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    Thanks to erthquake for your response. Gee, I hope those splattered bugs don't mess up the car TOO much :-)
    One funny thing I noticed that I plan to check up on is the dealer called me up and quoted a monthly payment of $503 on 17k being financed for 36 months at 2.9%. Now using Acura's cost calculator on their website, the monthly payment comes to $493. Not that big of a different, but it adds up to $360 dollars more than what I should be paying. Anyone have any insight into what this extra money could be or is the dealer trying to "pack?"
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    My CD representative told me that there is no car I wanted within 500miles, and she told me it will cost $150 per mile if I let them delivered from 500 miles away. It just doesn't make any sense 'cause it will cost $75,000 for shipping.

    I heard some people let CD deliver their car to their home. How much for the charge?
  • yjinyjin Member Posts: 10
    She just informed that it should be $1.50 per mile. I was looking for 1999 Corolla, and they couldn't find it within $500 miles. BTW, I am living in Los Angeles.
  • akmittalakmittal Member Posts: 1
    Can you please give the name of the Infiniti dealer in Los Angeles? I am still considering Infiniti I30, Acura TL and Lexus ES300
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    To buy cars: Check prices on the Internet, buy at Local Dealers.
    To buy other goods: Check prices at Local Stores, buy over the Internet.

  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    If you can save $3000 from a dealer over the internet, you might want to consider that. Especially, if your local dealer is like mine. All you get for buying your car from him is "A free car wash on Saturday for as long as you own the car." No service loaners, nothing special.
  • hondabro98hondabro98 Member Posts: 10
    Anyone know why and don't offer pricing information on the Honda Odyssey?????????????????
  • denisjeidenisjei Member Posts: 4
    Just checked pricing on the new Lincoln LS V6 manual. Carorder has it listed for $100 over invoice. That sounds pretty good to me.

    CarsDirect had it for $250 OVER MSRP!!! I feel sorry for anyone who actually bought stock in a company that's goint to have a business model of selling cars for greater than MSRP.

    At the same time, CarOrder can be beat too. A local dealer is listing all 00 Maximas for $49 over invoice. CarOrder is $100 over.

    Still, comparing the two, CarsDirect is not even worth considering.
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    I got a quote from carsdirect and when I used that quote to see if the local dealer can beat it, he told me carsdirect is not allows to broker w/ the dealer in Texas. Is that true??? Your feed back would be appreciated. Thanks
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    mluong9043, I take it that he refused to match the price?? If so, tell him that "That's what they told me, so I'm driving to (Oklahoma, or Louisiana, whichever is closer), and picking it up from a dealer there. He is thinking that he doesn't need to discount for you because he thinks that you can't get the car from CarsDirect.
  • yjinyjin Member Posts: 10
    I just bought a car through carsdirect. After I picked my car, I found a serious problem. The car I ordered should have factory alarm installed, but the car that Carsdirect told me to pick only has an alarm installed by the dealer. This is not what I paid for, and I am really unhappy about that.

    Does anybody have the similar experience before? I don't know what I should do about it.

    Thanks for any information
  • pschiffepschiffe Member Posts: 373
    In some cases, Yixin; the alarms which are dealer installed options (DIO) are designed for a specific vehicle which has the harness pre-wired to accept this accessory, and should this be the case; it is probably equal to the factory-installed version. If on the otherhand it is a generic unit, the dealer probably put some extra bucks in their pocket and thought they would get away with it. I'd be mad too if this is what happened, it's probably a fraudulent business practice and the dealer should be expected to make it right. You should discuss this with your representative first and then take it from there.
  • bombersbombers Member Posts: 2
    Thanks everybody for your comments. Sorry it took so long to post the outcome on my CD ordeal, but I've been having too much fun driving my new Protege ES. I took delivery of the car on Sept. 2 and was pleasantly surprised. Since they're so rare, I had never seen the ES trim of the Protege before, so I wasnt sure what to expect. The silver color with the alloy wheels, rear spoiler and power moonroof made the car look damn good. And the upgraded engine makes all the difference in the world. The dealer was very friendly (although 80 miles away) and detailed the car superbly. The dealer told me he likes to work with CD because he makes a lot of money on the deals too. So he wanted to make sure I was a happy customer so I would refer others to the service. Evidentally he charged CD only 350 less than MSRP and plus he incurred no advertising costs & got to keep the entire holdback for the vehicle.

    I took the advice of this chain and argued with carsdirect about the $500 guarantee and the dealer had this second check in his hands by the time I arrived. CD really lost a big chunk of change on me.

    My advice on carsdirect: you can get an awesome deal from them, but don't use their service unless you can be demanding and persistent. They seem to use some of the same tactics as regular car dealers, ie, if you're not aggressive with them, they will keep you waiting, try to twist you into different option packages/color schemes than you wanted, and even play with the price/guarantee.

    Bottom line is that I'm happy with my new car and I would not hesitate to use CD again if the price was right.
  • hmerglerhmergler Member Posts: 85
    Well, I decided to take the plunge and placed an order with CD on Sunday for a '99 Ranger 4-door SuperCab with Power and Convenience Groups and the automatic transmission. I know that this mht be hard to find, but I figured I first try for the '99 as its cheaper and if that doesn't work, I'd then look for a '00. I'll keep ya posted on what happens with this.
  • alex44alex44 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how leasing works in Illinois, carsdirect says the dealer can do it. I don't trust the dealer not to throw in all these outrageous charges....I already went to a Lexus dealer who was not straight up when it came to leasing, and would only focus on the monthly payment and would talk in circles and the monthly payment was a hundred dollars off what I was quoted from an independent lease agent. Do you think the dealer you get the car from (thru carsdirect) will let an independent lease agent get involved. I am so confused. I am skeptical about delivery time...will this take months on the lexus rx300. Any others getting this car?
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    I had to cancel my order with for a Sienna XLE due to the poor customer service and the lack of response to my emails and voice mails. The first indicator was once I placed my order and an automatic email was generated from them acknowledging the order and saying I would be contacted by my representative.

    Three days later I still didn't hear from and instead called them. Found out my representative was Marc Nealey who promised a lot, but couldn't deliver let alone respond to my daily messages to him.

    Their Operations Manager, Joseph Brinson sent a nice gift basket apologizing for the poor service. I even found the car at a local dealer that they did business with and notified them. Still no callbacks or action from either Marc or Joseph.

    I ultimately resorted to the option of using They cut the check for the difference between my quoted price of $1000 above invoice and the MSRP that the dealer wanted and even provided a limousine to take my family and I to the dealer 50 miles away. It was a challenge working with them too, but they met their commitments.
  • oasis47oasis47 Member Posts: 4
    Well, I got my Integra GS with auto trans. Monday night and I must say overall I am pleased with the whole experience. But it's true, you HVAE to be persistent and demanding...and if you twist their arms enough, they will give you what you wanted. For my deal, pitched in $2200 to get my price of $19,161 ($800 under invoice). AND I got the special 2.9% financing from Acura which had expired just before they called me back (wayyy back in the beginning of Sept.) but after I had placed the order. It took about 20 days for everything to work out. Some of the dealer's paperwork was wrong and that took a few days to fix. AND when we got the car last night, it was missing the keys to the security system, floormats, and mudguards. But they're shipping those up right away. The car was delivered via flatbed truck (a very COOL truck at that!) all the way from San Diego (500 miles away). I think your experience with them just depends on who you get as a representative. Some of them are nice and usually prompt, others are just slackers. If anyone wants a recommendation for a really good rep...Michelle is really good ([email protected]) or x4035 and I've also heard good stuff about a rep named Monica. What I do know if the party isn't going to be lasting for long....soon their prices will be heading closer and closer to MSRP' if you can take advantage of a good price, do it. Good luck everyone. :-)
  • hmerglerhmergler Member Posts: 85
    Well, after not hearing from CD at the end of the 2nd business day, I called up myself to find out what was going on. I was told Shawn (x4243) was assigned my order and transferred over to him. He checked his list of orders and I wasn't on there. Apparently there was some software problem that prevented my order from showing up in his database. This was rectified in a few momemnts and he said that he would make my order a priority and call me the next day (Wed.). At the end of Wed, I had not heard from Shawn so I called up again. I talked to Ryan (Shawn was out of the office) and was told that there had been some activity on my order and apparently the research dept. was awaiting a call back from a dealer. Ryan told me that he would have Shawn call me back on Thurs. with an update. On Thurs afternoon Shawn called me and told me that they could not find a '99 and was wondering if they could look for a 2000 instead. I told him to go ahead and he said that he would call me back today with any news. Now I wonder if this means that my delivery will be within 2 weeks of today or from my original order. Hmmmm...

    - The Merg
  • tnguyen74tnguyen74 Member Posts: 65
    I purchased a 99 Honda Accord EX V6 COUPE from carsdirect about a month ago when they had that 7 day gurantee or $500 off and they honored making the purchase price a few bucks over invoice!! Dealing with them however was not that pleasant.I never received a call from the so I decided to e-mail them and than call them. When I called them they said they're working on my order. 2 days later I called them and they said they cancelled my order b/c of an e-mail they received. The e-mail never mentioned anything about cancellation. I was so angry at them on the phone and asked them whether they could deliver the car by the promise date or take off $500. Well, I took delivery in 8 days and off went another $500. I guess $500 off and waiting another day made up for their mistakes Throughout the purchase they never called me once. You really gotta be rough with them now b/c they don't have that 7 day/$500 off gurantee anymore so they will be slacking a little. The price is excellent but I gotta say the service SUCKS!! But all in all I got the car in the color and model that I wanted at invoice so I"m a happy camper. I hear there's another site that you may want to try. Good luck shopping!!
  • nelssnelss Member Posts: 1
    I placed an order for a 1999 Malibu LS with no extras on it. Within two days I received a call from the sales representative in the morning to confirm the details of my order and he promised to call me by 4:30pm to advise me on the status of the search for the vehicle. I in fact did receive a phone call to advise that a vehicle had been located and met my requirements other than the interior color was different and it brought a cassette, radio, cdplayer option. I approved the vehicle. I was provided with the name of the dealer and the contact there, and the sales representative had the dealer contact me to introduce himself. So far so good, as I was advised I should have the vehicle within a week as they were bringing it in from another location. After speaking to the dealer regarding the financial issues this morning, since Cardirect does not have financing in the State of New Jersey, something they do not disclose, I discovered that the purchase amount was higher than that I had agreed to as well as the fact that state taxes were calculated on the amount the dealer was charging Cardirect vs the amount I was to get the vehicle for from Cardirect. The dealer apparently notified Cardirect of the price problem as I called the sales representative at Cardirect, left him a message and when he called back he knew of the problem but initially claimed that the numbers were right. I advised him that I had a screen print out of my order as well as an email confirmation at the lower amount. I received a short time later wherein he advised that there was a $750 difference in prices which was the result of the dropping of an incentive between the time of my order and their workup of the price, however they would honor their original quote and would forward the funds to the dealer. All seemed wonderful, until I got home this evening I had a message on my machine advising that the car that had been ordered for me had been sold, however he had found another one the same color, even the interior matched my original request and a little cheaper as it only had a cd-player with no cassette. When I attempted to contact the sales rep at Cardirect a left voicemail but have not yet received a response although I expect I will hear from him by Monday. I was also contacted by the dealer sales rep, who is to call me. The saga continues, if I get the vehicle within the next week and in good shape I guess I would still be satisfied as you can't beat the price, after all Cardirect is paying approximate $1700 to the dealer to sell me the vehicle at below dealer invoice.

    I will keep all posted on the progress.
  • jtmurphyjtmurphy Member Posts: 1
    I have been reading this board (and others) for months while I researched what car to buy and how to buy it. The posts have been extremely helpful....I finally decided on a Pathfinder, which I ordered from Carsdirect on 9/16. My service rep was Dave Ponticilli (X4009) very responsive guy, answered all phone calls the same day, etc. He found almost what I wanted (I ended up compromising on interior color, and not getting limited slip diff) and I got the car last night, for $2455 less than invoice and $5700 less than MSRP. C-D is sending the dealer a check for about $700 to make the deal work. This was an expensive undertaking for me, but I feel like C-D really delivered, got me what I wanted quickly, and maybe I didn't get the most killer deal in the world, but I feel like I saved mental anguish by not ever dealing with a dealer salesman on this deal. I recommend C-D, if you can be persistent and somewhat flexible. Dave also called me today to see how I was doing and how the car was working out. I know that others have felt that the customer service sucked, but my experience was just the opposite. Good luck shopping to all!!
  • nikolanikola Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have an experience buying Honda CRV through
    I'm considering to order mine(EX)from them.I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
    Any response will be appreciated!
  • llofgrenllofgren Member Posts: 129
    I live in Minnesota and am using carsdirect to buy my CR-V EX auto. Every time I went to a dealer they told me it would be a 4 to 6 week wait and they would not go below MSRP. I DID find one dealer in Wisc, 5 hours away, that would sell for 20,650 (list 21,665). But then I found out about a CR-V still available, coming in the last week in September to Minneapolis. I went through carsdirect and locked on at 20,599 for that vehicle. The next day, the price on their web site dropped to 20,017, and they say they will honor that lower price for me. I have a VIN number now but I have yet to get the car or finish the rep at carsdirect says I have nothing to worry about......we'll see!! I don't think you have anything to lose but you may have to do some of the legwork yourself.
  • jtuyentranjtuyentran Member Posts: 2
    Cars Direct quoted me $23124 for a 2000 Honda Accord EX V6. That's almost $1000 over invoice price. That does not sound very attractive to me. If anybody bought a 2000 Accord EX V6, I'd like to find out how much you paid for it.
    Also, many posts on this board indicates that Cars Direct would sell cars at invoice price. Was that just some promotion that they had, or am I missing some thing?
    Also, when buying a car from CD, can we still get financing from other sources such as credit unions?
  • jtuyentranjtuyentran Member Posts: 2
    I just checked pricing information for a 1999 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe from Carorder (they don't have 2000 model). They gave me a quote for $23715 (including destination charge). The dealer invoice is $22209. They are charging about $1500 over invoice for a 1999 model. I guess I don't see what's so great about Carorder and Carsdirect.
  • wenmingwenming Member Posts: 4
    Hi, quys,
    If you really want to buy a 2000 car, you would be better off by negotiating with dealers face to face. The price you will get from them will definitely better than from Carsdirect or Carorder, especially prices quoted by are way too high. That was the impression from my recent car shopping.
  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    Use it as a tool to get the best price from your local dealer. Shop around, how else will you know when you DO get a good deal?

    Use CarsDirect, or CarOrder as a baseline, and shop down from there!
  • chump1chump1 Member Posts: 1
    My CD had to order my BMW from a local dealer. When I asked her for a production date and estimated time of delivery all she said was "sometime in mid December" She also asked me NOT to call the dealer. Is this normal? Did any of you other folks get dates from CD on a manufacturer order? Thanks!
  • hmerglerhmergler Member Posts: 85
    Just wanted to keep you aprised of my order with CD... I cancelled it. Not because of bad service, but because I needed to order the configuration I wanted and I found a dealer you would get it for me for less than CD. I had used CD initially to see if they can locate a vehicle for me (I was willing to pay a little more to get the vehicle now), but since they could not find one I didn't see any need to order through them if I could get a lower price elsewhere.

    My CD rep was very nice. If you want to speak to him, his name is Shawn and he's at x4243. He called me back every time he said he would and worked hard to find a vehicle to my liking. (He did find some close matches, but I'm very anal and wanted one with only what I originally asked for.)

    - The Merg
  • vbhattadvbhattad Member Posts: 1
    How does carsdirect work? Do they offer free servicing? Who takes care if something goes wrong?
    The proces they offer are great but color and number of days they take is not reasonable.
  • chuckeechuckee Member Posts: 1
    Go to the "Smart Shopper" topic list and read Topic #1297 (Entries # 347, 348, and others). The cars come from the dealers and are covered by regular new car warranties.

    ***Rizzo, are you ex-Army Aviation?

  • frankrizzofrankrizzo Member Posts: 67
    You are not the first to ask that. Someone asked me about being somewhere in the Army in 1967. I was 1 then.. Sorry..
  • boris1959boris1959 Member Posts: 5
    Just wanted to add a positive vote for carsdirect.
    I ordered Lexus RX300 today around 11am. Got a call at 4pm from the rep and he said that they will start searching. Got a call from him at 10pm saying that he located the car (30 mi away) and it will arrive in 3 weeks. I will get a VIN in 2 weeks or so.
    The price was 36.4 (dealer cost 34.2, MSRP 39.8).
    Most dealers wanted between 38 and 38.5. RX300 is selling like hot cakes in NJ. They come on east cost on 1 configuration (fully loaded) so color is the only choice. I talked to Bill from FLA who is on this board but his price was 37.9 and a dealer in PA that had good reviews here wanted 37K, but it is about 150 mi away. My rep was Marc Lehman.
    I will definitely follow up if I get any "surprises"...
  • kcfisherkcfisher Member Posts: 2
    I'm the happy owner of a 2000 VW Jetta GLX that I purchased from CarsDirect a few weeks ago. The dealers in my immediate area (~1000 radius!) wanted at LEAST sticker for the car (extremely high demand), and CarsDirect sold it to me for $1400 under sticker. I financed the car through my credit union, which was a bit of a hassle, but everything ended up fine. CarsDirect is a licensed dealership, so the bank cuts CarsDirect a check for the amount of the purchase, and once CarsDirect receives the check, they expedite a check to the dealership that has the car. I know, it's a rather round-a-bout way to get money to a dealership, but they pretty much handed me a $1400 down payment, so it was worth it to me. At first they found me a car with my specs in Iowa (I'm in Kansas), but with a little searching and a LOT of luck, I determined that the dealership down the road from me had just received the exact car I wanted that morning and the intended owner had not been able to get financing for the car, so out on the lot it went. After calling CarsDirect, they negotiated with that dealer instead, and I picked up my new car less than a week later. What I DON'T understand is that the dealership got full sticker for the car (I saw the check), yet I paid $1400 less that sticker for the car. So basically CarsDirect gave me $1400 for the honor of buying a car through them. Interesting business model :) Now I think things could have gone a lot smoother, and my representative was less than forthcoming on information or instructions, but now that I have my new baby, I'm happy :) If they can get you a decent price for a fairly high demand car, I say go for it. High volume cars, like Honda's, will most likely be better had by dealing directly with the dealership. Just my $.02
  • llofgrenllofgren Member Posts: 129
    Ordered a 1999 CR-V EX Auto about a month ago from CarsDirect. I live in Central Minn. About 2 weeks ago the dealer, from Minneapolis, calls and gives
    me a VIN number. I think "Oh, great."
    Couple of days ago, he calls back and says, oh
    that vehicle has been sold, but I have a different
    one that "just rolled off the truck." I inquire
    further and find that it has around 30 miles on it.I object, telling him I want a "new" vehicle. He says OK.....come down (today) and it will be ready. So I get down there today and surprise, its NOT will take about 3 or 4 hours to "prep it." But I can have the other CR-V (with 30 miles on it) if I want. I walked with my cashiers check in hand. I am done with new car dealers.
    Question: Why are so many Honda dealers so
  • david_tdavid_t Member Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a car through CD and pay cash for the car without obtaining financing. CD (via email)indicates that they would delivery the vehicle to my door and that the quoted price includes destination charge. But a few posts on this board seems to indicate that they actually charge for delivery the car to your house. So does the destination charge only cover delivery to a dealer, and you got to pay extra if you want the car deliver to your house?
    Also, I was wondering if one chooses home delivery and pays cash, does CD want a check before delivery of the vehicle, or do you pay them after you receive inspect the car? I certainly hope the latter is the case because I am not going to give them the money until the car is in my drive way.
    I'd very much appreciate any reponse to these questions since I couldn't get straight answers from CD
  • erthquakeerthquake Member Posts: 12
    CD delivered my Mazda Protege ES from Los Angeles, to San Francisco for free, the destination charge is included in the price (when I bought it in August), and I wrote the check and gave it to the delivery guy.

    It was a very, good experience for me.

    Good luck.
  • juzefjuzef Member Posts: 37
    I'm about to buy a 2000 Camry XLE V6/auto
    with all the trimmings through
    I live in Vermont..and the car is to come from
    Maine by flatbed truck. I'm worried if the car
    arrives with defects or scratches. What insurance
    do I have. I have to send the money to carsdirect
    before getting the car and I'm worried. Do I have
    legal protection if the car comes defective??
    I don't have a car now so I can't go pick it up.

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    First off, not all Honda dealers are sleazy!

    A car with 30 miles on it IS a new car! This is not at all uncommon. It will always have at least ten miles on it.

    What's the big deal, I don't understand...
  • llofgrenllofgren Member Posts: 129
    I know not all Honda dealers are bad. But I sure got a bad one when I tried to buy this CR-V.
    He kept switching the VIN # and that made me a little suspicious. I had specifically told him that I did not want more than 10 or 15 miles on the vehicle.....I know how I test drive cars and those are some hard miles (at a critical point in the little engine's life)! So I didn't want more than the 10 or 15 that is required to get the car ready to go. And the dealer agreed to that.....and when I went to pick up the new CR-V, well, surprise, it wasn't ready. But I could sure have the one with 30 miles on it. I just had the distinct feeling that something was not right.....and I went with my gut and left. After waiting so long for this vehichle and having so much trouble finding one, it is hard to see the glut of them here now and the feeding frenzy of selling and buying that is going on. People are tripping over one another to buy them and sell them now. I feel bad that I cannot be part of that....but then again, I think I will pay off my mortgage early and keep driving my good old reliable 2WD '91 Previa with 136,000 miles on it....its alot easier!!!! I have sent letters of complaint to the dealership and the Honda District Office in Arlington Heights, Ill. But I really don't expect too much to come out of this.
  • pvinhpvinh Member Posts: 2
    We bought a mini van through CD last week and found it to be a pretty straightforward process. We are very thankful, however, for all of the advices posted herein. Had we not known what to watch for, we probably would have to pay extra for certain options. I'll post a more detailed on the van's make and model on the Mercury Villager topic.
    Again, thanks for all the helpful hints.
  • djbpmlawdjbpmlaw Member Posts: 5
    Ordered BMW 323 Sat. Got first call today (Tue). Said they could deliver car in 4 weeks but it had additional options that I did not want (cost of add-ons additional $700). If I want to wait for options I want - delivery not until mid-December. I'm starting to get that funny feeling in my stomach already. Will update as process continues.
  • djbpmlawdjbpmlaw Member Posts: 5
    I wasn't as concerned about the delivery date as I was about the attempt to get me to agree to options that I didn't want. I thought the idea with ordering online was to avoid those sales techniques.
  • lboyerslboyers Member Posts: 6
    I don't think it was a sales technique (you'd already agreed to buy a car), just giving you the option of getting a car that's close to your specs right away instead of waiting a couple of months for your exact specs. I'd think that you'd want them to point out the closest matches that are available now so you can decide if you want to wait or not.
  • erick7erick7 Member Posts: 1
    The one problem with many internet sites today is the fact that you can build any car with any options you desire. The fact is, even though a particular option is in the brochure, manufacturer web site, or wherever, it may not be avail. on that vehicle. It may not be popular in your part of the country, so dealers collaborate not to order any that color or with those options. In this case, you have to take what is available, which may not be exactly what your "dream car" would be. Manufacturers have to build what sells, and that is what the majority wants. In some cases, depending on the manufacturer, you can special order, but with others, like Toyota, it is hard to special order vehicles because of their allocation process. Carsdirect and others have to give us the ability to order whatever we want, and then present us with the closest match. I'm sure every once in awhile someone walks into McDonalds and wishes they could have a Quarter Pounder on Wonder bread. McDonalds doesn't offer that, so the customer goes with a bun. The customer settles for what is available. I'm sure Mcd's wishes they could make every customer happy, but it would not be realistic for them to stock Wonder bread for those random customers. Same deal in the car business.
  • djbpmlawdjbpmlaw Member Posts: 5
    Good points by all. Thanks for putting things in perspective.
  • juzefjuzef Member Posts: 37
    I'm still waiting for my car. I sent a check in the mail via
    3 day registered postal mail to carsdirect. I am praying that
    the transaction we have will take place smoothly and correctly.
    Based upon much of the posts above..everything will go well,
    and I should get a 2000 Camry XLE V6 auto/sedan with
    HZ, mudgaurds, alloy wheel locks, traction control, and the
    car should be preped, washed, waxed, a full tank of premium
    gas, less than 50 miles on the odometer and in PERFECT,
    DEFECTLESS condition. The car should be delived to my home
    as soon as the dealer gets the check from carsdirect.

    If this goes well..I will be a believer in carsdirect..right now I'm nervous. I'll let everyone know how this transaction went.

  • juzefjuzef Member Posts: 37
    I sent a check for some $25,000 to on
    Tuesday 10/12/99 to purchase a 2000 Camry XLE
    V6 auto/sean with the HZ package, traction control,
    mud gaurds, and alloy wheel locks. If all goes well, I
    should recieve this car, prepped, washed, waxed,
    with a tank of premium gas, and in perfect, defectless
    condition upon my testdrive of the vehicle. I've put
    up my part of the bargin..I hope CARSDIRECT will
    honor theirs. I'll let you all know how it goes.



    PS. I certainly thank Edmund for allowing these posts in order
    to better inform and impower the consumer.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    Congradulations and good luck. :) So when are you supposed to get the car?
  • juzefjuzef Member Posts: 37

    I got a call from just a few
    minutes ago. They said that they received the
    check and are sending a check to the dealer in
    Maine to deliver the car to me in Vermont via
    flatbed. Carsdirect called the dealer as well.
    The dealer says that I will get my car on
    Monday since they can't deliver it on Saturday.
    The dealer agreed that the car has all the options
    we agreed to and he says that it will come prepped, washed, waxed and with a tank full of gas. He also agreed that I can test drive the car
    before signing the release just to check out the car, inside and out. So I just have to wait till
    Monday for the delivery.

    Thank you for your valuable advice throughout this
    long process. You should work for a magazine or
    something. I'll let you and the world know how
    the deal goes on Monday. So far so good.


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