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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions

drmelfdrmelf Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Toyota
When driving the truck after it has been parked more than 15 minutes there is a distinct popping noise. It happens in forward or reverse. Dealer has checked twice and said it is the "floating pads" making contact and that the noise is very normal. Sounds like a story to me. Does anyone else have this noise? Truck is an 02 Tundra Limited 4WD. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Dealer told me it will go away after couple thousand miles. i am at 6k, it went away, it's part of the 4WD components. Use to do it when i back my truck in the garage.
  • I have a '99 Tacoma PreRunner (V6,auto) that I am considering towing a 4900 lbs. (max) two axle, Electr brake camper trailer. Does anyone have experience as to how the truck would do? I really don't want to upsize trucks right now. Also,does anyone know why the owners book says they (TOY) recommend NOT using a weight distrubion hitch set up with the this truck. The dealer stumbled on this question?
    Thanks, Mototroy
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I have towed only with my '93 Toyota 2wd truck with 22RE engine, all standard equipment. Towed approx. 2,000+ lb. trailer (loaded weight) with bumper hitch and no additional brake equipment from New England to Atlanta with no problems. Hills were a little slow going and max speed was about 65 mph but truck performed flawlessly. That was back at 107,000 miles and the truck now has 134,800 miles with no additional signs of wear. I would do it again anytime, this truck is bulletproof and I would expect your Tacoma to be the same - good luck & please post how it goes!

    - Paul_P
  • eng208eng208 Posts: 10
    I have a 98 Prerunner V6 (first year) and have towed a 53 Ford NAA tractor on a dual axle trailer (approx. 4500lbs.) with no problems. I did add one of the very efficient stacked plate transmission coolers available either at the dealership through TRD or one of the premium parts stores. (Do not use the old style aluminum-copper tubing type) You are correct about Toyota not recommending a "load equalizing" hitch. I looked in my manual. I do not use one for my camper myself. I do not feel the need for it. The truck has the Bilstein shock option and they do an excellent job of keeping it from swaying. On a side note, Toyota does recommend a sway control device for trailers over 2000 lbs. I do not know the difference. Good luck and consider headers and a few performance upgrades if you plan to tow that heavy of a trailer often.
  • nukesnukes Posts: 8
    I just bought a new 2002 Tundra. The only problem I have is I find there is way to much non-adjustable lumbar support in the seats. Did anyone else have this problem? Did the seat break in with the miles?

  • My wife started up the tundra this afternoon and there was some heavy smoke from the exhaust. I didn't see it when it exited the pipe so I couldn't tell if it was white (coolant) or blue (oil). It's a 2000 extended cab with the V8 and I have been religious with the maint. Has anybody out there seen this problem? I know what causes both types of smoke but with only 36K miles I am very concerned.

    I will update the board after I get it in the shop. This board helped me get the brake/vibration taken care of so I owe a follow up to the rest of you.
  • Could you tell me what the shop said? I've had the same problem once also. Haven't seen any of the tell-tale signs (coolant or oil).

  • halogenhalogen Posts: 20
    I actually live in the Braintree area,Just picked
    up my 2002 Tacoma SR5 4x2,and am wondering
    where the best dealership to have my vehicle
    serviced would be ? Happy New Year all !
  • halogenhalogen Posts: 20
    Is anyone happy with there aftermarket flares
    and would like to recommend ? Thanks.
  • m1tommym1tommy Posts: 29
    The OEM was 195/75R14. I've been running 205/75R14 tires for several years with no problems. Can anyone tell me if a tire in 225/70R14 would work, or what issues I may have?

    I am considering some "Dunlop Radial Rover A/T" tires in the last size, 225/70R14. They're also available in 205/75. However, if I can I'll go with the slightly lower profile ratio. As I'd be buying "online", I don't have the luxury to "buy & try".

    If this should be on another forum, please advise. Opinions or advice are appreciated.
  • Hell I have a 2002 V8 4WD SR5 access cab. some times when I come to a stop and holding the break I will feel the truck kinda surge forward. The first time this happened I though someone bumped into me! this does not happen while I am stopping but after my vehicle has came to a complete stop. Has anyone else had this problem? My vehicle has just over 3000 miles.

  • duncanldduncanld Posts: 2
    Has anyone had problems with damage to the winshield? I have had my 1999 tacoma since november of 1999 and everytime anything hits my window (big or tiny) it cracks and spreads across the window within seconds. As a result I have had to replace my window 4 times. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?
  • mptri59mptri59 Posts: 1
    Just purchased my 2002 PreRunner DoubleCab V6
    3 weeks ago & absolutely enjoy the drive -- but have a question to all those that have the stereo with the CD, AM/FM, cassette with 6 speakers.

    The owner's manual (under the 3rd stereo displayed) states that when in the Control Mode the options are: bass, fader, treble, balance and MID-RANGE. My stereo is missing the MID-RANGE option & the dealer is attempting to tell me it's a "mis-print" in the manual and the stereo is "just fine." (Based upon the fact that ALL the Tacoma's in their lot operate the same way). I'm not buying that reason....

    The service manager has not been much help -- so I wanted to know if this is in fact a mis-print OR they are dismissing my problem and not really wanting to resolve the issue.

    Any info would be most appreciated!

  • twowheelertwowheeler Posts: 89
    Sounds like you have the driveline thump/axle wrap prob. Some have remedied the prob by greasing the shaft splines - I'm not exactly sure what the complete solution was. Go to and do a search on driveline thump and/or axle wrap.
  • Halogen - I have a 2000 extra cab with Bushwacker Street Flares. I think it gives the truck a nice look. They were easy to install and I got them pretty cheap by searching the internet. It was a while ago so unfortunately I don't remember how much I paid.
  • augie707augie707 Posts: 1
    2000 Tundra's Differential hums between 70-75 mph. Dealer says this is normal. Does any one have the same problem?
  • imac1imac1 Posts: 4
    Just bought a new Tacoma Doublecab and developed a creaking on the right side of the bottom front seat cushion when coming to a stop or turning. Anyone else having any seat squeaking problems? Any ideas on the cause and solution? Thanks
  • danno9danno9 Posts: 6

    I have a Lexus RX300 AWD that does exactly the same thing. I too thought someone hit me from behind. Must be a Toyota trait. Doesn't much matter now though. The leased Lexus gets turned in on July 18th and the just purchased 02 Prerunner is the replacement. I know I am going to miss the plush leather seats in that Lexus.
  • klewklew Posts: 10
    Did you have the air conditioning on? When the compressor kicks in, the engine increases power/RPM to compensate for the added load of the compressor, and the vehicle may surge if you're pressing on the brake only slightly.
  • klewklew Posts: 10
    I have noticed the front passenger seat creaking/squeaking but only when someone is sitting in it. I discovered the source of the squeaks is comming from the seat belt buckle (when it's buckled in). If you move the thing forward and back a few times the squeaking stops.
  • sidneyoh1sidneyoh1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 tundra that has extremely touchy brakes (not anti-locks). The slightest pressure is like slamming on the brakes. There is nearly no give to the pedal, the brakes engage as soon as the pedal is depressed the slightest amount. At a stop, then starting to roll forward again, there is a bump forward feel, almost like the transmission (automatic)was not engaged, then engages. I know the brakes are a problem, I don't know about the transmission. The dealer has worked on it and adjusted the load level switch, which seemed to work for awhile. Who knows what is my problem?
  • Hello, I was all set to go Toyota this year after owning domestics for 30 years. Then I read on several consumer sites about Toyota having problems with pre-mature oil sludging with devastating engine failure. Hope I'm wrong, but I figured an owner would have heard of this. TIA
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    You may find this archived discussion in Maintenance & Repair interesting and informative.

    Engine Sludge/Oil Gelling--Toyota's Customer Response

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  • tsmith16tsmith16 Posts: 16
    My 2001 Tacoma 4WD does the same thing, feels like it was bumped in the rear. I had a 97 Mazda 4WD that done the same thing. I think its normal.
  • glenn43glenn43 Posts: 15
    Haynes and Chilton won't have manuals published for the 2001 Tacoma 4x4 for atleast another year. Haynes does, however have one out for the 2000. If the engines are Identicle I figure that manual would do for the time being.Any thoughts?
  • vernakvernak Posts: 1
    My T100 V6 [150K] automatic transmission hestitates to shift down into first gear when slowing down....I then try to accelerate and it revs up and catches second gear....are there any adjustments or should I prepare for a new tranny?......Fluids are changed every 30K.... Otherwise this truck has been bulletproof with many trips on teh Alcan and back roads of Alaska and Yukon Territory.
  • I am ready to put new AT tires on my 01 Tundra. I am told the largest I can go to is 275/70R16. Is this correct and adequate? Is adding a 3"lift kit to go to bigger tires worth the costs?

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Don't know about Tundra, but here's info on Tacoma:

    (and you may want to consider to go away from R16 tires....if you are going to put bigger tires, you will want to get wider tires and that means wider rims. Check what the stock rim is, but I think it's 16x7. You can't mount 32s on a 16x7 rim, and also, R16 tires are more expensive than R15 tires)

    Stock trucks run on 31x10.5R15 tires.
    To clear 32x11.5R15 tires you need 2-3" of lift.
    To clear 33x12.5R15 tires you need at least 6" of lift. If you don't have that, you'll have trouble with rubbing.
  • Why did the V6 option go away for the extended-cab 4X2? I don't want an S-Runner or Pre-Runner. Guess I'll go look at Nissan.
  • I hope someone can give some insight on what I should do. I bought a brand new 2001 Tacoma SR5/TRD V6 4x4 a year and half ago. Since day one I have had nothing but problems with this truck. Alarm not working correctly, sunroof not sitting in the roof correctly (has had to be fixed twice now) temp guage stopped working, drivers window started to fail (bad regulator) front tires balding after 7000 miles (was incorrectly aligned at factory) rear slider leaking, I have now had 6 gaskets that fit between fender and the body of truck replaced because they were coming off (2 of the same ones), 3 speakers replaced after they all developed bad crackling noises, rattles in the shifter boot and passenger door fixed numerous times, a rattle in the passenger side of dash (turned out to be the airbag was never secured at the factory, just had that fixed again as well) the plastic cover that fits over the rear bumper was misaligned at the factory that it started to scrape the paint off of the rear tailgate when it was opened and close, the dash had become loose and they said it was some broken clips that had to be replaced believe it or not but I could keep going, I was hoping someone could give me some insight on what I should do?

    I have called the customer service dept of western region toyota and they opened up a case almost 2 months ago and was just finally told I may have to go through a hassle called arbitration, My dealer has always fixed every problem and the service dept has been very accomadating but I believe I have also. Here is the kicker, I only have 26,000 miles on this new truck.

    A little background on how it has been treated:
    A daily commuter, has been up in the mountains 40+ times to go skiing, never seriously offroad, just a few times up forest service roads (which I don't classify as offroading anyways) thats it. Needless to say I don't trust this truck past the factory warranty, because then I will be shelling money out of my pocket just to keep this thing on the road.

    I am hoping this is just some fluke on Toyotas part, this is my 4th Toyota I have owned, my last one being a 1990 4x4 truck that I sold with 198,000 miles on it and it was still going strong, My wife currently drives a 96 4runner and we have never replaced a speaker or guage or window ever, and it now has 102,000 miles and we don't intend on selling it for a long time.

    Anybody have any suggestions on what else I should do? Any input would be great
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