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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • Yeah what a scam...thanks for your' reply.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    If you have other questions, you might check out our topic on Purchasing Programs (Costco, AAA, etc)



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  • Coinneach:


    Can you please email the dealers you have quotes from? I am in the Western Washington area as well. Thanks.
  • Purchased 12/30/04 from a non-Toyota dealer in Sonora California:


    2004 Tacoma ExtraCab 4x4


    5 spd, 6 cyl, SR5

    PW, PDL, power mirrors, keyless entry, cruise, a/c, tilt wheel

    TRD, diff. lock, tow package, snuglid hard tonneau cover, slider window

    cd/cassette w/ front and rear speakers

    floor mats

    3047 miles-first sold 9/8/04

    Asking price: $23,999 plus tax, etc.

    Price paid: $21,250 plus tax ($1547), doc ($45), and DMV transfer ($15)
  • Just started looking, but would like to find a good used double cab tacoma for around $10,000 - $12,000. Live in Alabama but would drive to get if price is right. Can you all help???
  • ah1ah1 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 2005 dbl. cab 4x4 LB with the PK package (Sport/TRD/Tow). I have had difficulty finding this vehicle at a dealer in So.Cal. A local dealer said he could order the vehicle (4-6 week delivery window), but does not seem motivated and has not placed the order in the time frame he first provided. Any information people can provide re going this route to obtain a vehicle would be appreciated. I would also be interested in the price paid.
  • I'm looking to buy an X-Runner and I want to know what other people are paying for the 2005 truck. I've already placed on hold on a Radiant Red one. When it comes in, I want to be prepared for negotiations, if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • I too was looking for a Dbl. Cab Long Bed. That configuration in So. Cal. seems to be a rare model. All the dealers I contacted all say a shipment is coming in mid to late this month and even then only a couple in that model. I did find one Dbl. Cab LB, w/ PK package in White. (I wanted Indigo Ink.) So instead I've opted for the X-Runner from the same dealer. Email me for info if you like the White one.
  • Here in Missouri I have seen some doublecabs and some access cabs. One dealer had two of them delivered as "sold." I think the dealers are of the opinion that supply is thin and demand is high. And as a result they are telling us to dig deeper into our pockets. So I think it wise to consider patience. In three months these things will be all over the place and once again we can drive from lot to lot and pick our choice.


    By the way, what color/interior combinations are you folks looking at?


  • As usual, I feel the dealer confused me to their benefit. I bought a Tacoma, which I like, but the deal was trade-in plus $2,500. After checking the numbers, I see the $2,500 isn't there but the trade-in is (value - owed). The dealer has tried to explain the 'deal' and still doesn't make any sense to me. It looks like somehow the dealer equates my trade-in with the value of the new Tacoma where the difference is $2,500 and turns the deal around to get the $2,500 back. Anyone else experience this? So they say will give you $2,500, but in turn doesn't.
  • I have a located a 05 Tacoma 4wd,doublecab, speedway blue, at a local dealer in NH, MSRP is just over 29000, What would a reasonable offer on this vehicle, Thanks
  • Hard to tell what options are included in that vehicle, but somewhere around three thousand dollars under MSRP will be what you shoot for. Try the pricing service at Kelly Blue Book.



    I pick up my Radiant Red Double Cab (4x4 V6 5 spd AT short bed) tomorrow.
  • I just bought a speedway blue X-Runner last night for about $950 over MSRP (they had it listed $5,000 over MSRP!), even though I was adamant about not paying over MSRP. The dealer offered to trade for a red or black one and sell it at MSRP. The blue is actually a limited color within the limited model. I had looked at dealer allocations all over the Southeast and if I didn't buy this one, I probably would not have been able to get a blue one until next year. I actually drove over 2 hours just to go see this one. I live in a metropolitan area (Miami) of over 3 million people with multiple Toyota dealerships, and there has only been two trucks (one red, and one black) in the area since the model came out, and no dealers have been allocated a blue one. I also had a dealer in another state where my Dad live give me a quick quote over the phone for a red one. He quoted me MSRP. I would guess I could have gotten him down a little below that if I had negotiated at all. This is an area in SC where they probably don't have as much demand for new vehicles. I read other people on this message board say they've purchased an X-Runner for about $400 under MSRP. Priced with options (this jacked the price up a bit...this was the most options I had seen on an X-Runner): Toyoguard protection, ash tray ($49 for an ash tray....who cares!), all weather mats, security system, door sill protector, self dimming mirror with homelink, tinted windows. My price before taxes and fees was $26,500. All in all I was happy. I got what I wanted, but I paid for it too. The dealer (Toyota of Vero Beach) was pretty straight forward and didn't shoot me any bull. I knew going in I was going to have to pay top dollar for the truck, I was just hoping it wasn't over MSRP. But if you have a red one ordered, from what I've seen, I wouldn't pay over MSRP, and maybe a few hundred below if you can talk the dealer into it. I hope this helps.
  • westeemwesteem Posts: 49
    Got a speedway blue for $500 off msrp.
  • Westeem - What part of the country did you buy your X-Runner? They've had 3 here in South Florida since the model was introduced (3 different dealerships). Everyone has been marked up between $5,000 - $6,000 over MSRP. I was about ready to go to another state to buy one because of that. Since I was having so much trouble finding that color in the southeast, I went ahead and bit the bullet and paid close to a grand over MSRP. The problem is too many people have too much money here. Oh well.....I got what I wanted.
  • My Truck:

    2005 Tacoma


    6spd Manual Transmission

    Access Cab


    Off Road w/ Tow

    Impulse Red


    MSRP: $27,700ish

    Paid: $25,750


    It's on Order...should be 30-45 days for delivery.
  • I noticed on this site that Toyota has jacked up the price on options between the Access Cab and Double Cab to make it foolish to buy an Access Cab unless you "must have it".

    Access Cab:

    Invoice on Access Cab - $21,216.00

    TRD Offroad with Tow $3,533.00

    Destination $565.00

    Total $25,314.00


    Double Cab:

    Invoice on Double Cab - $22,432.00

    TRD Offroad with Tow - $2,965.00

    Destination $565.00

    Total $25,962.00


    Toyota jacked up the price on the TRD package on the Access Cab over the Double cab +$568.00.


    This only makes the difference between the DCab and Access Cab -$648.00 on invoice.
  • On the Frontier Vs. Tacoma thread, one person wrote that Toyota is now offering a $1000 rebate on the new Tacomas. I can't find this anywhere. Has anybody else seen or heard of this rebate?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    rebate is only offered by TMCC if you are doing residual based Financing through them. Lease or balloon
  • I'm in the market for a new used Toyota Tacoma. Right now I'm looking at 2 Tacomas.


    One is a 2000 Tacoma 4x4 3.4L v6 extended cab with 143,000 miles and a nice fiberglass cap with a negotiated price of $9,500.


    The other is a 1997 Tacom 4x4 3.4L v6 extended cab with 106,000 miles, no cap, but a bed cover with a price of $7,500.


    Both are in excellent condition, however the 2000 Tacoma is the only one I have actually looked at and driven. I will look at and drive the 1997 Tacoma before purchasing, however that vehicle is in another state and a good road trip away.


    The 2000 Tacoma really is in mint condition with one owner that the dealership knew well and who traded his 2000 in for a new Tacoma. It looks to be meticulously cared for. Drove great!


    The question is: What's a better deal? The 3 year older truck, with 37,000 fewer miles and $2,000 cheaper? or the newer truck with more miles, one owner, right in town, and well cared for? Blue book shows the private party value of the '97 to be $7,930. Blue book on the 2000 for retail shows $11,000 private party and $13,700 retail. The asking price was $11,988.


    I like the idea of paying $2000 less and getting a truck with less miles on the '97. What's more important - less miles or a new vehicle (2000 as opposed to a '97)? How big a difference really is 106k than 143k? Seems like the better deal actually based on Blue Book is the 2000 Tacoma.


    Also, I'd ideally like to get a 2.7L I4 because of the better fuel economy. These have been harder to find than the v6's. From your experience, how much better really are the I4's than the V6's for fuel economy? A mile or two per gallon, or a lot better? If a lot better, I may hold off for an I4.


    Lots of questions there, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Just for peoples info. Here in the Southwest it is common to get inital offers from dealers at 2,000 below MSRP on 4x4 trd off roads and sports packages. So don't be so ready to believe dealer hype about how hot these trucks are. It's not the Prius. so be calm stick it to them and be ready to walk away. Make an offer tell them they have 30 min and then you'll have to go because you've got better things to do than hang around a car lot all day. It's Ironic, but you have to not want the truck to get a good deal.


    Better yet, tell them "Mabey I should wait for the new Honda Ridgeline that's coming out in March. That looks like a pretty hot truck. It has navigation, leather seats, inbed trunk etc. that Toyota isn't offering." Make them squirm. :) The Ridgeline is coming! The Ridgeline is coming! you better move these Tacos while you can. You must control the deal. I love messing with their little brains. Your apathy about the purchase is your strongest weapon to getting the best deal.
  • I'm looking to purchase a used Toyota Tacoma (1997-2000), and I'm looking for a 2.7 L 4 cylinder 4x4. The main reason I'm leaning towards the 4 cylinder over the V6, is because I'm looking for the best mileage possible in my 4x4, and I've heard that the I4 is basically bulletproof. It looks like the 4 cylinders are rated to pull 3,500 lbs. and the V6's 5,000 lbs. I don't think I'll be towing anything over 3,500 lbs, and don't think I need the extra power.


    What would your arguments be for a 4 cylinder over a V6 or vice versa? Does the 4 cylinder really get that much better mileage? Is it generally more reliable than the V6, or is the V6 just as reliable? If you have a V6, what has been your best mileage? What about your best mileage in a 4 cylinder? Any other things you would recommend I look for in a used Tacoma?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • I agree totally, I believe the L4 will be a better choice.

    I believe the L4 cyc is what the Japanese car famous for.

    My wife has the V6 on her Accord.

    I am not too impressed by it.

    I have the Mazda B2300 truck (4 cyc.)

    I am very happy with this truck, the manufacture claim it has 29 mpg on highway.
  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I am looking at the 4 cylinder but I'm a little

    skeptical.The company I work for bought two T100

    pickups with the earler generation 2.7 and one

    blew a headgasket which would make it not as good

    as the the old 2.4.As far as gas mileage it was a

    pig and gutless too.
  • I am getting ready to purchase a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double cab. I received a sales price for $20,393. However after taxes and fees the price I receive is $23,418.23. Is this price legitimate?

  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    That doesn't sound right, over 3,000 for ttl? I think either the sales price is highter than what think or your state has the highest tax that I have heard of. Are you sure they didn't say someting like " invoice is 20,393 and your total drive out is 23,418.23"? Maybe you where never told what the sales price before taxes 20393sounds like to good of a deal for a double cab.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    I just got a new Tacoma and had to trade my old truck in. The dealer gave me $11200 for the trade and figured the negative equity into it thus paying off my old truck for for $13700. They added the negative equity to the purchase price of the Tacoma. I have the GAP coverage $ coming back so that soaks up some of the negative.


    For those of you buying new did any of you get the 72/100k Platinum extended warranty with $0 deductable? If so, how much did that cost?
  • I have been searching for a '05 Tacoma(double cab,PT package,black) for over 2 months now. There are none in the Cincy area. Every dealership wanted me to come in and talk, but I refused and decided to go through the web to inquire about pricing. I finally settled with a local dealership, and they have submitted to Toyota to make one for me. It's already been 1 month and should be here by the end of Feb. Anyways, I believe my MSRP is around 29,500, and I have negotiated a deal to pay only 1% over invoice. Not too bad.... I guess I could have negotiated more, but I was pretty of searching by that point.
  • leob1leob1 Posts: 153
    The dealer's in my area charge a markup over the MSRP...they claim $2000 more on the Tacoma's.


    How much are dealers charging for the extended warranty's? That issue came up in the finance office for me. Dealers are allowed to charge what they want on those warranty's, so people could be getting ripped off by not knowing general prices.


    I paid $1800 for the Platinum extended $0 deductable, it is the best one, so it makes since that the prices should go down for the other choices. Anyone else know what they paid?
  • Solopaco,

    You did not mention what year of Tacoma. But just to throw some food for fodder, I purchased a 2005 Tacoma DD (double Cab) AT, Silver Mica, TRD Off road, "fully loaded" also includes tow package before taxes (Virginia) 27,800.00. Its the nicest truck I have ever owned.
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