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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Signed the papers this afternoon for a 2007 Altima S.

    After reviewing package options, we decided to go with the base model, with only ABS & floor mats.

    MSRP was $21,400, sale price was $19,990. Was able to get a good value for our trade and got them to add paint protectant and fabric guard for $400.

    I have dealt with this dealer and this salesman before so the fit was good. Only two dealers in town son there was not a lot of shopping around to do.

    Going for 2.9% over 60 months. By the time we factor in gas savings, monthly cost is $50 less than the Subaru Forest we drive now.

    Different cars...AWD on the Subaru vs. better MPG on the Altima. Salesman says we can pick it up Monday night.

    Sounds like a good deal to us...what do others think.
  • hey guys, I don't know how is the extended warranty from work.
    The new car has 36 months/36 000 miles warranty. So if I buy 48 months/60 000 miles from the website, will it become 84 months/ 96 000 miles total ?
    The dealer is asking me $1560 for extended warranty up to 100 000 miles, is it a good price? Can I negotiate on this?

    Thank you
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    The mileage and month figures are extensions on factory warranties, not additions so it does not become 84mo/96000 miles.

    Fyi Honda is one of the few nameplates that allows dealerships to competitively sell their hondacare warranty online. Sites such as sell the 8yr/120kmi hondacare warranty for about $800 and change for the Accord, meaning your $1500 figure for less is unimpressive.

    Regardless at some point the warranty becomes uneconomic, and you should skip it.

    Good Luck

    hey guys, I don't know how is the extended warranty from work.
    The new car has 36 months/36 000 miles warranty. So if I buy 48 months/60 000 miles from the website, will it become 84 months/ 96 000 miles total ?
    The dealer is asking me $1560 for extended warranty up to 100 000 miles, is it a good price? Can I negotiate on this?

    Thank you
  • I bought the exact same car (same color combo, same options) from Nissa Kia of Union City for $23,824 + TTT this weekend. Looks like we both got great deals.
  • I just bought this car two days ago, but it has blonde interior instead of charcoal. I live in Atlanta, and they had to get the car from a dealership in South Carolina. They also had a few in Alabama. I guess it just depends on your area.
  • sid8sid8 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy for CASH a 2007 Altima 2.5 with Convenience Package, CVT and ABS.
    So, I e-mailed 3 NJ dealers from EDMUNDS and got OTD prices of $24,079 from RamseyNissan, $23,483 from EastCoast and $22,949 from GardenStateNissan.

    These prices include 7% Sales Tax, DMV Chg, Doc Fees, Finance Fee and Tire fee, minus $500 rebate.

    I've seen much better OTD prices posted on this site.
    I live in NJ. How or where can I go to negotiate a better price? What should I expect to pay?

    Thanks in advance...Sid.
  • Try or nissan world. you can get the car for $18.5K + TTL, don't pay the doc fees.
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    Just finalized my deal, paying $26,378 with 2.9% financing for a 07 3.5SL in Precision Grey in Saint Paul, MN. Looked at the SE package, decided to go with the SL because if I want to pimp my wheels later, I can...but with all the highway driving I do, I'd rather start with a smoother ride.

    The dealer I worked with, Kline in White Bear, was willing to work with me. Wayzata Nissan actually was $100 less, but was more out of the way. Morrie's didn't want to deal as much...

    Had an Accord V6 EX-L with Navigation for 24,384 but they didn't have nearly the financing deals so my payment on the Nissan is actually lower, for a car that is $2000 more...
  • kshaw1kshaw1 Posts: 1
    Hi - We are looking to buy a new 2007 Altima and so far have gotten pretty dissapointing prices - reanging from 25K ++

    Can you tell me where you got the deal for 20,600?? Was this with the MoonRoof?

    Thank you!
  • kannikanwokannikanwo Posts: 19
    Hi all, decided to go for the 2007 although no doubt the 2008s will be out soon. However, I wanted the tech package and that is a bit hard to find in the Bay Area although more inventory seems to have come in in the last week.

    My price was invoice+$450 which came out to $31K+TTL+tax. Got it through Connell Nissan, Oakland, through the female Internet Manager. I think this is a good price (given the hard to get tech package)and got good service.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    20,600 is about what you'll pay for the stripper model with the 2.5 liter engine. If that all your looking for and don't want the bells and whistles, just order one.
  • mjs5mjs5 Posts: 4
    I helped my 2 daughters each buy a new Altima about a month ago here in Northeast Pennsylvania. They bought the exact same car...except for the color. Each was an automatic, 2.5 with the SL package(moonroof, leather etc). Also had the splash guards and something else minor that I cant remember. The sticker was 25,525(might be a few bucks off cant remember exactly) and we got them for 23,100, (or a couple hundred under invoice) plus the 2.9% financing which really helped.
    I also got basically the same price from They were easy to deal with but the kids were more comfortable dealing with a local dealer so we went that direction Perosnally I would have no problem with if they had the best price for you.
  • phongkiemphongkiem Posts: 1
    I am quoted $24,060 OTD for the SL ALtima from a gettle nissan in florida. Is this a good deal? We have 7% tax rate in our county. Please help soon. I want to get the car tomorrow, CASH. Thank You!
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    It's hard to say, you don't list the engine size, transmission, or what other options are on the car. But, for a 2.5 SL with cvt 24k OTD sounds fairly good. your not getting a steal at that price, but your not overpaying either
  • mcarlo024mcarlo024 Posts: 4
    Recently started negotiations for a Demo 07' 2.5S with the following options: Conv. Package, Mud Flaps, mats, Spoiler, Fog Lights and have them at at 21,206 not including TTL.. I could only get them to drop 500 for the 2800 miles that the Demo has as they say if it has not been titled, it still is considered a new CAr ;-( I am trading in an 02' 3.5SE, Pewter, with ABS, moon roof, mud guards, rear spoiler and wind deflector as factory options.. Car has 42,000 miles and is in clean, not excellent condition.. It needs front tires and two non accident dents to be pushed out... KBB trade-in in good condition states 10,730 and edmunds TMV in Clean condition is 11,828.. The through at me the Ole "We use Galves crap and said it's only worth 8,000" but their offer is at 10,500 for it... How that sound to ya's? can I do Better...

    Thanks for your time,
    NJ's Mcarlo24
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    can I ask you why you aren't going for another 3.5? Hope the experience with it were okay...

    In regards to the trade in, I found a lot of dealers are staying right around the KBB...also try blackbookonline, one dealer basically had me grade out my vehicle, and was willing to pay whatever it generated after confirming it...
  • torrent75torrent75 Posts: 1
    Thanks for all the advise on this forum. I recently sent email to all Phoenix area Nissan dealerships and asked for their best price OTD on the following car:

    Model Nissan Altima 2.5S 4 dr Sedan (2.5L, 4 cyl, CVT).
    Transmission Automatic (CVT)
    Color Super Black
    Interior Charcoal
    Options Anti-lock braking, Floor Mats and Trunk Mat without Trunk Floor Hooks

    The quotes I have gotten back range from $21,293.38 to $22,756 OTD. I have one dealership offering free window tint, wheel locks, clear door edge guards, and one free oil change but their price is coming in at $21,549. Any ideas on the value of these "freebies"? Any suggestions for round two on my counteroffers back to these dealers ? I'd appreciate any feedback.
  • mcarlo024mcarlo024 Posts: 4
    12bdriving-- Thanks for the response and the help with the trade in... As far as not going with the 3.5, this is the Wifey's car and she doesn't really need the 270 ponies... It was part of our deal that in order to get the New Car in 2002 that we get the 3.5SE for me ;-) We did price the 2007 3.5SE but it was to High for us and the fact that the 2007 2.5S's have Dual LOOKING exhaust and the spoiler option, hey it looks great..

  • mikezakmikezak Posts: 95
    Purchased my Altima 2.5 S with Convenience Pkg, ABS, Spoiler, Floor Mats, Door Guards, Mud Flaps -- $200 under Invoice. Dealer (Luther Nissan) also threw in Oil Changes for 4 years. Great Experience.

    BTW -- Love the car. First Nissan I have owned. Gas Mileage has been RIGHT ON (26 / 35),...only 1000 so not even broken in.
  • mcarlo024mcarlo024 Posts: 4
    Mike... Was the 200 under invoice before the Destination, Taxes, tags, documentation, registration ,etc. fees? Could you break down your deal for the get an idea on what your OTD price was... I am getting ready to buy and have the same options except for the ABS and door quads...

  • Does anyone have any experience from buying on Their prices are pretty low but are they reliable?
  • cavs08cavs08 Posts: 2

    All for $21,069 and they are giving me another $200 off on this price
  • 2.5S CVT
    splash guards
    kick plates
    emergency/first aid kit

    $20400, according to Edmunds is $2 under invoice.
  • That sounds like a great deal. Looks to be way under invoice. I posted above what I paid with 1/2 the equipment you have and you're going to pay a few hundred more than me. Does this include the dest. charge? Do you have a trade in?

    The spoiler, foglamps and conv. package even at invoice is well over 1K in options.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    Check out this discussion: experiences


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • cavs08cavs08 Posts: 2
    Yes it does include dest charges. No I did not have a trade in. I will probably get some more money off because I work for the dealership but I dont know how much. They told me that I have to talk to the GM.
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    Ask about getting VPP's for partners of Nissan USA, I am sure there is an employee pricing program. I stumbled on this by accident when I was sitting at the dealership waiting to negotiate my vehicle.
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    Looks like dealers in Minneapolis/St. Paul are going below 3.5SL was 750 under invoice including destination...
  • mcarlo024mcarlo024 Posts: 4
    That's a gr8 deal... Looks like ~300 Under Invoice and if you get 200 more... dayum.... I'm at 21,102 for the same options not including the 292$ Invoice spoiler...

    Keep us posted!
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