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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hell606hell606 Posts: 7
    I paid a 100.00 deposit for a Altima 2.5SL that should be in by the end of the month. I got it for 27,722 that is 500.00 over invoice

    1. Exterior Color
    o Dark Slate
    2. Interior Color
    o Charcoal Leather
    1. Transmission
    o Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
    Packages and Options

    $135 Splash Guards

    $310 Fog Lights

    $3,850 2.5 SL Package
    incl Connection Package with XM® Satellite Radio

    $300- Anti-Lock Braking System

    $370 Rear Spoiler

    $3,200 Technology Package


    $175 Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks

    $140 Emergency Aid Package

    $170 Aluminum Kick Plates

    Subtotal $28,950
    $625 Destination and Handling
    $29,575 Total Configured MSRP†

    I paid 29,357 OTD Did I get a good deal?
  • uo2b4x4nuo2b4x4n Posts: 5
    Ok Just paid 24481(+ttl) for the 2.4 Altima ww/ the sl and con (cox) packages....slate ggrey /darkleather int ...plan to have foglamps added later when the kit becomes avail. Quite a fine optioned veh for the $$$ ride is A+ and 36mpg est is Almost Hybrid level W/ out the additional cost ...and worring about the $2000 .00 cost of batteries every 3 yrs....
  • kcleukkcleuk Posts: 39

    I love the new look of the 2008 Altima Coupe. Anyone is thinking of getting one? No one seem to be talking about it so far.
  • wufpackwufpack Posts: 1
    My experience was much the same as that of zink88 (coincidentally, I also live in the Raleigh area).

    Here's what I wanted.

    2007 Nissan Altima
    2.5 S 4dr Sedan (2.5L 4cyl CVT)
    Base price $20,300 $19,037 $19,580
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - -$60
    Optional Equipment $5,785 $5,139 $5,385
    G01 SL Package $3,850 $3,501 $3,634
    H01 Connection Package w/XM Satellite Radio $1,200 $1,041 $1,102
    R01 Anti-Lock Braking System $300 $260 $275
    L92 Floor/Trunk Mat Set $175 $132 $148
    P93 Aluminum Kick Plates $170 $134 $148
    A92 Sunroof Wind Deflector $90 $71 $78
    Color Adjustment - - $0
    Sonoma Sunset Metallic
    Destination Charge $625 $625 $625
    Total with Options $26,710 $24,801 $25,530

    Did the email thing with three dealers in the Raleigh area. Ended at $24,696 (including doc fees but not including TTL, or about $800 below invoice), with an OTD price of 25,500. Considering the holdback and the incentives that zink88 mentioned (my salesperson also mentioned these) I figure the dealer made less than $300 on the sale. Also got the 0.7% financing for the full purchase amount (no trade-in), saving me $$$. All in all, a very fair price.

    One thing to note. As zink88 points out, make sure that you're negotiating with the "doc fees" in the price (that is, negotiate the OTD price). My dealer charges a $367 doc fee. I didn't much care how they wrote up the sale as long as I got the OTD price I wanted.

    So far I love the car. Two problems: first, the rear tires were inflated to over 45psi (I'm told that they overinflate them for shipping, but the dealer prep should have caught this; the front tires were about 35psi); and second, the chrome tailpipe cover on the left (driver's) side fell off the first day I had the car. Can't quite figure out what holds it on unless it's just a pressure fit, so will let the dealer put it back on.
  • cptcmpostcptcmpost Posts: 25
    How wrong you are. First, I believe the 2.5 (not 2.4 as you posted) altima is rated at 34 hwy, not 36 and good luck getting it with anything except strictly highway at reasonable speed.

    Secondly, the high voltage hybrid battery (the expensive one) is warranteed for 8 years and 100,000 miles according to my owner's manual and warranty information.
  • greg9xgreg9x Posts: 2
    You got the same car I got (see previous page), except you got the Emergency Package... I got the kick plates and mats 'free' I paid $28,280 OTD.
  • regalguyregalguy Posts: 2

    It is an old dealer trick, to lock you in. You should never have to wait more than 2 weeks for anycar. If the dealer does not have look elsewhere.
    Never put down money without seeing the exact car in the lot.
    In Fact even after seeing it you dont have to.
    If the car is in the lot , it gives you leverage to negotiate bcause he has to sell it and the pressure is on him , not the buyer.
  • regalguyregalguy Posts: 2
    Got my Altima 2007 3.5 SL for 660 below invoice. Is it a deal or what?

    invoice 27190 for Base 3.5 SL+ floormats + splash guard
    paid 26540.
  • inductisinductis Posts: 1
    is this price for 3.5SL is out of the door price?
  • noles200noles200 Posts: 49
    I noticed on the nissan website the 60 month rate is now 2.9%, not 4.9% like I've been reading.

    2007 Altima (including Hybrid but excluding Coupe) 0.7% APR financing for up to 36 months or 2.9% APR financing for up to 48 months or 2.9% APR financing for up to 60 months for qualified buyers **

    Seems like a good deal on an interest rate. Now, do they jack up the price close to invoice in order for you to get that or can you still get below invoice and the 2.9?
  • zink88zink88 Posts: 5
    See posts 1023 and 1032. Each of us got the vehicle for $800 to $900 under invoice AND the 0.7% financing for 36 months. No reason to expect anything different with 2.9% financing for 60 months.
  • uo2b4x4nuo2b4x4n Posts: 5
    ok wifes car and 2.5 does sound better than 2.4 THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP...Re the batteries just repeating what the sales person said.
  • raccynraccyn Posts: 1
    Here's my experience. I did the same as one of the posters above. I contacted all the dealers in my area and started them bidding against each other. Ended up with what I thought was a good deal on the last day of the month of May.

    2.5S CVT.................MSRP $20,300
    Destination..............MSRP $625
    Spoiler..................MSRP $370
    ABS......................MSRP $300
    Floor/Trunk Mats.........MSRP $175
    Splash Guards............MSRP $135
    Sunroof Wind Deflector...MSRP $100
    Fog Lamps................MSRP $310
    SL Package...............MSRP $3,850
    Aluminum Kickplates......MSRP $170
    Technology Package.......MSRP $3,200

    Total $29,535

    I made an offer of 26,200 which they accepted. I also had a trade in with a maximum blue book value of $2000 which I negotiated to get full value. I also asked for and received a leather nose mask for free. Retail value anywhere from $110 - $375. --WARNING-- I price quoted these nose masks from several different dealers. All of which quoted me a different price. While at the dealership, I asked why the prices vary so much for the mask. I was told that the dealer can charge whatever they want for accessories. There is no set price. So yeah, they can dip deeper into your pocket without you knowing the difference.

    Bottom Line
    Dealer Fee.....$599.95
    Trade in.......$2000
    Nose Mask......$Free
    With taxes etc. OTD Price $26,436
  • avi3avi3 Posts: 3
    I am planning to buy a 2007 Altima 2.5S CVT + Splash guard + Floor mats and the best quotation I have received till now is $19250 + 250 (documentation fees) + 25.5 (Title) + Tax. Is it a good price?

    Is there any dealer in cleveland area which offers a better price. Would appreciate any leads on this matter.
  • kc571kc571 Posts: 6
    I've read about suspension differences, but why should I save money and get a 2.5? I love the power of the 3.5, and haven't driven the 2.5 to compare. If I do test drive the 2.5, what should I look for?

  • noles200noles200 Posts: 49
    Don't know if is different based on zip code (I'm in NJ) but thier price with your options is $19,107. I don't think there is a doc fee with them (but not sure).
  • avi3avi3 Posts: 3
    I checked up carsdirect price and with these options it gives a invoice price of $19900 and target price of $20000. In my case dealers have quoted 19250 + 250 doc fees =19500, which is still 490 less than cars direct's invoice value.

    I had seen that some of the people in this forum had bought the car with these options at somewhere around 18500 or so.
  • noles200noles200 Posts: 49
    My bad. Didn't add the CVT.
  • mjs5mjs5 Posts: 4
    or perhaps even 2. Both my kids looking for their first car and both considering an Altima. Ive been reading a lot of posts and seem to see some saying less then invoice, others saying invoice plus 3-5%.
    First daughter looking at 2007 2.5 with SL,Connection pkg and a few other things with sticker around 25,500 or so.
    Second looking at 2007 2.5S with NO SL or Connection but with convenience package. MSRP around 22,500
    What realistically can I expect them to be paying or should they be paying.
    One last question. There is a demo 2007 2.5 with 5,000 miles on it. Meets the requierements of daughter #2 SL but has the Convenience package, ABS etc with original sticker of 22,450. Is a demo a good thing to consdier and at what price? Thanks to all in advance from a dad trying to help out his kids with their first car purchase.
  • elena77elena77 Posts: 6
    I just got a new 2007 Altima 2.5 S (CVT)

    $18,311 - Base price
    $1866 - Convenience package plus (w/ moon roof)
    $625 - Destination change
    $260 - Anti-Lock Braking System
    $132 - Floor Mats and Trunk Mat with Trunk Floor Hooks
    $106 - Splash guards

    total of $21,300

    Invoice price $22,026
    MSRP $23,635
  • avi3avi3 Posts: 3
    Could you let me know the dealer name and location from where you bought this car.
  • da763da763 Posts: 14
    I'm looking to buy a 2007 Altima 3.5SE w/6-speed manual transmission and premium and sport packages. Does anyone have any recent experiences and price points that they can share? I'd be interested in names of dealers and specific prices.

  • elena77elena77 Posts: 6
    I bought it in NJ. But you can actually go to any dealer and get the same thing.

    I have one suggestion though - do not go to the dealership but e-mail them instead. Try to get a price quote from them in written form. Bargain over the e-mail
  • mjs5mjs5 Posts: 4
    based on seeing a little bit of info here I contacted Anyone have personal experience using them. Any insights or thoughts about where it goes from here is appreciated. Im a novice so any help is good. Do you show their price to a dealer and maybe negotiate from there??? Thx in advance.
  • ncnissanncnissan Posts: 1
    I am looking to get a Altima 2.5S with the Connection Package, I have been told to get the Connection package, which includes the Bluetooth capability that the SL package has to be included as well.
    Is there truth to this, and if I am looking for a 2.5S Winter Frost 4cyl. what are the competitive prices on the market OTD?

  • ddwmewddwmew Posts: 42
    Does anyone know when the 08 Altima Sedan 2.5 will arrive at the dealers?

    MSN is pricing MSRP on their website.

    It appears the 08 will have ABS standard on the sedan according to MSN website.

    It appears the major options are all or nothing if msn posting is correct.

    The major option packages are below:

    1) Convenience Package ($1300)

    2) Premium Package ($5100)

    3) Technology Package ($2000)
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    Are you sure about that? at that price, the dealership actually sold you the car for less than they paid for it. Or are they going out of business or something?
    2007 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5S $ 20,300.00 $ 19,037.00
    Super Black, Blond

    Splash Guards $ 135.00 $ 106.00
    SL Package $ 3,850.00 $ 3,501.00
    Connection W/XM $ 1,200.00 $ 1,041.00
    Anti-Lock Brakes $ 300.00 $ 260.00
    Floor Mats With Hooks $ 175.00 $ 132.00

    Freight $ 625.00 $ 625.00

    Total $ 26,585.00 $ 24,702.00

    Got ours for 24100 + TTT
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I think you look at the 2008 coupe.
  • pghaltimapghaltima Posts: 19
    i got the 2.5SL back in march for 23,000 + tax without the connection package. I think they had one with xm for 24,650. I think you got a great deal.
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