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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • 1257212572 Posts: 7
    Final price reached was 26300 for a 05 4x4 4Dr,5A SB, with OG(trd with hitch). Edmunds invoice is 25962. Has a red one on the lot but I want the indigo ink.

    Have a question: What do you guys think about the bed extender, bed mat and the autodimming mirror as accessories. Who puts them on? Is it worth it?

    Many thanks for replies.
  • Not sure about the extended warranty pricing. I haven't gotten that far yet...still waiting for the truck to come in. $1800 doesn't sound too bad, though.
  • I like the Tacoma as it comes from the factory, personally. However, I may purchase a tool box for the bed, just for extra storage. But, I think I am going to some searching for prices post purchase. The dealer is always more expensive.
  • danh1danh1 Posts: 1
    I'm also reviewing the 05 Tacoma Access and Double Cab pricing. I've since emailed this info, about the inconsistency in pricing from the manufacturer, to my contact at a dealership in Beaverton, Oregon, and the folks that sell at fleet pricing. We'll see what they have to say about it! It makes sense that dealers are going to be 'mum' about it, as it, (making money) is their bread and butter. However, this consumer is saavy - and I'm certainly won't cave to the first offer they, (the dealers or fleet guys) offer me on either an Access or Double Cab. I will prevail! If anyone can concur with me, (back up the info), please chime in.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Don't undertsand this last post, searched the forum for last post but found none. What"the inconsistency in pricing from the manufacturer"
    are you referring to?
  • i bought a doublecab shortbed prerunner (7188) from Beaverton Toyota.

    email me if you want. i think i got a decent deal. [email protected] if i don't respond soon...leave me a note on here.
  • I live in Northern Kentucky, which dealership did you buy your '05 Taco? I am in the market for one and would like to find the best deal possible. Thanks.
  • lou62lou62 Posts: 9
    Have been having a tough time finding an 05 tacoma v6 auto
    dbl cab 4x4 with the Trd package plus the side curtain airbags
    option. Lots of prerunners out there. Dealers are pretty cocky
    and full of themselves at the moment. Maybe supply will catch
    up with demand this summer? I hope... I have a 2000 tacoma
    4x4 trd manual v6 with an 8000lb warn winch on the front with
    73000 miles and in excellent condition. Any ideas what it is worth? Thank you, this in an excellent forum and am learning a lot.-Lou
  • Miles mean nothing. I'd take the 2000 in a second. All those miles in a short period means that a lot of them were highway miles. The suspension, electrical, and materials in general are going to be far superior in the 2000. I've always bought high mileage and have never been disappointed. As far as the fuel economy - I don't know.
  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    hello, i just purchased a 05 taco, and was really pleased with the experience at fletcher jones toyota in las vegas this my third vehicle from them, i was looking on and priced my vehicle with the options that i got and found that they gave me 300 under msrp so not bad i think me otd total was (accounting for my 1600 equity for my trade) was about 23,900 ttl
  • $300 under MSRP IS BAD! Here in Southern California, you can find dealers that will give you $2000 under MSRP. Even Longo Toyota, who doesn't discount very much, offered me $1200 under MSRP.
  • Yeah, I thought 300 under was bad too, but I didn't have the heart to tell him.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,008
    LoL. Our thoughts were mirror images. ;-D
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  • lou62lou62 Posts: 9
    Any other dealers you can recommend in the Los Angeles area
    besides Longo? Here in Visalia, Central Calif. Groepetti auto
    Group is out of the question, they are holding firm on MSRP
    regarding dbl cabs. Northern Cal is a bit of a drive..
  • Probably the closest to Visalia would be Frontier Toyota in Santa Clarita. They do have a very limited inventory, but are willing to work with you. Simi Valley Toyota will also discount Tacomas, but again limited inventory. Carson Toyota has a large inventory, almost as large as Longo. Just get on the Internet and go to Toyota sites in Sourthern California. Some list inventory and mostly all will give you a discounted internet quote. That's how I found my truck at $2145 under MSRP.
  • I visited a dealer recently to discuss the purchase of a 4X4 Tacoma Access Cab
    w/ SR5 pkg 2. Invoice lists this truck for 22,796 including dest. fee. The last offer left on the table from them was 23,400 and I said 22,700 and left it at that for now. What is the best price possible? I believe the invoice given on the net is not true. Dealers pay under this amount is what I have read. Is that true and is 22,700 a good deal?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 13,008
    Well, of course dealers pay less than the invoice amount; if they did not, what would be the point of selling cars, especially at invoice?! They must make a return on the sale or they would not be in business long....
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  • Both Santa Maria on Central Coast and Valencia Toyata have huge inventories and both seemed very pleasant. Didn't try to purchase from them.
  • ss580ss580 Posts: 4
    I have received a quote from Vancouver, WA through Costco and a quote from a Portland dealer over the internet. There were comparible on an Access Cab. The quotes were in the middle of Invoice and MSRP.
  • I disagree that Frontier (not Valencia) Toyota has a huge inventory of Tacomas. Check their inventory on the net; they currently have 11 Tacomas, only one of them 4x4. And don't try to say that they don't list their total inventories on the net; they do because I've been there & seen. Frontier Toyota is located in Santa Clarita and is not called "Valencia" Toyota. Both Longo (64) & Carson (58) Toyota have what I would refer to as "huge" inventories of Tacomas.
  • code3code3 Posts: 4
    Toyota recommends premium fuel for the
    v6. Is anyone using regular and how is it working ok?
  • oneionei Posts: 11
    You all sound like you love your Tacoma. Currently I have a '95 T100 that the sun has taken its toll on out here in the desert Southwest. I currently looking at the '05 Tacoma PreRunner V6 2Wd Quad cab Long bed. Not easy to find. Dealers are claiming they want 1000 over invoice. I have found a couple willing to do 500-600 over. In either case the selection is limited at best. The good thing is they seem willing to deal, end of month I guess. Here is my problem. While looking, there sat a 2005 Tundra stepside with TRD package. With the current rebate on these the dealer was willing to sell this for under invoice plus the rebate. Basically I can get the Tundra for about a 1000 less than the Tacoma. What do I do ????
  • wow!

    you can do much better than that in my area (Texas). at least $2000 off msrp seems to be the average deal around here.
    saw a new 05 DC Prerunner advertised in the local dealer ad for just over $22k.

    those dealers are full of poo. shop around. don't fall in love with a vehicle or the dealer. it ain't worth it. i bought my truck 2000 miles away sight unseen and still paid almost 2k under invoice even after shipping.

    funny thing is the window sticker in the glovebox had a $2500 'Toyota Dealer Markup' added on top of MSRP. YEAH RIGHT! they will try anything that you let them get away with.

    don't let them do it. it's a darn truck...not a custom-bodied Ferrari.
  • oneionei Posts: 11
    Thats remarkable !!! There is nothing like that around here. I really hate to travel outside the immediate area. I might go 100 miles or so if I was really saving something but beyond that is a little extreme for me. I'm definitely seeing the 2000 off MSRP on the Tundra and then some, but the Tacoma we are not seeing that around here.
  • Didn't mean to upset you, last time I was there they had about 20 trucks in most configurations (they have a large parking garage). It is in Valencia, if that is Frontier, then that was the one I went too. Sorry I haven't kept a daily diary of their inventory. From what I had been reading, no one could find one, but I guess this isn't the case (especially looking at the Taco sales compared to last year). I know Santa Maria had about 15 trucks last time I looked. Compared to the 5 trucks per lot I was seeing, this seemed like a lot to me.
  • Quote: Didn't mean to upset you, last time I was there they had about 20 trucks in most configurations.
    I'm sorry if it seemed like I got upset at your posting. My dog threw-up while I was writing that & I wasn't looking forward to cleaning it up.
  • no problem, hope the dog is better.
  • Just bought an 05 taco d/cab long bed 4x4 w/pkg #3; msrp $27,470, invoice $25,222, purchase price $25,500. I wanted the short bed but didn't have my color or options. He dropped the $500 difference between the long and short bed in a heartbeat.
  • wctacwctac Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me which dealership you get the car at from S. Cal? I was trying to get an internet price quote from Carson, but they told me most of the Tacomas are pre-sold and they are only able to discount a little from MSRP. Thanks
  • Try Frontier Toyota in Santa Clarita. They gave me a great deal. Also try Bob Smith Toyota in La Crescenta. They will deal also. Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys is good. Forget Hamer Toyota in Mission Hills. They thought I should be happy that they aren't marking it up over MSRP. As a last resort, Longo Toyota will give you about $1000 off MSRP, depending on which Tacoma model you want.
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