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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    It is really going to depend on what type of business you have and how the truck will be used. I have a TRD Off Road 4.0 6 speed manual. I have not got any complaints other than the mileage. I can keep it up around 18 with a little highway mileage thrown in, but I am used to small trucks having better mileage. However, my last small truck was a 96 Tacoma which was much smaller. That is what I like about the new Tacoma. It is considerably wider and the 4 door makes it possible for me to haul 3 people (5'10) in the back comfortably while being comfortable in the front too. The extra width also makes it very stable for a 4X4. The power is excellent. I went with the short bed so I could get a shorter wheel base. That makes for excellent maneuverability. There is not alot of room in the bed for cargo, but I am known for having a trailer in tow on a regular basis anyway. That way I can haul a load somewhere, drop the trailer and not have to carry the load everywhere I go. If you plan to haul a large load regularly (trailer or cargo), I think I would go with a bigger truck. It is rated at 6500, and can handle it well, but I think long term it would beat it (or any similar vehicle) down prematurely. If you haul small stuff, but want security, Lear makes a nice slight rise canopy (I have one). Overall, I love the truck.
  • slorenzenslorenzen Posts: 692
    extended cab V6-5 speed, SR5, TRD for 16K about 20 minures after the ad ran!

    It retained 69% of it's original price, even after 71K miles.


    Worst part is, I miss it.
  • jmmaxusjmmaxus Posts: 2
    Bought my 2006 Double Cab Prerunner V6 last week.....Tow package, door sill, floor mats, Offroad Pkg, and TRD exhaust for $24,250......Went through and got dealer invoice price through them and they hooked me up with Beaman in Nashville......I didnt want to drive that far so I told my local dealer and he matched the price, except he threw in the TRD exhaust for same price.....
  • biglov12biglov12 Posts: 1
    What is the actual difference in mileage?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    We have a topic devoted to this very question..

    MPG: Toyota Tacoma Real World Numbers



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • billingsleybillingsley Posts: 69
    I wonder if anyone has used Auto Club, Costco or Consumer Reports auto buying service to get a Toyota. And, if they have, was it an OK price or great?

    Thanx up front for any real world experience

  • benzy1benzy1 Posts: 11
    The scoop...

    2006 V6 Double Cab, 4x4, Automatic

    TRD Off Road
    Tow Package
    Side Curtain Air Bags
    Daytime running lights
    CD Changer w/steering wheel controls
    Floor mats

    $26,360 + Tax and Title
  • tacokentacoken Posts: 1
    Purchased through Costco. The experience was easy because there was no haggeling, Costco has already done it for you. 2006 4x4 Double Cab, 6spd M, SR5, limited slip diff., matts, JBL stereo with 7 spkrs & 6 cd in dash changer, side curtain air bags, etc. paid $500 over invoice.

    They tried to "low ball" me on my trade, but that's part of the buying process.
  • walterjkwalterjk OhioPosts: 2
    My local Toyota dealership quoted me 28,350 for a new Tacoma at what is supposed to be employee pricing. Here are the specs.

    2006 V6 Double Cab 4x4 Automatic
    TRD Offroad package
    Side Curtain Airbags

    Based on some of the other posts it doesn't seem like much of a deal. Any opinions?


  • ssperryssperry Posts: 1
    Is Employee Pricing new for Tacoma's? Can a consumer match that pricing with some negociation? Thanks
  • ustazzafustazzaf Posts: 311
    Toyota is not, and will not offer employee prices to the general public because they don't have to. $28350 sounds like the regular price. If you find a desperate dealer, you might get a little off the price, but most don't need to deal because the trucks sell themselves. When you can spend a little more new and have alot more value 5 years down the road, you aren't gonna get much give.
  • toyadamstoyadams Posts: 5
    They lie so bad, never delt with anything like that before!
    Stay away from the name Karl Malone with dealership in the title.
  • serfeeserfee Posts: 2
    Well...after reading this forum I decided the new 06 Taco was the right deal.

    Here's what I got:-

    06 Tacoma Access Cab
    2 wheel drive
    4.0L V6 Auto
    TRD Off road
    Tow package
    Convenience package ( side steps etc)
    Alarm/ security system
    Protection package (side protectors/ door sill protectors etc)
    Carpet floor mats and first aid kit
    Rubber floor mats

    Price paid: $23,941 plus tax and lic

    Do you think this was a good deal?

    As far as I think, yeah, it looks awesome and drives perfectly...I am super impressed!
  • mike260mike260 Posts: 1
    Are there any dealers out there in the Southern Calif area that are selling the Tacomas with lift/suspension kits already installed such as the Ford dealers do with their trucks? I also found that Nissan is doing the same with their Titan pickup. Just curious if anyone has come across a Toyota dealer adding these accessories to the new Tacoma or even the Tundra pickups.
  • I am shopping for a truck, how can I find out just how much the dealer paid for the truck? I am not sure I am ready just to take their word for it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jmmaxusjmmaxus Posts: 2
    An access cab 2 wheel drive for $23941, you need to talk him down off that price, try online pricers or invoice dealers online go through them and then see if your dealer will match the price...Thats a good bit of accessories though, but for that you can get a double cab, got mine for $24250 for a double with TRD exhaust and everything except the alarm system you got....
  • There are many sources available for you. Of course, Edmunds. Buying services like Costco, AAA, etc. With the buying services, you only work with a person at the dealer who is an authorized agent for the buying service. That person shows you the invoice, and then there's a set price above invoice. It's pretty painless.

    Good luck on your purchase.
  • ritacoritaco Posts: 3
    I just put a deposit down on a new Doublecab Tacoma, long bed, SR5, with security system, limited slip, alloy wheels, JBL stereo, bed mat, wheel locks, mats, V6, 4x4 for $27,800 plus tax and tags. I bought it at Valenti toyota in Westerly, RI. Any thoughts on the price.

  • blasterblaster Posts: 1
    I just bought a Tacoma doublecab,longbed,4X4, with the
    TRD and towing package, and floor mats for $ 27,209 plus
    Tax and tags. I got the truck in so. Florida, I'm not sure
    if this makes any difference.
  • ritacoritaco Posts: 3
    Yours sounds like a better price. There is not much competition where I live. The dealer where I bought it is about 10 minutes from my house. The next closest dealer is 30 minutes away.
  • serfeeserfee Posts: 2
    I see you bought yours in Tennesee? I wonder how much pricing difference exists in different states...I am in California where everything seems to be much more expensive...and I expect that cars are also a tad higher priced. Does anyone know the answer to this vexing question? Obviously tax and license rates differ between states....but I suspect that costs differ as well.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    MSRP prices and Invoice prices are all the same with the exception of the Southeast Toyota Dealerships (SET). They have an additional charge on their invoice which other regions of the country do not have. Example, on a 4x4 DC there is an additional $691 dollars added to the dealers invoice.....check it out on this website as well as When you are building your truck to check the invoice prices pay attention to the options that state "SET Region" if you live in the Florida region....true dealer invoice is going to be different than what that same truck would cost a dealer in the mid-west....the guy who owns SET buys a huge amount of vehicles from toyota then he can add special "options" such as "toyo guard" and other b.s. type items. Let's put it this way.....the guy is making big $$$$$. And the sad part of all of this is if you live in this region you have to suck it up and pay that additional "administrative fee" as they like to call it down here. But, since there are numerous toyota dealers down here you can usually get a great deal at or below invoice without much effort. But, MSRP pricing is the same throughout the country. MSRP price for the truck I bought would be the same down here as it would be up in the mid-west. What I found is this, if I didn't want to pay that extra SET charge I would have to buy out of state....would have to go up past Georgia to get out of the SET region......but when I check the selling price of this same truck up in let's say Chicago I can actually get a better price here in Florida....go figure...
    Truck On!!!!!!
  • I got my 2002 Tacoma Prerunner SR5 Double Cab v6 last week from keys toyota in Van nuys california. It saw it on edmunds listed at 17888 with 38k miles on it. i went down checked it out. was in great condition with running boards and roof rack added.

    After about 2-3 hours of "haggling" we finally paid 15500 before tax and license. total out the door of about 16980 or so.

    I'm looking for a camper shell perhaps snug fit. any ideas ?
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    Just picked it up sunday from garden grove, ca. it had 50k mi, and we got it for 11500. pretty basic, 2.4l, 5 spd, a/c. according to edmunds, retail price is 13990... so i think we got a good deal...
  • mamulanmamulan Posts: 5
    I'll be buying a 2006 Tacoma access cab. I'd like to know what people are paying in this area. The quote i'm receiving is about $1000 more than Edmunds TMV.
    Dealer invoice of about $25,300 and thats the lowest they are selling it to me. I'm even paying cash and i cant get close to TMV. Maybe i just need to check another dealer.
  • Help any one i leased a tacoma 05 dc last year in May. on a 5yr lease. Sticker price $26,600.
    down payment of 1,300
    monthly payemt of 480.00
    anuual mileage of 12,000 (currently have 9,500 miles)
    residual at the end of 5yrs is $11,000

    I want to know whats the best thing for me to do? I really regret getting into this lease. I would like to get rid of and get something else. i have a 720 credit score. Please help!!!!! thanks......
  • mamulanmamulan Posts: 5
    These guys might be able to help you.
  • seranikoseraniko Posts: 27
    06 reg cab pre runner 4 cyl-5 spd 15.4k + t&l CARSON TOYOTA
  • brad993brad993 Posts: 8
    Which dealer did you get this from? That is highway robbery, you should own that truck after 5 years with those numbers!
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