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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • philg87philg87 Posts: 74
    I'm looking to buy a Taco DC 4x4 SB V6.

    Is there really a ride difference between the Sports package & Offroad package or is it just the cosmetics? I only been able to test drive offroad package have not seen a sport.

    Thanks in advance for your comments guys & gals
  • jeremyr3jeremyr3 Posts: 2
    I just read through this thread and realized that I did get a really good deal on my truck.
    I ordered a Prerunner Access Cab V6 Auto with the TRD Off-road package #2 with Tow, in Impulse Red.
    MSRP is $24,970, and I paid exactly $250 over dealer invoice. I originally wanted the OR package #1 which was cheaper, but it was not available in my area. The dealer was trying to sell off as many cars before the end of the month, and they could sense I was about to get up and leave, so they gave me that deal. Dealing with internet sales manager seems to be the way to go. BTW, the dealer was Toyota of Greenville in South Carolina.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    MAF is the Market Action Fund, Toyota add fees
    TDA would be the local add fees the the dealer group uses to offer rebates and run adds and promos. If you see a commericail that says it is bropught to you by the "North Texas dealers asso" than that is being paid for by the TDA fund. Federal law requires Toyota to break the invoice down as to actual vehicle cost and fees charged to it

    Why would you spend money to get an better deal? sound like some one is posting there own little commercail here
  • cwbrow2cwbrow2 Posts: 9
    Anyone know of a good dealer in Missouri to get a good price on a Tacoma? Doesn't matter where in MO.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    I couldn't locate any members in this discussion who specifically stated that they bought their truck in MO; however, there's a member called "buffalonickel" who hangs out on our Toyota Tacoma 2005+ thread, and he has been shopping in the St. Louis area for awhile. Unfortunately for consumers, they've been selling like hotcakes around here.

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  • palominopalomino Posts: 21
    Gulf States Toyota is crap. It seems they control the wishes of the consumer in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississipi, and Arkansas. Between the dealer and the restrictions placed on my purchasing power by Gulf States Toyota, I began looking outside their monopoly for the truck I wanted.

    I found exactly what I wanted on a dealer lot in Oregon. I am thrilled with my purchase which was found at a reasonalbe $2000 under MSRP. It has no silly options installed on it. No junk packages priced out of sight.

    I guess Gulf States Toyota assumes we are a bunch of dumb truck-driving hicks in their states. I hope they realize the money they have lost in the frustration of the consumer. They are quite simply a middle-man...and not one that provides a good selection.

    My 2005 TRD Sport #2 DC SB Tacoma is great. The buying experience and selection in Texas and surrounding states is not.

    Best of luck.
  • cwbrow2cwbrow2 Posts: 9
    Thanks Kirstie.
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Just curoius, did you ever ask some one to order in one with just the package you wanted or did you just assume you had to buy one that was one the lot?
    If you talk to a fleet or internet manager at any dealer in Gulf States they will bring a truck in with
    out the gulf states packages if that is what you want.
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    The price I recieved of $1,200 over invoice was on an ordered truck and not one on the lot. I was ordering a CC 4x4, SR5#8 (Limited Slip, towing, alum. rims). I was not even getting floor mats.
  • palominopalomino Posts: 21
    as a matter of fact, i did try the ordering process. it was an absolute joke.

    it was at that point that i stopped playing games and made the dealers work for my money instead of being another 'showroom floor puppet'.

    it was a bit of work, but worth every effort. i got exactly what i wanted and nothing i didn't. i also got the price i wanted and no more b.s. lines.

    don't let the dealers make you think it's such a pain to get you what you want. they just take the easiest path with the most profit.

    always remember...the dealers aren't your friends and are not interested in becoming your pal. they only want your money. it's all business.
  • 3tacoma3tacoma Posts: 15
    I was only inquiring about a new Tacoma to see how much I could save when I buy a used one. Buying a new vehicle is very foolish! Especially when a new model comes out. I will let the person who buys a new Tacoma take the hit on depreciation and then I will buy my next.
  • pb2themaxpb2themax Posts: 471
    I'm currently trying to deal with a couple dealers in the Cincinnati Ohio area, on a 05 Double Cab 4X4 TRD Sport package #2. The MSRP is $29,315. I got the dealer down to $27,012, plus free floor mats, ha ha. I can't believe floormats aren't standard. That price doesn't include tax, title, etc. Anyway, does this sound like a pretty good deal? It does to me.
  • tjaybtjayb Posts: 2
    Just wanted to let you know I've been looking for two months in the eastern Ohio area and from what I have found that sounds like a good deal. Might be ordering mine from a Pittsburgh dealer. I'm looking for the same package as you. If you could post what dealership you are dealing with I would appreciate it. Thanks and good luck. Also is this truck on the lot or do they have to acquire it for you?
  • jillmcmjillmcm Posts: 2
    Hadn't found any comments from PA on this thread so nothing to compare to, but I just bought a 4x4 access cab 5 speed manual with the SR5 #2 package for $22K flat. I probably could have wheedled a little bit more off if I put another week into it, but I was sick of the whole process, internet or not. I also found that a lot of the internet salespeople were not very interested in pursuing the sale on line; I ended up having to resort to calling (and calling, and calling). This seems like a tough truck to get ahold of. Anyway, I'm happy with having bought my first truck!
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    I am being quoted $28,800 + Tax & Lic (which is around 10%) in Southern California:

    05 Tacoma Double cab Long bed
    4X4 V6 Auto
    TRD Sport Package #4
    Optional equipment:
    Curtain side airbags &
    JBL in dash 6-cd Premium Audio

    This would be a 8-10 week wait which is no big deal. I dont think I am getting a steal, but it seems reasonable. TMV is stating invoice would be $27.5 how close are they on there prices? Any advice before I take the plunge would be appreciated.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    That is exactly the truck I am looking for, and that sounds like a decent price but not stellar. However, I haven't even been able to FIND the truck in SoCal (or find a dealer willing to "preference" it for me), so take what I am saying with a grain of salt... (I'm waiting to the last week of the month to try my luck at buying)

    I assume the stereo upgrade is the "EJ" option code which invoices at $375 and MSRPs at $500

    The side curtain airbags ("GY") add $559/$650

    Invoice on that car is $27,026/MSRP $33,316

    With Dealer Holdback and "Wholesale Financial reserve, plus the $1,774 margin over invoice, the dealer is making $2,531.50 on the deal, which is pretty fat. I'd throw those numbers at him, ask for a better offer, and then be prepared to walk away and see what they do.

    Negotiate it over the phone - DON'T go down there. And when you settle on the price, tell them to give you the exact amount as if you were going to have a cashier's check made out in advance. Otherwise you will probably get the hard sell and end up with $3,000 worth of crap you don't need like "lusterizing treatments" and so on.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes! Also let me know the dealer - I may call them myself!
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    sbsyncro thanks for the advice, this is proof why this site is so invaluable. My initial quote was $29.9 & they dropped $1100 when I told them I am confident I can obtain the truck for $28,000.(even if it entails a 300 mile drive) This was the only dealer out of 4 that was prepared to cut me some slack on a special order, it's hard enough to locate this particular truck in Southern CA. then when you mention the airbags(GY)
    & the stereo(EJ)it's just not out there. I think $28,000 is fair considering MSRP. I am in no rush..... which I have found from past experience is a good thing. I must say out of all the dealerships I dealt with, these guys seemed totally up front. I still have a few more irons in the fire & will keep you guys up to date on the outcome.
    F.Y.I. Speak to the Internet/Fleet Manager at Toyota Carlsbad. Thanks & good luck!
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Please do, as I said, this is EXACTLY the truck I am looking for, and I plan to call dealers in the LA area toward the end of the month and see if any of them will deal. I'll be real curious to see what kind of deal you get and how long it takes you to get the truck. My dealer here in Santa Barbara is really wishy-washy about special ordering - he basically acts like he doesn't really know what he'll get until it arrives!

    Part of my problem is I am also struggling over the Tacoma vs Tundra question. I really love the Taco, but I worry that it won't be big enough for family trips to skiing and camping. My kids are in elementary school, but I'll plan to have the truck until they are in high school. (maybe even college!) :-)
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    Well..... the dealer will not move on $28,800
    I went back at them quoting dealer holdback etc. To which they replied.

    After consulting with upper management, due the large demand and short availability on that model, they would not be able to offer a lower price than previously quoted.
    If you would like to consider a less costly configuration such as the SR5 package, you would be closer to your target price.

    I will consider this over the weekend, I guess it's all about supply & demand & there's certainly a demand for this truck in Southern California. With regard to the Tundra I can speak from experience, I bought a 04 Crew 4X4 TRD SR5 in August of last year. I too have kids. To be honest it's just to much truck for me I would in no way have considered the Tacoma at that time but now with 200lbs less towing capacity & 4 more miles to the gallon I'm sold. I have it in the Trader this week so with a bit of luck I will be out 3-4 grand but at least I will have something I will enjoy driving. You can always pick up a small trailer for about $1000 if you are concerned about space on trips.
    Good luck
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    what kind of milage were you getting with the Tundra?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    Boy are you off on your numbers, no Toyota has a 20% markup invoice can't be 27,026 if msrp is 33,316. Throw those number at the delaer and he is just going to laugh
  • slabanumslabanum Posts: 18
    I got a speed way blue 05 Tacoma Prerunner V6 double cab with the TRD off road #2, a running board and a floor mats for 24,099 (not the ot the door price).

    Is this a good price?
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    On the Tundra 4X4 Crew Cab I am getting 15MPG Freeway, & 12MPG Around town, and that's at best.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    dreasdad, I am looking at TMV Pricing which states MSRP $30,960 Invoice $27,595 & What others are paying $30,588.(I have no idea how reliable this source is)
    What do you think of my quote of $28,800??
    Thanks, 1236
  • centralcalcentralcal Posts: 215
    That is what i was afraid of. I almost got your truck, but between the gas mileage and the length (they are soooo long), I ended up getting something else.
  • manarakimanaraki Posts: 40
    2005 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 4 Door Double Cab

    Indigo Ink Pearl
    TRD#2 Package
    Auto Dimming Mirror
    Exhaust by Valor

    200.00 over invoice

    Price was 27,134.00 with tax and all fees 29,800.00.

    Purchased through a fleet manager. He got me alot better deal than the retail dealers can get. He sells specifically to Boeing and Microsoft including other Northwest Companies. If anyone wants his name and the dealership, please let me know.

    He was VERY professional. He had my wife and I in and out in 15 minutes. He didn't even ask about the extended warranty, just gave me the prices and said to call him if I wanted it. Best deal I have ever had. I love my truck!
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    I got a speed way blue 05 Tacoma Prerunner V6 double cab with the TRD off road #2, a running board and a floor mats for 24,099 (not the ot the door price).

    Is this a good price?

    You didn't say whether it's an automatic or manual tranny. I just bought my 05 Tacoma Silver prerunner V-6, Automatic Access cab with TRD Off-Road #2 & carpeted floor mats, door sill protectors & first aid kit for $23,053. MSRP=$25,119.
  • slabanumslabanum Posts: 18
    It's an automatic with MSRP of $24,464. I guess I got a good deal.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Dreasdad, you caught a mistake - I admit it. I mistakenly included sales tax in my MSRP number. They should have read $27,026 invoice and $30,395 MSRP.

    Sorry about that. Late night.
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Hey y'all - when posting your results, make sure to let us know if you are talking about a 4wd or a 2wd, since it makes a big difference in price!
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