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Dodge Sprinter



  • skwrelskwrel Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    My driver side door met a pole, and now I am having trouble finding a body shop that can work on it. Every one I have tried have said it is too big for their paint room. Does anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area know of a shop? Has anyone had a similar experience? :sick:

  • Hey, Sounds like my van! 04 silver. 32500. miles. Took it to dealer for bubbles after I got it. Said they would have to keep the van and take pictures of it for regional Big wigs. I took it to the paint dept last thurs. I noticed a rust spot. He rubbed with his finger and used some touch up paint. It was 22 degrees out. How long will that paint stay on it before the rust pushs its way out again? I seem to remember that ( tell me if I am wrong ) it was an 810.00 upgrade for that paint!!! Keep in touch with us on this paint problem,Tom
  • anyone change a sprinter fuel filter? ive had my sprinter for 5 months 41k miles low power today assume its because i havent changed the fuel filter some people dont want anything to do with it others say next week dealer is 50 miles away i drive 8k miles a month and the dealer is just too far away
  • jlr1jlr1 Posts: 4
    Yes its easy to replace the filter.I've done mine 3 times around 50000 miles.Hard part is the clamps make sure you fill the new filter with diesel or prime it.
  • I am in NYC area and am consideringthe purchase of one of these as an alternate to a minvan or large SUV.

    I am a but lost as I research this as it seems that information is not as abundent as with a regular car.

    I am wondering, do I purchase this at a regular dealership or do I have to deal with Freightliner. Moreover, who is Freightliner anyway.

    Also, are there any sites where I may obtain a primmer or other information on options or other information about this vehicle.

    Thanx in advance for any suggestions.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,131
    They are mainly sold as Dodge Sprinter in the USA. My Forest River is a Freightliner model. They are all Mercedes Sprinters. They get great mileage even in the heavy conversion vans. The engine and transmission are very well matched. Look for a Dodge dealer that sells them. Freightliner is mostly into large trucks and semis.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Freightliner is owned by Daimler-Chrysler. They have tradtionally been into mid and heavy duty trucks. The Sprinter was added because FedEx was very interested in using them in the US. When thought was given to replacing the aging Dodge Ram van, it was decided the Sprinter would also be sold by Dodge dealers.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    THe Dodge website is a good place to start, and then follow to the Sprinter part of the site. Research the options and ask questions here or on other sprinter forums. You will have to look in the finder part of the site for a dealer near you. This is not yet a regular Dodge Dealer vehicle. They have to be certified as a Sprinter dealer, with salesmen, at least one Sprinter Tech., etc. The Oklahoma City area, for example, has probably 10 Dodge dealers +/-, but only 2 Sprinter Dealers. Also 1 (one) Freightliner dealer with Sprinters. This is the U.S. truck branch of Daimler Chrysler (parent of mercedes, dodge, chrysler, plymouth, freightliner, daimler-benz, Jeep, etc.). You are NOT likely to have garage that can handle either version, especially if you have the extra roof-mount A/C.

    If you are fortunate to find one to your liking on a lot, it will probably be white unless it has been custom ordered and not taken, or they have more moxie than the dealership I got mine at. If you special order you will have to wait about 5-6 months. Get the upgraded seats and all the arm rests you can get. If you get the 118", I would only get 8 seats or maybe even just 7. The tall is nice if you are not in a major windy (gusty) weather area. I am in gusty/windy Oklahoma, and I got a regular roof, still much easier to get around in than my Dad's 1-ton Ford Van. If you get the 140" with 10 seats, get the dealer to put in the extra floor bracket so you can re-arrange the seats to any row. We usually take out the 2-place seat, and leave the wide 3-place seat in the row it came out of. that leaves 8 seats in place and enough cargo area to really make a big trip.

    I would really recommend the 140", as this is what I replaced my mini van with (I get the same or better mileage as I did with the minivan in ALL conditions). Better mileage by at least 4 MPG in town than my GMC Safari. For a family of 4 maybe all I really need is a 118", but we haul extra people all the time. School, church, neighbors, friends, scouts, etc. We also like to camp alot and this will be partially converted in the future when it is just my wife and I.

    This vehicle is built for lots of miles, low maintenance, great drivability (even in tight spots), and plenty of economical power but not for huge towing. I am getting about 21 MPG on highway and about 19 around town. I am slightly disappointed, as many have reported up to about 27 MPG, one even has about 30 MPG. I guess I zip around town like just about any other vehicle, and my speed on most highways around OK, Kansas, and TX is around 70-75 MPH. I never seem to fall into the range that gets the best mileage (55 MPH). Running the second A/C unit certainly drops the mileage, but with the dark windows you don't usually have to run that part very much.

    Accessories not yet easy to find, but getting better every day... Nice running boards, trailer hitches, steps, bug deflectors, etc. Europeans don't seem to have/need/want these things, or else the Value Added Tax (VAT) to acquire them is too high to stomach. Also this is a commercial vehicle in most of the world, but individual ownership is catching on (of course this is especially true in the USA).

    KenB :shades:
  • ray25ray25 Posts: 1
    The fog lamps aren't working, it is not the fuse. Does anyone have this problem? All else functions well.
  • I have a new 2005 sprinter 158" SHC cargo - just curious how often you change your oil. I believe the OEM recommends 10,000 miles.

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    10,000 miles is correct, unless you have the ASSYST system, then it will count down near the end... up to 15,000 miles (or maybe more) between changes.

    Use MOBIL1 0w40 about 9.5 quarts (as directed by the manuals).

    Many other Diesels could probably be going by this spec (10,000 miles) if you use fully synthetic oil in them. 3,000 mile oil changes are totally bogus with modern oil of the latest specs (especially synthetic).

    For example, even my 1987 Chevy Astro had an interval of 7,500 miles, and it was going strong at 105,000 miles when the people who bought my tradein skidded it off into a ditch. My 1994 GMC Safari is at 113,000 and has had long oil changes with only first-rate (mostly conventional) oil and is running great with minimal maintenance required (filters, oil, alternators (3), engine mounts (1 x), oxygen sensor, brakes) that's it, no internal engine parts or failures. Some intervals were 10,000 miles (twice I believe). runs like a champ.

    KenB :shades:
  • My first oil change was at about 12k. I have the assyst and I had a few thou to go according to the dealer.2nd was about 25k. Am at 33500 and I have 5200 to count down. Will be out of warranty soon :cry: Will keep you updated on pricing from the dealer when or if things go wrong. Just hope the paint bubbles don't get bad. I was under the van today and noticed one of the rear shocks might be leaking!!. Going to get my driver lumbar fixed. My back will be happy. Still getting 19-22 mpg. Winter time seems to be worse on milage. Also while under there I noticed there are rubber grommets, or covers under both sides on the outside wall. some round, but a couple are rectangle. One of the round ones is missing. I found the rectangle one sitting on my drive way. You might want to check yours also. Don't want slush and snow getting in and rusting. Really liking the rear view camera I put on. Sure helps in backing in tight spots. EBAY 250.00 , Tom
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  • This is DiamlerChrysler's "Tech Authority" website.

    They also offer scanners for rent or sale. gId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10051
  • bck1bck1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 140" Freightliner Sprinter van from Agar in Yonkers - easily accessible from the Sawmill (passenger plate) or the Thruway. I looked at vans at Dodge dealers and was a bit worried about the service. Freightliner is a bit more accustomed to diesel and bigger vehicles. You can supposedly get a Sprinter serviced at any Daimler Chrysler dealership - Freightliner or Dodge, but you'll be better off at Agar in the NYC area. Unfortunately I've had more visits to the service department than I'd hoped, but the roadside assistance program and Agar service have been ok.
  • Hey Tom,

    Noticed you are a locksmith too.

    I'm going to be getting a Sprinter in a few weeks too.

    I'm a little tight on cash right now, so I need to ditch a family car to get this van.

    I was originally thinking of getting the bench seats in the 2nd row to take my kids to day care and putting the cargo divider behind the 2nd row, but that'll be a pain climbing over the seats to get to the back.

    So I'm thinking of putting 2 swivel captains chairs in 2nd row (removable too) so I can just pop them in on the days I need them, and with the 2 seats separated, I can still walk past the seats into the cargo area.

    I'll be getting an aftermarket divider with a center door so I can lock it closed.

    Is there room under the floor to mount the plates under the van for the seats?

    I think there is a plate that gets installed under the van that bolts up into the plate holding the swivel seats.

    Anybody done captains chairs yet? Can you recommend a source for chairs?
  • Tronno,What size are you getting. Window van or regular. I have the 140 with regular roof. I was under the van the other day, and seems to have easy access to the floor. Never done captains chairs. I had a ford van in the late seventies. With the same thing in mind. I had a bench seat behind the drivers seat. Hard to get around the seat to get to the back. Capt chairs would be alot better. Depending on how big your biz is it might work well. I need every foot for my biz. Im tripping over things on the floor :( Some day when I have time I will put that stuff on the shelves. Let us know what you come up with,Tom :)
  • I'm getting quotes on the 140WB Regular Roof. No windows.

    I'm thinking if I mount the partition flanges on opposite sides of the regular mounting position, I can attach this right behind the sliding door. (Adrian Steel partition.) Sort of reversing the brackets.

    I worked out of a GMC Safari, so I know what a tight fitting van is all about. I calculated it, and the workable cargo area will be slightly shorter, but a tad wider and much higher than the Safari.

    I just have to learn to put stuff away and not use the floor again. I'm so bad with that. :blush:

    I'm starting out again and definitely have plans on becoming bigger than one man. So this will make a good starter van. The other vans will have much more room I'm sure, even if I get the 118 without the 2nd row of seats.

    As I said, I'm gathering bids for the van the last few days. I'll let you know what I get!
  • I know What you mean, I had an astro van. Not bad MPG about 18. Let us know what pricing you get! Where are you in this vast land of ours? Tom
  • Stafford, Virginia, and will soon be moving to the Tampa area in the summer.
  • I noticed a few people complaining about the lack of heat in their engines when idling and wondering why the Germans focus on the engine rather than the passengers.

    The reason is the fuel type itself.

    Diesel has a higher temperature at which it combusts, so to optimize the combustion, the engine needs to stay warmer.

    Gasoline combusts at a lower temperature.
  • Is the other way around, Gas engines run hotter, and diesel engines run cooler? :confuse: Ken baker seems to know alot about the van. Are you out there Ken?

    Whats this about 2007 Replacing the van :surprise: Hope they don't drop it off the planet. Tom
  • Yes, gasoline burns hotter, and therefore the engine is hotter.

    Diesel burns with a lower temperature and therefore the engine is cooler. A diesel engine runs better the hotter it gets. Diesels need to run hotter to burn cleaner, especially with emissions requirements.
  • 3dadd3dadd Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if a good Van conversion company in the DC area that knows the Sprinter. I have 2005 118 passenger van that I use as a family Van for car pool and long trips. I looked around at local (Annapolis) copmpanies but most of these guys have never worked on a Sprinter and dont' have access to seats and covers. I don;t mind traveling to another nearby state.

  • 3dadd3dadd Posts: 3
    I have 2005 with 6K miles on it and have had it in the shop several times due to the Engine Light. My Dodge dealer has replaced a few parts including the main computer. The van is also only getting 19MPG and at best it as got 21MPG.I don;t haul anything , it used only a family van. What should I expect for milage in a 118 Passenger Van? COuld it have anything to do with the Engine light?

    It goes back to the shop on Monday. The real PROBLEM with Dodge service is their LACK of techs. Our GlenBurnie dealership only has one guy! If he;s sick or out in training, we stuck until he gets caught back up. Thank goodness for the BusinessLink loaner. Last time they worked on it, they has it for several weeks. I willsay that my dealership does try their best, But so far, by the next tank full, the light goes on.

    Any good service places in the Annapolis/DC area?
  • 3dadd3dadd Posts: 3
    Our 118 has a Aux Heater and Sometimes at night it goes on. I have read the manual (which is awful) several times and still don;t get it. ANy simple instructions online? How much fuel does it typically use? What is the easy way by looking at the LCD to see if it is programmed to come on?


  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,131
    The van is also only getting 19MPG and at best it as got 21MPG.

    That seems low. I just drove a new MB Cruiser full size Sprinter Conversion Van from Colorado to CA. We averaged 21.79 MPG. That was mostly hwy driving much of it 70-75 MPH. It included 10 degree weather and a little snow through NM. It had plenty of power going through the mountains. I have not done much city driving so cannot tell you if it gets good mileage with stop and go driving.
  • Well, I did the "fax attack" on 46 Dodge dealers from past Richmond, VA to past Baltimore, MD.

    Of the 46 Dodge dealers, I received 11 bids from 9 Sprinter dealers, 18 Dodge dealers replied the didn't carry Sprinter, and the others didn't reply at all.

    Of the 11 bids, the best one came from Montrose Dodge & Sprinter in Germantown, MD. The 2nd best came from Safford Dodge in Fredericksburg, VA.

    I had a tough time deciding between the 2 dealers, but in the end it came down to who had the vehicle more suited for what I needed.

    "Fax Attack" comes from Used Car Buying Tips. You simply fax all dealers with a request for a bid, and they compete against each other. You never need to talk to a sales person, and you never need to step foot into a dealership. A lot of stress gone, instantly.

    It took about an hour to figure all the dealers I wanted to target, then about an hour to call them up and request the fax number for their New Vehicle Sales Department.

    Then 20 minutes to compile a fax with what you want, and an hour to fax them all.

    Then after a few days, I searched each non-responding dealer for an email address and emailed them the same thing.

    Then after a day, re-fax explaining that we hadn't heard from them.

    I probably spend a day's worth of faxing, emailing, responding to emails, etc. So I feel I shopped 9 different Sprinter dealers in a day.

    In the end, this is what I got:

    2006 Dodge Sprinter 140WB Regular Roof White.
    With extra:
    Accessory Group (Front Passenger Handle, Front Reading/Map Lamps)
    Comfort Seating Group (Luxury Bucket Driver's Seat, Manual Driver & Pass Lumbar Adjust, Front Passenger's Luxury Bucket Seat)
    Maintenance Group ("Low Washer Fluid" Warning Lamp, Maintenance Monitoring Sys (ASSYST), Air Filter Restriction Indicator)
    Power Convenience Group (Power Heated Mirrors, Keyless Entry, Power Windows, Power Locks)
    150-Ampere Alternator
    2 Additional Keys
    Additional Parabolic Mirrors
    Rear Gray Fascia with Step Pad
    Speed Control
    and they are going to install an aftermarket hitch and wiring.
    Total price (with destination and less hitch) $32,500.

    I paid (with destination, hitch, 3% taxes, tags, fees, etc.) $32041.07.

    I dealt with William at Montrose. I highly recommend him. The service was excellent and he answered all my emails I sent him quickly, and accurately. No high pressure. He knows what he's doing. I only spent an hour with paperwork at the dealership.

    I couldn't take it home tonight, because the hitch wasn't on there yet, but he's going to be driving it down to me tomorrow (hopefully) after it's on.

    As I was filling out the paperwork, I asked the guy doing the paperwork (not William) about Dodge and 2007 and he told me that the rumor is that Dodge is going to be making a bigger model.

    I'd think it's getting wider.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Sorry Tom,
    I've been off for a couple of surgeries and other family sicknesses...

    This guy is spot-on for the reason as far as I can tell... Diesel is less VOLATILE than Gasoline and is dependent on the temperature rise due to compression (above 1500 Deg. F.) to ignite (when the glow plugs are off).

    All engines run more efficiently as they run hotter (if they can run properly). A higher compression ratio makes this happen quite easily. The problem with many of them is that you start making nasty nitrogen compounds at the higher combustion temps as you incorporate nitrogen from the air into the exhaust product.

    The diesel fuel has more energy per gallon than gasoline, but being less volatile, it doesn't release it quite as easily... cool cylinder walls and heads will make the process less efficient by causing some of the fuel to condense on the metal surfaces and either be wiped off by the cylinder rings (and partially be run off into the crankcase), or be purged by the action of the intake/exhaust cycle (polution, carbon, and other problems).

    KenB :confuse:
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