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DVD/Entertainment Systems

youandi69youandi69 Member Posts: 1
I would like to know if anyone figured out how can we play a DVD Movie 2000 Acura 3.5 RL?

Think, for navigation map, Acura uses DVD-ROM. Normal movies are also DVD-ROM. So, what is the difference between DVD-ROM movie that we can rent from Blockbuster and the DVD-ROM that has the Navigation map?

So, there must be a way, where we can figure out how to play movie DVD in place of navigation DVD?

Wouldn't this be awesome? I mean we'll have on board entertainment system for free?

NOw, I know some of you think who is in the hell is going to watch movie while driving? Right, no one in right mind should. IT IS A SAFETY HAZARD.

But, think of the advantages, think of taking your girlfriend or wife or domestic partner taking them to a ocean shore, top of the mountain, or somewhere where you can just part your Acura and watch movie?

I hope someone can figure this out and let me know, I am doing my best to try to figure it out.

So far, I looked at the format of NAVI DVD-ROM and it had different FOLDERS then normal Movie DVD-ROM.

I have DVD-writer at home, and if I just know what the writing method is then I can copy movies from regular MOVIE DVD's to BLANK one's so I can watch them on my vacaton trip or fishing trip or hiking trip.

Thank you

P.S. Please respond your comments / questions to following e-mail:

[email protected]


  • tgif888tgif888 Member Posts: 351
    You might want to try the board and see how these people do it.
  • exzurexzur Member Posts: 166
    I am thinking of putting a DVD movie system for the rear passengers. My car is a 2001 Pontiac Aztek GT AWD. Just want to know the best fitting TV setup out there. Has anybody installed a TV system on the Aztek?
  • dewayne1982dewayne1982 Member Posts: 8
    One can watch DVDs while the car is in park in the LS 430. I'm sure that this feature is replicable in the navigational systems on the GS, ES, LX, and SC models.
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    It doesn't work for the same reason that the DVD movies are recorded on a vidio format and the Alpine Nav system is a data base format. With the correct hardware/software parts it should be possible to do, just like adding the adapter for the Sony PS2, or the X Box.
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    that I can watch movies on the front monitor as well as the rear monitor. I did this because I also have a rear camera, and wanted to be able to switch between the Nav system, rear camera and the DVD movie modes.
  • brikpbrikp Member Posts: 4
    OK, maybe initially complex but my goal is simplicity and elegance.

    I have a 2002 suburban z71. It has an in dash cd player/am/fm "head". In the floor console there is a cassette player. The cassette is controlable via the head unit (just switching to the appropriate source). In the rear there are headphone jacks for rear passenger audio control. The rear passengers can select any source and set their own volume independently.

    OK, here is what I want to do. Replace the cassette with a DVD player. Add headrest style displays for rear passenger viewing. I want all the audio to be handled by the existing system. What I figure is that this will give me the simplest system with the most integration into existing controls.

    Seems all I would need would be the displays for the rear (No speakers, tuners or any other fancyness) a DIN DVD player (Play, eject, fast forward, rewind, etc) and some wiring / expertise to hook it all up.

    One possible problem could be the existing cassette looks smaller than DIN. Any suggestions?

  • bstrandbbstrandb Member Posts: 12
    I just installed exactly what you're looking for. It WAS simple...just open up the checkbook.

    In our 2001 Suburban we installed an Alpine TME-M750A monitor in each front headrest, a Panasonic in-dash DVD player (CX-DV700U) in the opening where the cassette player was installed, an Alpine VCR under the captain's chair behind the driver and an Alpine wireless headphone system. Audio from the DVD player is available either through the headphones or through the factory AM/FM head unit via an RF modulator (tune the radio to 88.7 and pick up the DVD audio).

    Audio from the VCR is through headphones only since the installer didn't recommend running two audio sources into the RF modulator. The Alpine headphones and monitors can receive signals from two sources so one person can be watching/listening to DVD while the other watches/listens to the VCR. The driver can even listen to a CD or AM/FM through the factory system at the same time.

    The Panasonic DVD player was mounted behind the cassette opening, rather than in it since we didn't want to do any cutting of the console. The cassette opening is big enough to allow access to the DVD slot and the eject button. There are no other controls or display on the front of the DVD player.

    Total price was around $3,600, including tax and installation, with the Alpine monitors being the most expensive part of the system.

    Only modification to the Suburban was cutting into the headrests to mount the monitors. The transmitter for the wireless headphones was mounted on the left side of the cabin near where the OnStar antenna is mounted.

    We just returned from a 3,000 mile trip and boy did it make a difference in keeping everyone happy.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • brikpbrikp Member Posts: 4
    Thanx Bob - One thing I didn't mention was I wasted to use my existing rear seat head phones and audio controls and NOT use an FM modulator.

    I like what you did with the DVD player mounting, seem like it is the way to go.

    I was out at CES and I found a company that makes a plug in harness that will replace the proprietary connection from the old cassette to the head unit with one that could then be used to connect the DVD audio. They aren't shipping it yet but I have the contact info and will be following up soon. I still have questions about if it will work or not, I don't want to interfere with the OnStar either.
  • bstrandbbstrandb Member Posts: 12
    If you would, please post the name of the company you mentioned. I'm also interested in a direct connection to the GM head unit. While the FM modulator works OK, I'm sure a direct connection would sound better. Only problem I see is that I'd have to figure out how to switch two external units through the head unit (DVD and VCR).

  • swinga7swinga7 Member Posts: 45
    all i have to say is that I love in car movie watching. I took my laptop with a dvd player with me on a 10 hour trip and watched movies the entire time. 10 hours never went by so fast.
    I definately would recommend an in car dvd player for anyone taking trips with kids.
  • deplorableonedeplorableone Member Posts: 8
    Dvd-Rom is an entirly different format. It's used for data because of much higher storage capacity so you can put more data on it technically it's close to the same but the read characteristics of a ROM drive and Video drive are completly different. Most DVD-ROM systems will not play DVD Video discs since they are manufactured as cheaply as possible.
  • richphillipsrichphillips Member Posts: 36
    Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just buy a $1200 laptop, run your dvd movies through it with headphones for the kids? Yeah, it's not built in, but you could just take your laptop with you. My kids think that's the way to go. Am I missing something. Maybe they just want a laptop, and could give a care about the "in truck movies" portion.
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    They have those portable DVD players with the 5.8"-7" screens for a couple of hundred dollors that you and put on the center arm rest for the kiddies to watch. Places like K mart, Target, and WalMart sell them.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaMember Posts: 1,173
    just don't do what these 4 guys did...


  • momstruck1momstruck1 Member Posts: 206
    does anyone else have this installed in their TB? I have the ext TB and with 3 kids I love the dvd player but I do find it very hard to see out of the rear view mirror. The screen folds down and I feel like most of the mirror is blocked by the screen. Does this seem to bother anyone else? just asking . Thanks for the info.
  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    We are looking to purchase a in-dash DVD player for our Chevy Trailblazer (2003). We are looking at Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine.....or SUGGESTIONS on a brand! Just want a simple player for the children...does not have to have numerous options. ALSO, Ultimate Electronics or Best Buy will be installing it (unless we receive a better suggestion). ***NOW, the big question....300michael says he has his where he can perform numerous functions. Can you guide us (PLEASE??:) )on how to make our DVD play while traveling? We have heard of others who have done this...have not been able to locate them. our email is [email protected] Would be very grateful for this info! :) Thanks!
  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    We also read where pvs1234 on 11-8-2001 had a solution. Would love for him to elaborate on instructions on how to make the DVD play while traveling for the children. Thanks! :)
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    If the vidio screen is located anywhere other then the front dash, it is very easy. I have two screens one in the front dash and one flip down for the rear. You have to decide where you want the screen, or screens. For the rear viewing you simply place the DVD/VCR in a place there it can be accessed (like under the front seat facing forward (for parental control) or facing rearward for backseat control. supply power to the unit and run the audio/vidio cable to the screen. For the audio you have to decide to use headphones or tap into the exsisting rear speakers, or install new additional ones.
    If you plan on adding a front dash type monitor then most have a safety switch that prevents the screen from being viewed ( the exception is when using a Navigation Unit). So you would need to install a by-pass swithch to allow viewing while driving (for the passanger side). There are also DVD changers that allow you to control the movies by way of a remote, while the changer is in the back/trunk.
    If you can be a little more spacific on they locations and types of screens and format of player/s you plan to use I can be a little more detailed, instead of being so general.
    Many stores carry portable units that you can take from vehicle to vehicle. Another Idea is the protable DVD players that are half the side of a Notebook. If you have an armrest just velcro it to it and it will stay there. Pull it off when done or parking (so you can hide it from prying eyes) and it takes a second to reinstall. Both of the latter can be had for under $500 if only one function is planned for it.
  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    We are planning on having an in dash (up front where the existing radio/cd player is now) DVD player (one that probably "ejects" the screen before playing, and when finished, retracts so the screen is hidden) installed for the passenger and children (in back) to watch. Looking at Pioneer brand or Sony OR any suggestions! We do not need an elaborate system, just one that plays DVD's (and has AM/FM, CD capability--does not have to have a touch screen, etc). How can you install a by-pass switch? We have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer.
    We considered and looked at a portable DVD player and thought about the velcro attachment, but, the volume is not that great on a portable player. Your reply is greatly appreciated. If you would prefer "talking" via email, contact me at: [email protected] . Thanks a lot!
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    They have all in one units DVD,CD,AM,FM but you are talking over two grand for them. The plan motorized screens will run in the grand range. Places like Ebay will save you money, but usually units are not covered by warranty. But you can save about 30-40%. Other places like Fry's Electronics and other major electronics stores, and auto sound shops (usually higher price buy good selection), are a good place to check out to actuall test viewability. Check out the angle of view before the picture starts dimming, very important when more then one is watching the screen. Also note the resolution. The more the sharper the image. Other brands (then you already mentioned) are Panasonic and (Alpine if you are considering a Navigation unit in the future), and Kenwood.
    One thing on the portables is that you can get the FM modulator to hook up to them to play the sound through the Cars stereo system.
    The Bypass switch is very easy, but you will need to know the wiring of the vehicle. By using a switch usually a DPST which you hook up to the motorized screen and one of the parking brake wires (depending on vidio screen unit and parking brake wiring) With the indash screens, they have a safety circuit that prevents you from viewing while driving. They allow you to view only when the parking brake is engaged. With the switch (as in my setup) I first start the car, then I depress the brake pedal. With the brake pedal depressed I hit the switch (in my case I used a momentary push button switch, but some have used momentary toggle switches). I release the button and release the brake. The screen will function until I turn the motor off with the key. If I get stopped I turn the motor off. If the officer askes about the screen I can start the car and the screen will not work (in my case Navigation will always work but not movies or vidios) so I can tell the officer it is only for Navigation. The switch can be used say if you are driving down a road and you want to use it. Simply put the brakes on lightly (just enough to have the brake lights go on) and hit the switch the screen will be avalable. So you do not have to be stopped to turn it on. I can go in to more detail on the wireing once you have the screen.
    Hope this helps.
    I have been haveing a lot of email problems (companies quiting service without notice) so this site is better for me.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    so this site is better for me

    Plus we all get to learn.

    Steve, Host
  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for taking the time to reply and for all of your info. Will begin this weekend viewing different brands and consider your advice as well. Thanks again!
    Steve, this site is great for us all, and I was not trying to take anything away from anyone! Sorry if it appeared that way! :)
  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    I was in a Target Store and saw a DVD player with a 5.8" screen that goes into one of those bag units. I thought of you. If you plan on useing the screen not that often, for under 500 dollars something like this might work (although you may want a larger screen). I got one like it for my cousin and we installed it in his truck (dodge) Player under the rear seat and Velcroed the screen to the dash. One week end he gets the kids so he attaches the screen to the dash. when finished he pulls it off and stores it with the player. The only thing we did was to install another power outlet to keep the wireing neater. Not as good if you plan to use it more on a daily basis.
  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    Hi Michael! We are looking at 3 different in-dash DVD players (we live in Missouri):
    1. Panasonic $2100
    2. Kenwood $2300 (has a touch screen)
    3. Pioneer $1999
    Not sure of the model you need those? All 3 have the screen hidden and it ejects out when ready to view. Looking to ground it so we the children and passenger may watch while traveling. They can install it as quick as Monday, Nov. 18! Thanks again for your time!
  • compuman1compuman1 Member Posts: 26
    In post 21 you say "...hook up to the motorized screen..."

    Can you give more detail what you mean?

  • dmr01dmr01 Member Posts: 6
    actually, post 21 is a reply from 300michael...he seems to be the expert! however, we are having an indash dvd installed tomorrow and they are suppose to install it where it will play all of the time. "he" (a tech there) told me it was very easy to do--all you have to do is one of the following:
    1. when installing, do not connect the wire to the emergency brake, just ground it to part of the frame/metal....or nut and bolt..
    forgive me, i am not a mechanic--not sure if this is a ground wire--but, it is the wire that connects to the emergency brake (and i am assuming when the brake is engaged, then there is a ground)
    2. if it is already installed, then, cut the wire to the emergency brake and ground it to part of the frame/metal--or nut and bolt
    HOPE THIS HELPS! Am sure other readers could input and describe better than I!!
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaMember Posts: 1,173
    My wife and I are looking at Circuit City to get a Roof mount DVD system for the rear seat of my 2001 Escape XLT. The olny ? I have is, will it fit with my having a power sunroof?

  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    The models you mentioned will all work, but are on the expensive side unless you want to replace your stereo unit also. I have an Alpine TME1790 or CVA 1003 which is a 7"/6.5" screen. and you would keep your stereo unit. goes for about half the price. Sorry for the delay (vacation).
  • henry0513henry0513 Member Posts: 3
    I'd heard to Japanese odyseey could be able to use navi and play dvd in that same screen.
    Now the 03 accord had the NAVI coming out, would it be possible to modify it and play DVD on it as well?
  • henry0513henry0513 Member Posts: 3
  • ocuihsocuihs Member Posts: 138
    Our system is a 9" portable DVD player (also take it with us to hotels, airplanes, etc).

    We bought a $99.99 product called "Suspension Theater" to hold the player in cars.

    It has the following features:

    1. Suspends the portable DVD player at the ideal viewing height and is easy to install.

    2. Transforms easily into a carrying case with reinforced rubber handle and padded no-slip shoulder strap.

    3. Installs in minutes and adapts to virtually any vehicle.

    4. Requires no permanent installation.

    Product available at (not available in BestBuy retail stores) Click here for Suspension Theater

  • 300michael300michael Member Posts: 1,815
    Will not play movies. You would need an additional DVD player.
  • eaton3000eaton3000 Member Posts: 16
    Hello everyone --

    I recently bought our family's first SUV and am considering entertainment options for when our kids (now 2 and 5) get older. One of my main concerns (besides saving money) was the ability to just replace if the system dies in five years rather than paying a gazillion dollars to get the dealer to fix an integrated system.

    While surfing, I found Vizualogic system where rear passengers' screens are on the backs of the front seat headrests and (if desired) the front passenger's is on the visor.

    What seems to be really cool is that the view is more straightforward than in the roof (ceiling?) mounted systems.

    My issue is, no one seems to have purchased this. It may be one of those "seems too good to be true" things. Or it may be a legitimately good system that could work for us (once we can pony up the money).

    Does anyone have any experience with this company/system?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    The only comment I've seen about roof mounted vs. head restraint mounted video is that some people may be more prone to motion sickness with the ones in the seat backs.

    Does anyone have any experience with both (or a floor mounted console one)?

    Steve, Host
  • dwsmhadwsmha Member Posts: 35
    Circuit City I believe has those headrest-mounted ones. You can talk to one of their salespeople (but take everything they say with a grain of salt, obviously, since they want to make a sale).
  • quantusquantus Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone tried running the sound from a portable unit into the Factory Sound System somehow? Perhaps through a RF modulator (though I've only seen that done on permanent installs of CD changers, DVD players, etc.....)?

    I was looking at post # 33 by ocuihs regarding the "Suspension Theater," and thought that might be a good alternative to a built in unit, but I am concerned about the limited sound of such units.

    For those who use the portable units instead of a built-in, do you find the sound sufficient?

    ocuihs - Do just use the portable units sound?
  • alaskadiveralaskadiver Member Posts: 6

    The last thing I WANT to hear from the portable DVD player is the sound from the 598th playing of "The Little Mermaid"

    When my kid watches movies from the back seat it's ALWAYS with headphones on so I can have an actual conversation with my wife.

    That works great for us. I wouldn't want a permanently installed DVD player. When we're in hotel rooms or planes, the portable machine lets her watch whatever kids movie she wants to watch.

    Actually I suspect the next technology will be individual video on demand, just like they have in some new airplanes. I just flew on a LAN Chile flight in which the coach section had individual video on demand units in each of the seat backs. You could select any of a dozen movies off the touch screen, or select a whole range of video games. I assume that these systems run off a big hard drive in the plane rather than DVD. I bet we'll see the same thing in cars in a few years.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    With that handle, you should enjoy all the Mermaid reruns :-). I had a Virgin Atlantic flight like that years ago. I played Nintendo for hours while my wife slept. Fun!

    Steve, Host
  • quantusquantus Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the input. I concur with your thoughts, but my kids have just turned 2 and 3, and I think it may be a few years before they are ready (and able to fit) the headphones.

    And thus, if I ran the sound through the car system, it would also be easier to adjust the volume, as opposed to reaching back and finding the control on a portable unit.

    I also agree with you on the Hard Drive idea. We have one at home that we use to tape TV shows, etc... and it works great. Only problem is that it won't let us tape DVD's due to copy protection. But if we could dub a selection of shows to a hard drive, and then take it with us on the road for the, that would be cool.
  • alaskadiveralaskadiver Member Posts: 6
    Headphones aren't so much of a problem on a 3-year old. My daughter is 4 and has been playing with headphones since she was 2. You can find cheap headphones that will fit kids just fine.

    The bigger problem is that they have no attention span at that age. So 5 minutes after you carefully get everything set up and playing, the headphones are all tangled up laying on the floor and she wants to do something else.

    The portable DVD players have about the same sound as a laptop. It's fine but isn't going to be really loud or high quality. But for kids that young it doesn't really matter. If you have a relatively quiet car and have the windows rolled up it should be adequate.

    I don't know how you would wire it through your car's speakers unless your car stereo system has a separate amp. The typical car stereo tuner doesn't have any spare jacks for a line-in, or any way to select to some other input device. Seems like it would be more trouble than it's worth.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Let me know what you think.

    I think your promotion of "your brother's RX customized" and "310 Motoring" looks like spamming the message boards. Please refrain.

    tidester, host
  • smg1062smg1062 Member Posts: 54
    Anyone have a 4R with the optional DVD system? (not the NAV system; a video DVD system). It was supposed to be available starting in April I think?? Im curious as to the added cost, performance, etc........

  • cashcow2000cashcow2000 Member Posts: 9
    They have some nice aftermarket center console modifications that have a real custom look to them. I'm getting the KEC video system installed in my 03 Expy.
  • mdsupercoopermdsupercooper Member Posts: 11
    I've been holding on to this gem for awhile but a company called KVH has developed a product called TracVision A5 which allows you to receive 300+ channels of Directv programming right to your SUV or Van. The satellite dish requires a luggage rack to mount to so its not suitable for a car yet. This is the first step to getting satellite tv in your car..eliminating the need for a million dvd's or video games. Check it out.
  • burbinlondonburbinlondon Member Posts: 2
    I just ordered a 2003 Suburban and opted for the factory installed Panasonic DVD system which comes with 2 headphones. Anyone know where I can order extra headphones without getting gouged by the dealer? How much do you think they should cost?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Man denies DVD played role in fatal crash (

    "Troopers say he was watching a movie on a DVD player installed in his dashboard when the crash occurred."

    Steve, Host
  • mary1569mary1569 Member Posts: 8
    I am looking to find out if anyone has installed an after market DVD player w/10in screen in their roof w/a sunroof. I am purchasing a Tahoe and found a car accessory store in town that shared some pictures with me that they had done. Have a 3 and 8y.o. and love the portable VHS player but would like to step it up. Just found this site, thought I post and see if anyone could help. Thanks. :)
  • larryintnlarryintn Member Posts: 103
    What about the headrest mounted screens to avoid the problem of avoiding the sunroof?
  • mary1569mary1569 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks larryintn,
    I thought about it but wasn't sure if it would mess up the leather heated seats. Has anyone done this yet in their Tahoe? I am so glad I found this site for help.
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