truck! I got the 5.3L,3.73 rear,
    extended cab. z71 LS sportside.

    Be prepared for a possible long delivery time! You could get lucky like some and get it in 2 weeks but mine was built Dec 17 and just came in last month??? Just hope you don't get unlucky like the guy I heard about! He ordered a Suburban in a nearby town and called the dealer when it was late. The dealer checked with Chevy and they were having trouble finding it. Chevy got back to the dealer later that they had accidentally pulled it from the line and crash tested it! True story!
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    Hello all,
    Just an update on my truck. My Sierra is a pewter ext./graphite int. SL 4.8, 3.42, atuo, appearance pkg, and conv. group. I ordered it on Jan. 9, given an order # on 2/8, build date of 3/3. The dealer called me today to tell me that it is on the way. It could be here by the 23rd but realistically by the end of the month. From everything I've read so far, GMC is the way to go. The SL is a much nicer truck than the base Chevy. I appreciate the info. everyone has given and will keep you posted.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Congrats g8tr, Wow that was fast i ordered mine 1/9 or so and still no build date, Did you get and extended cab? Maybe i should ck again w/ my carbuying service.
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    My White 4.8L base trim, Reg Cab, Long Bed, 4.10 LimSlip, 5-speed, AC, rubber floor, oak vinyl seat, cruise control, tinted sliding rear window, LT tires, big air cleaner, skid plated truck is built. Should have it by the end of March.
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    No, my truck is a reg. cab. I don't need the so why pay for it? I know it would be good for resale but I'm planning on driving the wheels off of it anyway. What kind of truck is yours? I apologize if you have already posted it--I didn't look before writing this. I think it all depends on the dealership's allocation and if there is a back-log of orders. The part of the country where you live might have something to do with it also (winter). I called my dealer about once every 10 days and asked for an update. Maybe you should try to contact your car buying service and see what they have to say. Your truck should have an order # which means all of the parts are in stock for your truck and then a build date will come after that (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Sounds like you should have at least one of these.
    When did you place your order? What size is the dealership you worked with? I almost went with the limited slip but decided I didn't really need it. I guess I could add it later.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Your truck reads like a long range freight haulin' missle!
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    Yes. I called the dealer and he said that as of
    today info, my truck was still scheduled to be
    built this week. Hope another 3-4 weeks I will
    see it in the lot!
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    sorry for not responding sooner past couple weeks had house guests.
    I ordered a sierra 1500 slt extra cab , indigo blue w/the trailor package and 5.3 if there still in stock when mine rolls down the assemble line ,I hope so.
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56 shows how to
    decode VINs of GM vehicles.
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    My truck was delivered on 3/18 and it was in excellent shape. I ordered it on 1/9 and had a build date of 3/1. It was built in Indiana. I would have posted sooner but I can't seem to get myself away from it. Once again: SL reg. cab, pewter ext/charcoal int, 4.8, auto, 3.42, appearance pkg, and conv. group. I'll give it an oil change after 500 mile break in and begin checking mileage. At the rate I'm going, I'll let ya'll know in about a week. :)
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Have fun g8tr!
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    congrats on your baby. Keep us posted and please tell me it was worth the wait!
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    Enjoy yours!
  • bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Member Posts: 115
    of will be our new Road Test of the 1999 GMC Sierra K1500 4WD Extended Cab Shortbed, "The Premium Pickup -- Period.", by Greg Anderson. Watch for it and let us know what you think!

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • nowickslnowicksl Member Posts: 20
    Just picked up my new SLT last night, and look forward to comfort and easy cruising with this truck. Never had a 4wd truck before, and sure rides great. Got the bench (better arm rest positions) and HD suspension, 327 V8, 3.73, pewter ext cab. Not too crazy about the lack of crispness in the stereo, but this vehicle is luxurious. believe it or not, I am movin up from a Tacoma 2wd stripper. Wanted a near-luxury car but was able to satisfy my hauling and comfort needs in one swoop.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I think the stereo in mine sounds great. But it had a bit too much bass for my taste...sounded muddy if set too high. Reducing the bass about 25% from normal made it more solid and defined, and worked better to my ears for most program material than those pre-set equalizer patterns.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Let us know how she handles,please keep us updated Still waiting for mine.
  • smokey50smokey50 Member Posts: 5
    Ok, I've been in the shadows, reading the silverado, gmc, ... topics and just dreaming of my 1999 GMC 2500 Extended Cab Shortbed 6.0l, 2 wheel drive 4.10 SLE with buckets and cd,cassette,fog lights,trailering,Z85,locking Diff... that I ordered 12/27/98. It was built the week of 3/15/99. My dealer called today - It's in. Oh by the way 2 tone fire red over Gold. WOW. So I'll pick it up on April 1.
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    Hello all,
    I've had the truck a week now (200 mi.). It runs great and handles very well. Mainly city driving, I haven't used half of a tank of gas yet. I've had to test out the anti-lock brakes a couple of times--no worries. I have not had any rattles or vibrations of any kind. Got a hitch and wiring today and ordered a Triglass "Stealth" topper. It has a frameless door and windows. Also has pop out windows on the side. It should be here in 2-3 weeks. Flowmaster dual exhaust may be in the future. Any suggestions or opinions?
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Man sounds like your having fun w/ the truck, i think after all this waiting i think i would have about 600-800 miles and i live on an island.
    As for suggestions or opinions i have none to offer since this will be my first truck , but if you try the silverado bullitin or ask dave bullitin i bet you would get a few suggestions after all there almost the same truck but that's my opinion i guess i do have one.
    smokey50 congrats on your truck sounds real nice , how come have to wait till 4/1 to pick it up if it's in? hope no one's pulling the april fools on you
  • smokey50smokey50 Member Posts: 5
    financing, I didn't expect the truck until mid-April.

    Went down to look at it and drive it. I think I'm in seventh heaven. They haven't washed it yet and with all the road grime it still looked great, and purred like a cat. Didn't drive it far but enough. WOW. Sorry to overuse that word but it is nice. My last tow vehicle was a 90 GMC 2500 Suburban with a 454. I have 3 teenagers, all five of us fit in the Sierra comfortably for the short trip... only time will tell for the long runs...
  • nowickslnowicksl Member Posts: 20
    Ouch! Have 400 miles on the truck and ran over a piece of classic Michigan road debris this morning and the right rear Firestone went down. Fortunately I heard it and was within shouting distance of a Discount tire store where it was repaired for...get this...
    Once on my way to work I had to sit in stop and go x-pressway traffic due to some new stop signs that were placed on the freeway for someone, and enjoyed playing with the stereo controls and the comfortable seating in the Sierra. As far as the tire issue, I contemplating installing the spare myself, but decided to let the discount guys repair the Firestone. I have changed car tires on the side of the road in 7 minutes before when one parted company with my 200sx a few years back, but decided that this morning I didn't want to get involved. Any tire stories out there regarding the stability and difficulty of changing these big rollers?

    Still looking to fill up, as the dealer refilled the tank for free after the extended weekend test drive.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    I hope i have a pleasant surprise and get mine early, i got my financing early and it will expire soon, might have to do the paper work again. Still got no word on mine,not even a build date and my order got to the factory 2/18 . I'm hoping late april and if i get lucky earlier.
    From everyone who got their truck seems like i made the right choice. keep us posted thanks
  • slt99alaskaslt99alaska Member Posts: 1
    Finally picked up my new truck. Ordered it 12/2/98 and picked it up last Friday in Kellogg, Idaho. Bought the SLT, extended cab 4x4, 5.3L engine, 3.73 rear, autotrac, Indigo Blue/Pewter two tone exterior, heavy duty trailoring package, pewter leather buckets interior, with the premium sound system (6 speakers, radio, CD, Cassette). I have 506 miles on it after driving from Northern Idaho to Boise, Idaho and then around town. Got 16.3 mpg on the first tank with mixed 2 wheel and autotrac drive through the mountains. It's every bit as nice as I had hoped. Very nice ride and it drives like a big sedan instead of a truck. The cab is very quiet and classical music on the sound system sounds like I'm sitting in the living room at home. I had one disappointment, however. Noticed oil on the ground the second morning and it was 1/2 quart low. Took it to a dealer this morning, and it turns out that I have a leaking rear main seal. They have to drop the transmission to get to it, so I won't get it back until tomorrow morning. Anyone else had this problem? I haven't seen it mentioned by anyone else. Glad I found out early on before I drive back to Alaska on Thursday. Otherwise, it was well worth the wait. I am amazed at how well it drives and handles. Took my mother for a spin and she said she felt like she was in a car instead of a pickup.
  • thomasthomas Member Posts: 1
    I ordered a Sierra 2500 4X4 extended cab shortbed on January 11 and according to the dealer GMC has not accepted the order as of 3/29/99. Is anyone else having this problem. I don't know what to think!!! Any ideas or comments would be appreciated!!!
  • peterm1peterm1 Member Posts: 16

    Don't feel bad. I ordered my Sierra 2500 4x4 ext cab long bed on October 27 and still do not have a build date. They claimed once they would make it on 2/8, but that came and went. Despite my constant calls to the dealer and the GM Customer Service line, no one can tell me, when or why.
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Congrats on the truck glad to hear you got yours,always glad to hear someone got theirs it means mine is getting closer to the assembly line and hopefully off someones desk.To bad about the oil leak but luckily you caught it before something major happened. Let us know how the drive to alaska goes.
    thomas: i ordered mine about the same time (1500 slt,5.3,towing package, indigo blue) My order got and allocation 2/18 still waiting for build date etc. Hang in there and bug them like hell(dealorship and gmc)
  • ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Anybody got the fold-a-cover? or the aerocover if so how do you like it? I'm thinking of getting the fold-a -cover but havent seen any here(hawaii)If you got info let me know. Thanks
  • artoarto Member Posts: 2
    Thinking of buying a 2500 Crew Cab, but it is not the new generation Sierra, should I hold out or what?? The new gen. Sierras look real nice compared to the old generation. Will the extended cab have a 4th door in the near future??? Maybe I should hold out for it instead of this Crew Cab. How many MPG should I get of a 2500 5.7L Crew Cab single rear wheel automatic 2WD???
  • g8trg8tr Member Posts: 77
    ckobash is right about hassling the dealer. Delays such as yours as well as ckobash's is a little hard to understand. Seems like a few phone calls to someone could at least get some answers. I ordered mine on 1/9 and got it on 3/18 (SL reg. cab, 4.8, auto). If GM doesn't get on the ball, they are going to lose a lot of customers and that is too bad because this is a great truck so far.
    slt99 (miatamama)
    congrats on your truck. It really sounds like a nice one. You really did your homework. Sorry to hear about the leak but at least you caught it quickly. I have not heard of that same problem but again I have not read that entire post on the Silverado. I have had mine nearly two weeks and it is great. Keep us posted on that road trip.
  • tungletungle Member Posts: 56
    My truck was built on 03/18 and on its way... Received a copy of the invoice from dealer last Fri.
    Already ordered my fold-a-cover. Will have
    it install right away when the truck comes.

    I'll let you know as soon asI have it installed on the trucks. I got it for $670.00 (installation
    included) from a local shop. I'd think it's a decent deal.
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