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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi There
    I have a same problem with my New Nissan Altima 2.5 SL. I got the same problem when the mileage around 6000 and "service engine soon" light shown up. I took it to the dealer then they said it is the problem with the throttle chamber and they said they repplaced it.
    I got the same problem when the car is around 8900 milege. Right now the car is with dealer.

    Please suggest what are the steps needed to notify Nissan.

  • gmctruckgmctruck Posts: 186
    "(that's after driving over 100 miles since the light first lit up as i REALLY feel uncomfortable:)"

    There's an easy fix for this problem guys and it's very simple. Don't run your gas tanks down until the light comes on. Did you know that running your tank down to almost empty makes the fuel pumps run hotter? Did you know that by running your fuel tank down low also increases the chances of sucking dirt and debris on the bottom of the fuel tank right up into your fuel system possibly clogging up the filter and fuel injection system?

    Running the gas tank down to "E" on any car is a bad habit that can cause all kinds of fuel system and drivability problems. I usually don't go much below 1/2 tank before filling up.
  • Recently I've noticed that my engine, possibly the transmission, is becoming progressively louder each time I start it. After the car warms up the noise lessens but gets louder whenever I step on the gas. The best comparison I can make is that it sounds similar to a golf cart accelerating - kind of a loud whirring noise. It could possibly be gears, which makes me think it may be a transmission problem. My car also has trouble accelerating past 65 mph. It feels like there is a lot of resistance to stepping on the gas. I had the transmission fluid changed recently and I'm wondering if this may be a cause. I've also noticed a drop in gas mileage since this problem started.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
  • Hello there Max,
    I have the same hesitation in my 2005 Altima, it does it when I need to take off quickly like merging in to fast moving traffic. Also my stereo has the worst reception I have ever had in a vehicle. And I am currently having a problem with starting the car, I drive it around for an hour or so, then it sits for an hour or two and sometimes, but not all of the time, it cranks for a while when I try to start it, kind of sputtering a little while cranking. I have had my car to nissan dealer 4 times for problems and not once were they able to "duplicate my complaint" which translates to me, ignore it till the warranty is no longer valid. I dont think I will ever buy another nissan car, and this is my 2nd one. Any one else have same problems with their altima's?
  • You might want to check the exhaust, see if it is restricted. A restricted exhaust will make the car have less power like you describe. Just a thought.
  • It's nice to hear that someone else is experiencing the same problem. My car is at the dealership right now for the second time. They couldn't find anything wrong with it the first time, but have promised to figure out the cause.

    I didn't have a service engine light come on though. I'll mention the throttle chamber to my dealer.

    If they can't find the problem, I will call, email, and write to the Nissan North American Headquarters.
  • I called Nissan (1-800-NISSAN1) about this, and after spending forever on the phone with them, they finally told me the answer: it is a 20 gallon tank, but the guage is calibrated to show EMPTY when there are about 3.5 gallons left. This is an "emergency" feature, so that you can still drive further if you need to. But they also said it was bad for the engine to do that. They could not tell me how.

    This is VERY annoying to me, and I told them that. Basically, the guage is giving the driver innacurate information BY DESIGN, in order to protect him from accidentally running out of gas. I guess I'm too stupid to be told the truth because I might hurt myself and/or my car.

    It also annoyed me that I had to spend half an hour on the phone to figure all this out, but that's another story.
  • mrk94mrk94 Posts: 3

    Can't really help. . . just let you know I have the same problem. My '94 GXE has 106,000 miles on it, and the "rattle" has been with me for maybe the last 6 months. I've had more than one mechanic check the front end . . . Nothing. Still have the original struts (!), and I'm told they're o.k.! Don't know what to think, either!!!!! :confuse: MRK94
  • I drove it home the other night and went out to start it the next day and nothing. It was running fine. It has spark and gas- any ideas? How can I test if it is the distributor?
  • semasema Posts: 1
    Nobody found the source, that's sad... I got the same problem twice already. Additionally to the crazy behavior of the instrument panel the car doesn't want to drive during this time as if the ignition disappeared.
  • sha2sha2 Posts: 2
    My 2005 Altima 2.5 is leaking water! and lots of it! It seems to be coming form the front end leaving inches of water on the driver side floor to the back passenger seat floor. I thought that was the only thing wet in my car until today. The back passenger seat floor was soaked also. Nissan said the water was leaking in from the speaker and that they fixed it. But, the door panel was not wet, the speaker works and it is not only the left side of the vehicle that is soaked.
    Any ideas, comments or same issue??
  • Not sure what year your talking about but sometimes the trans filter geta a little cloged so any large amount of liquid slashing can effect the vacuum of the system.
  • Mine did the same. 93.. distributer housing there on the top of the engine was my prob. Engine sounds like it wants to fire but just wont? That is that dist. there is a sensor in there that kills the engine, kinda like a kill switch. Engine has everything it needs to start and does, that sensor pushes the kill switch on ya the whole time.
  • ball joint and or tie rod end. Does the wheel jerk when you feel it? If so the tie rod end is not holding and releasing causing the pop. if not there is a ball joint on the bottom of the spindel that does the same thing. Should be tignt but movable.
  • There is a small radiator looking unit under the dash which a fan blows through to create the cool air. The fittings could be loose and or the condensor (the lil radiator thing) could be frosting up and melting in the inside. Normal for the evaporator to do such hense the small water dripping during operation. Not normal for the condensor to be leaking.
  • Change the plugs and wires first. That is a huge issue with thease nissans. Next The distrubutor cap is also the timimg/idol adjustor. May be set too low./ Best bet is to loosen to screws on distributor and turn it slightly twards the inside of the car. (clockwise) SLIGHTLY. this will rase the idol and timing(kinda) up a bit. Too high and youy fuel econemy is now crap kuz ot the high idol.
  • sha2sha2 Posts: 2
    Thanks but I am talking major water. About 4-5 inches! Really fills up after a rain storm but nothing else in the car is wet but the floors....????
  • gesegese Posts: 1
    Ever since I brought my car in to get my driver side window switches replaced, I have had problems with idling in drive and somewhat in neutral. Under driving conditions, everything seems fine. Another mechanic said that it was a weak injector (4th cylinder) and or other problems (he want $100 to do a diagnostic but I was skeptical, after all the car was just fine a few days ago!!). One thing I noticed, is that the small flipper that was located in the opening of my gas tank opening was no longer there (??). This is a small piece of metal that I used to push in with the gas nozzle when filling up. It has disappeared. Can someone help me? Why is my car idling very roughly at stop signs but then fine when I am moving and does this little flipper thing matter?
  • empiempi Posts: 6
    Gee everyone, I was thinking of buying one but after reading the posts, I am wondering. I just sold a 2004 VW Beetle Turbo GLS Conmvertible with 7600 miles on it because it got horrible gas mileage and it seems that VWs have a lot of problmes too but to read all these problems about an Altima, I am wondering is there any car out there that does not have problems.

    Any other suggestions for a car in the price and class of n Altima I should be looking at. I want a car that gets decent gas mileage. I do mostly city driving so I am not expecting huge numbers - just reasonble. MY VW convertible was averaging 14 pg. Now that is ridiculous

  • aingeainge Posts: 4
    I finally got my Altima cured of the dying problem mentioned above. The check engine light finally came on and stayed on, and it was the Mass Airflow Sensor. Nissan replaced it, and the problem has disappeared. I'm glad it got fixed, but it frustrates me to no end that all these "Master Technicians" aren't able to diagnose a symptom without a computer code. Why can't you just describe a problem to them anymore and let them test a couple of things? Very irritating, but at least it got fixed.
  • empiempi Posts: 6
    Hi Swanny.

    Iam thinking of buying a 2.5 SL and after reading all of these problems, I am having second thoughts. I am really discouraged with cars in general. I just sold my 2004 VW New Beetle Convertible Tubo GLS withb7600 miles on it because it gets horrible gas mileage. Averaging 14 to 16 mpg all city driving. I also read about a lot of problems with the Beetles too. Does anyone make a decent car anymore.

    I thought the Japanese made such reliable cars. Now I am wondering.

    I used to drive Mercedes cars, but I am now looking for something less showy and more economical as I approach retirement. What kind of gas mileage do you get with the 3.5 (I presume it is a 6 cyl). I am looking at the 4 cyls as I don't need the extra power and friends who have the 2.5 absolutely love it and have had nothing but good look.

    Looking forward to hearing from you or anyone with any suggestions.
  • The car you might want to look at is a Honda Accord.
  • Is there any way to return the car based on this manufacturing defect? I have a 60 miles commute and I have been burning more gas due to the fact that the A/C is always on when I switch on inside air circulation button on or defrost on and then turn it off.
    It sucks !
  • karpokarpo Posts: 1
    I am the owner of a 2000 Nissan Altima GXE. It has 56,000 miles on it. I had a tune up 3 weeks ago. Last Wednesday, while stuck in traffic for an hour, I was moving but mostly stop and go. I noticed that after 35 minutes the odometer, speedometer, and temp gauge all went. The odometer went blank on the digital screen, the mph gauge went to zero, the rpm gauge went flat, and my temp gauge was saying my engine was cold when I knew that moments before all gauges were reading normal. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the car corrected itself and all gauges went back to normal. This happened again on Friday night and a third time this evening. If i turn off the car and turn it back on the problem corrects itself. I should also mention that the car runs just fine and everything seems normal except for the weird gauge thing. Could this be electrical? Maybe a short or fuse? Suggestions?
  • I just got a 2006 and the radio static is terrible. HELP would be greatly appreciated. The dealership doesn't "hear" any problems compared to the other cars on the lot blah , blah blah
  • Hi all. Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this. My boyfriend has a 2003 Nissan Altima with under 60,000 miles on it. Recently, it stopped going in reverse. Everything else about the car worked fine. We took it to a few shops who sort of shrugged and sent us off to the dealer. The dealer now says the car needs a new transmission! It's a 2-year-old car with less than 60,000 miles on it, which should be nothing for Nissan. Any chance the problem could be something else (and something cheaper to fix!)? The warranty on the car (he bought it used) has ended, but I feel like Nissan ought to step up and help pay for something like this. They're supposed to be so reliable, but this experience is leaving a bad taste in our mouths. :sick:
    I am having the same problem with my 2000 Altima. Have you found a repair for it yet? If so, can you please let me know what it was.

    Thank you.
  • The warranty for powertrain is 60month 60k miles.

    I am having same problem...but when i took it to the dealer they could not replicate it.
  • I am having the same problem with my 1996. My daughter was driving it the other day and it started to sputter, then died. Thought it was out of gas, put some in, wouldn't start. Thought tune-up, so replaced plugs, distributor cap, rotar, nothing. It almost sounds, sometimes, like it wants to start, but doesn't. ideas????
  • How did you fix it? New sensor? Where did you get it?
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