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Lexus SC 430



  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    Why do I like the back seat?
    The little kids love it back there;
    my groceries prefer it to the trunk, and it's much easier to put them there when the top is down;
    my briefcase loves it back there, and my gym bag rides there all the time;
    the doggie bag rides home there from the swell restaurant that served me too much food last Saturday night,
    and it's pretty good luggage space for a trip to the beach.

    I would like a bigger back seat, of course, like the seats in my old SC430, but if I wanted a 4 passenger car, I would have bought one. I consider the SC430 a two passenger car, and find the back useful on occassion. If the configuration were as a two seater, like a boxter or an SLK, or even the SL500, then the option to use that space is gone, and the car is less versitile.

    . . . and what's the alternative, making the less accessible trunk a little larger?

    I got no complaints.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well other than having small kids to ride back there I can't see the need for them. Lexus did it mainly for insurance reasons. Other than kids all the things you listed can ride on the rear shelf of the SL, so the seats seem pretty useless like they said.

  • max65max65 Posts: 1
    Agree with Squidd99 on the value of back seats.When driving in warm weather groceries such as ice cream will not melt because the A/C keeps it cool. My wife keeps her sun shield and Yoga mat on the back seat- much easier to use when needed- and you do not clutter the passenger area-a good safety point. Also it is thrilling place for small children to enjoy especially with the top down. She has nothing but happiness when driving this remarkable machine-even after nearly 11 months of ownership.I only get a ride to Church and help cleaning it on the weekends!
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,713
    ..on the backseat. I consider the car a two seater, but I can't wipe off my umbrella's smile, when it rides back there.
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    To quote...

    "The little kids love it back there;"
    Goodness, hardly a viable place to stash kids under 3 for any length of time... unless they are being punished ;-)

    "my groceries prefer it to the trunk, and it's much easier to put them there when the top is down;"
    Because the trunk can't hold many groceries in the first place. Kind of a waste of two sculpted leather seats, don't you think? Believe the SL500 "shelf" behind the seats will do quite a decent job holding grocery bags.

    "my briefcase loves it back there, and my gym bag rides there all the time;"
    Does a briefcase or gym bag really know it's riding on a useless seat, or would it be as comfortable on a carpeted "shelf"? Seems like a waste of good leather!

    "the doggie bag rides home there from the swell restaurant that served me too much food last Saturday night,"
    Probably the silliest reason I've ever heard to have useless seats ;-)

    "and it's pretty good luggage space for a trip to the beach."
    Again, hardly a reason not to consider a true 2-seater. A primary reason for the back seat in this car, as stated by merc1, is to reduce insurance fees for the vehicle. Have not checked, but guessing the SC430 is cheaper to insure than the SL (discounting the obvious replacement cost differential due to sticker differences)

    A 2-seater does not necessarily mean useless space behing the front seats. The Corvette has over 20 cu. ft. of storage in the Coupe. Believe the back seat has little to do with the decision to drive the SC430... it's a very emotional decision vs. pragmatic. In our home, my wife would love the SC... I would lean toward the SL. Both very nice, just would rather be a passenger in the SC with my wife driving.

    Saw a red SC with pale ivory interior at the Atlanta Auto Show... couldn't get the image of Elton John driving this car down Peachtree out of my head. Not a "man's" car! Beautifully finished machine, however.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,713
    ...have no sense of humor...lighten up.
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    That guy has too much time on his hands to type that serious reply to my little comments about the little back seat.

    And the point he made about the seats was . . .

    well.. . .

    er . . .

    Let me read it again when I have the time and I'll get back to you.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    Insurance aside, I wonder if one would prefer a marginal 2+2 or a 2 seater with a bigger trunk. I think with its rear storage area, a real spare tire and a decent size trunk, the SL is actually more practical. I was quite amazed by the size of the trunk even with the top down.

    The area behind the front seats in the 2003 SL is lined with leather with a pair of "luggage belts" for securing luggage, much roomier than the SLK or the Boxter.
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    I for one did not sit on a waiting list for 18 months and buy the SC430 so I could have a practical car.

    Let's take that out of the equation right now.
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I'd like decent "fake seats" in retrospect. I recently went from a Prelude (useless back seats) to a S2000 (no back seats) and while I never actually force people to sit in the back seat, quite often I did throw CDs, bags, jackets, etc. in the back seat. It was more convenient than going to the trunk. In that sense, I'd give an extra foot and a half or so for fake back seats even if it came at the cost of a little less trunk space.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I like the idea of having two fake seats in the back, even if it's tiny space, at least they are there for emergency.

    For me, even the SL has the storage area behind the front seats, since I often have the top up, I rather open the trunk for easier accessibility.

    Hey practicality is always important to some. That's exactly why I pick a hardtop convertible over one of those noisy hard to maintain soft top convertibles.
  • tmt123tmt123 Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone else is having problems with their SC. Two complaints here (I've owned the car since Jan. 8 '02):

    1. Seat comfort - it's terrible. Really hurts my lower back. Yes, I've tried every conceivable setting on the seats, including lumbar. I'm 5' 10", 180 lbs.

    2. Numerous rattles - Coming from the passenger seat, right rear roof support, center console, etc. These are hard to diagnose because they are intermittant and not very loud. However, they are really annoying, especially for all the talk about "quality" in Lexus cars.

    Wondering if anyone else has a similar experience?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,713
    I find that if the car itself is cold and depending on the outside weather conditions, I may have an occasional rattle form the roof. I've had this with EVERY car I've owned so far(and I've had a lot). I find that this car is one of my quietest, overall.
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    I've had the car for a year now, and find the seat comfort excellent. This includes several trips of 6-8 hours of driving time. I've had some cars (GM) in which the seats hurt my back after about 10 minutes (about the same amount of time the average customer sits in the car in the showroom). I think these seats are great; no complaints from the passenger, either. I think your back needs adjusting.

    No rattles either, but every car is different. Some complaints have been registered here, but usually followed by reports that they were fixed by the dealer. I've had none myself, but I've only been driving it for a year. I agree with the above comment: this is one of the quietest cars I've ever had.

    In fact, when I was given a SUV300 (or something, the smaller of the 2 Lexus SUV's) as a loaner, I liked the car a lot, but was surprised to hear a LOT of wind noise set in at about 50 mph. This was a first for me in a Lexus. I even checked to be sure the windows were all up. It wasn't my car, and I had never driven a SUV of any kind before, so I forgot about it. My point is that I was so used to having almost no wind or road noise at even 90 mph that this experience was quite memorable.

    I've had neither of the problems you report.
  • devokedevoke Posts: 33
    Has anyone purchased a phone for your SC430. We understood there was going to be one, but Lexus now tells me they are not planning to introduce one for the SC430. We had a Mercedes before and the only good thing (well not the only thing, but one of the few good things) about the car turned out to be the built in phone which worked through the Bose stereo. We are looking for a hands-free option because we think it is much safer. The brochure says it is "pre-wired for the optional phone." Anyone have any suggestions or know more than we do about this? Thanks,
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    When I looked at the "concept car" (SC430) at the Chicago about 18 months before it went on sale, the Lexus rep told me that there would be a built in phone option. At that time, it was to be operated (and "dialed") from the touch screen that is now the nav system.

    Since then, according to my dealer, that option got lost, probably because so few people get built in phones any more. I used to have one in my SC400, but after a few years it was obsolete, and was not even worth the money to take it out to reclaim the space. Like everyone else, I went with a hand held because they are so small now that you can take them everywhere, and only have to buy one phone (and one phone number).

    The best deal is to get something with accessories that plug into a remote speaker/mic. For my use, I just use a headset, because I don't really use the phone in the car for much more than listening to messages on my voice mail.

    I think the days of the built in phone are about over, mostly because the technology is changing faster than we switch cars. It's just too complicated to build one into the car to interface with the stereo system and maybe a video screen. As much fun and as cool as that would be, I, for one, just don't want to pay for all that stuff and be stuck with it for maybe 10 years, which is how long I kept my last Lexus.
  • devokedevoke Posts: 33
    SQIDD99, thanks for the phone info. We had a phone in our Mercedes which interfaced with the radio (dial from the radio, hands free, remembered numbers, etc) and it was actually a motorola star-tac. It could be taken out of the car and used like any other cell phone or when installed in the car it had a full 3 watts of power and use of the car's installed antenna. It could be replaced with any new version of the star-tac or a motorola compatible as the need for upgrades occurred. Bose built the stereo, motorola built the phone. It was expensive though. I believe it was $1500 as an option. We really liked the hands-free option for the obvious reasons, but mostly it worked better than the after market products. The phone could be used in the hands-free mode even with the top down on the car. It's the only thing we miss about the Mercedes. Although, let me say, the Lexus more than makes up for the phone in every other category, especially build quality.
  • kdudekdude Posts: 22
    I bought my SC430 back in March of 2001. It now has over 13,000 miles. Starting around 12,000 we noticed a clunking noise from the back wheels when driving over bumps. I recall seeing a message from someone else on this board reporting the same issue. I took it in for service. They changed the bushings to a newer model (I suppose this means they are aware of the issue with the early production cars), changed the rear breaks (they thought it was a little noisy. I had not noticed anything), and did a realignment; all at no charge and under warranty. They even gave me a brand new ES300 as a loaner while they were doing the work (nevermind the free cappuccino and bagles). Once again Lexus came through with its service and backing their products. I wish Mercedes was as good.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    Hello fellow car enthusiasts and I hope that you had a nice weekend.

    Looking at J.D. Powers latest quality survey Mercedes is finishing in 10th place well behind Honda and Toyota more less Lexus which was in first place. Is this a result of higher volume production for Mercedes relative to the past?

    While to my eye both cars are very attractive, the Lexus is by far the bolder styling statement. And why is Mercedes using the basic headlight style on its expensive cars that it uses on its entry level C class? Many of its cars are starting to look alike from the front. If I were going to spend $86,000 to $110,000 for a new luxury sports coupe I am interested in automotive art. And the Mercedes while very handsome seems to be an evolutionary design with the historical styling cues.

    For even more exclusivity for the money why not consider the new Masserati Coupe for approximately $80,000 with 390 horsepower? And 20 different color combinations for the interior.

    And then the new Infiniti coupe may be a consideration with very attractive styling arriving in October for approximately $28,000. Infiniti quality is also always ahead of Mercedes but does not have the badge prestige yet.

    Isnt Capitalism wonderful?
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Capitalism is wonderful. Now go make a statement and dump some money someplace. Hurry up, I wanna see some GDP growth.

    I don't particularly like the SC430 styling (especially after following the gorgeous SC300/400), but at least it's distinctive. With Audi or Benz, I have to go around to the back to look at the car model numbers.

    Benz can't do mass-production the way Toyota-Lexus can. It shouldn't try to chase Lexus, because it will only suffer where it matters, in quality. Benzes should go back to being exclusive, and not play with the RSX or whoever with the C-class hatchback.

    I don't really think you will see Lexus or Maserati in the same post again. What were you thinking, bpraxis? They compare in money, but otherwise, two different worlds.
  • wolfpack1wolfpack1 Posts: 1
    I can't help but respond to the accolades I have read regarding Lexus's service. I will preface my remarks to state that all of my experience has been at one dealer (I will not name the dealer - but they are located in Doylestown, PA - hint, hint).

    I have a '93 LS 400 and a '01 RX 300, frankly we were oh so close to purchasing the Mercedes SUV based solely on the service experience from our local dealer (the other dealers are too far away to be used practically). I will not bore you with the details, but complaints to Lexus HQ did nothing to resolve the problems. Fortunately, the issues were specific to the dealer and the car has been fine.

    Just a note of caution when you read how good the service is at Lexus, it can be site specific.
  • jbradbjbradb Posts: 39
    I'm getting a convertible...that much I've decided. Almost got loaded 330cic this week. But, 54K driveout for a tiny BMW seemed crazy. So, for 12K more, I can get the SC430. Had a GS300 I just sold that was perfect and dealers treat me like a king. I've ruled-out any Mercedes Benz for this reason from what 6 friends have told me of their dealership experiences.

    1. how much do run-flat tires cost to replace?
    2. how long to order one without run-flats?
    3. which is best dealer in Houston, TX?

  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    I don't know how much the run flats cost to replace, since I am still on my original tires. Your dealer (any dealer) can tell you that. (How many Lexus dealers are there in Houston?) Same answers to the question about how long it would take to order.

    My guess is that a dealer would swap them out for you on the spot, so there would be no wait. And from what I know, I would suggest that you have the dealer do it, because you can have problems with the tire pressure sensors if you do not do everything correctly.

    Finally, if you get the new rear bushings in your new car, and I expect you would, you will not have so harsh a ride as on the original cars. I just had mine replaced (under warranty) and the improvement is great. And you get all the extra space in the trunk. I'd think twice about not getting the run flats.
  • mikeivanmikeivan Posts: 42
    Talk to Mary Margaret McGowan at Westside Lexus, she is the best sales person I have ever dealt with: 281-584-2236. She took me on lots of SC430 test drives before I settled for an LS 430. I loved that little car but, for the same money...... The run flats ride more harshly than the Dunlops, IMHO. I saw a dark green SC 430 last weekend that looked great. Westside service department is fantastic to customers.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    <<I'm getting a convertible...that much I've decided. Almost got loaded 330cic this week. But, 54K driveout for a tiny BMW seemed crazy. So, for 12K more, I can get the SC430.>>

    Well let see... For $12,000 savings,

    1) you can buy a top of the line Mitsubishi 65" HDTV with top of the line home theater system for a total cost of $9,000. Throw in another $3k for a nice home entertainment wall unit.

    2) buy a Presidential Rolex. That way you can drive in style with your 330ic. :)

    3) Put $12000 in your childrens' college fund.

    4) Put $12,000 down payment on a townhome and rent the unit to someone.

    5) Load up on beaten down blue chip high tech stocks. Buy low, sell high.

    6) And of course, if you are generous, donate $12,000 to a needy guy like myself.

    7) Buy a nice Harley bike for $12,000

    8) With $12,000 savings, money can be use to pay off 7 years of premium gasoline for your 330ic.

    and the list goes on. Nice problem to have....
  • squidd99squidd99 Posts: 288
    Let's see; 54 plus 12 is about 66. Do they cost that much now? I sure am glad I got mine last year.

    66? Really?
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    I'll take the $12,000.
  • jbradbjbradb Posts: 39
    thanks for your input. i'll let u know what happens.
  • yamahar6yamahar6 Posts: 23
    Frankly, I think that calling a car ugly these days is almost a compliment.

    Most cars are just bland. To call a car, "ugly" means that the designer has created a somewhat original design.

    Certainly the Aztek qualifies, even though that was a "failure."

    But does this? I personally like the design in the same way that I now like the design of the 7 series.

    But I don't see how it is "truly" ugly. If anything, it is just bland, certainly the front end is, the front end of the 7 looks so much like a face that it too, is bland, of perhaps blandly handsome.

    The back of both cars - again, they don't impact me enuff to use such a strong word as "ugly."

    Cars are like people, most are just quite ordinary looking - either slightly below or above avg., there are a ltd. few that are stunning, and an EQUALLY LTD. few who are truly ugly.

    The SC and 7 might bound the border b/w stunning and above avg. (if u r like me), or b/w ugly and below avg.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,337
    Does anyone have any winter driving experience with the SC430? How bad is it in the snow?

    Or am I insane to even ask such a question!?

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

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