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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • ceejayceejay Posts: 2
    Rumpletzer- I had multiple offers from Longo in El Monte, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. All of them were Internet sales. Just forward your quote request, sit back, and wait for the quotes to come in. Then, start with the lowest and work from there. Most dealers want your business so they'll try and beat each other's prices. I actually got more than I originally asked for (Linex, bed extender, alarm, TRD package).
  • stygzstygz Posts: 1
    I just ordered a 2004 Tacoma double cab, Limited with the TRD package 4X4 and got it for $26,460 out the door.
  • If you are going to respond to this please e-mail me at I found a dealer with 13 fully loaded 4x4 tacomas left over from 2003 brand new with 11 miles on them. who cares but the sticker price is $25,545, I told the dealer I will pay $20,500 and no higher, the dealer told me $21,900 possible $21,400, but I will not budge on my price, what do you think of my situation and what direction do you think I should go. I dont know what the invoice is, but I will throw in this piece of info just for laughs. The dealer told me that the $21,900 is a steal and I should get down there ASAP before they sell them all for $23,000 (lets get real its April 2004 already)
  • 21,400 sounds like a bit much, especially for a 2003. My father bought a brand new loaded Tacoma 4x4 (2.7L Auto)in 2002 for just above $20,000.

    I just purchased a 2004 Tacoma 4x2 XtraCab 2.4L Automatic for $16,250. That included the SR5 Chrome Package (LX), Convenience Package (CQ - Power Windows & Locks, Tachometer, Sliding Rear Window, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control), Bucket Seats (BU), and Carpet Floormats (CF - which is NOT worth ~$90)

    This price isn't something amazing that I can go brag about, especially since this is the last model year for the current style Tacoma. I do feel that the price is OK though.

    This truck reminds me of a car with a bed in the back. The gas mileage is good for a truck, but the 2.4L and 2.7L engines definitely lack power for any heavy duty hauling.
  • Thanks for responding, but when you add in 4x4 add $2000 then add in V6 engine add $2000 and I am basically at my price compared to yours, do happen to remember what you paid for dealer fees and all of that crap before they gave you the keys to drive home? What state did you buy it in
  • clseibclseib Posts: 8
    Does anyone know if the current $1000 rebate on Tacoma will really end on May 3 like Toyota says? Or is it just a marketing tactic to get people to hurry and buy now but then just keep extending it?
  • nidatcnidatc Posts: 3
    Toyota will not extend the date of a rebate. Pay attention to the rebate "window" and purchase before the rebate expires. Don't fret if you miss the deadline though. Another rebate opportunity will present itself in the near future.
  • nidatcnidatc Posts: 3
    Options: SR5 w/Chrome
             TRD Off-Road
             Convenience Package
             Bucket seats
             Carpet floor mats

    Dealers MSRP sticker: $22,756
    Invoice: $20,423
    Negotiated price: $20,342

    I made a phone call to the Fleet Manager at Sierra Toyota in Lancaster, CA, and I ultimately negotiated a price of $20,133. They didn't have the truck on the lot, but would have to drive it up from San Diego. She e-mailed the price breakdown of the truck, which I then presented to my home town Toyota dealer, who happened to have the exact same truck on his lot. The sales manager was not at all happy with that price, and I couldn't get him to match it. The best he could do was $20,342. I based my decision on the fact that my home town dealer is only a 15 minute walk from my house, and the Lancaster dealer is a 90 minute drive. I also wanted to support my local business. He threw in free lube, oil & filter for a year.

    Remember, do your homework. I spent a lot of time at, checking prices and researching. Knowledge is power. During negotiations, the sales mgr. came down further on his price after I mentioned the profit they earned on "holdback". A little bluffing doesn't hurt, either. :)
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    What was your "out the door" price, including any and all dealer and Toyota add-ons, tax, tag & title? I've never bought a Toyota (looking at the Highlander and Tacoma) and what I've seen here in central Florida is that the dealers add on all kinds of crap fees.
  • nidatcnidatc Posts: 3
    My out-the-door price was $21,330.06 This includes tax (7.25%), license ($225),documentation ($45), and we here in CA have a $1 per tire "tire tax", so counting the spare tire (!) that's an additional $5.

    I refused to pay the $196 "TDA" (Toyota Dealer Advertising), and the dealer eventually backed off.

    Use the Edmunds "build your vehicle" tool that gives you the breakdown of each option on your vehicle. Pay no attention to the MSRP, but only utilize the invoice price. Remember the "holdback" which is 2% of the base MSRP. Edmunds has a good article on how to figure it out. The holdback on my vehicle was $359. ie:, If Toyota sold me the vehicle at invoice, they would still make a profit of $359, so don't let the saleman cry that they are "losing money on the deal" by selling at invoice.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!
  • camroccamroc Posts: 1
    I had been searching around all over southern california all the way up to San Luis Obispo for this exact truck and I found that it was a rather hot commodity and the limiteds would sell out fairly quick. I recieved an online ad from the dealer in Ventura quoting $500 dollars under invoice. I was extremely skeptical and when I called other dealers to see if they could match it they called the specific dealers name and said, "He is Lying!" I had the guy in my hometown of santa barbara only down to $300 over invoice. So I went down to ventura and then stop at longo further south but when I got to ventura the internet saleman was true to his word!

    I Paid:
    OTD 23,982.00
  • 4x4chris4x4chris Posts: 10
    Black'01 tacoma xtra cab 4x4 SR5
    V6 5 speed manual Trd
    power options
    plus a camper
    45k miles
     No accidents! supposedly in good condition
    havent test drove or inspected it yet but
    really considering to buy this!
    Let me know what u think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    You might try posting this in forum "Real World Trade In Values". There's some very knowledgeable folks there, specifically Terry. Be sure to include location info.
  • 4x4chris4x4chris Posts: 10
    i'll do that, thanks mikefm58
    i appreciate the help!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I just bought a 2004 Prerunner Xtracab 4x2 4 cyl, options include (LX) SR5 chrome package, (ST) 16" styled steel wheels, (WR) sliding rear window w/privacy glass, and carpet mats.

    MSRP $19680
    Price 17614
    Dealer fee 700
    tax tag & title 1383
    rebate -1000
    Out the door 18697
  • I just bought a Dbl Cab 4X4 in Columbus, Ohio. It has a V6, Conv. package, SR5 color-keyed package, TRD off-road package, carpet floor mats, and bedliner.

    MSRP = 27,156
    Inv. = 24,300
    Price = 24,000
    Doc. fee = 100
    Ohio Sales tax = 1627
    Title = 15
    OTD = 25,742
  • I just bought a Tacoma Extracab, 2WD, 4 Cyl, 5 Speed.
    Got the SR5 w/Chrome, Bed Liner, Bed Extender,Cruise Control, Styled Steel Wheels, Carpet Floor Mats, Bucket Seats, Spare tire Lock, Lunar Mist color.
    Includes a 6 (six)Year, 75,000 miles Plat Wrap Around extended warranty
    Out The Door was $17,044.00 .... (includes all tax, doc fees, rebate) The truck had 1700 miles on it from previous owner who failed to get the financing. Since it was not ever registered with DMV, still classified as NEW. Suppose that is why they gave me the 6 year 75000 mile warranty.
    Have not checked to see what the DMV wants yet to register.
    Finding the truck was very difficult, few left or high demand ?? Purchased from major dealer here in Las Vegas. Only thing I was a little up-tight with was the part of doc fee that is nothing more than a theft insurance. I fee like I got a good deal and I guess that is all the really counts.
  • rollyso2rollyso2 Posts: 7
    Just wondering if anyone could provide guidance on a used Tacoma? I'm looking at a 1998 SR5 V6 X-Cab with TRD, 5-spd., all power, etc. Ask is $9,000.
  • antmanantman Posts: 1
    01 DoubleCab Limited V6 Auto
    2WD w Rear Locking Diff
    TRD Offroad Package
    Snug Top
    All Power, Fully Loaded
    Matching SnugTop, Bedliner
    Alloy Wheels
    Very Clean

    $18,000 from private seller. I needed to take it in for the 30,000k service, which I'm glad I did, since they found a leaky water pump which was then replaced under warranty. Other than that, the vehicle seems to be in exceptional condition. Carfax was clean. I'm very pleased with this purchase thus far.
  • this will be my first truck purchase and could use some help. I am considering buying a
    04 tacoma double cab with
    LL Limited Package,
    OF TRD Off-Road Package
    DH Towing Receiver Hitch (Class II)
    LU Bedliner (Under the Rail)
    FB High 4 Selector Switch
    CF Carpet Floor Mats
    WI Spare Tire Lock

    dealer is looking for $25,000 includes $500 rebate. I live in Boston, the MSRP accoridng to this site is $25,667, is this a good deal, anything else I should consider. thanks
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