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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    oo but saab is sharing with subaru and the chevy malabu...
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    i dont think the last 9-3 hatchback was weird
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    "The only thing with Gm in full onwership is they might get some ideas of putting caddy parts into our saabs.."

    Look at the Caddy CTS steering wheel and look at the 9-3 steering wheel....the sharing may already be happening.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The 9-5 is pretty nice, but I was never a a fan of the old 9-3. The new 9-3 is a great car and who cares about the platform it's sitting on so long as it's a good one. You said the "new 9-3 vector is definitely not saab i know saab feel".. all I can say is thank God.
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    what do you mean thank god the vector doesn't feel like saab--- u didn't like the past saab 9-3 well saab people are people who dont care how they look...they have the money and dont want to spend it on a car but like driving a nice comfortable car... That what saab people are i think. Now what kind of car did you have you bought a saab
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    omg the caddy steering wheel and the saab steering wheel look just alike at least it isn't tech or manchanic
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I've compared the CTS and the 9-3(they are currently tying top spot on my "next new car" list) and the steering wheels are quite different. I don't see too many interchangeable parts between the two. Speaking of those two cars, I got a letter from GM promoting their 24 hour test drive. Anyone else get one or know about this? Basically, you get to test drive the car for 24 hours. As their letter says, drive it to work, park it in your driveway overnight, go about your normal routine with it. Pretty much all GM cars(including Saab, Hummer, and Saturn) are included with the exception of the Corvette and the H1 Hummer. This is very tempting to me as I could just see myself doing the 9-3 for 24 hours then the CTS the following 24 hours. Anyone know if the $3000 discount on Arcs is still going on?
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    is anyone here
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    It's not like Saab hasn't been sharing components with GM Europe since the early ninties. The last generation Saab 9-3 shared it's body with the Opel/Vauxhall Vectra, just as the 9-5 with it's brothers Opel/Vauxhall Omega, Cadillac Catera, Saturn L series. GM is cutting down on cost the way other automakers are. Stretching platforms. As for parts sharing, Cadillac and Saab do dip into the same parts bin for some components (steering wheel between the CTS and 9-3 are the same). Is this bad? No. Honda has done this for several generations. It just means lower cost.
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    yes i guess i understand but i liked saab better when they were more indepentent thats all...
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    oo by the way turbo lag is somthing that i do not experice when im driving my vector but if you have a liner with the small turbo thats what it could very well be.. O and today i turned the vector over and the engine and the charging light was off and i took it for a spin on the hwy and maxed the car out at 160 with manu-matic-- i wonder what it can do without the gov im guessing 170 to 180 because i was already in 5th
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    someone whould post a pic of the two steering wheels side by side along with a pic of the saturn vue redline steering wheel. Definite parts sharing going on. The CTS wheel has some addtional buttons. Most obvious clue is the offset of the bottom spoke away from the bottom of the steering wheel itself.
  • f650racerf650racer Posts: 16
    Here's the promised report: I pickeed up a pair of leftover Pioneer speakers, 3-ways, and they fit pretty easily and screwed into the existing holes in the rear package deck without any surgery (tho about 40% of the speaker surface is covered by the heavy package shelf material).

    Wiring? Not sure this is optimum, but I simply spliced into the wires that go to the small, round speakers that now live between the 6 x 9s. Total labor was about 2 hours, most of which was trying to figure out which wires were positive and which were negative. Finally, I had to snap off one tab from each speaker cover (Saab covers already on rear deck) to keep the tabs from penetrating the mid-range speaker material. This still left about 4-5 other tabs per cover that snap the cover into place, and they're still plenty secure (and don't buzz).

    REsult? I'd say it was worth the $63 plus my labor. The system now has noticable, high quality sound coming from the rear, and I now have the fade set near the middle detent (whereas before, I biased heavily towards the front). I had hoped for more bass, and the best bass notes still come from the fronts.

    Subwoofer? Wonder if there's enough power left?

    Bottom line? Maybe a 25% improvement in overall sound.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Sorry, didn't mean to offend you, but I was never a fan of the old 9-3. I'm happy to see the new one and if GM had their hand in it a little, so be it. It's a great little sport sedan now.
  • kopfschuhkopfschuh Posts: 11
    hello to all. I'm currently planning on purchasing a vector within the next few months. Does anyone know what dealer incentives are likely to look like for may, or am I wrong in thinking they change from month to month? thanks in advance.
  • tgp1810tgp1810 Posts: 112
    Here is the pictures of the CTS and 9-3 wheels:


    I've also posted it here
    and an updated price listing for Employee/Supplier discounts (it's as of 1/1 though it is out of date again, as the increase in the Arc price, the increase in the auto transmission, and others are not reflected).
    (you will have to download and open with Word)

    Also, just curious if anyone has heard anything along the lines of lease support for the Arc yet...
  • jay108jay108 Posts: 52
    When I was out shopping, 9-3s were hard to get with normal option packages and nice paint. The one I test drove was sort of an army green and didn't have a sun roof. I didn't care for the cup holders. The dealer here sells out the best ones in 2-3 days once they hit the lot; he deals good too.
    Everything else was great about the 9-3 and I highly recommend buying one over much of the competition; my opinion is free.

    The salesman told me a story about how some ship sank with 600 new 9-3 on it recently. He then told me how concerned Saab was about any enviro damages caused by the sunk ship; his story made me want to barf.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    The story of the sinking ship is true. It's still sitting in the middle of the English Channel loaded with BMW's and Volvos as well: ml

    It's been hit a couple of times since it sank. A friend in the UK has told me it's becoming a bit of joke. The Channel isn't that deep and the Tricolor is really only a few feet under water and surronded by emergency vessels.
  • saablover2saablover2 Posts: 10
    i dont know but they said my vector was loaded but i did not get a nav system i dont know if that was an opition but i saw the nav system on-line and in books i dont know....please reply...
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    As tgp1810 has done an amazing job in showing, GM is sharing components but differentiating them enough so it doesn't look blatent (like some of the American counterparts). Cadillac is focusing on angular design, Saab on the other hand is focusing on smooth surfaces with ovals. The moonroof is another area you can see similiarities. Folks, remember Saab is being assisted by GM Europe not GM North America. Two totally different creatures.

    dindak- agreed. Saab is closer now than ever to challenge vehicles such as the Audi A4 and the BMW 325 and 330. I would be interested to see what the 9-2 has to offer.

    Anyone heard anything more about the 9-3X?
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    i dont know but they said my vector was loaded but i did not get a nav system i dont know if that was an opition but i saw the nav system on-line and in books i dont know....please reply... <<

    Nav system is not in the US models

    Can I ask a question?

    Why would you buy a 35K car when you don't seem to know much about it, don't enjoy driving it, and drive another Saab more often?

    Just wondering...
  • code7700code7700 Posts: 65
    Well, my 9-3 is in the shop again (still trying to fix my lock issue about about 10 other minor things). Lucky the local dealer (or maybe it is a Saab policy) gave me a loaner car (2003 9-3 convertable... too bad it is raining here today) which helps. On a tangent, (and I'm sure some of you will yell at me) no wonder I never looked at Saab before the 2003 9-3L. The look and feel of the old style Saabs (remember, the 2003 9-3 convertable is the old design) just isn't for me... from the radio to the AC, and from the dashboard to the parking brake.

    I say local dealer, because the local guy is 1-mile from my house, vs. the dealer I got the car from, which is 25-miles away. As you recall from my post way long ago, the local dealer's sales people were unprofessional. At least the local dealer's service group is nice, which, ironically, isn't true for the place I got the car from. Odd, eh?

    Anyhow, I'm still a bit concerned about some of the first year issues. As I said, Saab USA wasn't really helpful other than saying, "talk to the dealer". They're (the dealer) fixing everything (nothing major, just a bunch of annoying stuff)... and not giving me flack about it, which is nice... Maybe it is just the I-am-mad-my-car-is-in-the-shop voice talking, but I guess that is what you get with a new model.

    Overall, great car. For as little as I paid for it (even with tax, under $30K) I guess I shouldn't complain.

    I saw the new Maxima today, man-o-man am I glad I didn't wait for that pig.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    You and me both on the 04 Maxima. I never really liked the rear end of the outgoing model, but it is a beauty compared to the new one. Hate to hear your having problems with the Saab. Keep us posted on how well the dealer is at fixing them. My beef with my Olds has not necessarily been the problems I've had, but the fact that the dealers cannot(or will not) fix them on the first visit. And my loaners are no where near as nice as yours:) When I test drove a 9-3 a few weeks ago(while the Olds was in the shop) I asked the salesman about what they loan out when a car is in the shop and he said I would get a Saab(probably a convertible) or a Cadillac(they are also a Caddy dealer) and all of their loaners have less than 10,000 miles as they take them out of rotation at that point. That impressed me as the nicest loaner I've gotten from Olds was a Buick Century from Enterprise once because all of the dealer's loaners were out.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Back of the new Maxima looks like a Saturn ION. Look closely and you will see.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    The new Maxima has the ugliest grill. Looks like it's got a huge buck tooth with that Nissan wedge. What were they thinking?? The back isn't that bad. It even looks better than the new rear for the 2004 BMW 5 series. That think looks like a Kia.
  • txtomtxtom Posts: 1
    I would be curious to know anyones experience with Sewell Saab in DFW. They are the only Saab dealer in the metroplex. 1) Do they heavily discount? At the dallas car show, the salesman told me the 9-3s could be had for 21-22k (2003 model/non-demo) 2) also the service offered, picking up your car and providing a loaner then, in most cases seemed too good to be true. Since they are the only dealer in the area, i'm buying that dealer almost more than the car. any experiences with them would be appreciated. thanks.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    -I would be curious to know anyones experience with Sewell Saab in DFW. They are the only Saab dealer in the metroplex. 1) Do they heavily discount? At the dallas car show, the salesman told me the 9-3s could be had for 21-22k (2003 model/non-demo)

    I've bought both of my Saabs from Sewell. They will deal. Actually, I have helped a few folks on the East coast get cars through Sewell here in Dallas (dealers in the East usually are more stingy with rebate sharing). Who is your salesperson?

    2) also the service offered, picking up your car and providing a loaner then, in most cases seemed too good to be true.

    -They come through for you. As long as you make a reservation about a week in advance, a Saab will be waiting for you. Any earlier, you'll probably get something else. Pick-up is something new. I've personally never done it. When you pick up the car, it is washed and vacuumed.

    -As for being the only dealer, they do a good job. Sewell bought out the Saab dealership here in Dallas back in 1999, San Antonio and New Orleans. As for service advisors, George Munn (manager) does a good job. I had my car in for steering alignment problems and he came up to the office to make sure it was fixed right on his day off. Not bad!
  • dbozmandbozman Posts: 23
    Had my 9-3 Linear for nearly three months now. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this car and am happy I bought it compared to what I was shopping it against (BMW 3, A4, Passat, Mazda 6).

    Anyway, leased the car from Lund Saab in North Phoenix and it was a pleasant experience I detailed here previously. Couple weeks ago, had my first mechanical issue. Went to start the car in the morning at my g/f's house and a message light flashed saying I had a brake failure and to park safely and call Saab.

    I ended up driving the car home and it felt fine, but drove my motorcycle on to work and called from there. Between my dealer and Saab, they sent a tow truck to my home to pick up the car. The dealer diagnosed the problem as a bad ABS module the next morning and had another new 9-3 Linear delivered to my home that afternoon. Only difference was the loaner was an auto and didn't have Xenons or climate control.

    My car was delivered back to me about six days later (counting the weekend) good as new.

    While I don't enjoy having even the mildest of mechanical failures, I must say Saab's customer service was exemplary and definitely made a positive impression on me.

    Oh yeah, they updated my stereo software at the same time and it seems slightly better, but still not great.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    I have heard a few people say they get rattles with their new 9-3. I want to know how many have/have not had issues with this. Also if this is covered under the warranty or not. I would hate to have a rattle problem and the service guys tell me "tough luck".
  • kyh2kyh2 Posts: 6
    I have a 9-3 Linear with about 1,900 miles on it. I have this problem where when I go over slightly bumpy roads, my ESP light turns on (which means that the ESP was turned off), and the engine putters for a few seconds and then the car stalls. Anyone else have this problem?

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