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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    Hey, 1236:

    So you are saying that you are getting rid of the Tundra DC in favor of the Taco? That is really interesting to me - I'be been agonizing over the decision for a couple of weeks now. How old are your kids, and do you guys take longer drives (like to Utah, Colorado, Vegas, etc) for camping trips and stuff? What do you hope to gain with the Tacoma? What do you expect to lose?

    I love the feel of driving the Taco - the Tundra to me feels like driving my Granpa's old Buick with the poofy leather seats.... Sure is nice and roomy, though. And that big sunroof..... ;-)
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    Hey y'all - when posting your results, make sure to let us know if you are talking about a 4wd or a 2wd, since it makes a big difference in price!

    All pre-Runners are 2WD.
  • 12361236 Posts: 34
    sbsyncro, kids are 10, 6, & 2. But as the wife has a Sequoia it's not really an issue. I purchased it last year & it was off road (literally) for 4 months. It didn't see a highway during that period & handled superbly. When I came back to Southern California I felt like I was driving a school bus. In hindsight I should of purchased the limited as the seats are a lot more adjustable (electric), as opposed to the SR5 which has 3 manual positions. As far as gain with the Tacoma, maneuverability, & handling are a consideration & MPG is certainly a plus. At the end of the day I suggest you drive both, take them out for an hour (hey it's your money) Bottom line I like the car/truck like feel of the Tacoma, it's got plenty of power. At 5'9" 150lb the Tacoma fits my needs way better than a Tundra DC.
    Good luck.
  • lomareslomares Posts: 16
    PICTURES INCLUDED!!!! with Tube Steps installed

    Here's the deal I got in So Cal from Longo Toyota:

    (Listed straight from the window sticker)

    Tacoma Prerunner
    Raidiant Red
    Double Cab 4x2 V6 Long Bed
    Curtain Airbags, Dr & Fr Pass Seat Side Airbags (Code GY)
    JBL AM/FM/CD/ 6 Disc Chngr, Amplifier, 6 Spkrs + Subwoofer & Steering Wheel Audio Controls (Code EJ)
    TRN Sport Pkg #3 (Code PM)
    Daytime Running Lights (Code RL)
    Carpet Floor Mats (4-piece set) (Code C4.)

    MSRP w/out options $22,175.00
    MSRP w/ options $27,405.00

    OKAY!!! Here's the deal: Sales Price = $25,800 (w/out taxes, fees, etc...)

    Amount Financed: $27K (Tax, tag, title, fees, after trade in.)

    I traded in my 2002 Tacoma, Dbl Cab, 4X4, TRD Off Road w/ SnugTop - they gave me $16K. That paid it off and applied about $1200 to the new Tacoma. I know I could have gotten $19K as a private sell. The sales man even confirmed that they'd price it around $20K. Oh, well...

    The gave me a finance rate of 5.5%. I've since refinance with my credit union at 3.9%

    (BTW, we just bought an 05 Honda Pilot @ 2.9% too. Since the wife got a new car I had to get a new truck!!!)

    Last thing - pictures were taken just after the step were install, but also about 2 weeks after my first ever "Zaino" treatment. (Pre-wash with Turtle Wash car was, Dawn wash, Z-7 Car Wash, Z-2 Polish for Fine Scratches & Swirl Marks, and finished off with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer.) It was overcast when the pictures where taken, but I still can't believe how well the shine is holding up only have 1 coat of Zaino. I can't wait to put more coats on!!! Oh, I also used 303 Aerospace protectant for the tires - like the Zaino stuff, unbelievable!

    These forums are awsome! Thanks to everyone for sharing!!!
  • cwbrow2cwbrow2 Posts: 9
    After much work, I finally found a dealer in MO that was willing to work with me. Most never responded at all. Riley Toyota Jefferson City was great. Tacoma 4x4 Dbl Cab Sport #2 (PT), JBL audio (EJ), Floor mats (C4). $27300 ordered, out the door not including TTL.
  • brodeyobrodeyo Posts: 26
    Kings Toyota...
  • sbsyncrosbsyncro Posts: 66
    "Tacoma 4x4 Dbl Cab Sport #2 (PT), JBL audio (EJ), Floor mats (C4). $27300 ordered, out the door not including TTL. "

    By my spreadsheet, that is about $850 over invoice - sweet! Was it in stock? Did you use a fax attack/email blast or calling around?
  • cwbrow2cwbrow2 Posts: 9
    KBB had invoice at 26558, I got it +$742 to be exact. Plus if any rebates/incentives pop up before delivery, they will include those also. It will be special ordered from factory, not in stock. No fax/email attack, I just did my homework and put out some feelers. Riley Toyota had great customer service. I may have been able to get it lower, but they were just great to work with (so far).
  • bacolodbacolod Posts: 24

    Thanks for your detailed quotaion.
    Is your OTD price 28200.

  • jtacomajtacoma Posts: 1

    I also live in the Pacific Northwest, but am looking for the Access Cab 4x4. Can you provide the name of the dealership that you used?

    Many thanks..!!
  • bdstuartbdstuart Posts: 11
    I just ordered a DC, 4x4, with many options. Got it for $700 over invoice (real invoice that can be found on web w/o dealer advertising added). Said it is being built on 11 Apr with delivery in mid May. Is this about right...seems like quite a while, especially from build to delivery. And does this sound accurate on timing. thanx
  • zgw8zgw8 Posts: 3
    I am in the process of buying a 2005 Tacoma DC V6 automatic with the following:

    GY VE OG RL D9 DR BK TG CJ EJ R3. I calculate invoice to be $28,350 after destination charge of $565. Dealer says he will sell it to me for $500 over invoice plus TDA (advertising) of $542 plus D&H of $299.50 for a grand total of $29,431.50. Is this a good price?
  • john45john45 Posts: 18
    From John Elway (AutoNation)
    2005 Tacoma access cab 4x4 v6 AutoMatic Trans
    msrp= 28,225
    base truck cost $23125
    OG trd off-road pkg #2 $ 4405
    C4 carpet floor Mats (4piece) $ 130
    Delivery, processing 565
    total MSRP $28225

    I asked the dealer for $500 over invoice. I think I could have done better, the salesman insisted that the dealer invoice was $25,913. The invoice price Should be $25,657 according to other dealers. ???

    I paid:

    $26,413.00 (includ. $500 over invoice of 25913)
    1,981.87 tax
    19.50 recording fee
    369.00 doc fees to pay sales man
    $28,783.37 total fee w/o finane charge $3,560

    Because of the dealer invoice discrepancy at John Elway, I'll do better shopping next time. Could have paid 500 less for this truck, but it was purchased 2/04/05 during a hot time to buy and no other dealer could come close to offering the above deal.


  • john45john45 Posts: 18
    The markup for Toyota is 10% give or take 150.00 dollars. So if your msrp is $29,600 - (2,960.00 or 10%) you should try to pay

    $26,640 (of course this means they make close to nothing, so offer 400.00 over the 26,640 for a fair offer of $27,040.00 this does not include tax and registration.

    But it does include Delivery and Processing $565. Dealer's try to get you with telfon coating and exorbinet doc fees. I hope this can help someone as a solid rule of thumb. Shoot for 10% off the sticker price on the car. Try it. It works every time.

  • john45john45 Posts: 18
    srry. a good price would have been $22,500.00 without tax, license, and doc fees 100.
  • zgw8zgw8 Posts: 3
    So John - the total MSRP of the truck that I have put together is $32,107. 90% would be $28,896. I can't get the guy to move from the $29,431. I am in Aspen and want to do everything over the phone so they don't try to bend me over when I get there. I seem to be about $500 over what you suggest.
  • nocal1nocal1 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if the steering wheel controls come with both 6CD changers (EJ) the JBL and (DZ) the ETR? Or only on the (EJ).
    Those options are not available locally, so I am going out of the area to buy.
  • Can I get some helpful advice. I want a Taco V6 prerunner DC with TRD#2 Automatic for $750 above invoice which invoice is $23,174. Any suggestions or helpful advice.
  • Sorry, new at this I live in Northern Ca.
  • manarakimanaraki Posts: 40
    I hate to tell you, but Lake City Toyota deceives their customers from my experience. They offered me 200.00 over invoice, and then tried to cancel the offer until I complained, by then I had an equally good offer.
  • I spent a month trying to find a buy a good ultra-rough road vehicle. I wanted an '00-'02 4Runner. Unfortunately, the decent ones are 20k with 50k miles. I looked at the Jeep Liberty, but the way Chrysler structures their pricing does not inspire confidence. It's not a Toyota. Toyota is a financial monster. They can afford engineering because they make a lot of money. That's why I prefer Tacoma over the Frontier. The Access Cab with 4x4 made sense to me as a basic vehicle for any road around here, and that is thousands of miles of rock, dirt, rutted mud and river fords.

    But I didn't really want to play games to buy it. I wanted a fair deal. I tried going through Costco. They referred me to Findlay in Las Vegas. Findlay promised a quote in 4 hours. It never came.

    I eventually sent an Internet query to Mark Miller Toyota, in Salt Lake. I just went to the website, which is the full name (Mark Miller Toyota) dot com. Then I clicked on New Inventory. I plugged in the Tacoma, and got what they have, plus the stickers. After I clicked on a specific truck, I got a thing to send them email.

    They got right back to me. The price was about $500 over invoice. I never asked for the invoice. For the basic Access 4x4 with 6 speed, this was $1500 or so below the sticker. The truck I picked was gold (desert sand mica??), not my real first choice. I picked a car from their inventory, just to start the process. This was the model, but not the color, I wanted. But I decided to make the 260 mile drive to see and drive the model I wanted.

    The good news is that the $500 plus seems to be completely staight. I liked the model. The Access Cab is unbelievable. Absolutely brilliant design. The truck is solid. But, I wanted white. There are 7 dealers in the Salt Lake (Wasatch) area. They found 2 white ones in the basic configuration I wanted, the 6 speed plus Option Pack "A". So, since they access all inventory in the area, they exchanged. I wanted better tires. That was it. I had it a half day later. They have the inventory of many dealers to work a deal.

    The other issue was the trade. I got almost exactly what I calculated from the Blue Book numbers online. As far as I can tell, they aren't 'making up' anything on the trade. I wanted the value early in the process. I don't want to do an 'iron butt' deal where you go back and forth for hours.

    Miller Toy made it clear there are salesman in the same building doing the "What's it gonna take to get you in a Prius tonight, Honey?" routine. But the Web sales are done by a separate group of several people basically doing the Internet. They give you the information you need, the full details on the car you pick, and the price. I didn't try to negotiate a lower price, so I can't say how flexible things are. I got a nice discount on the service contract for 7/100.

    Overall, this was simply a pleasant experience. The people knew a lot about cars, including a very sophisticated understanding of the companies. Financial muscle means a car manufacturer can do complex design with long lead times. Some companies are limited by resources. In the past, some Toy dealers have required long negotiations. I've bought two, prior to this. I'm glad some Toyota dealers are going to a simple invoice plus internet system.
  • john45john45 Posts: 18
    That is a good deal. However, If you qualify for the below, you can get for less.

    $400 Cash to Customer start: 03/01/2005 end: 03/31/2005 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions Customer must have graduated from an accredited college within the last two years, or will do so within the next six months. Must finance through Toyota Financial Services.
    Comments Incentives may vary; see your local dealer for details ( I got this from edmunds. Incentives.)

    Just make sure of the following:
    1. when you get the contract in your hand make sure The 29431 is on the contract. I've seen dealers move up the price 100 bucks or more.
    2. take a calculator and compute tax for yourself even if the Finance Manger insists it is correct.
    3. try to find out what doc fees before you go? I paid 369.00 for doc fees, so my cost was 869 over invoice. I regret paying this Junk fee, but at the time 2/04/05 most dealers wanted 1600 over invoice.
    4. I won't recommend any warranty of any kind. You can buy after market warranties after you warranty 3year 36k miles expires (otherwise your have double coverage for no good reason). drive train is 5 year on this truck.
    5. If they insist that everyone pays for teflon coating, be prepared to say you won't pay and have a backup plan to buy from another dealer or Also, I bought consumer reports magazine 12 bucks. for cars 2005 and took that with me, believe me it help you confidence when you end up getting a vehicle with a differnt configueration, because the veh. you want is not in stock!!!!
    6. take someone else who can be your sounding board when you have doubts, someone smart financially like you.

  • john45john45 Posts: 18
    Why? Because sometimes dealers want to move vehicles and are willing to let cars go for at invoice price or less with any qualifing rebates and Manufacture credits that we don't know about. If the MSRP sticker on the window is 20K minus out 10%(2k) = 18k for the car is what the dealer pays (TOYOTA ONLY). A good deal will be close to 18K + your offer example $400).
    The more money other suckers pay is good for the rest of us who can then get a flexible dealer who make up the loss on the dumb guys/girls. The dealer needs to make money somehow.

    Finally, don't worry to much about how finance charge work in the state of Colorado. Colorado residents are protected by simple interest laws. It really is good. But do try to get the lowest financing rate as possible. this is based on you FICO score (credit). I believe 680 FICO score is considered "A paper" and you should be aware of your score and get the best possible rates with 680 and higher. I've heard that 850 is the highest for people. Higher if you have commerical accounts. I might be incorrect here.

  • bdstuartbdstuart Posts: 11
    Steering wheel controls come with both 6-disc changers. tells you this and I have teset drove the DZ's there
  • Here are the stats on my newly purchased Tacoma.
    -Double Cab
    -Prerunner (4x2)
    -TRD Sport Pkg #2
    -Floor Mats
    -Bed Mat

    Before taxes and title I paid $24300. That seems to be pretty good based on everything I've seen so far. Also, I love my's even better than I thought it would be.
  • I think your deal was good let us know where you made the deal, this would help our advantage.
  • zgw8zgw8 Posts: 3
    Hey John - I already have a deposit hold form with the total price on it excluding tax. The guy I am dealing with seems like a no BS kind of guy. I also got real confidence in his knowledge of the options/accessories.
  • lomareslomares Posts: 16
    Hey Bacolod,

    Yes, my OTD on the contract was 28.2K, after my trade in = 27K (They paid off the trade-in and left me a little to apply to the new truck.)

  • kbshadowkbshadow Posts: 22

    I got that exact one 3 weeks ago.

    Don't know where you live but got mine at Geweke Toyota, Lodi.

    $500 over invoice with no add ons.

    Very happy with them.

    No one else in the area would deal on the DC Sport # 2.

    Stockton Ca
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    sounds like about 500 over actual invoice, depends on there supplyu and how many they have right now if they woul d go any less
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