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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • Hi there,

    Thinking about bidding on a 05 DC L/SB W/tow in Atlanta...

    I'm assuming everyone's numbers are OTD. Am I [non-permissible content removed]-u-me-ing?

  • oneionei Posts: 11
    Searched all week to find only three dealers in the Greater Phoenix area to have a 05 TACO V6 DC LB with TRD Sport pkg. Two of the three offered invoice plus 500. One offered Invoice + 100. I went with that one. Now, I got to the dealer and test drove the vehicle, loved it. Went in and he showed me what was a price sheet with an invoice of 24,505. I said I'll take it. Got back home and I had an email from the other dealer confirming what they had offered on the same vehicle, 23,711 + 500. If the 23711 was invoice what did the dealer I bought from have. I thought I had done all my homework but I may have made an assumption that the dealer showed me a valid invoice at 24,505. I think I just learned a hard valuable lesson. I'm going to try and at least call the salesman and allow him the satisfaction of trying to BS his answer. I realize I don't have a brick to stand on trying to convince him that his numbers were misrepresentation. But I have one fall back. You know that survey they preach ya to be sure and fill out with all excellents.......... Any ideas out there. At the very least everybody buying over the internet, be sure to secure the numbers via an email and sit back and compare them first. I think I blew it..... I bought at the Toyota dealership in Peoria, Az.
  • oneionei Posts: 11
    Hold the presses... i may have jumped to quick on this. Apparently the 23,711 from the other dealer wasn't the same exact package with the same options. I'm feeling better now. I still can't explain the difference between what comes up with as an invoice price compared to what was paid but it appears at least the dealers seemed to be similar in price structure when comparing package to package. Maybe it wasn't such a bad deal. None the less, looking back, I wish I had confirmed via email the prices before taking off to the dealer. I could at least sit back and review everything in my home without the craziness of a dealership. If a dealer says "invoice", find out what that really means in numbers. This vehicle is great and rides as smooth as many of the big ones. Time will tell if it will live up to the Toyota image but so far so good.
  • OK, I must have missed something in economics classes in college about supply and demand. In the past I have always negotiated really good deals on cars, but unlike the '05 Double Cab 4x4 Taco, I've never bought a car who's average time on the lot is less than 4 days...

    I'm not kidding, with the three dealers in my area the 4x4 double cabs sell at invoice (or so they say) within 4 days on average. This makes it frustratingly hard to strike any kind of deal. It almost makes me want to buy a Tundra, just so I can get it under MSRP. :-)
  • oops, I meant to say that they sell at MSRP,not at invoice!
  • oneionei Posts: 11
    I know your delima. If you act quickly the Tundra 1250 rebate is good through today(02/28) unless they extend it. Its much more vehicle than you may have wanted but at the price it may be well worth it. I would deal with Fleet/ internet and get them down to invoice because the lots seem to have quite a few Tundras. If you want a Tacoma you may have to wait a little. Although if you can wait it may be worth it if you desire the smaller vehicle.
  • pryme21pryme21 Posts: 11
    How many dealers is everyone contacting to get their rig. Has anyone used the (Fighting"FAX ATTACK" for an 05 Tacoma. I am interested in a 4x4 DC/LB with the TRD Sport Package #4 plus a few other options. I am in the Lake Tahoe area but am willing to go as far north as Portland OR., So cal, Las Vegas, and maybe Idaho for the best deal. Seems like these are popular rigs right now. What are people paying for this rig.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    And I'm curious to see what it says about the '05 Tacomas. I got a call from a local dealer letting me know that "Hey, we finally got a double cab 4x4 in stock and its not already spoken for!" I asked them to fax me their best price (yea right) and surprise, surprise, they said "no discounts due to high demand". Full retail price (no premium at least, unlike Mini Cooper 'verts) but not even the one I want...
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    2000 below MSRP is typical of what I'm hearing and offers I've gotten from dealers here in the south west.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    OK, tell me the names of dealer selling '05 4x4 Tacoma Double Cabs for $2,000 under sticker - if they're within 1,000 miles of Los Angeles, I'll fly there (free) and drive one back! =)

    It seems a challenge just to find single 4x4 double cab TRD Sport LB anywhere... (and forget about other choices)
  • papasmurfpapasmurf Posts: 16
    So it's no 4x4 or Sport Pack but it's discounted! You do the math, free flight.
    BTW what's in it for me?
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Geez, I can't believe the number of Tacomas they list as inventory! You guys in Texas must not like Toyota trucks very much! :-)

    heh, seriously - the sheer number of available choices is staggering; though I notice NONE of them list any TRD package options. All of them are SR5 packages of one sort or another.

    Another interesting thing - I noticed one listing with "Leather Interior Upgrade Incl: Leather Faced Seats, Liquicell Comfort Technology"

    Whats up with that? Can anyone shed some light on this mysterious leather interior option for Tacoma trucks? That alone might be worth the drive back from Dallas.... (Heck, I'm there next month anyway on business). Does anyone know if it is more like the Pamper diaper-style Tundra Limited leather interior (all loose and flabby) or more taut and sporty like a leather version of the Tacoma "Sport" seats? I'm extremely curious...

  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    Desert Toyota in Las vegas does 500 over invoice.

    Mark Miller toyota in SLC gave me a qoute for 26,500 on a truck that MSRP'd at 28,400 something.

    Deal with the internet sales manager. I don't like to talk to these guys in person. I think you can cut out alot of the BS that way. Don't even go down to the lot until they've emailed you an out the door price: price of truck, dest. fee, doc fee, tax
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I can't get that link to work , but a friend just purchased a double cab V6 2wd in Dallas. Had to go to about 5 dealers to get any discount.Finally contacted a fleet manager that gave him 2% over cost.He did not get the leather.Lots of dealers here have contract's with trim shops that you could do cheaper on your own. If you do not have seat air bags that is.Does the Tacoma ?

  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    In thinking about going out of state to buy a Tacoma, I need to make sure that they all comply with California emmissions requirements. Does anyone know if all Tacomas are 50-state certified? (or is that just an option for CA?)

  • bjw1bjw1 Posts: 152
    yes all tacos and all other cars are 50 state emissions standards, you may have to smog frequebtly though based on state law, im here in nevada so we have to do it every year, regardless on how many miles are on the car, just another way to get more money from us, but i hope this can help, bjw1
  • papasmurfpapasmurf Posts: 16
    sbsyncro - If you read between the lines of the SR5 packages on the DCs you'll find the Sport TRD items on some. The leather is a PIO by the Gulf States Region from Lucheese(sp), the cowboy boot maker. All Tacos have a 50 state emmission system to the best of my knowledge.
  • $338 over dealer invoice is the best I`ve heard by a long shot. Where are you located and which dealership did you go through?
  • palominopalomino Posts: 21
    yeah they say they have a lot of trucks. i'm in Texas. i bought my truck from a dealer in Oregon due to the lack of options here in Texas. you can have the leather ($1000 option here). i wanted side curtain airbags on a shortbed DC and could only find them in the Pacific Northwest. paid $2000 under msrp and got exactly what i wanted. i am thrilled with the truck.

    TRD Sport #2 on a DC/Shortbed with option GY (side airbags) and DZ (6disc radio) with floormats.

    btw...if you drive mostly on the street the mechanical LSD is excellent. the truck performs great in the rain.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Interesting. The local dealer here bascially told me that side airbags and stereos other than the basic unit are unavailable with the Tacoma (even though they are listed as options by Toyota)

    The only thing coming on Double Cabs around here are SR5 #3 and #8, TRD Sport #1, #3, and (rarely) TRD Sport #4. That's it (other than little PIO stuff like bike racks and floor mats)
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    I just bought the kit (more out of curiosity than anything) and it has a lot of really good information. Has anyone tried the "fax attack" to get a Tacoma?

    I'm wondering if waiting til the end of the month will make much of a difference... (or if the fax attack will make much of a difference).
  • I know the feeling. I live just outside St. Louis and the dealer in town cannot keep Tacos on the lot. He sells them in less than a week! I have seen 4 of them already. I ordered mine as an SR-5 and had the side curtains put in at the factory. The dealer parked my Taco up in front on the sales lot for one day because he wanted folks to see what they looked like. Mine is the first long bed he had. All the others have been Access or Shortbeds. And if Taco recalled 22,000 for the parking brake adjustment, there must be thousands more owners out there with them in their garages.

    Mine went to to Soft Trim for a moonroof installation. I had one installed on my last Taco and I really liked it. I used the moonroof more than the windows.

    I should close on the deal tomorrow. Indigo old dog will really like flapping his ears and showing his tongue in the bed of this baby. Now if I can just train him to stop hiking his right leg up on the Frontiers...

  • balboabalboa Posts: 2
    Prerunner Accesscab SR5(Pckg # 4) I4 5spd, mats and truck pad.

    MSRP + Destination fee $20,900

    Paid $19,300

    1600 off was considered a good deal to me.

    1000 off MSRP and got rid of destination charge of 565.
  • eaglegeagleg Posts: 87
    Bought my 05 DC V-6 4X4 Longbed Taco right off the truck in Milwaukee for $26,500.Indigo Ink Pearl,TRD Sport 4,5 spd auto,a dream come true.Used to be a chevy man,what a mistake.Taco is the best truck I've ever owned.No problems,no leaks,no noise,just a fine ride.Wilde Toyota in Milwaukee is the place to go.Several Short Box DC 4X4's,No Long Box's,I bought the only one they ever saw.Sticker was $29,940.00.
  • aa00aa00 Posts: 30
    Get this...Had my truck(silver d/c shortbed trd offroad #2, rails) on order since Dec. Was called early yesterday to say it was in, only to be called several hours later to say it came in wrong!! Has sport#2 instead of offroad #2. Can't beleive it...They are supposed to be checking on how they correct this problem. Yeah right...I don't see how other than reordering. Would probably be another 2 months or so for that. Will try to upgrade truck as payback if that is the case. Just thought I would vent...Thanks...
  • Looking for PreRunner Access Cab or Double Cab, 4cyc and 5-speed. Is it hard to find in Bay Area?
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    I asked my local dealer his bottom line price on an 05, DC, 4x4, SR5 #8, with limited slip. He told me $26,600 and said that it was his cost (invoice). I told him that the invoice was $25,379 and he asked me if it was from Edmunds. I told him it was from Edmunds and he said that advertising cost was included in the price that he gave me, which is included nationwide.

    Is this true? When people on here say they bought their truck for invoice or X$ over invoice, was it Edmunds invoice or the dealers invoice? I think that a lot of people on here think they are getting invoice and are getting dealer invoice instead of true invoice.

    If my dealer is telling the truth, which I'm sure their not, is Toyota's advertising cost really $1,200 per vehicle? I think not!

    The Frontier is definitely looking better!

    Should I go to another dealer or just buy the Nissan (which I can buy at edmunds invoice) and get the same exact truck plus 25 more horses with 87 octane @ $2,500 less?
  • manarakimanaraki Posts: 40
    It isn't 1200.00, but there is an advertising cost of roughly 521.00 + 6.00 for gas. They charge 527.00 on all their trucks. At least that is what I have had 4 seperate dealerships tell me. I think it is a crock of sh#*, but what can you do.
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    So manaraki, you are getting invoice + $527? If you are, I would take it. My dealer is telling me that I'm getting invoice plus advertising (1,200), which is a crock of Shi*. Are dealers in your area really going Edmunds invoice + $527? If so, what part of the US to you live. I am in the Southeast (LA).
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    In Louisiana (I assume that is what you mean by "LA") your dealer is a member of the "Gulf States Toyota" distributor network. Your dealer pays extra money to this "middle man" . Some of this extra money (specifically from Gulf States) includes a 10% surcharge on the MSRP of all port installed options (listed as "PIO" on Edmunds). There is also an "administrative fee" or "MAF fee" that is just over 1% of the base MSRP. You'll also find that destination charges are a little higher than elsewhere. You will also find that they tend to load their vehicles up with a lot of crap like "Toyo guard" packages that are not optional that include the BS junk like paint lusterizing and other useless options just to jack up the price.

    If I lived in Louisiana, I'd go out of state to compare prices (like in Tennessee). You may find you can save a lot of money if you are willing to do a bit of driving. Bottom line, though - these extra charges are being passed onto the dealer by the middle man, so in essence he is telling you the truth.

    By the way, I got this information from and their packet on the Tacoma. It is a very worthwhile investment if you are looking to get the best deal!
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