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Dodge Sprinter



  • Hi-can you tell us what brand and model of tire was fitted in place of the original tires? Did you double check the tire pressure since the tires were installed? Since the only change was the tires, it sounds like they may not be of the same load capacity as before (softer, with more give) or that the tire pressure is too low.
  • I have heard in the rumor mill that drivers of sprinters with UPS, DHL, Fedex have had physical problems, because of the height of the driver seat getting in and out of the van. I puschased mine on dec. 31st. A couple months later I started getting right hip pain. Did not think it could be the van. But then I heard the rumor. To make a long story short. Went to Dr. had x-rays. He said arthritis. Sent me to get a body scan. Then to an ortho dr.He said no to osteoarthritis. Well am halfway through phy. Therapy.??? Decided to get in and out of the van in a diff. way, seems to help alot but still got the hip pain but not as bad. Any one out there seem to have any Phy. Back or hip problems, Thanks, Tom
  • I am getting 22.5 to 23.9 per gallon. Half city half freeway, With freeway speeds 75 to topped out at 83. Speed-o-meter is off by almost 4mph. 30mph limit = 34mph on the speedo. Best per tank in miles is 419. still had 2.5 to 3 gallons left, but diesel is not on every corner. Seems to go through bulbs. head light, both tag lights. map light. Also have a humming/buzzing under my feet. Dealer says its a fuel recovery pump.... Wish the heater was better. Sitting on a service call the temp gauge drops, thus cooler air on max temp. Dealer checked it, and guess what. Says they can't find anything wrong.I have more questions but not enough time at the moment. On my second oil change. 12500 on the first, about the same for thursdays dealer visit. Wife likes the rest button. heat for about 25 mins.
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    My wife's knees are bothering her in climbing in and out of a vehicle so tall... we really need good running boards, but are having trouble finding any we can SEE pictured on a Sprinter in the reasonable price range. She is changing her method of getting in/out of our Sprinter as well.

    Also, I don't want to drill, I would rather have bolt on that use existing attachment points, Any help would be appreciated. The ones I have found that come close are at (stainless steel, almost the same price as the other aluminum boards I have found).

    Lund/deflectashield has the Trail Back nerf bars with built in step pads, but I am not so happy with these as the step are is kind of small.

    Any suggestions out here??? :confuse:

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Reverse light on Right side went out (3,500 miles)... Fixed last night, bulb in place, but socket is kind of loose. Filament appeared un-broken, and was so a fix was needed upstream.

    socket being a bit loose was the problem:
    Slightly pushed ears (metal sides) of bulb holders in so that bulb is more snug in socket, works great now. :shades:

    I did this to most of the sockets on the side that had the backup light malfunction. Will do the other side if/when I have it apart..

    Also, on the dropping temp of engine, it sounds like your are in a COLD climate, right? You wouldn't need max-heat if it weren't pretty darned cold. Max Heat here at 40 F. (outside) is very hot.

    Below 32 F., you should probably think about using a shield to block off part of your grill. the diesel uses a BIG radiator, and an intercooler on the intake and the combination will cause the temp to drop on the engine in cold weather.

  • Hey Ken, Thanks for the reply. Will check out the boards at the site you gave. On your other reply to milage and stuff, I said my best tank was 417. Should be 517. Guess I was tired when I wrote it. Will check out the bulb holders like you did. Warranty work tomorrow. My lumbar inflater is broken. Needs an oil change also. One thing I added to my sprinter is a back up camera. Glad I did. Really comes in handy. Color,even has a mic to hear things. Dont use that but it does have a day/night camera. Back up lights give more than enough light at night.Got it on e-bay, about 235.00. Also I am in michigan, yes it gets cold. will talk to the mechanic tomorrow about covering part of the radiator. Again thanks for the reply, Tom
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239

    try this URL for a mask for the Sprinter to aid in winter/cold conditions.

    I am not affiliated with the company, and have not yet bought from them, but they have a great selection of stuff.

    KenB :shades:
  • Just what I am looking for. Did you check out the dash kit, not the carpet over the dash, but the red colored one on the silver dash, very nice looking. Again, thats for the help, Tom
  • Ok, got the oil changed, 2nd time. Again they forgot to reset the dash. 28,000. 109.00. My question is, how hard is it to change the air filter. I asked at the dealer. They couldnt tell me without researching it. Well I dont like surprises, so declined. Another Question comes to mind. In cold weather does the fuel economy change. Cold vs. warm? THanks, Tom
  • Hello everyone, Sprinter SHC 2500/140 mileage down to 16.45 MPG. Wondering if any one else had a problem with this mixing vale located directly in front of you as you rasie the hood. It has a loud whin and quites down if you place your hand on it. I can't believe how the power has disappeared and the mileage has really dropped off. I have a sick van on my hands. Don't know what this valve controls but I am scheduled for service on Wednesday. Anyone had a similar problem let me know.
  • Hi, I had power loss, went to dealer and this is what my paperwork says. " vehicle loses power on accel. fault code P2672 intaker ambient temp sensor failure, replaced sensor. Part #TE 8037155. When I drove it, it felt like my power was cut in half. That fixed the power prob. Dont know if it is the same prob you are having. It happened at 5510 miles. under warranty. Seems there was a service bulletin on bushing seal on the trans. Bulletin #21-002-05. They replaced that also. they replaced the bushing seals, says it had a weep leak. Hope this helps. Also hope it is with in warranty. Keep us informed on this, Thanks, Tom
  • My 04 2500 model Sprinter was in the shop for 3-days and still Isn'nt right :mad:


    All three light on the dash come on at random at the same time. LBS, ABS Traction control :(

    Once in park, it stays locked in park, until I shut the motor off, then the lights will come off and then the park position is relased

    Power is down, especially in acceleration :sick: . Fuel consuption is up :mad: 21 down to about 15 :cry:

    To make matters worse the symptoms are Intermitten. Hopefully somone has had this happen to them before and can tell me the cure
  • I have had about 85% positive feeling on the sprinter. If I had a dollar for every tradesman asking how I liked it, I could retire. The other 15% I dont have the warm fuzzies. I have about 8k miles left on warranty. The electrical scares me. Is its going to sit at the dealer for a few days while they scratch their heads. I am a locksmith, and I get in and out all day long. alot of times I work in the truck with the engine off to do a simple job. But sometimes I sit in it for up to an hour or more to work. And the temp gauge goes down to begin blowing luke warm air and not Keeping up with the outside frigid air. I had it in for that, Fluids are ok, Scratch, Scratch on their head. While I had it in I had a chance to talk to a cross country sprinter driver. He told me about the shifter not releasing. Just below the shifter is a little U shaped spring loaded trap door. He said abour 6 inches down is a release for the release of the shifter. Have not tried it. I see that gm came out and put a diesel in their vans, Hummm !!! Keep us up on your symtoms, Sharing info helps us all, Tom
  • Sounds like it might be the tires.

    I have a 2500 high roof and used studded Nokian's last winter.

    I drove through some serious snow and mountains here in Vermont and only got stuck once. The truck was empty at the time and I pulled out my chains and was on my way.

    You are right in that the Sprinter does not favor crosswinds.
  • :confuse:
    i am a sprinter owner since march 2005
    50,000 miles on it
    mostly happy until late nov 2005

    some sort of engine failure - had to be towed and have been stuck in north carolina for 3 days

    my 3/4 ton ford has had 0 down days since march of 2000
    my sprinter has had about ten down days ( although 7 were scheduled for a convenient time) since march of 2003

    the dealer was great about door adjustments, recalls on transmission, the valve stem recall.

    they charged me for a 40,000 mile transmission service (even though a different service manager told me the service wasn't needed till 70,000 mile)

    i was surprised the brakes needed replacement at 40,000 lots of brake dust on the front wheels, perhaps due to a teen delivery driving for 2 months

    what is the best discussion forum you have found

    i want to get a manual complete with service bulletins is there one available online?
  • I seriously consider buying a Sprinter 2500 with short wheelbase. I live in Boulder, CO and go quite often to the mountains, also in the winter.

    How does the Sprinter perform in snow, assuming there is no heavy cargo in the back?

    Any comments are appreciated!

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    This is the best forum I have found, the one on Topica seems dead, no new items and no replies to questions recently entered.

    I wish I had a dealer here in OKC that would be good at fixing door problems... sliding door rattles over most all bumps/jiggles in the road and hops up and down on the worst bumps. I had to fix my own rear door banging/rattles, may have to re-do again after just 2 months. basically have to move the silver stop-blocks up on the two rear doors and tighten them down, Locktite maybe?

    Have not got any information on "recalls", but service bulletin on transmission seems very active as a problem on this forum. I had the leaking trans.

    Central Locking problems fairly common, it seems (at best) a quirky affair. We commonly have the doors unlock themselves when we push the lock stem or handle in (to lock). Often this requires pushing the lock stem down a second or third time until the system decides to settle on "locked" as the desired option. The central locking button on the dash always does a lock or un-lock when pushed, but just not sure which it will do first (lock? or unlock?) time pushed.

    Our central locking timer was replaced when the passenger side front door would not lock without first unlocking all the doors.

    Its good to have more people active on the forum,
    KenB :shades:
  • I have smoke POURING out of my heater booster in the left front fender well. Has anybody seen this? BTW, I am guessing it is the heater booster because it only happens when the heater booster is on.

  • Go to They have all kinds of furniture for a reasonable price, and it looks good to! :shades:
  • Hello,

    I have a 2002 3500 158 Sprinter. I was wondering if there is anywhere besides the dealer to get parts from? I am sick of paying dealer prices for repairs! Our alernator went bad, and i don't want to spend 800 bucks! Thanks, gabe
  • My father owns a Dodge model. But he and I have spoken about changing the badges to Merc. Does anyone know of a place that can help? Do you think it would be easy?
  • E-Bay has some for 295.00. Also see message #268. A website there for sprinter stuff, Tom
  • No smoke from mine, But does not sound good. Right after I got my 04, I was at a customers house on their snow covered drive. Left the van running to retain heat, with the booster on. It was about 5 degrees out. 20 min later I left and noticed a large melted spot on the drive. Went straight to the dealer. It was the booster exhaust venting. They told me to use the booster to get the heat up to normal temp, then shut it off. no wonder I was getting 17mpg. With all the diff. things on the sprinter, I suggested they have a sprinter class to tell us about all the diff. things to look for. Keep us informed on the smoke, hope it is minor, Tom
  • What kind of fuel prices do you guys pays, I'm in michigan. Yesterdays fill was 269.9. Seven miles away saw it for 249.9. Also what kind of mileage are you getting. Mine is freeway and around town 22.5 to 23.9. best at 24.8, Tom
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    the manual says to use the Aux. heater periodically, don't let it go months between uses. Also says that you can turn it on below 41 F. and leave it on so it will cycle on and off on its own... however, mileage will decrease.

    As Tom says, you can turn it on to get up to temp (somewher near 180 F), then turn it off if you don't need extra heat from the air vents. And Dodge DOES need to have Sprinter classes to educate their owners/drivers. This would be a very cheap way to improve satisfaction. :shades:

  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    OKC, OK near I-35 and I-40 (on major routes), we see truckstops with the price for diesel @ $2.18 - $2.24 right now. In town it is higher, up to $2.39 or $2.49.

    On our 2004, MWB, 2500 HC, 5K miles: we get 20.0 MPG (in town, highway, mixed) doesn't seem to matter where/who is driving (me/wife).

    Since I am 2+ MPH low on my speedometer (at all speeds checked), it may be off. At 83 on the speedomater (pedal to the metal), I run 79.9 MPH per the handy-dandy GPS which is very accurate here in the center of the country. Wiil not/cannot go over this speed, also run slow, as low as 30 MPH, where I run 27.5 to 27.8 MPH per GPS

    KenB :confuse:
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    check on e-bay, there have been some spares and parts, and even people parting out wrecks (mostly in Great Britain so far)...

    I saw an alternators last week, but you need to make sure you get the same Amps (or larger) as you had. I think it was a 115 amp model.

    I have been hoping that the parts stores would get up to speed by the time I hit the end of by waranty... ;)
  • I called my service writer today to ask him to talk to one of the sprinter mech. I was in the van for 25 min. the temp was above 180. In that time it dropped to just above 110. Blowing luke warm air. Hope he calls back. Have had it in for this before. They said it must be a bubble in the system!! It was 26 out. cant wait till it hits zero. Guess it is time to order that radiator cover that you told me about. Tom
  • In less the 6 weeks the Sprinter has been towed 4 times, ultimately replacing battery and a part from Germany we waited 6 weekds for. Any tips on cold weather starting? Could fuel type be a problem? Does it need an auxillary heater left on over-night? Temperature in the 20s at night. We have been taking it back to Chrysler dealer where we bought it. Is there a better place? Any and all tips relating to not starting would be helpful. Thank you!
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    we just got a price quote of $32.949.00 +TTL for a 2006, 3500 SHC 158WB cargo van no options, does this sound like a good price?
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