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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid

tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
edited May 2015 in Toyota
It cost 17000 including all charges. I have 34 payment left.


  • mralanmralan Member Posts: 174
    Anyone purchase an 02 Tacoma 4 cylinder with auto transmission? How much did you pay?
  • grantn17grantn17 Member Posts: 1
    I was curious if there was any way that people think I could get a 2001 tundra SR5 for 17,000? I am selling my Chevy Blazer and i want to get a tundra, just not sure if i can afford one.
  • twowheelertwowheeler Member Posts: 89
    You might be able to get a tundra with a V6 at that price. Check for a price on the new '02. I quickly looked it up and for a V6, access cab, SR5, 5 spd, bare bones - $18,576 with the $1,000 factory rebate in So Cal. So, a used '01 model with comparable features might be had at $17k
  • kma55kma55 Member Posts: 1
    On the same topic, I am considering a 1997 Tacoma 2wd xcab w/68550 miles. pretty much standard otherwise. Edmund's Says I should be paying about $8927 Dealer is at $10800 at this point. Any input?
  • twowheelertwowheeler Member Posts: 89
    I'd say, confirm the data you've input into the edmunds pricer and then check kelly blue book at, then check for some comparisons. If the dealer is still higher, I'd continue shopping. Note that the dealer resale price is typically higher than what a private party would sell at. Just my .02
  • solopacosolopaco Member Posts: 1
    Anybody buying a Tacoma DBL cab in IL or 5 state area, I am trying to confirm pricing?
  • lancearmstronglancearmstrong Member Posts: 38
    Any suggestions on where to sell my Tacoma on-line? I live in East Tennessee. I want to include a picture and everything. Let me know your thoughts.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
  • eojnash1eojnash1 Member Posts: 1
    Hey Lance I live in Nashville. I might be interested in your vehicle. Can you give me the details: price, mileage, color, etc
  • gmastergmaster Member Posts: 10
    4.7 V8, Captain Chairs, All Weather Guard Package, Off-Road TRD Package, Extra Value Package (Convenience), Limited Slip Diff, and I got them to throw in a Under Rail Bed Liner. I think I did well and it was also the new Phantom Grey Pearl color.
  • gmastergmaster Member Posts: 10
    It was basically a Limited without the Leather or wood grain look dash.
  • paulelapaulela Member Posts: 3
    I have a chance to buy a 01 SR5 4x4 Xcab V8 14,500 miles Tundra. It has a bedliner,good rubber and appears to be in great shape.Have had good luck with Toyotas in the past.Price is 23,000.Is it worth it? Thanks...
  • gmastergmaster Member Posts: 10

    TRD Off-Road
    Extra Value Pack
    Limited without leather and woodgrain dash, plus a bedliner.
  • rivrerivre Member Posts: 2
    Has anybody paid less than 28K for 03 Tundra sr5v8access cab with extra value package, all weather gaurd package, bedliner, fog lights?
  • rivrerivre Member Posts: 2
    Toyota is unable to answer me so maybe someone else can...Has anyone seen a 03 Tundra with Off road package and bench seats.
  • yosmanyyosmany Member Posts: 13
    I purchased a 2002 Tacoma Prerunner with the SR5 package, the power package, the TRD package in July. I paid $19,600. I also got the dealership to do a spray on bed liner at their cost, which turned out to be $96. I hope I did well.
    What did you pay?

  • mralanmralan Member Posts: 174
    Anyone buy a 4 cylinder autmatic regular cab prerunner? What did you pay?
  • hooverpehooverpe Member Posts: 1
    What's the best Northern California price on a bare-bones XtraCab with an auto trans? I've checked the Edmunds/KBB price. Dealer prices are hovering around $15,800. Anything better? Thx.
  • vibrationvibration Member Posts: 10
    Just bought a new 2003 Tundra Limited, Access, 2WD. leather captains chairs,towing pkg., limited slip diff., leather package, auto dimming mirror, phantom gray, in San Diego County, Calif for $26,970.
  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113
    $23,624 Tacoma 4x4 V6 5spd; SR5pkg; TRD offroad pkg; convenience pkg; over-the-rail bedliner; bed-extender; V5 security; sunroof. St. Louis area.

    I am keeping my '94 Toyota PU with 140,000 miles for my son. Second generation truck and it still runs well. No rust. Sat outside all its life.

  • mattttt25mattttt25 Member Posts: 2
    2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab - silver
    TRD Package
    SR5 Package
    Alarm System
    AM/FM/CD player
    Floor Mats

    $24,700. I think it was something like 92 bucks over invoice. Negotiated by showing him the cheapest, closest truck online, right in the dealership. Told him I'd easily take that one if he didn't give me my price.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    $23,448 including doc fees. SR5 Color Key, TRD, Sunroof, Cruise, Hitch, Rear Sliding Window, Power Pkg., Toyoguard(paint/fabric protection), Mats
  • I used to sell cars... and am on vehicle #51 for myself. Dealers reference what they will sell a vehicle for based on "how much over or under invoice"... and will rarely sell a vehicle at or under invoice, unless there's some kind of rebate offered at that time. You can see what "invoice price" is on several locations on the internet... my favorites are and Since there are several options added to Toyotas, it will depend on which model and which options the vehicle has. It's not uncommon for me to call the lease office at a car dealer and buy the vehicle I want over the phone for $200 over invoice. There's also an "advertising fee" that's added to invoices for many manufacturers. That is part of the official invoice price. I think it was about $500 on my 2001 Prerunner, and must be added to the invoice price from edmunds and carpoint. Most dealers will actually show u the official invoice, if you insist and include that in your negotiation. The official Toyota invoice on my Prerunner was about $19,200 + $500 advertising + $200 profit, or $19,900 plus sales tax, license, etc. I hope this helps your negotiations.
  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113
    Isn't a wholesale cost the "real" amount the dealer actually pays? And how does a "holdback" work?
  • b10751b10751 Member Posts: 14
    2003 Toyota Tacoma 4X2 PreRunner V6 Double Cab - Silver
    Limited Package
    TRD Package
    Running Boards
    Floor Mats

    Price was 23,481 + tax and title.
  • Buffalonickel... In my experience, the term "invoice" is used relative to the price of new vehicles, and "wholesale" is used relative to what a dealer would pay for a used vehicle. I found this information on the Edmunds site that is a good explanation of what "holdback" is all about...

    For the most part, u can forget about negotiation into the "holdback" area of the invoice... I've never found a dealer that would sell a vehicle for less than invoice.

  • melc3melc3 Member Posts: 2
    With SR5 Package, 16" alloy wheels, roof rack, bed liner, TRD package, Convenience Package, Lunar Mist, sliding rear window with privacy glass. $21,900 + security alarm/keyless entry + tax & lic. I think this is a reasonable price for the truck I got, don't you think so?
  • buffalonickelbuffalonickel Member Posts: 113

    Good read on the holdback.

    So the manufacturer will finance the loan to the dealer for 90 days. Considering the dealer has a whole lot full of cars that is a considerable amount of $$.

    So what about all the options offered on cars these days?

    My dealer states how much he wants on the sale of the vehicle and any of the options are added at cost. Example is the sunroof. We are going to install an aftermarket sunroof from a reputable installer in St. Louis. If I walked in off the street it would run around $550. My cost is what this company charges the dealer: $399. Is this common? Or do folks pay what is listed on the MSRP for the options if they are added?
  • touctouc Member Posts: 28
    I got this one for $500 below "invoice" and rebate of $1000. If I would have waited longer, would have got the current $1250 rebate (and 2000 for limited). Guess the final was around $24,000, but I had to finance @ 5.2% :( It was hard paying the $489 doc fee (yeah I know it was higher than other dealers)

    Was this a good deal? Or did you all find better???
  • brews1brews1 Member Posts: 40
    I am looking to buy a 4X4 SR5 V8 Access cab in NY and the dealer told me the rebate is $750. How do I find out the different rebates being offered by Toyota? I couldn't find it on the web site.
  • touctouc Member Posts: 28
    Rebates = 1250 for v8 access sr5
    $2000 for Limited models
    Source = TV, Magazines, papers, etc. down here in North Carolina. Wouldn't it be nationwide???
  • brews1brews1 Member Posts: 40
    Toyota runs regional rebate programs but I want to make sure that it didn't change here in NY from 750 to 1250. I think I am in the NE region and you are in the SE region
  • ladder80ladder80 Member Posts: 4
    BREWS1 I also live in NY just started looking on the net for the same truck you are. When i find out info on rebates i will let you know. Could you tell me what kind of prices you have received so far. Thank's
  • brews1brews1 Member Posts: 40
    I bought at Wappingers Falls Toyota. Dealt from invoice and paid just under 200 over invoice before the 750 rebate. Email me and I will give you the salesman's name and contact. Real straight forward deal, showed me the official invoice and gave me a real good price on my trade. Traded in a Honda Accord and they gave me over $1500 more than the #^*$(@ Honda dealer offered me on a trade for a Pilot.
  • krunkykrunky Member Posts: 21
    Just got an '01 Tacoma Double Cab SR5 w/ TRD package and 36k mi.
    (Dealer also had an '02, same truck w/ less miles for $5k more.)
  • marcolopezmmarcolopezm Member Posts: 1
    2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 4X2 - Black
    TRD Package
    SR5 Package
    AM/FM/CD player
    Floor Mats
    Step boards

    Paid $22300+tax and license in Van Nuys California
    Thanks to
  • ladder80ladder80 Member Posts: 4
    I was quoted a price of $28,900 for a 03 tundra 4x4 access cab v8. Options include Off Road, Convenience Pack, Towing Pack and Limited Slip Diff. That price is out the door including tax dest charge dealer prep. Anyone have any idea if this is a good price seems good to me any thoughts would be helpfull. Thank's
  • truckpoortruckpoor Member Posts: 4
    I'm looking to buy a new tacoma. I realize the dealer has to make a profit on a truck, and anywhere btwn 3 and 5% is considered decent profit.

    I'm wanting an '03 Limited TRD with a moonroof, and don't want to pay over 3% invoice. How hard is it to work the dealers like that. I'm mostly worried about it because it's a limited, and I don't know if they'll appreciate that because it is a nicer vehicle.

    I'm going to go in pre-financed, knowing the invoice, tax, title $ registration, and insurance. I don't want to haggle over prices. I just want to offer them 3%. Take it or leave it, because there are enough dealers out here.

    I live in So. Cal, so if there's any hidden costs I don't know about, please let me know. It will still be a couple of months before I go out and get it. Thanks!
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    The moonroof ended production in October of 2002 to the best of my knowledge. I purchased in November of 2002 based on this info. and I did some recent checks of inventory and found no Tacoma with moonroof available. You will need to verify this. Can also do aftermarket if you really want the moonroof. 500 over invoice is possible on a Tacoma and there is a rebate of $500 in some areas so you may be able to get invoice or better.
    Good luck finding a limited. They are extremely scarce.
  • kevinmhuynhkevinmhuynh Member Posts: 6
    MSRP 22015...option package 2979 ..Total
    $25,504...Invoice with option total $22,703...True market value on Edmunds is $23,435. Right now with 2000 rebate...should I minus $2000 of $25,504 or minus $23,435???
    PLEASE give me some advice. Very appreciate it.
    How much should I offer ?
  • richmich2richmich2 Member Posts: 1
    We paid $26,000. This included the doc. prep fees (which I hate paying). It had 2000 miles on it, but was toyota certified and came with an extended drive train warranty to 100,000mi. Yes, we did check carfax and it has a clean bill of health.

    Our truck has:
    step side
    chrome step up bars
    extended cab
    convience package
    offroad package
    weather package
    captains chairs
    extended warranty
    tow package
    upgraded stereo system
    (all options except leather and automatice dimmer on rearview mirror)

    No tax in our state. 3.29% interest rate through the dealer.
  • stargazer6stargazer6 Member Posts: 1
    Bought my Tacoma in Northern Virginia on May 22nd 2003.

    V6 PreRunner (4x2) Double Cab
    4 spd Automatic
    CL - Cruise Control
    PP - Power Package
    OF- TRD Off-Road
    WR - Rear Sliding Window
    IX - SR5 w/ Color Keyed Package
    CF - 4pc Carpet Mats
    BL - Over the Rail Bedliner
    Freight Charge of $510

    Paid $20,987 (including Freight) + Tax, Tags, & $225 Processing Fee

    Out the Door @ 21,896.99. Thought the price was fair, but I couldn't avoid the steep processing fee.

    There is ample room in the back seat for both kid's car seats.
  • latrucha1latrucha1 Member Posts: 1
    2003 Dcab V6 SR5 with roof rack, convience package,tow pkg, bed extender, mats, etc for 20,900 (includes rebates)
    However, I have had a problem with service at the dealership and while I got a good price I financed through my bank,b/c the dealership tried to screw me on the backend. I live in TX so the darn taxes are high total price 22,400 not bad.
  • jogle3jogle3 Member Posts: 1
    Lots of trucks to choose from at the dealer. I just bought a loaded 2003 "black" Prerunner V6. Has the TRD package, mats etc. I paid $19,624 + tax & License and the $45.00 fee the dealer adds for me to sit in the chair to sign the papers. This includes the $1,000 back from Toyota. This was in San Francisco. I thought it was a pretty good price. Great truck!
  • teddytvteddytv Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new Double Cab 4x4.

    SR5 color-key pkg.
    Convenience pkg.
    Wheel & Tire upgrade
    Alloy wheels
    Chrome tube steps
    Bed liner
    Bed extender
    Rear seat cargo net
    Floor mats

    Out the door at $24,700

    Dealer said this was at cost for them, does that sound right?
  • wavzriderwavzrider Member Posts: 4
    Xtra cab 4x2 four cylinder.
    SR5 LX - trim level
    WR - Sliding rear window
    SV - Styled steel wheels
    CR - Floor mats

    MSRP = 17,00x (Edmunds 16,925 w/o mats)
    "Invoice" = 15,465 (plus some for mats)
    TMV = 15,758 (plus some for mats)

    Paid = 15,200
    With tax, license and fees = 16,621
    Out the door after 1000 rebate = 15,621

    I'm not sure if this is good or not, perhaps it will help others in negotiating. Just when did Toyota start giving money back? Don't remember them being so "extravagant" when I got my '92 late in '91...

  • tcasboytcasboy Member Posts: 214
    Looks to me like you got the truck for $265 under invoice, which is a great deal IMHO. Enjoy the new ride! Anybody out there bought a new Tundra yet? If so please let us know what type of deals are out there right now. Thanks.
  • wavzriderwavzrider Member Posts: 4
    Xtra cab 4x2 four cylinder.
    SR5 LX - trim level
    WR - Sliding rear window
    SV - Styled steel wheels
    CR - Floor mats

    MSRP = 17,00x (Edmunds 16,925 w/o mats)
    "Invoice" = 15,465 (plus some for mats)
    TMV = 15,758 (plus some for mats)

    Paid = 15,200
    With tax, license and fees = 16,621
    Out the door after 1000 rebate = 15,621

    I'm not sure if this is good or not, perhaps it will help others in negotiating. Just when did Toyota start giving money back? Don't remember them being so "extravagant" when I got my '92 late in '91...

  • wavzriderwavzrider Member Posts: 4
    I got my starting point via an internet offer through Longo Toyota, which is in Long Beach California. Then I emailed closer dealers or called their fleet sales person and asked them to beat the price. I may have been able to squeeze a bit more closer to the end of the month.

    Good luck!

  • qsteeleqsteele Member Posts: 3
    Wayzrider, I'm in the market for a 2003 Tacoma & live in the Sacramento area. Curious where you live & where you purchased yours.
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