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2013 and earlier Nissan Altima Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jkooljkool Posts: 3
    hi soda guy were you get your deal that kind of pkg i want. thanks
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    Does anyone have Fog Lamps & or Rear Spoiler as an added accessory to their 2008 Altima 2.5 S CVT (Automatic) with out the required packages e.g.,Technology, Connection, & SL package??

    Yes. I negotiated a spoiler and kick plates as part of the offer they gave me. Have them give you a offer you like, and say throw in fog lights and a spoiler. You can also buy both from ebay for not too bad of a my OEM Fogs for $89/pair. :)
  • ryan714ryan714 Posts: 1
    I've read alot of good comments in this forum and I hope someone can assist me. I plan to purchase an Altima Coupe 3.5SE by end of this week. I got a quote for $24,545($400 below invoice) through email with 4.99% APR. Is that a decent price & APR? I live in the Orange County, CA area. Is there a deal available out there that is lower than my quote? Please advise. Thank you.

    Altima Coupe 3.5SE (Precisoin Grey):
    $24,545 after freight (before tax + doc fees) with 4.99% APR
    Kick Plate & Floor mats
    No Prem Package, No Tech Package
  • So last night at midnight I messaged (thru 2 dealers in the Seattle area telling them I was ready to make a purchase Thursday evening (today) and that I had a price given to me at invoice (the only quote I had was 300 over invoice - which you can get by walking to most dealers and telling them you're a Costco member).

    I'm looking for 2.5 S w/ SL package.
    -kick plates
    -splash guards
    -floor/trunk mats

    MSRP 25,635
    Invoice 23865 (or so)

    Both responded by 9am telling me they could beat invoice pricing no problem and asked what it would take to win my business. I asked the 2 dealers for 24450 OTD price on the car (Tax rate is 9.2% avg in Seattle area.. I have no idea about Title/License). One came back at 24870 (est: about invoice) and one at 24585 (300 or so based on tax rate).

    This is taking into account a 1250 rebate for cash purchase.
    Not too bad for minimal effort.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    Anyone know what the rebate will be for April? Also, I need to know some Houston dealers that we go at least $400 below invoice.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I would think that you could get the 3.9% APR/$1000 cash back special...

    Make sure that if you're not doing the 3.9% APR, that you get $1250 cash back and not $1000, but the combo APR/Financing is a better way to go deal wise as long as your credit qualifies. (and if you can get 4.99% APR on your own then you probably qualify for NMAC's 3.9 APR program)
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    I got the 3.9% through Nissan, and the finance guy told me that anything extra I pay on the car goes to the interest first, and then once that's paid off, the extra amount will go on the car. So to me this makes it sound like there is no reason to try to pay the car off earlier than the term of the loan, besides the fact to not have a car payment. Am I understanding this correctly? I thought if you paid the car off ealier you could save money because you wouldn't have to pay the full interest.
  • brad30brad30 Posts: 5
    car loans are normally simple interest - so the interest $ is fixed at signing. As you noted, paying off early only shortens the term. But not having a car payment is a good feeling as well.
  • malolansmalolans Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I am getting quote of Invoice of 27156 for 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid with Connection Package. I am in Massachusetts. Is this is a good deal.

  • Just got back from the dealer..

    2008 S w/SL package
    -SL package
    -floor and trunk mats
    -emergency aid package
    -splash guards

    MSRP 25,505
    Invoice i think is 23750 or so..
    Price paid: 22362 + TTL. Came out to 24450 OTD in Seattle area.

    Deal was all made yesterday on phone and email. Picked it up from Younker Nissan in Renton. Bob from internet sales was great to work with, he showed my father in law how to do everything with the car before sending us on our way.
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    Okay, I need an unbiased opinion. I have been working quite hard to get these deals:

    Here's what I have on the table:

    08 Altima 2.4 SL
    White/Charcoal Leather
    Connection pkg
    Tech pkg
    Fog lights
    Splash guards
    $28,400 OTD (includes 7% sales tax, tag, title, fees, etc)

    They also offered $17,500 for my Tahoe (Edmonds trade in value for my Tahoe is $18,900). The reason for the offer is current gas prices and the fact that in my area there are SUV's sitting on lots everywhere around here.

    I was also offered $27,200 OTD by another dealership, but I would have to sell my Tahoe and continue to make payments on it until it sells and that could eat up the difference quickly.

    Both offers have calculated in the $1,000 cash back (I'm going with the 3.9 APR)

    Those with experience here... what do you think? Sign or no sign?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The price on the Tahoe seems fair; with gas prices down, nobody will be in the market for a used version of a Tahoe, especially since GM is getting aggressive on the discounting.

    In regards to the actual Altima, is there anyway you could provide your deal before taxes, title, and plates, and other fees? Did you get an itemized quote from the dealer?
    It's hard to tell if a deal is good or not unless you give us the number before TT&L.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The interest is determined at the start; its a simple interest loan; no matter what, I believe you'll be paying the full interest.

    I think.. :confuse:
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    On a simple interest loan, initial payments are majority interest and minority principle. Towards the end of the load, that inverts to each payment being majority principle and minority interest. Think about it for a minute...if it was any other way, you would never be able to pay off the loan.

    You should be able to find a loan/interest calculator by searching on Google...

    Try this site ...

    Now, as to your question...Lets say you pay $50.00 extra on every payment. The additional $50.00 goes towards the principle payoff, since the interest is calculated on the outstanding loan at that time and is already covered by the loan payment for that period. So, paying extra each month will save you interest.

    Does that answer your question sufficiently?
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    I'll get the breakdown in the morning. From what I'm figuring with the TTL&F what they are here, the Altima itself is $26,277 which is $624 below what Edmonds lists as invoice.
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    Correction on the post!

    It's a 2.5 S (4 cyl) with the SL package (and the tech, connection, etc.) NOT the 6 cyl.
  • neo_neo_ Posts: 14
    Nicely explained!

    I bought my 2.5S last year on 21.5K loan for 5 yrs. I wud have paid > 5K interest. I paid off in 9 months, had to pay only $650. And try to make your initial payments at the earliest possible and of the maximum amount possible. The sooner you get your principle down, the lower the interest you have to pay.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Not a bad deal. I'd go for it.

    Make sure you've taken advantage of the incentives available; the price seems fair regardless of whether its after incentives (in which case it'd be about $400 above invoice) or before incentives, but I'd try to get the incentives subtracted from the $26,277 number.
  • cwo4cwo4 Posts: 90
    Hello, Let me first say I get a new car about every two years. I put an average of 50K miles a year and to tell the truth, just want a new car after awhile. I like to try different brands and have posts in the Camry, Jetta, Subaru and most recently Chevy Cobalt forums. Now I'm driving a new 2008 Altima S with the Convenience package and CV transmission. I bought it because my brother in law's brother works for Nissan and I could take advantage of their friends and family program. My price before tax and tags and after the $1000 rebate was $19K. Not bad. I really like driving the car but comparing it to my lowly Cobalt I have to ask: (1) why doesn't the Altima have daytime running lights? (2) why doesn't the lights come on when the wipers are turned on? It has an "auto" feature but the best I can figure out is they simply turn on the lights after it gets dark. (3) why can't you add OEM equipment to your car after purchase? XM radio and driving lights are two I would add but to get them you had to buy a package, which had stuff I didn't want. (4) why couldn't they cover up the black foam strip between the dash and the windshield? When the sun hits it just right it shines. (5) why does the maintenance book still call for oil changes at 3750 when most other manufacturers have gone to 5000 miles? Again, let me state I really like this car and love to drive it, but I just wonder why? A few more Nissan tweaks and this car could be near flawless, in my opinion. Anyone else share my thoughts? Otherwise, I'm a happy with the Altima and really like the price I paid. It is more comfortable than the Camry I had, more responsive than most four cylinders and somehow more fun to drive. I also like the 29 MPG I'm getting in in-town driving. I intend to do some driving all over the US this summer unless gas goes beyond the stratosphere of over $5 a gallon. If anyone has made some very long trips in theirs, I'd really be interested in your "after action reports." Thanks for the opportunity to post.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Some good thoughts there...

    I thought running lights were going to be a NHTSA requirement at some point, but there is a multitude of models without them. My guess is that automakers don't offer them as 1- it isn't a requirement and 2- constantly running lights would have a negative (although by how much I don't know) impact on mileage. I remember reading an article several years ago about how many barrels of oil were consumed daily by all the USA school buses running their lights all the time.

    As for oil changes, it varies from soup to nuts between manufacturers. My BMW Z4 says every 15 K miles (using synthetics), but most others suggest a range between 3000 - 7500, depending on driving habits. I made my life simpler by going completely to synthetic oil, with oil/filter changes every 5 K miles on every vehicle I own.

    I think you are also correct about the auto headlight function. I don't remember seeing anything in the book about lights automatically coming on with the wipers. However, and I could be wrong on this, but I don't think most cars have an "auto-on lighting system with wiper activation" feature. At least, not in the price range of the Altima...again, I could be wrong on this issue. One thing that I do find strange, however, is that there is no "fog light lamp" anywhere on the dash that I can find that is illuminated when the fog lights are on...strange....

    Last of all, I have read many complaints about the way Nissan does its accessory/option packages. Probably due to some marketing "guru" who know what's best for us. Since I bought my Altima maxed out with the option packages, it really wasn't an issue for me.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I have just started looking into the Altima as my current car is now 7 years old and will need to be replaced with something larger ( my 3 year old is a pain to get in and out on those days that I have to drive him)
    I was looking into the 2.5 SL with the tech package and I noticed that it forces me to ge the connection package.
    As the previous poster mentioned...these forced packages are a pain.

    Especially since I have Sirius satellite radio and no intention of swicthing to XM

    Any suggestions on ways to get around it ? I want the tech package but don't want XM radio...not sure if the dealer would be able to uninstall the XM reciever or not...or somehow switch it to use Sirius (I'm guessing the antenna is hardwired into the car already)
    Sure ...maybe with enough money, I can get the dealer to bedn over to my demands...but then I'd be paying for it.
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    With navigation you are out of luck, if you just had connection package, then you could have it switched. I say don't worry about it and enjoy your free XM for 3 months, then hope the merger doesn't take much longer >>>>> Merger Sirius and XM Once this happens you can get either or both.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    I was quoted a price of $22,435 (price includes $1250 rebate) + TTL for a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL Sedan w/ floor mats and splash guards. Winter frost color with the blond leather out the door right at $24K. I live in Texas (6.25% tax rate).

    Thumbs up or down?
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    pcjames...thats a bad price. my friend just got quoted $20,900 +TTL for a 08 Altima 2.5 SL with floor mats and splash guards. That includes the $1000 rebate and $500 college grad rebate and 3.9% financing.
  • candy85candy85 Posts: 4
    I am going to get my car in the next few days. I got a quote for $21,000 for the 2.5 SL w/ Connection package, splash guards, and floor mats (inlcuding $1,000 rebate and $500 college grad rebate and 3.9% financing). Also, they are giving me 2 years of free oil changes and life time free inspection.
  • tltctltc Posts: 9
    Where are you located?
    I was just quoted $22,200 in North FL for the 2.5 SL pkg, Connection pkg, Spoiler, Kick Plates, Splash Guards, Floor Mats and Moon roof wind deflector. I'm not a recent grad, so I don't get the $500.
  • pcjamespcjames Posts: 13
    where are you located, rmbalisa? I need that kind of deal in Houston, TX!!.
  • pmlboypmlboy Posts: 8
    I am negotiating through the fleet departments for a Altima 2.5S with SL package. The lowest I have been offered is $500 below invoice ( price) of $23518 (19392 + 3501 + 625) or $23018. With rebates (1250 + 500), it will come to $21268. I am in San Jose Bay Area. The dealers have also included splash guards and floor mats. I want to get the spoiler. Is it possible to get it without any other packages?

    Please let me know about your comments on the price I am getting. Thanks.
  • rmbalisarmbalisa Posts: 129
    pcjames...near philadelphia
  • candy85candy85 Posts: 4
    I am located in Maryland (Washington, DC area). Does you quote inculde any rebates?
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