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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 1997 Altima and have not had any trouble out of it except this. My volume will not go down it is stuck on the highest volume. All of the other knobs are working so I am not sure if it is something to do with the knob or some sort of short. I am not sure if I should take it in but it is really annoying to have to listen to the radio full blast or nothing at all. I read the manual and of course there is nothing in it concerning this sort of issue. What should I do?
  • Hello,

    I own a 2003 Altima 3.5 l., and I just had my car in for minor maintenance. I had the same rushing water sound under the dash on the passenger side, and I took it back to the mechanic, who said there was air in the system, which had gotten in there after they flushed my radiator. It's a little tricky getting the air out of the lines of an Altima, and with my car, they ended up hoisting it up in the air at an angle to get the air out. My mechanic also said that he would use a vacuum to get the air out as a last resort. It is not standard to hear this water sound. Good luck.

  • bgpabsbgpabs Posts: 2
    i own a 98 Altima, great car but just last week the dashboard lights went. I tried checking the fuses but they are fine, i tried playing with the dimmer switch, still nothing any ideas what can it be?-bgpabs
  • mjjmmjjm Posts: 1
    Any help out there? My 05 Altima has terrible but only sporadic vibrating at highway speeds. Seems to occur after car has been sitting awhile. Dealership blamed it first on balancing of tires, then replaced the tires, but problem still occurring. Like the car, but getting sick of being in and out of service dept..
    Any help would be appreciated??
  • I have the same problem except mine want go up higher when i have a cd in and sometimes with just the radio.
    Also on my electric windows on the driver side when it is cold i can hardly get it to go up. When it warms up there is no problem. What could this mean. Is the motor bad or is it just a cold natured puppy. all the other windows work great. I think it is the lever that rolls the window up. any advice is appreciated.
    I just found out to day the cv boot is busted ont he right side. Where can I get on cheapppp! It's a 99 Altima
  • sounds like a front end alignment. Shouldn't have that problem on 05. I would demand it be fixed you should still be under warranty
  • rodleorodleo Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    I am having a 2002 Altima with about 68K miles on it. Recently, I discovered the engine oil level was extremely low or nearly empty. I had the oil changed (filled up, in fact) 2 weeks ago and the oil was burnt out completely in spite of just driving <1000 miles in these 2 weeks. Then I brought it to the mechinaics and they told me there was no oil leak.

    Does someone have any insights? Any comments are welcome.

  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,974
    The shop probably didn't fill it up all the way. If you were burning it that fast, you'd see black smoke everywhere you went.
  • I have an 04 Altima 2.5 S with the same symptoms. I took it into the dealer and they told me I needed new brakes (at 32000 miles). I have never had a car that developed a front end thumping noise due to brakes! I did not accept the repair and have not had a chance to get the car to an independent mechanic yet. One reason for the delay, is that I am now dealing with a bad radiator. Seems the top seam has come apart and I am now out of warranty. Trying to deal with Nissan Motors to get that rectified first!
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    I got a recall notice from Nissan over the weekend for Engine Repair and/or Replacement.

    It came just in time, as I was on vacation going through the Mountains of Tennesse and Kentucky when my check engine light came on.

    I'm getting rid of my Altima as soon as I graduate.
  • dowo75dowo75 Posts: 2

    I have a 04 2.5 S and sometimes in the morning i can't be able to move the shift from parking to reverse. It takes me like 2-5 minutes to get it in reverse. I read the manual and they said to released the brake pedal and it wont move till i began to pump the pedal back and forth till i hear a click noise in the shift selector. Anybody with that problem here? another question is regarding warranties. I have 35,300 on it and the nissan dealer around here is taking them forever to get me a quote cause they are doing the 10% down and 11 months installments. If i don' t hear from them and i might have to get another warranty like warranty direct or another independent warranty. Any good ones out there? which independent warranties are the best?
  • acg123acg123 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem and it ended up being the rear wheel bushings/bearings. Try turning back and forth and see if it shifts depending on which side you are leaning to. Just a thought...
  • I have a 2005 Altima S and I've been having a very weird problem. While I'm driving, the gas pedal will suddenly disconnect from the engine. I can mash the pedal to the floor and nothing happens, no noise at all. After 10-15 seconds, the car is ok again but I have no idea what's causing this. Is the transmission slipping? Has anyone encountered a similar problem? The car still moves, though it slows to a crawl as if I had the car in D and just let it roll along.
  • Hi Rob- did you ever figure out what the problem was because mine is doing the same thing
  • The liquid volume can be reduced when cooled down.
  • I have this same problem in my '02 Altima. The dealer keeps telling me it is an air lock and "fixes" it and the problem returns in about 6 weeks. I get heat at speeds greater than 70 mph, but as soon as the speed drops below that the air turns cold. I don't have seat warmers and I'm freezing to death.

    Is this still a problem for you?
  • lxgwlxgw Posts: 6
    Hi, folks,

    it has been some time when i notice my Gas Empty light turns on quite early than it should be (I think). If i filled it as soon as the light is on, i can put in no more than 15.5 gallons into the tank, which means at least 4.5 gallons were still in there when it warns the tank is empty. Also, the trip computer DTE (distance to empty) then blinks. To me, it's annoying to see the empty light as you still can drive another 100 miles safely.

    Anyone has the similar thing? or any ideas about it? :confuse:

  • I had a strange clicking under my gear shift. took it into the shop and they said I needed a gear shift damper repair kit. Part was $5.80, installation was $320.00 so needless to say I just got the part. I looked in my repair/maintenance book that I bought and looked on line and I cannot find any pictures or information on where this part goes. i do not want to just start tearing things apart and the dealer could offer no guidance. can anyone help? Thanks. :confuse:
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I have noticed that the gas gauge on the Altima is pretty smooth and accurate above half a tank. As soon as there is less than half a tank left then the needle tends to jump around a lot.

    I experienced an example of this just a couple weeks ago. I was traveling home from work and noticed the gas gauge just above 1/4 tank. I got home, shut off the car and went inside. I then got a call to go pick up my kids. So I went back outside and started the car to go get me kids. I noticed the fuel light was on and the needle was registering near empty. As I drove the mile and a half to get my kids, the needle swept back up to above 1/4 tank and the fuel fill light went off. I am not sure if the shape of the tank makes it so the guage is not very accurate on lower fuel levels but I have noticed the gauge is all over the place once you get below 1/2 tank and even worse when you are below 1/4 tank.
  • I have and 05 Altima 3.5 SE and have the exact same problem. When the empty light comes on, I fill up and can only get about 15.5 gallons in, if I really push it. This must be some sort of design flaw. There is no way it should be reading empty when there is 1/4 of the tank still remaining.

    This is just one more thing in a long line of annoying problems I have had with this car. I bought it in July and only have about 6000 miles on it now. It has been in the shop about 8 times already for numerous squeaks, vibrations and noises coming from the engine. This has been the worst new car buying experience I have ever encountered in my life! I thought Nissan's were supposed to have much better quality than that. There is no way my next car will be a Nissan product!
  • lxgwlxgw Posts: 6
    check w/ two dealers about this. Both 'told' me that nobody ever complain about this. One said it is normal and ask me to drop the car to them RIGHT AWAY once the light turns on(!!! how?). A mechanics from the other said it happens to many viehcles,'you americans never be so smart to notice that', then he suggests me to drive another two days before fill it. I think i have to call Nissan directly to check .

    The worst case, to me, is that it relates to the trip computer. Then it would be sth. Nissan would not like to address.

    big_guy, you are right. the gauge runs faster in the second half, they told me that it is designed to be so. (who knows why?) But I never experience the 'coming back' from warning thing. is this problem relates to the position of the car? i mean uphill or downhill? if the sensor is positioned at one end of the tank, sometime it might happen.

    myusername1, my experience w/ my 2.5S so far is good except this and the glare from radio sometime made it unreadable. But Nissan really should train their dealership better.
  • lxgwlxgw Posts: 6
    what is it about? any details?
    reply is appreciated!
  • You may think its a 20 gallon tank ...thats what I thought. It says 20 gallon but it only seems to hold like 16-16.5 gallons. I think there is something in the owners manual about it. At least you get the light...I brought it down to like 30 miles on the dte and got no warning. I have a 05 3.5SE. What does the warning light look like? I was wondering if there was a light since the whole dash board is lit up with that orange color. Does the light change color? I dont think you can have a light for gas if you get a dash board that is always lit up.
  • I noticed the same issue with mine. I know the 3.5S is supposed to have a 20 gallon tank, but is that true for the 2.5S as well? If so, then I am experiencing the same problem with my car, though I wonder if the 2.5S really has a 16 gallon tank.

    I also have issues with the gas gauge jumping all over the place. If I turn off the car for awhile and then start it back up, the gas gauge jumps up a bit and doesn't settle back down until I drive for a few minutes.

    I'm also still having trouble with my gas pedal disconnecting from the engine which I mentioned in an earlier post, and the dealership couldn't find anything wrong with the car. I will NOT be buying another Nissan anytime soon.
  • the warning light is just below the gas gauge and only comes on if you have a gallon or less I think.
  • lxgwlxgw Posts: 6
    I am pretty sure there's more than 16.5 galllon space in the tank since my one-time fill record is about18.7 gallon. (that's after driving over 100 niles since the light first lit up as i REALLY feel uncomfortable:) The warning light is a little spot beside the Gas gauge near 'E'. u wont notice it untill it turns on to orange and suggests ur tank is 'empty'.
  • I leased a 2003 Altima,22900 miles. I noticed that when my car is stationary with the heat on high it blows cold air. I warmed up my car for approx 10 minutes this morning and when I came back to the car it was still freezing inside with cold air blowing. Not until I was actually driving the car did it start to blow hot air. It seems to change to cold when at a stop sign or especially a stop light as well. It was running fine up until the point that they replaced my radiator 3 days ago. (They told me the radiator had a known mechanical flaw on 2003) Could the 2 be related?
  • Hello,

    I also have been experiencing the same problem with my shift selector. It will not shift from park to reverse some mornings. I was wondering if anyone has any information about what the problem may be. Thanks.
  • winsanwinsan Posts: 36
    Mine is 03 Altima, and yes, it has the same problem. There is a service bulletin regarding this problem. I've had no luck with dealers (2 of them nearby home) to fix it. One service manager said he couldn't hear that (I don't know whether he had hearing problem or not ...). One mechanic said it was normal and also he suggested to replace the strut ($420).
    BTW, you can search the the TSB on edmunds or
  • winsanwinsan Posts: 36
    You may want to go to
    Disclaimer: I'm just a regular customer of the site, and receive no kickbacks from them.
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