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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • My brother just picked up a 2006 Tacoma, 08/06 build date, 2wd reg cab base (i mean really base, just add a/c and floormats, crank windows bench seat) for $300 over invoice, $35 doc and $9 "lien release" fee (BS I know, but $9?) at Bob Bridge in Renton,WA. Their invoice appeared to be about $200 more than Edmunds, so call it $500 over if you want, but the final price was right at Edmunds TMV.

    Straight deal from start to finish, no games, soft sell on gap ins. and ext. warranty. 7:30pm to 9:00pm on Sunday night from drive in to drive out w/his first new truck.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    The best thing for you to do is to call the "owner" of the vehicle, i.e. the entity you're leasing from. Ask them for the payoff number. IOW, how much money you have to fork over for them to send you the title so you can assume ownership. Don't be surprised if it's well above $20.

    May be Toyota Financial, but probably someone else. It's in your paper work.

    Do NOT call the dealer, they're no longer involved in any way, but I guarantee, they'll tell you to "come on down".

    If you keep making the lease payments, your payments + residual will total ~$41. That's a LOT of money and a real incentive to buy it out... presumably, the high payments come from high money factor (aka "lease interest"). If the high payments are based on a high purchase price, you're likely out of luck.

    Next time you go car shopping, take a calculator. Or at least a pencil and the back of an envelope. Good heavens.

  • We haven't even talked to the dealer yet. This is our first experience buying a used car from a dealer. If the list price is 24K (we're in CO), is it reasonable to offer significantly less - like 20K, or even less? The 24K price is a little more than Edmund's and KBB say can be expected as the starting price w/the features on this specific pickup, before "haggling." We've been reading up on used car buying, but can't find anything that states what is a reasonable difference between asking and offering price.
  • dhm06,

    If we're talking about a 2004 4wd Tacoma double cab with 34k miles for $24k, then yes it is in your interest to low-ball them. $24k is extremely high for that car regardless of what the blue book is. The car is three years old and has been replaced by a new model.

    I would expect to pay somewhere around 20k for that vehicle if only certified in excellent condition. If you are prepared to pay $24k, then start looking at 2005s with lower miles.

    For measure, I have bought 2 used certified toyota trucks in california and payed substantially less than the blue book value. For example:

    In 1996 I bought a 94 4wd truck for 11.5k, asking price was 14,995. In 2003, I bought a 2000 4runner for 14.5k, asking price was 17,500.
  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    The Tacoma is probably THE vehicle with the highest resale value.

    When you're buying used, this is not a good thing. There is no way I would pay $20 for a 3-year-old 4x4, much less $23 or $24. But I'm guessing that $20 is what it's gonna take; if you won't pay it, somebody else will.

    A buddy of mine just unloaded a '99 ecab 4x4 v6 stick with 45k tiny miles.... for $12,500 !!!!! That is NUTS, but that's what these cars bring.

    What all this should tell you is: Either bite the bullet and buy new, or go buy something else. Of all the vehicles out there, the Tacoma is the one to buy new.

  • 24K is a little (well, alot) over priced, but the fact is that people are spending $20+ for these every day. The fact that the truck has been recently replaced means that you have the last truck model year that has been verified to be top notch. Don't let anyone fool you about buying a final year vehicle. I love my 05, but the 04 was certainly a superior vehicle on many levels simply because the 05 is experimental. The fact is that 5 years from now, the 04 will still only be one year older than the 05 and both will be in far better shape than any other competition.
  • Does anyone have any experience buying from any of the Toyota dealers in the Austin, TX area? I'm looking into buying a DCab Tacoma, but want to get as much information concerning their "practices" as possible (ex. the administrative fees as described in the posts above, holdback %, etc).

    Also, should dealers be charging the buyer a holdback? I thought the manufacturer gave the dealer a holdback, not the buyer? When I purchased my last vehicle (in Louisiana), the dealer had a holdback charge in their itemized list they showed me. When I challenged that, they gave me some spill about them purchasing the vehicles outright or something along those lines and aren't financed through Toyota.


  • Right now the 4x4 tacomas have special financing offer (4.9% for 60 months etc) but wondering if anyone has any insight on whether they will be offering cash back after this expires? I'd rather do cash back if possible...
  • I wouldn't spend a penny more than 500 over invoice for an '06. Carsdirect in washington is basically offering 600 over invoice with no hassle. A friend of mine negotiated his tacoma purchase to 200 over invoice. Not sure how it is around the country, but the toyota dealers here are already getting a lot of '07s.
  • You did good! I bought 06 Frontier in April and couldn't get Toy any closer then 2 to 3k more for comparable equipted truck. Ended up with 06 Fronty KC SE 4x4 at, just couldn't get them close enough to the Nissan price. I like Toy and they maybe a little better,but I'm betting not that much. Toy dealers in general from my experince are arrogant,and that puts off right away!Goodluck with your new ones :)
  • Yesterday, I completed the transaction for a 2006 Prerunner DC with OC (TRD offroad), Tow Pkg, floor mats, and 6-disk changer for $23800, approximately $600 invoice.

    The key was using, expanding the # of dealers to 25 which resulted in a winning bid of $500 under invoice. Then I sent a copy of the results to a handful of dealer to see if they could beat it. Toyota of Sunnyvale beat it by $100 due to clearance of 2006 models to make room for the '07s.

    When presenting the bid results to Dublin Toyota, they basically laughed at me and said they do not sell under invoice. Toyota of Stockton whos bid was $500 under, was shocked when they call me during the transaction and I told them the deal I was getting. Finally, Walnut Creek Toy offered a 2007 (same options) for $24950 (MSPR $270XX).
  • c0mc0m Posts: 5
    I am interested in a 4wd 4cyl. manual access cab Tacoma with the SR5 package. I'm assuming all of the 2006's are sold out so what would be a good otd asking price for one? I think the msrp is around 22k.
  • I paid $23000 OTD for a new 06 4X2 TRD off road. That included the $1000 rebate. They agreed to my price easily. I guess I should of went lower. But the truck is really nice and I am very happy. I wanted this truck since it first came out in 05.
  • vlade1vlade1 Posts: 4
    what model? Access cab? DC?...options.....??"?
  • I''m sorry,. It was an 4X2 extra cab. It had Bed Mat $99. TRD OFF ROAD $3755, Towing Package $650, Carpet Mats $139. Oh yell, I must not forget the famous Toyoguard Plus Protection $699. But I love this truck so its all good.
  • I forgot it was a 6 speed. No auto's were available here. But I really enjoy it anyhow. I think I am happier with the 6 speed.
  • I am pricing Tacomas in the Southern California area.I found a new 2006 Tacoma,Automatic,V6, 2WD, Double Cab,Shortbed with the following options. CF, EJ, FE, GY, OC, RL and TO. I was quoted a price of $26,010 and I was told it was $500 over factory invoice.

    I also found a new 2006 V6 4WD,DC,SB with options of CF,FE, PY,and TO for $26,000.

    Any thoughts on these Taco quotes. In my area, Toyota is offering 4.9% financing on 2006 Tacos.
  • check with carsdirectdotcom before u go to the dealer
  • I began looking at Tacomas last December as my “92” Toyota truck was beginning to show signs of wear, and the extended cab just didn’t seem a good fit for my daughter. I started looking in MN (where I live) but none of the local dealers were willing to deal; they only quoted MSRP. I wanted a 4x4, V6, manual transmission, double cab, SR5 #2, with LSD. Over the next several months I expanded my search nation-wide and settled on two locales: SE US, and OKC. SE area as they seemed to have the most aggressive pricing and OKC as I have family there and I would be flying to pick it up where ever I went, so could see them. I worked with a few internet dealers between then and March, letting them all know that was my planned purchase date.

    I settled on a deal offered by Dub Richardson Toyota. We had an agreed upon price of $24,350 out the door, and I made a $500 deposit on said vehicle.

    Five days (3/2) before my planned on departure date, (3/7) he (slimy salesperson) informed me that he had made a mistake in ordering (extended as opposed to double cab), but could offer me a more expensive model upon my arrival. He also suggested that no one would have offered me that price on a double-cab model, so the pricing difference was on the up-and-up. Funny how I have over two months worth of emails between he and I wherein both he and I noted “double cab”, and never “extended cab”.

    I waited until now to post this experience, as I was just too angry previously to avoid using foul terms to depict my level of disgust with the unscrupulous practices of this dealership.

    I did end up purchasing the desired truck, from Bob Howard Toyota in OKC, as they were able to get me one in quickly, however I ended up paying $25,849 by the time it was done. I easily ended up paying five to seven-hundred more than I would have, had I not been pressed for time. That said, the folks at Bob Howard Toyota treated me very decently and I would certainly work with them again.

    The main mistake I made was not insisting on a signed (with VIN) sales contract before purchasing an airline ticket—I could have made the trip anytime. When I pressed the slimy salesperson at Dub Richardson about a sales contract he became somewhat defensive and wrote: “I'm surprised you feel uneasy with me after all that we've been through to get you this truck, I'm sorry you're not more comfortable with me.” I should have paid more attention to my instincts. My advice to anyone engaging in an internet purchase is to (from the first email exchange) state clearly your need for a purchase agreement with a VIN. That very suggestion is stated earlier in this thread, and had I followed it, it would have saved me tons of aggravation. I also suggest steering as clear of Dub Richardson Toyota as possible.

    By the way, I love the Tacoma—get one, you will too! I did put a new head unit and Infinity Kappas in and am very pleased with the result.

    all da best,
  • When I decided to purchase my truck I sent the Internet sales manager 4 messages. It was a tuesday. He never responded to me. I drove to tampa that evening and bought the truck from some salesman. When I got home the message and price finally arrived. To high and to late.
    How do you like your head unit. Price, brand. Did you install it yourself. I hate my factory unit but I don't know if I want to replace it. I did replace the speakers. Sounds a little better.
  • I put in a Sony head unit, and that alone improved the sound a great deal. If I had to choose between head unit or speakers I would go with the head unit. I did it all myself with Crutchfield directions and it was a bit challenging (especially getting the clock assembly, head unit and new dash kit to fit together) but doable. I have put in a number of components in other vehicles so have a little experience with this kind of endeavor. There are many useful ideas over in the Tacoma: Stereo/Audio board, probably a good idea to check it out before you start.
    One thing to keep in mind replacing the speakers, if you go higher end, is that many need much more power than a typical head unit puts out. The Kappas run at 2ohms so apparently require half the power as contrasted with most other 4ohm high end speakers. Another thing is that you will likely have to purchase or make speaker adapters. If you hit the Tacoma: Stereo/Audio board you will find links to useful sites that can help with both.
    I gotta say these boards are really helpful and I appreciate the information I get here; now if I would just pay attention to it...
    all da best,
  • Thank you for the useful information. I may try and do it myself. I am very happy with my truck over all.
  • Vehicle has V6, Auto, TRD, Tow pkg, JBL 6 disc, all weather mats and the infamous ToyoGuard. MSRP is $28,010. Invoice from dealer shows $25,503. Dealer offering at $25,253. Adding tube steps...OTD is $26,872....Sounds like a fair deal to me. What do you guys think?
  • Anybody have an idea about what a good price would be on a 2006 dub cab 4x4 sr5 with auto and off road package now at the end of the year with 07s rolling in? A quick inventory search of some So. Cal. dealers shows plenty are still on their lots.
  • With all the extras, yeah that's not a bad price. How much were they throwing in the JBL for?

  • The JBL was included as part of the OTD price. Picked the truck up on wednesday. So far, so good....much better ride than my previous tacoma...I added an Undercover tonneau yesterday.
  • ">Purchased 11/10/2006. In addition to the TRD/Sport Package... this vehicle also came equipped with the tow package, 6 CD changer and two sets of carpet floor mats. Because the doc/junk fees vary between dealerships, my price includes everything. The price also reflects the $750 rebate. My final sales price was $24,187 plus tax. I hope this info helps...
  • We are looking at an '07 4x4 with SL package. Obviously, Toyota dealers don't need to haggle much on their prices to sell the vehicles. But we are willing to be patient to get a better price. Does Toyota start to offer incentives this early in a model year? In the past has December (slow selling month) or January seen rebates coming out? Which months of the year can I expect some really good deals? Any info would help! Thanks.
  • I started looking about this time last year and didn't purchase until the first of March. I looked nation-wide and did travel to purchase my Tacoma. I found no, zero, zed, nada incentives while I was looking. A couple of days ago I thought I saw/heard a local Toyota dealer offering cheap financing on a 36 month loan but when I went to the website there was no indication of any such deal. I kind of figured December/January would be hopeful too, but nothing at all came of that hope. Maybe your experience will be different.
    Good luck in the search; it's a great truck!
  • Does anyone know what T.A.F, T.N.F, PIO Holdback, 2% Holdback MSRP, and 1% Financing Reserve charges are? I was under the impression that holdback was paid to the dealer by the manufacturer. They said I had to pay that fee. Are they trying to double dip on the holdback? I've had two Toyota dealers tell that to me (one in Baton Rouge, LA) and Champion Toyota here in Austin, TX.

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