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Dodge Sprinter



  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    dogs, old Harleys, and certain British sports cars mark their territory (leak no matter what)... All other vehicles should hold their water,oil,trans fluid,washer fluid, etc. A Mercedes should NOT leak when it is repaired properly.

  • I've never seen a dealer try to "get out" of doing warranty work. If they find a defect that they can repair, they do it and the factory pays them for doing so. They may not get the same rate that they would get for work out of warranty, but warranty work is far better than no work. They just have to make sure that they can prove the defect to the regional service rep. I've seen dealers jump to do warranty fixes on Alfa Romeos, Ford trucks, and Mercedes that I've owned. The only car I've owned that didn't need some kind of warranty repair? A Hyundai!
  • Hi There,

    I have a 10 passenger 2005 2500 [Hi-Roof, 140 WB and Aux A/C]. I run
    with and without Aux A/C, with and without ANY AC, with anywhere
    between 2 to 10 passengers and load, city drive and/or freeway and I
    get ONLY 15 to 17 MPG... It does not matter what I do, I am not able
    to reach 20 MPG. The van has 7800 mi and I was told it will get
    better after 10K... I hope it does since I am planning to tow a 4000
    lbs trailer... At the rate of consumption I get now, I will drop to
    where I was getting when I was using our 2001 Durango to pull the

    On another note, I have an annoying noise in the exhaust system (or
    maybe the Turbo) between 2700 and 2900 RPM. This is exactly the spot
    where you are running about 70 MPH on the freeway (in CA this is what
    almost everybody does so you have to keep with the traffic) and the
    noise is hearting the inner ear (low frequency � not high pitch as
    the turbo does usually)... I was 4 times with it at the dealer and
    finally they acknowledged the noise and said that MB/Dodge knows
    about it and there are few 2005s that have this issue. Is there
    anybody out there that experienced something similar?

    This might be linked to the low MPG that I am averaging?...

    Thank you for looking into this,


    OK, after I got home from work and I waited for the rush traffic to die down here it is what I measured using the Magellan GPS, Speedo and Tach:

    GPS Speedometer Tachometer Comments
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    50 MPH 53 MPH 1900-1950 RPM D gear
    50 MPH 53 MPH 2150 RPM 4th gear (manually shifted)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    60 MPH 63.5 MPH 2200-2250 RPM D gear
    60 MPH 63.5 MPH 2700-2750 RPM 4th gear (manually shifted)
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    65 MPH 68 MPH 2300 RPM D gear
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    70 MPH 74 MPH 2650-2700 RPM D gear
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
    76 MPH 80 MPH 2900 RPM D gear

    Tomorrow I’ll crawl under to see if I can locate the axle ratio numbers on the housing and I will inspect again the whole length of the exhaust.

    Just a note, something that I knew but I realized tonight during the test drive: the annoying noise (low frequency rumble) is at it’s peak when the van is trying to get back to the cruise control set speed of 70 MPH (GPS numbers, 73 speedo) after it drops a bit under. Same when I do not use cruise control and I am coasting at about 70 MPH if for some reason I let the gas a notch and then I try to regain the 70 GPS /73 speedo, when the RPM reaches about 2700/2750 for about 100 RPM it starts rumbling the low frequency sound. If the radio is on and people are talking and you are going through the range just short periods you might miss it, but if you are cruising down the freeway between 69 and 73 MPH (GPS) for a while (i.e. on I10 between Phoenix and LA) you will notice it and it becomes bothersome.

    BTW I just filled up and on the last 410 miles I go an average of 17.9 MPG (this was mixed traffic and city drive with about 25% freeway with almost no load and NO A/C). Overall, since I got the van 7650 miles back, my average is 16.352 MPG (with min at 15.513 MPG and max at 19.235 MPG – this was a 100 miles drive on a flat road at 55 MPH GPS)

    Hope this helps.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,109
    I just bought a 2006 Forest River M-B Cruiser on the same chassis. We drove from Colorado Springs to San Diego. There was a lot of mountain passes to cross. Our trip average calculated on 3 fillups was 21.79 MPG. That is on a brand new vehicle. I drove a lot over 70 MPH. The tach read 2400 RPM at 75 MPH. I only downshifted to fourth gear when the speed on the hills dropped below 60 MPH. In fourth I could climb any of the long hills at 65 MPH. That engine has some great torque. This van is loaded with everything including aux gen set. Not sure of the weight. I plan to stop on a scales and find out. I fully expect I could have gotten 25 MPG if I had not driven over 65 MPH. We now have 1565 miles on the OD.
  • Your mileage will go up after 10,000 miles :) , but nothing dramatic. Expect 1.5-2 MPG increase :(


    Check your tire pressure. I run mine at 70/80 Lbs. you may get a more stiffer ride but you will have less rolling resistance thus getting a slight Increase in gas mileage :D
  • Lets hear some good things on the sprinter. I have about 5k miles left on warranty. Bought it on dec 31st 05. coming up on its birthday. Getting nervous!! I like the head room, I have the regular roof. Im 6'2 and I enjoy that alot. It also turns heads, and gets alot of compliments on style. Anybody out there have a real high mile sprinter? hows it holding up? well, anyway hope you all have a great holiday and better new year, Tom :)
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,109
    You want a high mile Sprinter? One sold on eBay a month or so ago. It had 354,000 miles. The Dodge dealer took it in on a new one. They were giving a warranty on the drive train. I doubt I would get close to that with my Sprinter conversion van. Nice to know that fine engine and transmission is capable of high mileage. I love mine the first 1500 miles cross country.
  • About 8k on mine so far. Averaging about 23.8 mpg, high of 25, low of 21.5. No problems. It's quirky, but everything makes sense once you figure it out. A thorough reading of the owner's manual as soon as I got it eliminated many questions before they emerged. I love the driving position, the great seats, and the admiring looks it gets - if it makes someone smile, I know I would like that person. Aftermarket additions- satellite radio with better front speakers and rear units, Mercedes conversion kit (so it looks like it does when sold in any other country in the world, including Mexico), and a rear step that slides into the factory hitch receiver (from J.C. Whitney) and makes a real rear bumper. Thinking about a grease conversion kit for the spring. 2500 HC WG - 118"
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    2004 MWB, 2500HC, WG, all glass (dark), 6,000 miles, Merc. Conv. completed this past week. bought new Sept. 2005 (last 2004 sold in this area)... Yes, it turns a few heads as no one else in OKC, OK seems to have the Merc. Conv. yet. Mine is white and I got the white Merc. Grill with my kit.

    Turning left onto a major street today, there was another private Sprinter waiting at the light as I was turning across in front of them (2500 SHC, panel/window), and the guy nodded to me as I passed... we know we got a good thing. Most of the Sprinters seen in OKC are either delvering UPS, Fedex, or Medical Supplies. Have yet to see another Wagon with all windows, but our salesman told us that a doctor in another suburb bought one as well.

    My best information locally has been form a church that bought 4 or 5 to shuttle people and take trips. Going to Oklahoma State University football games was a blast, especially after I got the Mercedes Grill installed, it really turns heads. Can't wait to start going to games with the full conversion done (nothing Dodge is left showing now). My only regret is that I preferred the Dodge hub caps for style and coverage.

    What is a "grease conversion kit", please? I did have the "O" ring problem on the Trans, and a central locking timer module not working correctly. I average 19.5 MPG.

    Fortunate to have a Truck wash nearby where I can get the tall van (roof-top factory A/C) washed for me, or a self-wash in town that has steps on both sides of one bay where I can get up high and power wash the top. :shades:

  • Hey Ken, did you do the merc. conversion yourself? Is it the one on EBay for 295.00. Please explain the central locking module thing. Started to work with my aux. heater.Trying diff. settings and all. I was in it for about 45 min, in the back with it on. Man was I roasting. My compass/inside temp/ clock said 102. I use the heater sparingly as it does use fuel. last tank I got 19.87 mpg. Tom :)
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    great to hear the the Aux. Heater is working well for you on those cold days we talked about before... Did you ever get the winter radiator cover?
    I did the Merc. Conv. myself. Used CMUGGLER on Ebay, went well, tell him I sent you if you want to do this... and ask for extra padding if you have fed-ex bozos where you live like we do in OKC, OK. They seem to be able to damage many things without tearing up the outside packaging beyond a mere scuff or two. PrepAll is recommended for removing the adhesive from the double stick tape under the chrome on the hood and the DODGE letters on the rear door... It does not work well with the newer adhesive. I would recommend OOOPs ( a product from the paint dept. at wallyWorld). Also need to be above 60 degrees and out of the sun when you are removing the tape (and not indoors as it is pretty much not good to breathe the fumes).

    Instead of working in small areas you may need to soak the foam repeatedly and let is sit for a while... test in an inconspicuous area to make SURE it does not damage your paint.... After 30+ minutes of soaking, spraying, soaking, etc. the tape will come off fairly easily and the residue will come off easily with a shop cloth soaked in a bit of OOOPs. I had slightly better results with a product called UN-DO, but it was a tiny container (dropper bottle) and just not enough for the job. I bairely got through the chrome on the hood with the whole little bottle.

    The central locking started out flaky when I bought the van new (624 miles). If you locked all doors, then got out of the front two, then hit the lock button on the key-fob, it would lock all except the front passenger's door. To get it all synced back up, you had to get all the doors unlocked, then lock them with the key fob again. Some other quirks were possible with the system acting up, like: you could lock the passenger door from inside, then it would just unlock again. Lock it again, then it would unlock and immediately re-lock again on its own. The repair on the order was for a Central Locking Timer module.

    KenB :shades:
  • I have a 2002 Freightliner Sprinter with 70K miles. It runs perfectly except that the cruise control stopped working last week at any speed over about 40 mph. Any speed below 40 mph the cruise control works properly, but it just won't engage at highway speeds. I have the service manual on CD and searched for any hints, but no go. Any suggestion? Anyone seen this sort of problem with their Sprinter?
  • Ken, Thanks for the come back. I have not got around to getting the radiator cover yet, X-mas crazies got the better of me. Think I will have to wait to do the merc. fun upgrade. Hard to find a heated area for that amount of time. I will print this up and save for warm weather. Locking mod. Yea got it. Have not had that prob. I know that if the van is locked and you hit it once, It opens the driver door. Then 40 sec later it relocks! Mine will be 1 year old on dec 31st. My lumbar inflater is in at the dealer. Will wait till next week. Hope you have a great new year, Tom :D
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The 40 sec. re-lock is normal, and should work even if you un-lock all doors and wait...
    I believe that both of my lumbar inflators are going out as well, but we don't even use them much. Let us know what part is required to get them fixed, I presume that the inflator bulb and valve assembly is one piece.

    An oddity for me is that I am getting 3,000 and 6,000 mile notices for service on my Sprinter from my Dodge dealer... I guess their computer system is stuck or normal service intervals.

    Happy New Year!!!
    KenB :shades:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Suggestion to try and find out more info... engage the cruise below 40 and then use the cruise control to ramp up on speed, does it still hold?

    I am not sure what you will find out, but if you have the CD, perhaps something more will occur to you based on this test.
    KenB :shades:
  • Does anyone know where I can get repair manuals for the 2004-2005 sprinter
  • I had a grinding noise from day 1 on my 2500 Van and the brake pad sensor light came on daily. 3 visits to the shop fixed the light on the dash. Now the light won't come on but at 50K miles I've shredded a front rotor and pads on both front wheels are gone. But, at least the dash light won't come on now.
    Dodge wanted over $600 for front pads and rotors. Local firestone store (same Job) $324.00
    There are 3 different pads for the 2500 Van. My new 1 ton sprinter just had the dash light come on with 356 miles on the speedo. Deja Vu
  • Where can I get a service manual on CD. Thanks
  • I placed a order for a sprinter on 9/22/05. I am on my third sales consultant (1 fired, 1 went to another dealer). After many calls I was informed today that I MAY GET DELIVERY FEB 15, 2006. I don't have any confidence! Will I get the sprinter that I ordered???


  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    we ordered ours 12-06-05 > delivery 05-2006, so far we are happy with our sales consultant Rex Reardon with Maxwell Dodge Austin TX; the wait is NORMAL. :confuse:
  • It looks like some things never chance. I ordered mine on 12/8/04 and was first told it would take 90 days, then more like 120 days. It ended up taking one day short of 6 months, 6/9/05. I am amazed that in this day in age it takes so long to get a new vehicle. As for what to do,I told them that they should read about Mr. Ford and his assembly line, they didn't like that.
  • Hi Florin,
    I have a 05, low roof 118 wb passenger van. I also use it to pull a 4000 lb camper. On its own,I get 23 mpg + or -, with the camper and AC on it drops down to 17 or 18 mpg.

    I also have that same "droning" noise that you have. I get it when under a load, up hill pulling my camper or just with a load in the van on the highway. I ordered mine with the extra insulation and can only wonder what it would sound like if I didn't. I have not taken it to the dealer for this. The truth is I have not had any real good dealer experiences. Mine is a Freightliner Sprinter and I get the feeling that they would rather work on real "Freightliner" then a Sprinter.

  • Ken, Sorry took so long to get the p/n, X-mas and all. But this is what my card says, p/n 5127110 AA . THis is the driver side, pass. side my be diff!! Hope this helps, Tom :)
  • alfaunoalfauno Posts: 13
    Just back from a Holiday run from Chicago to New Jersey, and then Kentucky, to visit family. About 2k miles total. Mileage varied from low of 22.9 to high of 25.8 (my best to date). Best mileage was achieved with cruise set at about 70-72 (me driving). Worst was driving 80+ across PA (my wife driving). I told her that someone had said it may top out at 83-84, but she said there was still plenty of speed to be had. Added the first oil the vehicle needed (one qt of Mobil 1 0-40) at 10,000 miles. It didn't tell me it was low, but a manual check before starting out revealed it was about down to the low mark on the dipstick. I have the Assyst package, and it will be interesting to see how far it goes before it says I need service.
    Often, I have to totally unlock all doors with the keyfob before it will lock, especially if I have opened the side or rear doors. Takes a couple of extra seconds, but no big deal.
    Ken asked what I meant by a grease conversion - I meant that I was thinking about adding the components to allow the diesel to run on waste cooking oil from restaurants. I was only moderately interested, but now moreso after reading a profile about a restaurant owner who converted his 2005 Mercedes E350. You're adding a second fuel tank, fuel line heater, and switches. The biggest trick is filtering the oil before use. Payback on the approx $1000 investment is fast, however, because the oil is typically free. See for more info
    Delivery? 5-6 months. That's what you'll be told if your dealer is honest with you. We ordered in early Feb, picked up in late July '05. After all, the truck is built in Germany, then shipped to the US, the Dodge conversion is done, and then it is sent on the dealer. Our dealer doesn't get too many orders - most are sold off the lot as people can't wait - so they were joking with us as we were leaving after ordering "see ya next year!"
    Verdict - worth the wait.

    Robert C
    2500HC WG 118
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The unlock all in order to lock all sequence is the symptom of a problem that I had... central locking timer module replaced and all works as it should now.

    Running on waste oil intrigues me, but I am just not sure about running on un-processed oils with the new high-pressure common rail injection system since parts tolerances must be very tight. I would guess that the 2005 E350 has a similar system to our Sprinters.

    Good thing our dealer had one in stock that had most all of the options I wanted and all that I needed... we took it right off the lot. Our dealer didn't seem to have any clue about add-ons and aftermarket upgrades, especially running boards, hitches, bug shields (harder to do now that I did the Mercedes Conversion). The europeans don't seem to know what a bug/gravel shield is and our American suppliers dont't expect the half-moon opening for the Merc. hood to be exposed. I know I can cut out a window in the bug shield, but a factory job is bound to be cleaner as it would be cut on a jig or CNC'd.

    KenB :shades:
  • Would like information on the programable heater? Also is it a water hearter? We are making this our County Bookmobile and adding bookshelves and a desk where the passenger seat was. Ordered insulation in cargo area but when the panels were removed only the bottom half had foam patches? Would like to add more to top half and roof. Also can a head liner be purchased any where? Any one noticed where the inside rear cargo door handle is located? When shelves are added it's hard to get to should have been put closer to the edge of door. I think this will make a great Bookmobile compared to out old one which was a 89 Chevy Step Van ( Bread Truck) although it is a bit shorter and not as wide. But what a ride.
  • I would like to say that I am perfectly fine with my 2004 Sprinter cargo van. I have had the van since July 2004 and have 25,500 mi.on it. Great milage no complaints. Took it in for recall on EGR same time as first oil change. Will take care of recall of tire valves when I take it in for current problem that I am writing about. I found a puddle of transmission fluid under my van this morning that wasn"t there when I parked it last night. This is the same place I park every night. It just happened. Upon inspection it appears to be leaking around the transmission pan gasket. Is this likely to be the problem or should I look elsewhere. Letters to you seem to indicate some o-ring problem. Is there a recall on o-rings that I have not heard of. Why no dipstick for transmission fluid check? How do I know if there is enough to get me to my Freightliner dealer 40 mi. from me?
  • My 2002 Freightliner is in Dodge shop now with similar problems. what part fro Germany was replaced.
  • I own a 04 Sprinter (Dodge badged), silver in color. Put it into service 1 Apr 04 and started noticing rust pits coming through the paint on all 3 side this Nov (05). That is about the 20 month in service time line...

    Remember the 3/36 rule, as I was lucky enough to have taken it in to the dealer with 34750 miles. Waiting now to get "Regional" approval to re-paint entire van...

    What a crap paint job! I have a silver 93 Nissan with no problems!!!

    Anyone else had paint/rust issues and what was your warranty experience? Thanks, SD Kiefer :cry:
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