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i just wanted to ask if anyone have tried using techron concentrate from chevron and fed it straight into your manifold to clean injectors, etc.? normal way fo using this product was dump whole bottle in your tank full of gas.

if i feed the whole bottle straight through the manifold, will it harm anything?

any comments? thank you.


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    the best advice for anyone to give you is, ask Chevron. i'd like to know myself.
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    It wont clean your injectors as it wont even touch them. I doubt it would even do anything for carbon deposits.
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    yup, i bought 2 bottles from chevron gas station and tried it. fed it direct through the manifold and it did clean the injectors and got rid of some carbon deposits. i know this coz i can see the smoke go out the tailpipe and smell it as well! it may not be as powerful as the ones used by the dealers but it works!

    after i finished the job, went for a drive and i definitely noticed more pick-up (power).

    some people remove their injectors and hook them up with power and dip the injector in techron to clean them.

    for cars with "check engine light" - when u do this type of work, there's a good chance your ilght will come on! don't panic, simply let your engine run about 5 mins when done cleaning. shut off engine and start again, sometimes this will reset your light. if not, remove the (positive) battery cable. leave it off for about 2-5mins. install cable again and fire up engine and check engine light gone!!!
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    sorry, but you don't have a clue. since fuel runs from the tank to the injectors via fuel line ala fuel rail, which in turn is what feeds the injectors, your injectors never saw a drop of the techron. all you did was douse the intake valves with the stuff. as far as doing what the dealer does for top end carbon is concerned, it takes an overnight soaking for carbon to be effectively removed. if what you did makes you feel better then by all means, be happy. but don't expect people to take your backyard mechanic advice, especially when fooling around with the onboard computer. besides, most computers now have battery backup.
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    listen pal! dont hey pal me and dont be so rude!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm just sharing my thoughts and what i did. i dont have a clue???? the last time my injectors were cleaned, dealer did exact same procedure with different cleaner! i dont have a clue? backyard mechanic? i've rebuilt more engines than you can imagine pal!

    if you dont like it, u dont have to be rude about it and i didnt ask u or anyone else to do it! if you dont like what i post, DONT READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just posted what i tried. i dont expect people to try it. i posted it here to share my experience.
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    didn't mean it in a rude fashion. look at it this way, there are a lot of people that read this board, and a great many that never post a reply. some will use common sense and no whether or not they want to try something such as this. others might take it as a real fix for a problem and end up screwing something up. i just merely pointed out the obvious for those who may not know better. it certainly isn't my job to point things out, as this board has a most knowlegable host, but if i see something posted that might cause someone to end with more problems, then i will enjoy my right to post a fact or two about something i see, and have the right to dissagree with. if you thought i was rude, then i apologize, but i feel you did something that i can't agree with. what's furthermore is that i'm sure you feel you have stumbled onto something here and were indeed sharing, but you came in here asking for advice which you obviously didn't consider, so why should we listen to you?
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    you asked for comments.
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    N E V E R disconnect the positive battery cable first unless you enjoy a faceful of sulphuric acid and bits of battery. Always disconnect the negative cable first, re-connect negative cable last. If the negative cable is still connected, a wrench on the positive battery terminal may contact a grounded metal part (rad support, engine, etc) causing arcing and possible battery explosion.

    Re disconnecting the battery to turn off the check engine light, won't work on most OBD II ('96 and newer) vehicles.
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    for more than a year now.
    'use it every 10,000kms, and have had no problems related to the fuel system.
    initially i used valvoline synpower fuel system cleaner, but then decided to switch to techron based on rave reviews.

    my next experiment?? hmm... maybe redline si-1.
    bmw recommends it.
    nah! i think i'll stick to techron.
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    I'm not a big believer in using A LOT of any type of fuel system cleaner but I've talked to people about this extensively and the big fear about Techron is that the active ingredient in it can dilute and degrade your crankcase motor oil. So, if you are going to use this stuff, use it 2 weeks before you are scheduled for an oil change.

    Someone told me they got that advice straight from Chevron.

    I go through about 2 bottles of Redline SI-1 per year ... which I was told by a car buddy was safer for more regular use. I still use Techron ... but only maybe a couple bottles every 3 years.

    --- Bror Jace
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    my 2nd response to you besides the one i just posted in the syn oil forum (!)
    yes, i was the one who posted the email i rec'd from chevron stating that techron dilutes the crankcase oil.

    and hence i use it prior to an oil change.
    i use it every 5 months, irrespective of accumulated mileage - since i change my oil every 5 months.

    redline told me that si-1 was safe (and actually recommended) for regular use, but being the lazy guy that i am, i prefer to put a bottle of techron and forget about it for the next 5 months.
    just plain ol' convenience.

    also, i tried to get my hands on si-2, but none of the dealers here seem to have it. oh well...
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    I have also used Techron over the years and never paid attention to oil change intervals and usage. My oil analysis has never indicated any problem with any type of by product or crap in the analysis. On a few cars I use the Amsoil PI concentrate in every tankful, one car since 1000 miles on odometer now has 138,000 original injectors and no issues as yet with fuel system. Keep the PI in the trunk and squirt in an ounce at fill up.
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    Let's try to be as civil as we can to each other.

    Thank you,

    Mr Shiftright
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    i 've been using chevron gas-which has techron in it, i must say that I have noticed a difference. Compared to other gasolines, this has given me better results.
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    Interesting about BMW reccomending the redline. I found the following info on the web :

    BMW is now recommending Chevron gasoline for their new vehicles. BMW recommends Chevron fuel specifically because of the Techron fuel additive that Chevron supplies. This additive substantially reduces the formation of deposits in the injection system and valvetrain and is supplied in a preventative concentration. BMW recommends an additional fuel system cleaning additive to be used periodically in our vehicles. Three products are warranty-approved: BMW's own fuel system cleaner, Chevron Techron, and Redline SI-1.

    Pretty interesting. I had been using chevron already, and i think i may try the redline to use a different cleaner in the system( they may compliment eachother ).

    also interesting:


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    I talked to a person in Chevron's technical department about the affect of Techron getting in the oil. He said unless there was a mechanical problem with the motor, there should not be very much gas getting into the engine. He said its not necessary to change your oil after using Techron. Chevron's gas has techron in it and if it was bad for your oil, than everyone using Chevron gas would be having engine problems. It also doesn't say anything about changing the oil on the bottle the Techron comes in. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    wtd, I've heard mixed things about fuel dilution of crankcase oils but if you have a car like mine that burns essentially no oil in between 5-6,000 mile change intervals, I can't see fuel dilution being much of an issue.

    dhanley I like to switch around a little and keep my bases covered as well. >;^)

    sdayalani, The info I have says that SI-1 and SI-2 are the same thing ... only one is a 12oz bottle and the other a 6oz bottle. I also seem to remember that the SI-2 was a little more diluted and is designed to treat 1 tank of gas ... while SI-1 can treat up to 10 gallons with each ounce.

    --- Bror Jace
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    yes, i am aware that si-2 is a smaller version of si-1. since my fuel tank capacity is only 13 gallons, using si-1 would be an overkill (maybe even a waste) ..unless ofcourse i use a couple of oz every tankful.

    i had posted this before - dont remember in which forum, but i'll post it again.
    this is an email i rec'd from chevron re. techron diluting the crankcase. here it goes ..

    >>Thanks for using our product. A small amount >>of the product can pass by the
    >>rings of an engine, diluting the oil, however >>that will be of no serious
    >>concern. It is little different from the fuel >>and blow-by products which
    >>also can effect the oil, in the same manner.

    >>Perhaps it would be possible to use Techron on >>the same cycle as your oil
    >>changes. An oil change each 5,000 km and a >>bottle of Techron at the same

    > -----Original Message-----
    > Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 8:51 PM
    > To: [email protected]
    > Subject: Techron Fuel System and Motor Oil
    > Importance: High
    > Hi
    > I regularly use Chevron Complete Fuel System Cleaner (with Techron
    > Concentrate) every 5,000kms in my 1999 Mazda Protege LX.
    > Since Chevron does not have a presence where I live, I
    > diligently use your product to keep my fuel system clean
    > I came across some discussions in a Bulletin Board which stated that Fuel
    > system Cleaners should be used only prior to an oil change, since they
    > have an adverse effect on the additives contained in Motor Oil. An article
    > specifically stated that "Even Chevron recommends using the fuel system
    > cleaner prior to an oil change, since they deplete the additives in motor
    > oil".
    > Is this true, since I use the Techron Fuel System Cleaner based on mileage
    > accumulated, and totally independent of when I get my oil changed.
    > Thanks very much for your help !
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